Harun Yahya - Magnificence Everywhere
Magnificence Everywhere
    He is Allah-the Creator, the Maker, the Giver of Form. To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names.
Everything in the heavens and earth glorifies Him. He is the Almighty, the All-Wise.
(Surat al-Hashr: 24)


For a moment, think about the things you do when you wake up in the morning. You open your eyes, breathe, straighten up, stand up and walk, eat and put on your clothes. You talk to your loved ones and hear what they say to you. Then, you go out or look outside through the window and see the deep blue sky. You might even hear the singing of birds flying outside the window. Watching a leaf falling down, you notice ripe apples on the tree. You feel the warmth of the sun and the wind on your face. There are people in the street, walking or trying to go somewhere in their cars. In short, another ordinary day has begun for you. What you see and hear are all ordinary things, so you don't feel it necessary to think consciously about them.

Now, try thinking another way. Assume that you have lived in one room since you were born. This room is completely bare without even a small window through which you could see outside. It is furnished with only a few pieces of plain furniture for your basic needs. Suppose that, in this room where you lead your life, you are provided with just a few kinds of food and drink necessary for you to survive. Let's assume that there is no communications equipment in the room, such as a telephone, radio or television, which would enable you to receive information from the outside. Therefore, you will be ignorant of all but a handful of things.

Then imagine that you are taken out of this room where you have lived all your life and you see the outside world for the first time. In such a situation, what would you think of the world?

The broadness of the vista reaching your eyes, the existence of light, the warmth of the sun striking your face, the deep blue color of the sky and the pure white clouds-all of this will certainly dazzle you.

Twinkling stars appearing in the sky at night; mountains reaching to the sky in all their magnificence; rivers, beautiful to all mankind; lakes and seas; the heavy rain which brings life to the Earth; green trees, colorful violets, daisies, carnations, lilacs and roses, with their pleasant aromas; oranges, watermelons, plums and peaches, each of them providing a distinctive taste; cats, dogs, rabbits and gazelles, which arouse our feelings of compassion; butterflies with their dazzling colors and aesthetic appeal; birds and undersea creatures…

When you see all these things, you become dazzled and wonder who has put such wondrous phenomena together. Seeing the color of the fruits and breathing in their scents, you wonder who has dyed them so alluringly and given them such pleasant perfumes. Tasting a melon or taking a bite out of an apple, you observe how exquisite and varied their flavors are and wonder how this sugary substance is placed within an object wrapped in such a firm skin. Seeing the fruits' seeds arranged in a definite order, you want to know who has fashioned their design.

Every new thing you see and every piece of information you learn arouses new excitement in you. You try to learn the reason and origin of everything. You learn that melons need their seeds in order to reproduce, birds have to have their feathers for flight, light is emitted from the sun, and oxygen and water are needed for the survival of all living things. You learn the importance of the existence of the seas and the oceans, the fact that all sorts of information about plants is encoded in their seeds, as well as many other fascinating details. Every piece of information you learn enables you to comprehend this magnificence even more.

In addition, when you become aware that what you've begun to learn constitutes only a tiny portion of the characteristics of the living things which exist on Earth, that in fact everything works interdependently, that there are creatures you cannot see and voices you cannot hear, and that magnificent systems in the universe exist, your astonishment will grow even further.

As you learn these detailed pieces of information one-by-one, your mind will pose the same questions repeatedly: How have all these magnificent living things come into existence? How have I myself come into being? Since everything has a purpose, then why am I here?

When you emerge from the room you've spent so many years in, since you will discover a varied and magnificent vista of creation upon the Earth, you will ponder and look for answers to your questions. Every answer to your questions will contain this statement: "Certainly, there is a Being making all these things." As you are not hobbled by an indolent mind and do not observe your surroundings from behind a curtain of habit, you will surely come to the conclusion that everything has been created by a Creator. Indeed, what man needs to do is exactly this: look at things not from habit, but through asking questions…

Just as there is a designer who made the steel bridges we cross every day, there is a designer who designed our bones whose strength has been compared to steel. No one can claim that raw iron and coal can be mixed with each other to form steel by chance, and again that steel can be combined with cement to build bridges in the same way. Everyone knows that the judgment of a man claiming such things is to be doubted.

However, in spite of this fact, there are people who dare to claim that all living things on Earth, the sky, the stars and in short, everything, has come into existence by chance. But it is evident to an intelligent person who stops and contemplates such things that these claims of random emergence are utterly irrational.


The Absurdity of Chance

The people who invent and support theories of chance are products of a materialist and evolutionist mentality. Claiming that the universe has no beginning or end and that it is not the creation of a creator, these people state that billions of galaxies, consisting of billions of stars, and all the celestial bodies, planets, stars and perfect systems which enable them to maintain their existence, that all these emerged as the result of uncontrolled chance happenings. In a similar manner, they claim that, in spite of the magnificent order in the universe, living creatures also came into being by chance.

In light of this information, it appears that they consider "chance" to be a creative power. However, considering a being other than Allah to be a creative power is nothing but idolatry. In other words, evolutionists have an idol which is called "chance." This will be evident to anyone who takes a look at Darwinist works.

Examples of livings beings that evolutionists believe the "idol of chance" created are countless. For example, evolutionists believe that the very first cell that was the origin of all living things was the work of this idol. According to this belief, one day as a result of thunderbolts, rain and various other natural phenomena, a bunch of atoms came together without any previous plan in order to form amino acids. Then these amino acids combined to form proteins, the basis for the cells of all living creatures. This process was implemented by means of the power of chance. Then, in this way, the proteins immediately formed the first living cell, again by chance. However, the job of "chance" wasn't over yet.

According to the evolutionist sophistries, the "idol of chance" was, by itself, also the impetus behind the emergence of millions of species on Earth. It first brought a fish into being and then, thinking a single type of fish would not be sufficient, it formed hundreds of thousands of fish species. Since hundreds of thousands of fish species were not enough, it brought other sea creatures alongside them into being and created an environment of breathtaking magnificence under the sea. Then, this very "idol of chance" thought that undersea life was not enough, so it prepared certain structural changes in the body of a fish which would enable it to live on land. By means of random, gradual changes, the fins of the fish happened to be transformed into feet, and the gills happened to become lungs so the fish could breathe in the air. Yet, still they had not reached the diversity of the species we see today, so "chance" allegedly continued to work its magic…

As we will come to see in many examples, living things can survive only if their organs are complete and fully developed. Dysfunction of some organs can cause a creature to die within a couple of minutes or a couple of days at the most. However, according to the evolutionists' assertions, this "idol of chance" has pondered, designed and formed all the details of living things in a very conscious, careful, flawless and perfect manner for millions of years.

As we can see from these examples, for evolutionists, "chance" is the sort of idol that can make whatever it wants, form anything it wishes immediately, and transform one animal into another. In addition to doing all this, it can arrange the colors, appearance and taste of all living and non-living things in the most aesthetic way possible.

The "idol of chance" seasonally allocates vitamins to fruits and makes them juicy and nourishing. It makes sure that their odors and tastes are similar everywhere. It also possesses the knowledge of how to put all the information a plant will ever need inside a tiny seed.

What we have mentioned so far constitutes a general rationale for the assertions of the materialist and evolutionist mentality. Certainly, it is an evident fact for any person with wisdom and conscience that all these examples cannot be realized by "chance," which is the only reason offered by evolutionists. Now think about this: can coincidences come together and form motorways or establish transportation companies and make sure that they operate smoothly? Undoubtedly, it is impossible for such things to occur by chance. Just as it is not possible for a transportation company to be established by chance, it is also not possible for a circulatory system in the body to come into being by chance either. In the same manner as a group of people manufactured all the steel parts of the Eiffel Tower one-by-one, cut them into specific sizes, designed the tower, assembled the parts in accordance with the blueprint and made them strong, there is a Power Who created the bones of human beings. These bones, all having the required sizes, were placed in the most appropriate locations, in compliance with the design of the human body, and a strong skeleton was created through the joining of these bones. This is a power that is above everything in nature, encompassing everything. It cannot be compared to anything. The owner of this power is Allah, Who is the Creator of the heavens and the Earth and everything in between.

All the comparisons made so far and the examples given throughout this book constitute only a small part of the diversity of Allah's perfect artistry in creation. For example, only a couple of the general traits of butterflies are mentioned, whereas entire pages of books covering just the eyes of butterflies have been written. In addition, there are many different species of butterfly, each one having a unique set of traits. In this book, only a few characteristics of the human body are dealt with in a general way, but voluminous books and research papers on the subject of bones alone are available. There are books filled with pages devoted to the cornea of the human eye, the wings of an insect, and even to the substance of these wings

All this provides concrete evidence for the existence of Allah. Allah encompasses all things in His knowledge and anybody who understands this will immediately see the magnificence present in creation. Every man will comprehend the greatness of Allah, according to the degree of his own wisdom and conscience. Also, the most important duty of a person who has begun to comprehend the might and endless artistry of Allah is to turn towards the real Creator of the beauties he sees and to lead such a life as to gain the approval of Allah only. In the Qur'an, Allah informs us of His might as follows:

That is Allah, your Lord. There is no god but Him, the Creator of everything. So worship Him. He is responsible for everything. (Surat al-An'am: 102)