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The last of the conferences we began organizing at the Brunei International Book Expo in 2001 was held in London on the 14th of August. The speakers who attended the conference, sponsored by the Abrar Islamic Foundation, set out their views on the Islamic perspective on science. They explained that in many verses of the Quran God has commanded people to think, to research and to learn, and that the Prophet Mohammed has also drawn attention to the importance of this subject in his sayings. It was furthermore established that the Quran represents a source of guidance for science.

This important conference made extensive use of the books The Quran Leads the Way To Science and Miracles of the Quran, both by by Harun Yahya, who has written more than 200 works. The main speaker's views on the subject of science and Islam were as follows:

"Science" offers a method by which the universe, and all the beings therein, may be examined to discover the artistry in God's creation, thereby communicating it to mankind. Religion, therefore, encourages science, adopting it as a tool by which to study the subtleties of God's creation.

Islam is the religion of reason and conscience. A person recognizes the truth proclaimed by religion through the use of his wisdom, and derives conclusions from the world around him through the use of his conscience. A person using the faculty of his reason and conscience, upon examining the features of any given object in the universe, even though he is not an expert in such matters, would understand that it was created by a Possessor of great Wisdom, Knowledge and Might.

In the Quran, God calls on people to reflect upon and examine the signs of creation around them. Everyone who probes the inner-workings of the universe, living and non-living things, and considers and investigates what he sees around him, will come to know God's superior wisdom, knowledge, and eternal power…

The speakers, who established the connection between Islam and science and the relevance of that connection, pointed out that all Moslems, and indeed everyone, have the following responsibilities:

At this crucial point in history, we Muslims have important responsibilities. Thanks to globalization, the world is turning into an arena of ideas where all frontiers have been lifted, and in this environment we Muslims, the representatives of the true religion, need to wage a great cultural and scientific struggle in order to defend and spread the truths of Islam.

Muslims must not appear as at odds with the world, as inward-looking and hard people. On the contrary, they must lead the way for the whole world in morality, science, thought and art.

Since the only solution is Qur'anic morality, a great and important responsibility falls to people of good conscience to explain the Quran to everybody and to wage a scientific fight and make a great effort to do away with the Darwinist, materialist thought that opposes the Quran.

Of course it is only our Lord God who can bring this fight to a successful conclusion.