A Call to all Translators, Publishers and Distributors

A Call to all Translators, Publishers and Distributors

    The whole Harun Yahya collection, originally in Turkish, is about 190 titles and covers a very wide range of topics. This valuable collection has been partly translated and printed in several languages up to now and attracted world-wide attention. That is why evolutionist periodical New Scientist defines Mr. Yahya as "an international hero".


    But there is much more to go. The aim is to translate and publish the whole Harun Yahya collection in every language. Starting with English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin (Chinese), Malay, Indonesian or Urdu, every wide spoken language on Earth (even the more local ones) are routes in which the Harun Yahya collection is to walk.


    For this global cultural effort, translators, publishers and distributors from all around the world are called in for cooperation. There are several important points that will interest them:

    1) The Harun Yahya works are a non-profit enterprise. Neither the author himself nor his colleagues and assistants seek for financial profit. That's is why, we are willing to accept terms that will be in the advantage of the publisher or the distributor.

    2) The Harun Yahya works have been very popular in every country and community that they have reached. In Turkey, the total number of copies sold reaches up to several millions. In English-speaking countries, especially amongst the Muslim community, the author's works have gained a very fast and widespread popularity. Same is true for other languages. So, publishing or distributing Harun Yahya books will create a very wide market for any publisher or distributor.

    3) Most important of all, this is an idealist effort that is solely carried for the sake of God and for the benefit of the whole mankind. Therefore, anyone who contributes to this effort, with the goodwill, will share its spiritual gain. As God has revealed in the Koran, " Whoever interveneth in a good cause will have the reward thereof..." (4:85).

    Thus, anyone who wants to contribute to the translation, publication or the distribution of Harun Yahya books, please contact us. Anyone who knows translators, publishers or distributors that may be interested, please inform them about our studies.
Your questions, suggestions and proposals are welcome at workwithus@harunyahya.com.