Harun Yahya - Quick Grasp of Faith II
Quick Grasp of Faith - II

This is the path of your Lord—straight.
We have made the Signs clear for people who remember. (Surat al-An'am: 126)




1. What does modesty signify in believers?
2. How can one turn away from worthless and useless things? What is the meaning of "worthless and useless"?
3. What is the concept of cleanliness in the Qur'an?
4. What does moral cleanliness mean?
5. How is jealousy mentioned in the Qur'an?
6. What does the Qur'an say about "mockery"?
7. Where does calling others by offensive nicknames stand in the Qur'an?
8. What is the place of gossip in the Qur'an?
9. Why is despair not an approved state?
10. Is being sentimenal approved of in the Qur'an?
11. What is the concept of sincerity in the Qur'an?
12. Do believers grieve over events?
13. Do believers feel anger?
14. Do believers make mistakes?
15. What is the concept of justice in the Qur'an that believers are commanded to possess?
16. How should the remembrance of Allah be?
17. How is the Day of Judgement described in the Qur'an?
18. How will the unbelievers be on the Day of Judgement?
19. Are believers in great numbers?
20. How will believers be welcomed in the Hereafter?
21. How will the unbelievers be recognised on the Day of Judgement?
22. How do believers react to diseases or hardships?
23. What are the advantages of consultation among believers?
24. What is the reason for the narration of stories mentioned in the Qur'an?
25. How were past nations destroyed?
26. Who should be reminded?
27. What is the best response to a reminder?
28. What does "giving in the way of Allah" mean?
29. What is the best attitude while giving away? How should one give?
30. What is the reprisal in the sight of Allah for hoarding wealth or being tight-fisted?
31. Will wealth be of any use in the Hereafter?
32. How does one avoid the dangers of self-exoneration?
33. How can one avoid being swept away by the life of this world?
34. What will be the end of those who are satisfied with the life of this world?
35. Can a person spend his entire life for Allah?
36. Why should man not deem himself self-sufficient?
37. Is there any compulsion in religion?
38. What does "competing to do good deeds" mean?
39. What do believers show patience in?
40. What is the purpose of the wealth granted to unbelievers?
41. Why aren't unbelievers repaid with immediate destruction for their disbelief?
42. What end awaits unbelievers in this world?
43. Who will enter the Fire?
44. Will remorse in Hell be of any benefit?
45. Are there any other punishments in Hell apart from the Fire?
46. What will the unbelievers be given as food and drink in Hell?
47. Is Hell divided into ranks?
48. Do the people of Paradise and the people of Hell see each other?
49. What will life in Paradise be like?
50. What will the spiritual environment of Paradise be like?
51. How does one take one's self as one's god?
52. Is Satan continuously trying to misguide man?
53. Is everything I think about known to Allah?
54. Is it enough for one to have a chaste heart and to be benevolent in order to enter Paradise?
55. How does one emigrate to Allah?
56. What does the phrase "the religion of our fathers" mean in the Qur'an?
57. Are man and woman equals in Islam?
58. How can the heart and eyes of a person be sealed?
59. What does corruption mean in the Qur'an?
60. Who are the hypocrites?
61. Are there any signs that characterise hypocrites?
62. Who is an "ignorant person" according to the Qur'an?
63. How is the creation of mankind related in the Qur'an?
64. How can one call to the religion of Allah?
65. How can one think deeply in daily life?
66. What prevents deep thinking?
67. What is the loss of those who refrain from thinking?
68. What are the advantages of reflecting on created things?
69. How can one consider Allah with the consideration that is due to Him?
70. What should one do when one makes a mistake or forgets?
71. Were messengers sent to every past nation?
72. Why have unbelievers cast aspersions on all prophets throughout history?
73. Will the efforts of the unbelievers result in anything?
74. Who are the true friends of the believers in this world?
75. Why can't anyone other than a believer be taken as a friend?
76. Who takes Satan as a friend?
77. Can man be assured of entering Paradise while he is in this world?
78. Who are the "ruling elite" mentioned in the Qur'an?
79. What does "right action" mean?
80. How do believers behave when they are given wealth?
81. What does being "wise" mean?
82. How is extravagance referred to in the Qur'an?
83. How do angels take people in death? Does the person see the angel when his soul is being taken?
84. What is the provoking whisper of Satan?
85. How can man escape from the whisperings of Satan?
86. What should one do when the Qur'an is recited?
87. Is it sufficient to recite the Qur'an?
88. What aspects of religion ensure peace and harmony?
89. What are the morals of trade as advised in the Qur'an?
90. How does not putting trust in Allah destroy the soul?
91. How does one pray in action?
92. What is the connection between lack of religion and the degeneration of communities?
93. What kind of beings are the jinn? Are there believers and unbelievers among the jinn? Will there be Paradise and Hell in the Hereafter in which they will live?
94. Can the jinn foretell the future?
95. Can the question of how life emerged on earth be answered by the fossil records?
96. What structures did the creatures that lived millions of years ago have?
97. Can evolutionists, who assert that dinosaurs took wing while hunting flies, explain the origin of flies?
98. Are elephants, squirrels and other mammals derived from a common origin?
99. Can living cells come into being by chance?
100. Could the molecule called DNA, which is found in the nucleus of cells, have come into being by chance?