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Reader's Comments on the Works of Harun Yahya

Harun Yahya's more than 190 works are in great demand all over the world as well as in Turkey. The explicit and lucid style of the books, the striking pictures supporting the texts, and the proper usage of Qur'anic verses create an increasing appeal for Harun Yahya's books. This interest has grown rapidly in 2000-2001 with the translation of the books into different languages. Today, many people can find the well-known book by Harun Yahya, - which is even highly appreciated by evolutionists - in their own language. Works by Harun Yahya are presented to for readers' consideration through libraries and bookshops in different countries of the world, and are also available on the Internet. Everyone who browses the www.harunyahya.org homepage can take advantage of this service. This site, which is available in English, French, German, Indonesian and Serbo-Croat, welcomes hundreds of visitors every day. All readers can follow Harun Yahya's works and articles in their own languages from these sites, all of which are available on-line.

Reactions to the books and articles translated into many languages, and particularly English, reach the author through letters and e-mails. In these, readers express their sincere feelings about Harun Yahya's works. Writing from many different countries, not just the United States and the United Kingdom, but from places such as Kenya, Nigeria, Brunei, Mauritius, Brasil, Greece, Egypt, and Pakistan, readers pay great compliments to the author and express the impact the works had both on them and on their circles.

Dozens of letters from all around the world are a clear indication of the love and appreciation felt for Harun Yahya. This love also gives us the glad tidings of how rapidly interest in and sympathy for the religion of Islam is growing.

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  • Mohammed Tasleem, Student Law, University Brussel, Belguim
    Mr Harun Yahya research has uncovered a conspiracy of deliberate deception by those who hold the power strings in science halls. Haruns books are brilliantly exposes the false presentations of the 'creme de la creme' of evolution, leaving this theory of the examination of dead things dead in the water. If you want to understand how it is that evolution is in dire straits, then these are the books that will expose it. Haruns books are not highly technical , and does not require college-level expertise to read. Regardless of which side of the fence you sit on, you cannot deny that these so called evolution facts will never be used again like they were before.
  • Astrit, Student French, University Brussel, Belguim
    Great research!!! Mr Harun Yahya backs up his work with documentation that you can verify for yourself...
  • Jessie Jongenjasen, Student Communication, University Brussel, Belguim
    These are excellent books. I have studied a number of works on this subject and found this one to be the most well-organized, comprehensive and understandable. We are ruled by secrecy, Harun Yahya has written in such a way his books that it is easily digestable and a great read for anyone who questions reality even a little bit. My fellow skeptics students find this work and others like it confrontive and threatening because they demand "proof". Well,, that is an illusion because the "powers that be" manufacture proof on a daily basis through the media. Please consider that if you are addicted to a steady diet of newspapers and/or watching the news daily, you are perhaps being influenced by only a few (of many) very powerful forms of mind control. When you begin to wake up and question the way things are your heart will provide you real proof. The ability to think and discern using your intuition and feeling nature is the only true freedom there is. I applaud Mr. Harun Yahya for his courage. Reading these books will cause you to view our world in a new light.
  • ahmed, canada
    Very good
  • Benjamin Ben Gharout, Student Philosphy, Hebrew University, Israel
    You may not agree with Prof. Andar Octar, but his Political documentation is faultless; an excellent foundation upon which to build your own, informed opinion on what is actually going on and why, in this Middle East. Refute him if you can; it's just the facts, Ma'm. It is extremely difficult to find an informant who dares criticise Isreal and the Jewry at all, let alone so factually correct and with such intellect. He may be the ultimate dove, but Peace needs doves. Enjoy. Shalom Eleicham / Wa Salaam Alykum..
  • Hella Toonstra, Student Dutch, University Brussel, Belgie
    I think Harun Yahya puts forward an excellent case against evolution. From what I understand, Darwin's ideas were formulated in a time when science was not as advanced as it is now and you could almost excuse the man for thinking that there could be a connection between primates and humans (after all they appear similar on the surface). But Harun looks beyond outward appearances and into the molecules and atoms that make up living things. At this level, he argues, monkeys and men are nothing alike. I for one agree, and found this book facinating!
  • ardizal, Manager, indonesia
    I'm a moslem. For quite sometime, i believe, if we can dive deep enough, into the Koran we'll see everything, i mean, resolving the gaps, the answers, on anything, but i dont have any idea how to start. But now, i've found harun yahya's site. it didnt took me too long to apply as a member. believe it or not, this very old book (The Koran dated about 600 AD) contains the roots of every science known to man, and the ones will be discovered. Just plunge, see it for yourself. all you need is read, gather facts, make conclusions, and that's it! you'll finally understand. The Koran never contradicts with the facts nor the science ,it's our assumptions that lead us to the wrong end. For some people, they might wonder, why harun yahya mixed science and phylosophy (islamic phylosophy), i think, he wanted to give us two perspectives ; details, and resume. In the end, science will only point to one thing, existence of GOD. I Salute You, dear brother Adnan Oktar. A suggestion, clone yourself, make copies of you, so you can continue this quest for mankind. Peace Be on to You!
  • Eric zoneschijn, Student Philosphy, University Brussel, Belguim
    It's fascinating to read the negative reviews on some Turkish and Belguim student webpages of these excellent books that have been posted here on our University. If nothing else, they amply demonstrate the the deeply held bias of evolutionists towards scientism so aptly exposed by Harun Yahya. If you closely read each of the reviews, you'll notice that, once again, his critics fail to actually to respond to any of the arguments Harun Yahya makes. Instead, they resort to ad hominem attacks in the usual attempt of the scientific "establishment" to marginalize the views of anyone who dares disagree with the prevailing orthodoxy, which for the moment is Darwinian evolution. Harun Yahya has exposed Darwinian evolution for what it is: a theory frantically searching for confirming evidence and finding precious little. All their attempts to marginalize the criticism of Darwin's theory as "anti-science" or "creationist" are simply begging the question. They refuse to admit that which would be obvious to an impartial observer: the theory that people evolved from a single microbial cell through natural selection sounds plausible, but has no confirming evidence and would have been discounted long ago if so many didn't have so much invested in it.
  • Daan Hamster, Student Law, University Brussel, Belguim
    That seems to be the typical Evolutionist's reaction to the suggestion that Darwin's theory is flawed. Much like the religious radicals of old who excommunicated or tortured those whose scientific observations dared to contradict the tenets of their established orthodoxy, the Evolutionists of today harshly rebuke and calumniate those who would dare observe and comment on the fatal flaws in their quasi-religious and anti-scientific theory of evolution. As a law student, I was intrigued by the author's legal background, and his punishing analysis of Darwinism. Indeed, rhetorically, the author places Mr. Darwin and his surrogates on trial, and demands evidence to support their evolutionary conclusions. Like a good attorney, he dismantles their emotional cantings and reduces to smoldering ashes the edifice of macroevolution. I recommend these books to anyone with an open mind. As for those who demand evidence of God before believing in Him, I challenge them to apply the same standard to evolution: how is it possible that anyone could believe in macro-evolution when the fossil record is absolutely void of 'evolving' species? But, who am I to pose such a piercing question? After all, I'm just a heretic.
  • Dalila Sams, Student Law, University Brussel, Belguim (a marocain woman)
    For Moslims and non-moslims alike, anyone who wants a good 'starter' book to begin a search for the truth of man and the world's origins should start here. Harun YAhya writes very clearly with a structured thought devlopment and argument. The notes and bibliography offer a wealth of resources to further your study. It's pretty obvious that most evolution proponent's books are one sided, and Harun Yahya makes no hidden agenda that his he is against blind evolution or that he is a rational moslim. However, these books does touch upon some of the questions that have yet to be answered in order to prove the validity of evolutions. Questions that everyone should consider and weigh for yourself.
  • Muhammed, Farouk, Chamila and Samira, Students Law, University Brussel, Belguim
    The best support a book can receive is negative reviews by individuals who completely misunderstand the book's content. Harun Yahya is almost in a class by itself on this score. Make no mistake. THERE IS NO GENUINE INTELLECTUAL REBUTTAL TO INTELLIGENT DESIGN. I have been searching literature for nearly two years, and know all the members of SRF student organization well, and there isn't any criticism of intelligent design that stands up to scrutiny. Some have offered the "Evolution" of human languages as an example of how evolution occurs, but this notion is plainly idiotic (languages evolve through human interaction, not natural selection). But most simply attack ID as evil, act insanely confident in Darwinism without bothering to offer evidence for their position, and lump ID in with young earth creationism.
  • Ivana Koldwitch, Student Science-Philosphy, University Brussel, Belguim
    These books are an important part of the process of "bringing to justice" (in a purely figurative sense, of course), the kind of "scientific" methodology that starts with debatable naturalistic assumptions so as to reach naturalistic conclusions, messing up the complex problems of empirical evidence and proof that arise in between. For neodarwinists like Richard Dawkins, human beings are just a bunch of selfish genes, the contingent by-product of matter, blind chance, and natural selection, without any claim to transcendent dignity. In spite of the fact that all appearance and all probabilities point to the contrary, there is really no sign of intelligence and purpose in the universe. There is no transcendent realm of meaning. If it is true that many darwinists still care about morality, in the end why should they? Scientific arguments, from cosmology and biology, that point to a design inference, in the words of William Dembski, even when they have the strongest pedigree from the standpoint of complexity theory, design theory and probabilities theory, are easily dismissed and explained away as prima facie incompatible with the metaphysical naturalistic assumptions that lurk behind neo-Darwinism and evolutionary theory in general. This is so, even if the design inference, besides being scientifically testable, seems to be the only way to make sense of life, death, morality, law, politics, human rights, and so on. For evolutionary theory in general, conscience, awareness, mind, feeling, love, hate, good, evil, are all subject to naturalist reduction, even when that is accomplished through conceptual "terrorist" strategies like "just so stories", "fact-free science", "naturalism of the gaps", "wishful thinking" and a conveniently distorted understanding of Occam's razor, that comes down to: "while we can keep speculating about natural and blind causes for all that is, we will keep ignoring all the evidence of intelligent design, no matter how strong and compelling". Some of these strategies have been denounced by evolutionary scientists themselves. I am only documenting them. Information and intelligent design, even if clearly detectable and measurable scientifically, are completely ignored, for the sake of blindness and chance. All the difficult problems, like the big bang, the origin of the prebiotic soup, of life, of the DNA code, of irreducible complexity of molecular machines, the transition from micro to macroevolution, are solved with a single "terrorist" "just son" formula, that comes down to: "matter does its best and time does the rest". This way, "metaphysical naturalism" is as scientific as marxist "scientific" socialism. In my vew, emotions, beliefs, intuitions and pre-understandings can be a part of the scientific process, as long as they are stated clearly and publicly. For instance, although I am not into "scientific creationism" (Gish; Morris, etc), I think it makes more sense and is much more transparent to state clearly that one is trying to prove the truth of the Quraan or the biblical Genesis, than to engage in "scientific naturalism" while at the same time trying to hide the fact that one is trying to prove the truth of pre-given naturalistic assumptions. Douane Gish and Henry Morris, among others, state their case clearly, controversial as their case maybe. On the contrary, Dawkins, Lewontin, Dennett, among others, just leak it out here and there, although Dawkins has recently become more vocal about his deliberate "atheist agenda-setting and reality-framing objectives". That's why he has recently been severely criticised by evolutionary scholar Michael Ruse, among others, on the grounds that he has been passing out the "trade secret" of evolutionary theory (that is, metaphysical naturalism), thus giving more weight to the arguments of creationists and intelligent design scholars, when they complain that most of current evolutionary theory is nothing more than metaphysical naturalism in disguise, taught in public schools with public moneys, on the basis of state granted epistemological and material privileges. I think that here also a "call to war" is appropriate. Not a war of violence, intolerance, prejudice and dogmatism, of course, but an intellectual war that preserves the integrity of the scientific method, willing to boldly go where the evidence leads, and that remains epistemically open to other areas of human thought and experience, like theology, philosophy, law and ethics. In this war, intelligence and information (complex specified) play a crucial role. Built-in bias and assumptions may play an important part, and may even be illuminating, as long as they are publicly and fairly assumed and debated. In my opinion, the Intelligent Design Movement is the best response to the "scientific terrorism" of metaphysical naturalism that, in spite of its scientific weaknesses, has held the modern man captive. Isn't it "scientific terrorism" to teach a naturalistic evolution as if it was the absolute truth, while using school books with fake and fraudulent drawings, as Harun Yahya Wells has demonstrated in many of his books? Isn't it "scientific terrorism" not to open the scientific journals to Intelligent Design Movement scholars, and then argue that their work is not peer reviewed? Isn't it "scientific terrorism" to treat neo-darwinian ortodoxy as a kind of "you-can't touch me ideology" and then stigmatize all dissidents as "creationists", the darwinian equivalent of heretic, apostate, cismatic, infidel, etc. ? We have to fight metaphysical naturalism and "smoke it out" of its academic holes and caves and "bring it to justice" (or take justice to it) as Harun Yahya started doing with his brilliant work. The true Enlightment Project is certainly more about connecting with the intelligent design, the Logos, the Word, the Light that shines in the dark, which gives order, intelligibility, meaning and purpose to the universe and our lives, than with connecting with the spiritual forces of blindness, selfishness, chaos and irrationality.
  • Alexander Dipero, Student Philosphy, Oxfort University, UK
    These books presents a serious challenge to the modern naturalistic worldview that all answers to reality are to be found in empirical investigation, including the question of origins and even questions of morality. It rests on the (usually unacknowledged) *assumption* that nature is all there is. Much that is claimed as rationality by adherents of naturalism is in fact mere rationalization, but since they pull the strings behind the scientific establishment (and hold the purse strings), they usually succeed in stifling open debate. Their refusal to face up honestly to the challenge posed by the origin of life and the origin of information is an illustration of this. But their refusal to engage their critics in open debate also betrays their lack of confidence in their position. Their uneasiness sometimes degenerates into paranoia, as evidenced by the irrational knee-jerk reaction over the Kansas board of education amendment of the evolution section of the science syllabus. Their frequent resort to authoritarian bully tactics to 'protect' science is an inherent contradiction. Often, materialistic naturalists are so deeply indoctrinated in their dogma that they are quite unable to comprehend their opponents' viewpoint, as when they demand their critics to provide a better *naturalistic* explanation of origins than the one they criticise, when the whole point is that there is no satisfactory *naturalistic* explanation. Atheistic science prefers to cling to an intellectually bankrupt theoretical position rather than relinquish naturalism. But "claiming to have knowledge is not a truimph for science unless it is true knowledge, and admitting that we don't have answers is an improvement on dogmatically retaining the wrong answers. A frequent naturalist assertion is that scientific progress would be retarded by accepting a theistic position. This is false on at least two counts. Firstly, many of the founders of modern science were theists who believed that the universe was designed by an intelligent creator, and this belief *motivated* their scientific investigations. Secondly, many contemporary scientists, including many working in the medical and biological sciences, have only a rudimentary knowledge of evolutionary theory, and do their research without reference to it. The author Harun Yahya is an old hand at taking on the bastions of naturalism, and it is a pleasure to read his books that argues its case so cogently.
  • Havida Kaleem, Student Philosphy and English, Tunisia/Tunis
    Harun Yahya books are witty, incredibly insightful, and to the point. In less than 5000 pages, Harun Yahya puts forth a devestating critique of modern materialist science and knowledge while putting forth his own models of each based on empirical investigation and the acknowledgement of personality and information as more fundemental than matter. Harun Yahya points out that as long as chance and law are the only explanations allowed by the scientific *elite* as answers to the problem of the origin of genetic information, science will continue to spin its wheels in the mud and spin out more hollow just-so stories of how "evolution done it". Only when scientists recognize that complex, specified information is the hallmark of intelligent activity will the life sciences make real progress toward true explanations. A great read for the open minded.
  • Michiel Havik, Student Mathematic, University Brussel, Belgie
    Where Bill Dembski's Intelligent Design focused on presenting the (falsifiable, testable) scientific evidence that complex systems are designed by an intelligent source, Mr Andar Octar's Wedge of Truth focuses on the lack of scientific evidence that chance and law can account for the genetic information found in irreducibly complex biological systems. The books and Articles are well written and shows how the scientific establishment engages in doublespeak to defend their naturalism. This practice, Harun Yahya argues, is unscientific and leads to circular reasoning. The Wedge of Truth will be seen as an important contribution to the Intelligent Design movement.
  • Steve 't Gooi, Student Philosphy, University Brussel, Belguim
    These are brilliantly clear works that exposes the pretensions of a scientific priesthood that cannot bear to be questioned much less challenged about its creation story, to wit, Darwinism and the Atheistic philosophy that undergirds it. Darwinian naturalism cannot stand the light of day, and Harun Yahya incisive probing is hastening that day. Let the media and the cultural organization continue to cast the creation-evolution controversy as one of fundamentalist Genesis-literalist bigots versus enlightened Darwinist defenders of truth. Read Harun Yahya and see that such easy dismissals are just so much smoke and mirrors. Philosophers of science speak of "the pessimistic induction": Every scientific theory, given enough time, eventually bites the dust. Darwinism is shortly to bite the dust, and Harun Yahya is making it happen.
  • Faysel Selbie, Student Biochemistry, University Brussel, Belguim
    With plenty of quotes from leading scientists, Our Harun Yahya exposes the prevalent materialist philosophy espoused by many contemporary scientists and how that mindset colors their findings. Among other things, he argues that the materialist or naturalist philosophy of these scientists has hijacked various scientific disciplines to the point that practitioners do not present Darwinian evolution as theory but as indisputable fact. Harun Yahya cites that science has evolved to the point that educational institutions don't present viable alternatives to Darwinism (such as the theory of intelligent design) because the scientific community have a vested interest in propagating their mindset-a mindset which is strongly biased against the idea that there is an intelligent creator. The books are not so much about evolution versus fundamentalist creationism (indeed, Harun Yahya strongly opposes fundamentalism) as it is about the need to teach theory as theory and reject those ideas which result from the philosophical biases of certain scientists or thinkers.
  • Delvin Wegel, Student Economie, Universtity Brussel, Belguim
    The Right Questions, by Andar Octarr, exposes the bias seen in Western society by the intellectuals, particularly those teaching in higher education. The books examines and confronts the dogmatic, self-righteous materialists who blindly promote Darwinism, regardless of the tentative nature of the data, and refuse any alternate possibilities. They attempt to marginalize Muslims, Christians and Jews, denying them influence in education and cultural life. I thought these books where on primarily intelligent design, but instead it goes beyond; starting with matters of creation and evolution,politics, history but builds this to examine the consequences of relativism, scientific materialism, and naturalistic philosophy. Harun Yahya's style is hard-hitting and to the point, possibly a little harsh at times, but I admire his passion. His argument is clear and simple, and his conclusions cannot be faulted. These books are rigorous and scholarly, so I found it very accessible and a joy to read, very thought provoking.
  • Edip Kamel, SRF // student organization in Belguim and Holland, Belguim
    Asalaam Alykum, Are you ready for eternity? If so, are you helping others get ready for that journey into eternity that each of us must take? As believers, we all know we should tell others about the Lord, but we often don't know how. These practical books by our brothe (we call him father) Harun Yahya and his engaging video will give you ideas for starting conversations with anyone and anywhere. Both include examples of witnessing situations, and answers to common questions, to help encourage, challenge, and equip you to reach both friends and strangers for the sake of God ALONE for the rest of your life! Based on our successful brothers in Turkey, these books en conference will teach you to understand worldviews and apply the real Quranic worldview thinking to current issues and concerns. In addition, you will be encouraged to use your new training to lead, not follow, your culture....If you are concerned with applying the Koran to every area of life—including the evening news—RSF is the best for you it is and intellectuel challenge for everyone....Peace, Edip Kamel.
  • Ester Egel, Student Bio-chemie, University Brussel, Belguim
    I have a hard time believing that anybody, regardless of thier opinions of Harun's conclusion, could rate his books low. These books are an impressive work. He reveals amazing molecular systems with bewildering complexity, and even gives the reader some excellent insights on the philosophy of science. Just scanning through the text which describes biochemical systems speaks for itself. This is a recommended read. It's quite amusing to watch as evolutionists try to squirm out from under Haruns conclusion with an amazing mix of bad(*!*) philosophy, special pleading, card-stacking, and mud-slinging. Harun's conclusion is surely powerful for anyone who is open to supernatural possibilities.

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