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Reader's Comments on the Works of Harun Yahya

Harun Yahya's more than 190 works are in great demand all over the world as well as in Turkey. The explicit and lucid style of the books, the striking pictures supporting the texts, and the proper usage of Qur'anic verses create an increasing appeal for Harun Yahya's books. This interest has grown rapidly in 2000-2001 with the translation of the books into different languages. Today, many people can find the well-known book by Harun Yahya, - which is even highly appreciated by evolutionists - in their own language. Works by Harun Yahya are presented to for readers' consideration through libraries and bookshops in different countries of the world, and are also available on the Internet. Everyone who browses the www.harunyahya.org homepage can take advantage of this service. This site, which is available in English, French, German, Indonesian and Serbo-Croat, welcomes hundreds of visitors every day. All readers can follow Harun Yahya's works and articles in their own languages from these sites, all of which are available on-line.

Reactions to the books and articles translated into many languages, and particularly English, reach the author through letters and e-mails. In these, readers express their sincere feelings about Harun Yahya's works. Writing from many different countries, not just the United States and the United Kingdom, but from places such as Kenya, Nigeria, Brunei, Mauritius, Brasil, Greece, Egypt, and Pakistan, readers pay great compliments to the author and express the impact the works had both on them and on their circles.

Dozens of letters from all around the world are a clear indication of the love and appreciation felt for Harun Yahya. This love also gives us the glad tidings of how rapidly interest in and sympathy for the religion of Islam is growing.

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  • Mohammed Surajo, Student, Nigeria
    Alhamdu lillah, we really need people like you to operate via the net because muslims really need to be informed about islam and i think going by the present situation on ground ( the western propagander against islam). we really need your likes. May Allah reward you and support us all.
  • Mosaddique Kadodia, Software Development Engineer, United Kingdom
    Brother Haruns style has been given a gift by Allah of being able to explain concepts clear and concisely which allows even a layman to understand it. I feel that muslim countries should ,use some if not all of his work as part of the school curricula to prepare muslims in being able to give lucid and reasoned arguments to others. Muslim households should also acquire this for essential reading in their homes. May Allah enable us to do so and to benefit from it. May Allah continue to give Brother Harun the steadfastness to continue with this good work and may he strengthen all of us in our Imaan. Aamin.
  • s.ali, student, england
    i think this site is very good may allah reward you in this world and in the hereafter
    ASSALMO ALAIKUM My feelings after visiting this site cannot be put into words.It is an impressive,superb and excellent site for muslims as well as for nonmuslims.i am so much interested in astronomy and in making researches about QURANIC VERSES . When i visited this site ,i was amazed.It was just like Harun Yahya has put everything into words which was in my mind.I too want to do something for my religion ISLAM .i want to attract the attention of the world to my GREAT,TRUE AND SURPRISING RELIGION.I appreciate your efforts for the spread of ISLAM.ALLAH will award you for this in this world and the world hereafter.I'll keep reading your books as these are a source of inspiration for me. ALLAH HAFIZ.
  • Sohail Shafi, Student, England
    Assalamulaikum-wa rahmatullahi was barakatu. I want to congratulate my fellow brother Harun Yahya on his superb books which display his amazing analytical skills of which I have not seen ever in my life. The website is simply sensational and the truth of Islam is Insha-Allah spreading to the four corners of the Earth. Thanks to Harun, I am 100% convinced of Allah's existence and strive to enter paradise for what is promised for the true believers. May Allah grant his mercy upon you Harun and guide you on the right path. Assalamulaikum
  • Tanzil Ahmad, Student, UK
    Assalamu Alaikum, your publication is excellent in revelaing the truth and may allah reward you for your hard work. Keep up with the good work.
  • Khaled Mahmoud, student, Egypt
    Assalamu alaikum May Allah give Mr.HARUN YAHYA and all people who worked on this wonderful sight the best reward Jazakum Allah khayran I have really benefited much from you. May Allah help you go on with this outstanding work salam
  • Naeem Amin, Executive Secretary for a Diplomatic Mission, Pakistan
    Assalam-o-Alaikum! The site is indeed a very good and knowledgable platform for all Muslims throughout the world and also informative for non muslims. I visit the site often and read all the new things with great interest. Jaza-al-Khair for such a wonderful work. Naeem Amin Executive Secvretary Hungarian Consulate, Lahore/ Pakistan
  • Saputra, student, Indonesia
    this website really good for me. Because give me information about knowledge.
  • Vladimir, Computer Engineer, Albania
    Assalam Alaikum I can't find words to describe what I feel!! WOW!! The work you have done is really great. May Allah bless you! Recently I got the package "The Sign of the Creator". It's AMAZING!!!
  • Noushad Shaikh, Computer Systems Engineer, Pakistan
    Its really an amazing site to get basic to detailed knowledge of Islam.I hope that Allah would be pleased with you.i have planned to download the stuff from ur site and write it on cd then forward to my frnd and others.
  • nazma rawat, customer services advisor, england
    assalam le kom,i would just like to say how wonderful your work is,and how lucky you are that allah(swt) has given you so much knowledge in your work,which you can share with others,may allah(swt) reward you here, and the hereafter,also praise to your family....khudafiz.
  • lookman ibn qazim, student, nigeria
    dearharun i am very happy when i read your magarzine because i know you one of those that can civilise islam in nigeria. there is one charity organization in nigeria i will if you can help the organization with your morale and finacial support. ma salam happy ed-il-fitri
  • emine betul yilmaz, student, holland
    I am very greatful to the wonderful people who prepared this site. I hope that Allah would be pleased with you. I have to write an essay about september 12 and the terror which some people relate with Islam. I am a student at the Amsterdam University following the English Teaching Course. I would be very pleased if you could lead me to more sources about the subject. Thank you very much for yourhelp.
  • sis.Afia & sis.Sabiha, students, England
    Thankyou for informing us about this issue, it needed to be addressed especially to non-muslims. May Allah continue to reward you in the work you have done and that you will hopefully continue. Darwinism seems very appealing to those narrow minded people, but Alhamdulillah evidence that is provided on this website proves them otherwise. Jazakallah Sister's Afia and Sabiha
  • ALI, civil eng., Denmark
    alsalam alaikum....barakallah feek....
  • Dr.Iram Ambreen, Doctor, Pakistan
    This is an excellent website to get knowledge about Islam.If you start answering the questions about daily life in the light of Islam; this will add more to this site.Thanks
  • Eni Hestuti, S.S., Islamic Elementary School Teacher, Indonesia
    I am proud to see this development. As a good moslem we should to be brave to deliver truths and give arguments as proofs.
  • Fakhar-ul-Hasan, Engineer, Pakistan
    like bio-ceremic engineering and material sciences, the new emerging fields of science, which copy nature, to get things improved, and more useful, i've also always been fascinated with the nature's perfection. honestly, the work from Harun Yahya is something i always thought was missing in today's world. not just this but there couldn't have been a better a way to express it. no doubt, there haven't been this level and kind of research before, and if there was, it wasn't surely communicated well and made common. with this magnificent work and aproach he deserves greater recognition and support. i wish him success in his mission.
  • Kendy Aditya Sumbogo, Student, Indonesia
    Assalamu'alaikum. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you for all of great works that you've done. May Allah bless you with health and strength to continue your efforts telling people about the existence of Allah, The Creator. Spreading Allah's Words to the universe. Wassalamu'alaikum.

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