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Reader's Comments on the Works of Harun Yahya

Harun Yahya's more than 190 works are in great demand all over the world as well as in Turkey. The explicit and lucid style of the books, the striking pictures supporting the texts, and the proper usage of Qur'anic verses create an increasing appeal for Harun Yahya's books. This interest has grown rapidly in 2000-2001 with the translation of the books into different languages. Today, many people can find the well-known book by Harun Yahya, - which is even highly appreciated by evolutionists - in their own language. Works by Harun Yahya are presented to for readers' consideration through libraries and bookshops in different countries of the world, and are also available on the Internet. Everyone who browses the www.harunyahya.org homepage can take advantage of this service. This site, which is available in English, French, German, Indonesian and Serbo-Croat, welcomes hundreds of visitors every day. All readers can follow Harun Yahya's works and articles in their own languages from these sites, all of which are available on-line.

Reactions to the books and articles translated into many languages, and particularly English, reach the author through letters and e-mails. In these, readers express their sincere feelings about Harun Yahya's works. Writing from many different countries, not just the United States and the United Kingdom, but from places such as Kenya, Nigeria, Brunei, Mauritius, Brasil, Greece, Egypt, and Pakistan, readers pay great compliments to the author and express the impact the works had both on them and on their circles.

Dozens of letters from all around the world are a clear indication of the love and appreciation felt for Harun Yahya. This love also gives us the glad tidings of how rapidly interest in and sympathy for the religion of Islam is growing.

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  • Khawaja Fakhar-ul-Hasan, Pakistan
    I am extremely fascinated with the review of the books from Harun Yahya. I need to buy some books from the collection. How should i and what should i pay to get them shipped to the following address: B-53 Block 'H' North Nazimabad, Karachi 74700
  • RIZ, UK
    Salaams firstly congratulations on such a wonderful, captivating site!! My fascination with science has only grown upon reading several of ur books. Having had a secular education I fully understand the detrimental effect Darwinism is having on today's societies. I plan on conducting some private research in the future in this field and I'm sure ur books will be invaluable reference guides. May Allah (SWT) reward all ur efforts and elevate ur ranks in the hereafter, Ameen. Wasalaam Rizwana PS: Look forward to hearing the talk planned by ur group next wk in Birmingham, Insha-Allah.
  • Runa,, Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA
    Ass'alamu-Al'aikum, ALHAMDULILLAH!! SUBHANALLAH!! This website is great, Ma'shallah, may Allah reward you's for making this great site, for Muslims. I am mailing this to the owner/owners of this website. I would like to order some books, but i really don't know how to. So if anyone reading this please, if you could help me, it will be very much appreciated. May Allah (SWT) bless us all, and show us the right path. Thank-You, Salam. Allah-Hafiz la ilaha illallah
  • Delshad, Sweden
    Salam o aleikum Mr Adnan Oktar and everyone in your organisation whom deals with the prejudice and misconceptive theories embracing much of the society today. Your books have been a great support in our faith on Allah because we now dare to oppose darwinism and materialism on scientific grounds and we all hope that you keep on fighting for the Cause. May Allahs peace and blessings be upon you and your organisation. Dedicated kurdish student of Islam.
  • Hussein Yamout, Lebanon
    Iam very intrested in ur books because they have a great value and can help me to understand what Islam is all about and about every thing around us.
  • Hashim Alhussaini, USA
    Assalamu Alaikum Ma Sha'Allah on your knowledge My dearest brother, and may our Lord, Most High, keep you a benefit unto all of us Muslims, to strengthen our faith, and non-Muslims that their minds might open and see some of the truth, as a start.
  • Mohammed, United Kingdom
    Assalamu alaikum Excellent! Keep up the fine work! Kind regards Mohammed
  • Arslan Ashraf, England
    May I congratulate you on your amazing web-site. Mashallah you have done a very good job. Keep up the good work and may Allah most high reward you for your efforts. May Allah give you peace and happiness in this world and the next.
  • Te Amorangi-eShaq Kireka-Whaanga, New Zealand
    Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah, please, this Brother should be encouraged to be the Kalipha of Islam, I truly believe he has the respect and credentials to attain this position, Ma' asalaama, eShaq
  • Mohammad Irwan, Indonesia
    Subhanallah walhamdulillah Piece by piece Allah will show us the truth. May Allah will bless you MR. Harun Yahya. Wassalam
  • Fahdevie Rasyidin, Indonesia
    I read harun yahya"s book and i realized that there must be some explanation to all of things. thank tou for giving me the new horizon of thinking. but i think it will be better if your books can reach students from their very beginning levels of school.
  • Sugeng Praptono, Indenosia
    I am waiting for arriving SRF team even Mr. Adnan Oktar to Indonesia. Al-Haq is the Winner against materialism!
  • Ahmad Zafar, Pakistan
    I just had a chance of reading a few of Harun Yahya books & really I just loved it... I always thought that why do Muslims donot give quility presentation of Islam but now I can see that happening. May Allah cause other people to follow the foot steps of Harun Yahya...
  • Wildan Bahren, Indenosian
    Assalamu'alaikum.... I think all of the Harun Yahya book's is very exelent.I very like it.... And you must calling me back,of the new information's Thank you very much. Wassalamu'alaikum....
  • Imran R Kidwai, Pakistan
    I am an extremely strong follower of your books and have read many of them and have been extremely satisfied mentally and spiritually. Any ideas or writings on such matters?
  • Mansur, Pakistan
    I read your book , "Evolution Deceit" after downloading it from your site. I found it a reinvigorating experience and it has strenghened my faith in God. I find your scientific reasoning extremely convincing and i fail to understand that why the Evolutionists and the Neo Darwinists still hold on to their ridiculous theories inspite of the evidence to the contrary. Well Done Mr Harun Yahya!!!This book is remarkable. I only wish that more people were able to read this book and realise the truth. For starters, I plan to present this book to my Father who despite being a muslim is an Ardent believer of Evolution. I am quite sure this book would go a long way in enlightening his mind. In the end I would be most obliged if I could somehow talk to or contact Mr Yahya personally
  • A reader, from the UK, 10.12.2000
    This book (The Evolution Deceit) is simply fantastic. It breaks the theory of evolution into a million pieces, with very good scientific and logical evidences. After reading this book, let me asure you (unless you are totally ignorant!), that you will no longer even be able to comprehend why, anybody with 1 brain cell or more will still believe in evolution. All the scientific proof, that i have been spoon fed, throughout my life has been totally and clearly disproved by the author. I encourage all people who would like to live life with the truth, read this book and see for yourself the beauty of truth!
  • Noaman Qureshi, Canada, 25.09.2000
    I would like to first say that I am moved by the book "Deep Thinking". This book has made me think about the world around us and has increased my faith in Islam.
  • A reader, from England, 20.09.2000
    The book (Never Plead Ignorance) focuses on the trials and tribulations that effect mankind and have done so, for thousands of years. Written by a well versed islamic scholar and fabulous scientist, the book exposes the idioms of society felt as a whole, giving a unique look at past civilisations and their viewpoint of history. What is most fascinating is that through hoistory there have always been ignorance on a vast scale, citing references the authour has managed to prove that history keeps on churning the same old problems in a totally new era and place. All in all a brilliant book and read
  • Rohidzir bin Rais, Cairo-Egypt, 15.09.2000
    Dear Harun Yahya, I was very impressed to read about you, your works and your publication on the Internet site www.harunyahya.org and a link in site www.islam.org. In particular, I was fascinated by The Evolution Deceit. I am a Malaysian student, studying Islamic Jurisprudence and Law at El-Azhar University. With your permission I would like to translate this book to Malay. This book would be of great value if published in Malay and it will benefit current and future generations in gaining a sound and comprehensive understanding of Islam.

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