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    Harun Yahya's articles are currently being published in many periodicals in Turkey and many other countries around the world. In this section you can find some of the articles of the author under the categories, Faith&Wisdom, Science&Faith and Social Issues.


Articles by Harun Yahya from International Newspapers and Magazines

You can read some of the articles of the author published in international newspapers and magazines. You can download and read them in pdf format, which will allow you to preserve the page layout, formatting and graphics. >>


 Creation & The Existence of God
  The Big Bang Echoes through the Map of the Galaxy
- Homo floresiensis and the Facts Emerging about the Evolution Myth
- Important developments regarding Flores Man
- Islam: The Most Rapidly Expanding Religion in Europe
- Where Is the Ark of the Covenant Hidden?
- Prophets' Names Appear in the Ebla Tablets, 1500 Years Older Than the Torah
  The Scientific World is Turning to God
  The Information Beyond Matter & Lawh-i Mahfuz
  The Fall of Atheism
  God Created the Universe from Nothing
  Pondering on the Signs of God
  Migration and Orientation in Animals
  The Obvious Existence of God
  Rain by Design
  Scientists Confirm the Signs of God
  Self-Sacrifice in Animals
  An Unconventional Hunter: The Venus Plant
  Spiders' Fishing Techniques
  The Ability to See the Signs of God…
  The Design in Nature
  The Design in Water
  The Miracle of Design in the Cell
  The Perfect Social System of Ants
  The Signs in the Heavens and on the Earth
  The Design of the Woodpecker
  From a Caterpillar to a Butterfly
  The Honey Bee
  From Non-Being to Being
  Co-Ordination in Human Body
  Common Material, Design and Designer
  The Earth: A Living Planet
  A System Planned in Its Every Detail
  The Defense System
 Refutation of Darwinism
  The Latest Developments Regarding Flores Man
  National Geographic's Darwin Error
  Homo floresiensis and the Facts Emerging about the Evolution Myth
  Important Developments Regarding Flores Man
  A Reply To Andya Primanda
  Scientific American's 15 Errors
  A Whale Fantasy from National Geographic
  The Myth of Bird Evolution
  New Fossil Discovery Sinks Evolutionary Theories
  Yet Another Blow to the Myth of Vestigial Organs
  Misconceptions About the Human Genome Project
  Darwinists Misrepresentations About the Human Genome Project
  The Scientific Collapse of Materialism
  Darwinism's Contradiction with Religion
  The Fossil Record Refutes Evolution
  The Evolution Deceit
 Politics, Ideologies & Society
  Uniting in Faith
  What the Tsunami Disaster leads us to consider?
  Uniting against Radicalism
  Islam: The Most Rapidly Expanding Religion in Europe
  The Day After Tomorrow: The Recent Alarming Blockbuster Provides Much Food for Thought
  The Tiny Miracle Behind Spiderman
  Blockbuster About Jesus Raises Passions
  What Should a Moslem's View of the People of the Book and Zionism Be?
  Only Qur'anic Morality Can Put Right the Chaos Caused by Postmodernism
  Why Is France So Afraid Of Religion?
  A Real Solution in Cyprus
  How To Avoid A War?
  Islam Is Not the Source of Terrorism, But Its Solution
  Islamic Peace Throughout History
  The Pacifism of Islam
  A Muslim Call to the Israelis
  Why an Authoritarian Rule is Against Islam?
  "People of the Book" & The Muslims
  Terrorism, Darwinism & Materialism
  The Depressions of a Faithless Society
  Idolatry in Our Age
  Moral Degeneration
  In Every Age There Existed an Ignorant Society
  Superiority Comes from Character, Not Blood
  The Disasters of an Irreligious Social System
  Antisemitism is Racism Totally Contrary to Islam
 Insights from Wisdom
  Deep Thinking
  The Veil of Heedlessness
  The Lessons from Death
  The Weaknesses of Man
  The Life of This World
  Things That Need To Be Thought About
  Basic Questions of Our Lives
 Wisdom of the Holy Qur'an
  Where Is the Ark of the Covenant Hidden?
  Prophets' Names Appear in the Ebla Tablets, 1500 Years Older Than the Torah
  The Islamic Origins of Modern Science
  Never Plead Ignorance that Qur'an is the Just Book
  The Word "Haman"
  Evaluating Everything According to the Qur'an
  Pondering on the Qur'an
  The People of Saba and the Arim Flood
  The World and the Hereafter
 Islamic Faith & Morality
  Islam's Acceptance of Judaism and Christianity
  The Call For An "Islamic Union"
  The Eminence Islam Attaches to Women
  God Increases His Blessings On Those Who Are Grateful
  No Dispute Among the Believers
  Goodness in All
   Importance of Following the Sunnah
  Humbling One's Self in Prayer
  Being Considerate
  Before You Regret
  Conscience: God's Inspiration to Every Man
  Hell-Made Ready for the Unbelievers
  Loyalty and Obedience to God
  One of the Teachings of Satan: Demagogy
  Praying for Forgiveness and Repentance
  Righteous Deeds
  Death & the Eternal Regret for Disbelievers
  Why Some People Resist Their Conscience ?
  Everything You Possess is a Favor from Allah
  Our On-going Test
  The True Islamic Morals

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