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Reader's Comments on the Works of Harun Yahya

Harun Yahya's more than 190 works are in great demand all over the world as well as in Turkey. The explicit and lucid style of the books, the striking pictures supporting the texts, and the proper usage of Qur'anic verses create an increasing appeal for Harun Yahya's books. This interest has grown rapidly in 2000-2001 with the translation of the books into different languages. Today, many people can find the well-known book by Harun Yahya, - which is even highly appreciated by evolutionists - in their own language. Works by Harun Yahya are presented to for readers' consideration through libraries and bookshops in different countries of the world, and are also available on the Internet. Everyone who browses the www.harunyahya.org homepage can take advantage of this service. This site, which is available in English, French, German, Indonesian and Serbo-Croat, welcomes hundreds of visitors every day. All readers can follow Harun Yahya's works and articles in their own languages from these sites, all of which are available on-line.

Reactions to the books and articles translated into many languages, and particularly English, reach the author through letters and e-mails. In these, readers express their sincere feelings about Harun Yahya's works. Writing from many different countries, not just the United States and the United Kingdom, but from places such as Kenya, Nigeria, Brunei, Mauritius, Brasil, Greece, Egypt, and Pakistan, readers pay great compliments to the author and express the impact the works had both on them and on their circles.

Dozens of letters from all around the world are a clear indication of the love and appreciation felt for Harun Yahya. This love also gives us the glad tidings of how rapidly interest in and sympathy for the religion of Islam is growing.

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  • Amber Yaqoob, 09.03.2001
    My name is Amber Yaqoob and i read two of your books, Perished Nations and "Evolution Deceit". Well they are very good books indeed. I am a science student. We have been taught the Darwin theory of evolution and believed in it not that part that humans are originated from apes. Thinking that Allah has caused all that evolution. We studied about this theory at school level and we did not studied any remarks or any book against this theory. Now that i am a BSc student i came to know about the truth about it.
  • Khalid Ibn Lovell, USA, 06.06.2001
    My name is Khalid Lovell and I converted or reverted to Islam about four years ago. I wanted to thank Harun Yahya for the many writings that he has produced because, itis because of books like this that many of my doubts have gone away. I hope that he will produce many more books on different subjects in the future and I ask Allah (swt) to guide him in his efforts. Thank you very much Harun Yahya for all that you have helped me with my search for truth.
  • Abdus Sami, Islamic Book Store, New Delhi, India, 31.05.2001
    Alhamdolillah, You are doing marbles work for Islam, there is no word with us to explain or to say about you.
  • Russian State Academy (Muslim Members),, Russia, 25.05.2001
    We read the book with great pleasure. How can we but other books of the author?
  • Mohammed Dahlan, Dar Al Fikr Schools, Saudi Arabia, 07.05.2001
    I am a Sri Lankan employed in Saudi Arabia and involved in Islamic propagation activities as a volunteer. A book I bought recently about the Creation of the Universe written by Brother Harun Yahya was an excellent contribution to prove the existence the Allah Subhana
  • Imran Siddiqui,30.04.2001
    I happened to come across one of your videos, thanks to my cousin in london, and i must say that i feel a complete change and also see a ray of light to help bring a change in my dieing society. I want to run your videos and your tapes all acorss the schools and colleges in Karachi Pakistan... we need you here.... I being a Documentary Director know the importance of your work and that how it should spread throughout the masses...
  • Ebrahim Mulla, Chinese origin, 20.04.2001, Chinese origin, 20.04.2001
    Your books have helped me a great deal, they strengthened my Imaan which was for some time battered by taking part Atheistic arguments. May Allah make things easy for you and your friends.
  • James Michael Foard, 16.04.2001
    I am a Christian of Jewish descent. I believe that your book on Darwin is a modern classic. I greatly appreciate what you have written on natural science and enjoy reading your books.
  • Marouane Temsamani, Netherlands (Morrocan origin), 06.03.2001
    Alhamduli-Allah that I have found a real scientist; a muslim-scientist. You have to know that in my country (The Netherlands) all universities are based on atheism. Last year I started studying "earth sciences" (geography and geology) in Amsterdam. Subhana-Allah since the first day I felt UNCOMFORTABLE at school! I had never realised that evolution is the force behind this study, and when I did I tried to follow everything with just one eye if you know what I mean.
  • Abdul Moosa, Johannesburg, South Africa, 29.11.2000
    I have read the book "Evolution Deceit" with an open mind, and this resulted in affirming my faith in ALLAH, making me appreciate ALLAH so much more. The bottom line is that Harun Yahya has improved my IMAAN in ISLAM. May ALLAH reward him, for what I have learned from him, I propagate to others. i make dua Allah continues to give you more exposure and utilizes you to generate a new muslim intelligensia that can expose western materialistic doctrines in the same way Musa (as.) exposed Pharaoh.
  • Abdul Shakur Aziz, USA
    I just would like to express my solidarity with Brother Harun Yahya. His books are tremendous and in very high demand here in the United States. Thank you for making this website and other pertinent info available to us...
  • A Reader, 05.08.2000
    I just wanted to congratulate you on your new site, Subhanallah it is excellent. What impresses me the most is all the things you are making available for free. Its really does show your are primarily out to change people, and help them to the way of Islam, rather than making as much of a profit as possible.
  • Sayed Mohammad Fawad Hashemee, 25.05.2001
    Harun Yahya and his works produced by the tawfeeq of Allah, have had a positive impact on me, meaning it gave me a new perspective of Loving and being in Awe of the Almighty Creator.
  • Idris Shaik, 18.06.1999
    This is a great work of the the great people of Islam ... Allah please help these people to propagate the balanced, True and more practical Islam.
  • Mona Saracen, Saracen Press, UK
    When the first book by Harun Yahya was published in the UK, it was read avidly by a wide readership, who excitedly anticipated the release of the subsequent books published by Taha Publishers. His books help to inject new energy into the pursuit of knowledge, to carry forward all branches of learning into the 21st century. This is not only a source of pride, but equally a source of encouragement to the younger generation.
  • Adnan Yousuf, Bismillah Art Press & Publications, Pakistan
    It has felt after thorough study that your books are a great treasure. A very special branch of knowledge has been bestowed upon you with a heavenly powerful pen. Now the due circumstances demand your books to be held in each and every house accordingly....
  • Imtiaz Adam, Crescent International Book Review, 16-31 March 2000, UK
    In this fascinating book, (The Truth of the Life of This World), Harun Yahya has written a remarkable and extremely effective reminder of "the truth of the life of this world". Throughout, the text is clear and readable and the marshalling and use of Quranic ayaat extremely effective. The book is superbly presented, with numerous full-colour photographs, illustrations and diagrams, beautifully designed. This book is one of the very few that is likely to be convincing to skeptical readers steeped in western propaganda, be they Muslim or non-Muslim. That alone is a very considerable achievement.
  • Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood, Muslim World Book Review, 21, no.1, 2000, Review of Never Plead Ignorance and Deep Thinking
    Harun Yahya has put together a vast range of books which tackle the very subjects that have bothered me, and for that, I am sure many similar students will take great benefit. The style of the books is not that of dry academia, but is readable and straightforward, so that even youngsters can study and benefit from the thoughts contained therein. The message is added to by the many colourful and relevant photographs, which not only enliven the page but are also good thought-provokers in themselves. This is the major function of the Harun Yahya books, I feel - to widen our consciousness, give us material to ponder on which we may not have known before, and, thus, help us to understand a little more of the Greatness and Grace of Allah.
  • Dr. Ramiz Zekaj, Albanian Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilisation
    These books are a scientific approach to Islam lessons. The content of the books Deep Thinking, The Miracle in the Ant, Perished Nations, Never Plead Ignorance etc. have attracted the attention of Albanian readers that evaluate the seriousness of the scientific based interpretations of Harun Yahya.
  • Abdul Hadi Bazurto, President, LAMU (Latin American Muslim Unity)
    Our brother Harun Yahya has done a great contribution to the advancement of Islam through his many writings. The book "Evolution Deceit" (El Engano Del Evolucionismo) is unique, at least in the Spanish language. The use of graphics and science to debate and topple old-atheistsic-misconceptions regarding the creation of humanity is of great importance to us as a community. This book, because of its contents and its structure, can have a great appeal to a vast number of the Latino population, from the scholar to the common person

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