Harun Yahya - Knowing The Truth - Preface
Knowing The Truth



The subject of 'the secret behind matter' that we have treated in detail in some of our works has attracted the attention of a wide range of readers and has been the occasion for them to notice an important truth that they had never considered before in their lives. This is no new philosophy or ideology; it is a truth that is within every person whether he wills it or not; a reality that everyone has experienced; it is easy to understand and various branches of science have proved it many years ago.

It is possible to summarize this truth is this way: Everything that constitutes our life is a totality of perceptions received by our soul. The things, people, places and events that make our world and our lives meaningful are like a dream; we perceive them only as images in our brain and we have nothing to do with their truth or reality. If this subject is explained to a thinking person who will consider it with an open mind and without prejudice, he will easily and in a short time comprehend this great reality and adopt it into his own life.

But some readers may have probably been influenced by habits of thought and prejudices arising from what they have been taught to believe since childhood as well as from negative suggestions gleaned from the world around them. With this in mind, we have arranged this book as a kind of conversation with three enquirers who ask various questions. In this way, those areas that the participants have difficulty in understanding or accepting have been explained with actual examples taken from the various events we encounter in our daily lives. In this way, the readers will have the opportunity to think about what they have learned and apply it whether it be at home, at work, at school, in front of the television- in short, in every aspect of their lives.

This conversation examines some ideas about life which probably come to the mind of every enquirer: that it is a totality of perceptions put by God into the human soul; that it is a kind of dream world; that this life which consists of impressions has a purpose, and provides some answers to the questions that arise from these ideas.Readers who want to learn the truth will find here what they want to know about these ideas.

Besides the many who openly and without prejudice approach the truth, there will also be those who, although they have come to know and understand it, are unwilling to accept it or avoid the responsibility that learning this truth will entail. When those who have adopted such a point of view read this book, they will understand it better how degrading it is for a sensible person to live in a world based on lies and fantasy by running away from the truth.

It must not be forgotten that what is beautiful is what is true; therefore, it makes no sense to fear the truth or run away from it. A renewed life of ease and contentment takes only some serious open-minded thinking.When people put forth the effort to learn and understand the truth, instead of deceiving themselves and running after fantasy, they will experience the beauty of a real and endless happiness as opposed to the false happiness of a deceitful world.