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Fascism is known as an ideology that was born and flourished in the 20th century.
Yet the roots of this ideology, which exalted war and violence, in fact go back to ancient times, to Sparta.
It spread rapidly across the world in the wake of World War I, with fascist regimes coming to power in Germany and Italy in particular, but also in such countries as Spain and Japan.
Because of fascism, the peoples of these countries suffered terribly and were subjected to frightful savagery.
In this film, you will explore the origins of fascist ideology which rest on old pagan cultures and its link to Darwin’s theory of evolution, which has formed the basis of various aggressive ideologies all over the world, from the 19th century up to the present day.

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This film reveals the cruelty communist China inflicted on the Muslim Turks in Eastern Turkestan, the killing fields of Cambodia, the minority Muslim population in Cambodia who was a target for the savagery, and the 60s generation of the West who got caught up in communist ideology in the West.

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Just consider of how many times a day you have to force yourself to remember something. Already by the time you get out of bed, there are many issues with which you have to keep your mind occupied. You might have taken notes or placed a reminder somewhere so as not to forget about any of them. At times, even the thought of forgetting is worrisome… What if, though, you had actually forgotten about something greatly more important than anything else in your daily life? Our purpose is to remind you of those issues in your life that are most important. Never forget that, forgetting those things of which you will be reminded in this book will cost you immeasurably more than forgetting what you attempt to remember throughout the day, no matter how valuable that issue may seem.

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The seas, which cover a large part of the Earth are an indispensable part of the equilibrium in the world. Many events in the atmosphere, from rain to the formation of wind to the climate, are made possible by the existence of the seas. Furthermore, the seas play host to billions of forms of life. This variety, which reigns hundreds, or even thousands, of meters under the sea, is just as astounding as that on the surface. These beauties in the undersea world spread God’s incomparable creation, with all its systems, out before our eyes.

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The prophet that is most frequently employed as an example in the Qur'an is the Prophet Musa (Moses) (as). Musa's name is referred to in 34 different suras (chapters). We can find extensive information about the life of Musa in three of the largest suras (al-A'raf, Ta Ha, and al-Qasas). All these suras and verses offer detailed accounts of his difficulties with Pharaoh, beginning in his childhood, the evil conduct of his people and his struggle in communicating the message to them. His unyielding courage under the most stringent circumstances is presented with the intention of being an example to people. In this film we will examine the life of Musa as it is depicted in the Qur'an. We will explore the events he has lived through as it is described. Essentially, the events in the Prophet Musa's life should not be regarded merely as events of the ancient past, but rather as events and examples to shed light to our own lives today.

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Many hadiths indicate the existence of a period when the Qur'an's values will pervade Earth. This period, known as the Golden Age, will last for more than half a century and, in many ways, will resemble the Blessed Period of our Prophet (saas). We call this period the Golden Age due to our Prophet's (saas) Paradise-like depictions of it.
In our day, the countless portents giving the good news of the coming of the Mahdi have occurred one after the other. It appears from these portents that the coming of the Mahdi, described by the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, is close at hand.

So, what effects will the coming of the Mahdi have on mankind and the world?

This film seeks an answer to that question.

It looks at the developments which will be experienced on a world scale following the appearance of the Mahdi, and examines the features of a period known as the “Golden Age.”

The Golden Age is a time when the moral values of the Qur’an will prevail and people will arrive at true faith. These two developments will give rise to some major physical results. You will see in this film how these extraordinary developments will come about.

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Life in the poles is terribly difficult: Land and sea are covered in ice, freezing winds and temperatures prevail, and there is nowhere for animals to shelter…
One might think there is nothing but icebergs in the poles. Yet there is actually a rich variety of life there, despite all the difficult conditions.
In this film you will encounter creatures which survive quite easily in polar conditions that at first sight might seem totally inhospitable to life, and will examine their characteristics, each one of which is a miracle of creation, revealing the infinite knowledge, and power and dominion over the earth of the Almighty God.
You will see that each of the features these animals possess is the product of a superior design, and that all creatures are created by Almighty God with the most perfect design in the light of their needs.

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Every individual sets out goals that are important to him or her. Yet not one of these needs is as important as one blessing you possess at every moment: breathing.
If you had been unable to breathe for a minute, you would have given up all you owned in order to be able to breathe again. In another minute or so you would have lost consciousness. Brain death would follow in another two or three minutes, and your life would be at an end.
This process, which seems so simple and which very few people ever think about, is actually the first link in a miracle. Every cell in our bodies needs the oxygen provided by breathing. The beating of your heart, the movements of your muscles, cell division, thought would not be possible without oxygen.
In this film, you will see what a great blessing breathing is and how each one of the systems which allow you to breathe is a miraculous example of God’s creation.

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Terror ... War, exile and slaughter ...

For decades now the Holy Land has been a place of blood, tears and suffering ... Yet there was a time when Palestine was a byword for peace, tolerance and justice. Members of different religions lived together as brothers and worshipped in a spirit of mutual respect and tolerance.
This time of peace went down in history as that of Muslim administrations. The region came under Islamic rule with the capture of Palestine by Caliph Umar in 637 AD. This new administration displayed great tolerance towards the Christians and Jews in the country. As a requirement of Islamic values, Muslim administrations allowed the members of different religions to live according to their own beliefs. The Ottomans captured the region in 1517 and displayed the same tolerance and justice as the previous Muslim administrations. They developed a climate of peace and freedom in the region that is still a model today. Thanks to the “nation system,” which allowed people with different faiths to live according to their own beliefs, Christians and Jews enjoyed an environment of tolerance, security and freedom in Ottoman lands.

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The end times ...
According to Islam, this concept represents a time, near to Doomsday, when Qur’anic morality will come to prevail over all the world. The Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, has described it in considerable detail in the hadeeths, that is, his sayings. After the Prophet, a number of great Islamic scholars have given further accounts of the subject. All of these reveal that the end times will contain a number of consecutive events.
In the first stage of the end times, the world will become degenerate because of a number of philosophical systems that deny God. Mankind will move away from the purpose behind its creation, leading to a terrible spiritual emptiness and moral collapse. In the wake of great disasters, wars and suffering, mankind will seek the answer to just one question ‘Where does salvation lie?’
At that very moment of despair, God will charge a “spiritual entity” to call mankind out of the chaos and onto the true path; The Mahdi. The word means “he who leads people to the truth.”

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Nobody knows what will happen in the next few hours or even in seconds. Time flies in the countdown to one’s own death. Every day brings that predestined day closer. In this film you are invited to see the true nature of our worldly existence. It is a short and deceptive life in which worldly desires seem fascinating and full of promise, but the truth is much different. Keep in mind: This film may be your final warning to remind you of death!... And lead you to rethink about your duties to God and the hereafter.

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Fish concealing themselves with wonderful methods of camouflage… False eyes on fishes’ fins which astound their enemies… Intelligent prawns which use their fists against their enemies… Or electric fish which offer serious difficulty for Darwin’s theory… This film opens to you the door of the underwater world. Once again, you will be amazed at God’s art of creation.

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The universe will one day definitely come to an end. Doomsday will inevitably come as revealed in the Qur’an in a verse "And the Hour is coming without any doubt ... (Qur’an, 22: 7) Together with keeping the time of Doomsday a secret from man, God revealed to the Prophet Muhammad certain events and portents that would indicate the time was approaching. In this film you will watch some of the main portents -from an increasing number of wars and anarchy to the destruction of great cities, from earthquakes to the developments in science and technology- revealed by God’s messenger that Doomsday is impending.

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It is very clear that the purpose behind the creation of man, a being who possesses reason, conscience and common sense, is not to acquire temporary benefits in the short life of this world. Man is tested by God, his only Lord and this is the greatest reality of his life. This film aims to remind you this fact, that the life of this world is merely a temporary testing place, in which people are tried before they reach the infinite hereafter…

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Human beings are in contact with the universe only through their five senses. No one can reach the real “external world” by going beyond these senses.So, how can we know that this world is not different from what we perceive it to be? This film invites you to ponder on this important question. When you watch this film, you will see how mistaken the materialist philosophy is when it denies God by assuming that matter is absolute. This film is based on the book “Timelessness and the Reality of Fate” by Harun Yahya.

Remember: The Secret Beyond Matter is not Wahdatul Wujood

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