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Reader's Comments on the Works of Harun Yahya

Harun Yahya's more than 190 works are in great demand all over the world as well as in Turkey. The explicit and lucid style of the books, the striking pictures supporting the texts, and the proper usage of Qur'anic verses create an increasing appeal for Harun Yahya's books. This interest has grown rapidly in 2000-2001 with the translation of the books into different languages. Today, many people can find the well-known book by Harun Yahya, - which is even highly appreciated by evolutionists - in their own language. Works by Harun Yahya are presented to for readers' consideration through libraries and bookshops in different countries of the world, and are also available on the Internet. Everyone who browses the www.harunyahya.org homepage can take advantage of this service. This site, which is available in English, French, German, Indonesian and Serbo-Croat, welcomes hundreds of visitors every day. All readers can follow Harun Yahya's works and articles in their own languages from these sites, all of which are available on-line.

Reactions to the books and articles translated into many languages, and particularly English, reach the author through letters and e-mails. In these, readers express their sincere feelings about Harun Yahya's works. Writing from many different countries, not just the United States and the United Kingdom, but from places such as Kenya, Nigeria, Brunei, Mauritius, Brasil, Greece, Egypt, and Pakistan, readers pay great compliments to the author and express the impact the works had both on them and on their circles.

Dozens of letters from all around the world are a clear indication of the love and appreciation felt for Harun Yahya. This love also gives us the glad tidings of how rapidly interest in and sympathy for the religion of Islam is growing.

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  • Ghazi Shahnawaz, Software Engineer, India
    The technology is a great resource to spread and surveillance of Islam all over the world. When I came to know about this site I became very glad that I can get so many useful and precious informations about Islam, Rasul and Allah. Thanks for this great site.
  • Durdana Tariq, Medical Doctor, Pakistan
    Your site is one of my favorite sites.God bless you and give you strength and knowlege to continue this great work. About the return of Jesus plz do visit www.mostmerciful.com/jshingr.html> I would like to know your comments.Thanks
    Unravels the root causes of poverty, terrorism and war. A must read for all those who want to understand the world and how the Western elite have manipulated the world economy and geography to create pseudo-slavery under the guise of "freedom". A must read for all those who love true freedom and human dignity.
  • Hafsa, Student, Canada
    I heard about this site through family, and i thought id give it a try. It's a very good site and i found exactly what i was looking for. All my research was done and i learned so much from this site. I told all my friends to check it out. And i think you guys should keep up the good work! Thank You
  • hamzah aman, lawyer, johore, malaysia
    dear brother harunyahya. i came across your books quite by accident at my local bookstore and i am completely amazed at the range of subjects you have covered. life is fragile and i will never take life for granted after reading your books. Subhanallah!
  • dian susmarini, student / fresh graduated, indonesia
    congratulation to all of moslem, including me ofcourse, for having such a great website like harun yahya. once i read about the "outer world", i just looked down on my knees and i couldn't say anything. it makes me think that Allah see me as "who i am", not physically. now, i can say that i am is ih His hand.
  • Asim Iqbal, Student, Pakistan
    Assalam-o-allaikum! Allah Almighty has blessed you with wisdom and intelligence. Islam as a religion is complete and 1 but some people have divided it into different sects (e.g shia, sunni etc ), esch sect thinking that its version is the correct version. In the Holy Prophet's (peace be upon him) last sermon, he left behind 1.THE QUR'AN 2. THE SUNNAH as the guide. Islam was completed in The Holy Prophet's (peace be upon him) time. It needs no upgrade. I suggest you write a book about this. Secondly, the profit system in banks , I think it is usery, the opinions are divided in this case, kindly write an article about this.
  • Muhammad Usman Idrees, STUDENT, PAKISTAN
    The work u are doing is the work done by the Prophets. I pray to GOD , ALMIGHTY that he may give u the strength , the power & the true knowledge to represent & explain ISLAM more effectively in front of people.
  • Andy, College student, USA
    I just want to ask God almighty to reward you guys for the great work you are doing.It is such a wonderful page that whenever i am down spiritually, it only takes me a few minutes of reading or watching a movie of yours to remember God and not to get lost in our present materialistic world.
  • Laila Omar, student, Canada
    dear brother Harun Yahya may Allah Subhanahu Ta'la reward you and thoes who are on your side helping you do this breath taking work. no words can express how i love your work. Alhamdulillah i've gained alot of knowledge just by coming to your site. InshaAllah there will come after you others like you who will do Magnificen work.may Allah make your reward janah firdows.Ameen YA Rabb.
  • Mikael Ilonen, Student, Finland
    I found the true religion, thanks to Allah that guided me to islam and Harun Yahya's website
  • sofina hussain, student, england
    I have many of harun yahya's books and i think no muslim author even though there are many faboulous ones can portray the beauty of islam like harun yahya can. I love the fact that harun yahya uses such good use of text and IMAGES in the books to make them more appealing, which not a lot of muslim authors do. And also the use of text is brilliant too. I know harun yahya uses his inner most deepest thoughts when it comes to writing about any subject on islam and he does it beautifully! May allah reward him for his amazing talent and letting people see the beauty of islam through his eyes, through his books, May allah reward him for his dedicated work for ISLAM.
  • Raymond, Network IT Instructor, USA
    Asalaum alaikum, I am a new muslim. I wish to say thank you for all your good deeds. This site has enabled me to learn so much about Islam and to discover more about Muslim life, ethics, hope and current status. Your videos are very concice, informative and interesting, and they serve as a tool to introduce my friends to Islam. Once again thank you very much for your altruism. Raymond
  • mogamat salih, data analyst / religious scholar, south africa
    marghaba. well just to let u know that - we've [retreat muslim forum]have analused your piece on the fall of aitheism - critical and constructve. and we do differ with certain aspects of your view.
  • Ahmed Sheeraz, Student, Pakistan
    No words!!!....A great man doing a great job. Islam today needs people like Harun Yahya.
  • tahmeera baig, student, pakistan (islamabad)
    asalam u alaikum....... i reallly appreciate the effort u put in to give so much of guidance to ppl........i had a request actually ur books are really nice but the'r quite expensive in here........and thats the reason many ppl cant read ur books......do let me knw if u have a way out and rest may allah bless u with great health and better life in jannah aswell( ameen)
  • Dalia, Student, Sweden
    Assalam3alaykom, this page is very good. I really liked it. Sometimes when my friends ask me something I don't know how to explain but here at this page I fin all the answers I need. Baraka allah for all the work that you are doing and may Allh bless you in your work!
  • Qamar Farooqi, Service in Oil & Gas Sector, Pakistan
    It is the Jehad, Your work can only be rewarded by the Creator.
  • Suraia, student, Afghanistan
    Magnificent! Your site is, so far, the best I have seen among other Islamic sites. Very informative, and beautifully done...Mashallah. Please, keep up the good work.
  • Aisha Darchadachiy, Student Science Philosophy, Iran/Tehran-city
    An enlightened person is not a man, who has gone to the West, has studied a specific school of thought, has passed a specific course, or obtained a diploma. The fact is that our assumption that the "enlightened," "scientist and "intellectual," are synonymous has confused us so that we are not able to understand who is enlightened. Nor do the enlightened individuals know to what category they belong. The virtues of being enlightened cannot be learned in a prestigious university. If there is an exception in which an enlightened individual is also an educated one, his enlightenment is not due to the university education; rather, the individual was an enlightened soul even before his university education. In short brothers and sisters in Islam, there is no universal prototype for being enlightened." There are different types of the enlightened. One may be an enlightened soul in Black Africa, but the same person is not one in an Islamic community, Harun yahya is a prototype for us. And we must support him, he is amazing!!!

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