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The books of Harun Yahya and all the work based on them are a non-profit, idealist enterprise. The only target is to help people recognize the existence of Allah, our duties to Him and the truth of Islam. This is great global duty, and thus, everybody who wants to contribute to this effort is welcomed.

What You Can Do to Support the Cause?

  1. If you know a foreign language, you can make translation for us.
  2. You can copy the audios and films and distribute freely or sell them.
  3. You can print-out the books and distribute freely or sell them.
  4. You can arrange to display our films in public, in schools, in the classroom, in family meetings etc.
  5. If you have friends who have internet sites, you can advise them to put our link and use our materials freely onto their pages.
  6. You can arrange poster exhibitions with our posters (which we will send you freely) in schools, universities, foundations etc. See, exhibition.
  7. You can search for the radio and TV stations around your place and contact them to broadcast our films and audios. (We may send the films to them in the necessary broadcast format.)
  8. You can search for the publishers, distributors and bookstores around your place and contact them to publish, distribute or sell our materials.
  9. If you have a chance to give lectures, you can use our texts, books, videos or presentations during the lecture and arrange a poster exhibition.
  10. If you are a teacher, you can benefit from our workbooks which have been prepared especially for the schools.
  11. You can contact with magazines, newspapers, school newsletters etc. to publish our articles.
  12. Advise your friends to become members of the Harun Yahya Society.

To get more information on how to support the cause please visit the site www.servingislam.com.


Support Us By Supplying Information & Documents

All kinds of information, documents, books, news from papers and magazines, newspaper clippings (original or digital), pictures, maps etc. that can be used in our work are all of great importance to us. If you have information of that nature you might like to tell us of or send us, you can mail them to the address below. Your support in this matter will be of enormous assistance.

If you come across Harun Yahya articles published in any magazine, newspaper, please mail them to our address below. If you cannot mail, please kindly inform us by e-mail.

e-mail address: workwithus@harunyahya.com

Regular mail address: MBE
Mahir Iz cad. No: 47 / 101
Altunizade-Uskudar / Istanbul
81190 TURKEY