The book is well written and documented for all intellectual Muslims, and believers of other religions. The voice of Harun Yahya should be echoed by all Muslim educated circles throughout the world. This book can serve as a good reference source for students of inter-disciplinary courses at different levels of education.

Reviewed by Md. Maimul Ahsan Khan
Ph.D. in Law, Fulbright Scholar

Visiting Law professor at University of Illinois, USA.

..Harun Yahya is an international hero. His books have spread everywhere in the Islamic world. He has developed his own Islamic creationism...

New Scientist, 22 April 2000, no. 2235

This books is excellent not only in presenting the Islamic viewpoint on evolution, but it could also be very useful for the people of all faiths who have a common creationist perspective with Muslims.

Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqui
President, The Islamic Society of North America
Adjunct Professor of Islamic Studies and World Religions
At California State University, Fullerton, USA

As a professor of biological sciences, and a scholar who was trained all my life at the American University in Beirut, and then from the Universtiy of Illinois, USA, I was fascinated and very much impressed with the writings of Professor Harun Yahya.

Dr. Ahmad H. Sakr, Ph.D.
Foundation for Islamic Knowledge

I admire the evidences provided by you strongly refuting the evolutionist theory. I have enjoyed reading it and I applaud the work that has gone into it with veracious proof.

Dr. Hamid Khan, BSME, MSIE, MBA, PHD, PE
School of Industry and Technology
East Carolina University, U.S.A.
Review about The Evolution Deceit

I am a Muslim from Bosnia and Herzegovina, right now working as a scientist assistant here at Boston University. I have always had many questions about what Islam has to say to the accusations of some scientists. And now I have found answers to many of my questions.

By Mead Misic, Scientist Assistant at Boston University

I can see that this is probably the most important book published by any Islamic Publisher for many years.

By Gai Eaton, The Islamic Cultural Centre, U.K., President

I read these books, thoroughly examined them and felt an inner admiration for this person's faith and knowledge since such important information were compiled in an excellent way. I believe that his books is a treasure for the Turkish youth as well as the young people all over the world.

Wali Razi
Pakistan State Minister in Charge of Religious Affairs

In our opinion, this book is one of the best description of Muslim understanding of death, resurrection and hell. The inner strength of the book and clearness of the text was recognized by several Polish intellectuals who decided to translate other Harun Yahya’s books on Islamic topics.

Farhat Khan
Secretary General of Polish Muslim Circle
Muslim Religious Union in Poland

Perished Nations is a hauntingly brilliant elucidation of the historical lessons available to today’s societies.

Halaqah Media, on Perished Nations by Harun Yahya

The research which the author has compiled on the Miracles of the Holy Qur’an and the wonders of the universe, are mesmerizing and impressive for those who are pursuing answers to their questions, enabling them proximity to Allah (SWT). From my own encounters with those living in Western societies, his valuable works have transformed peoples way of thinking, leaving a permanent predominance on the minds of those studying the origins of life.

Moussa Chahine
Al-Zahra Muslim Association

I believe these books will inshaallah show and prove to the Non-Muslims the truth of Islam, I also believe that these books will cause an intellectual revolution.

Amar Mohammed
Director of Abu Hanifah Institute
United Kingdom

Harun Yahya’s The Evolution Deceit is the scientific, intellectual, and academic death blow to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, a theory which has been largely discredited by scientific advances in the fields of physics, chemistry and genetics, among others. The book is thoroughly researched and solidly scientific. The dogmatic defenders of falsehood, however, will find it difficult, if not impossible, to digest.

Abu Dharr Manzolillo

The point of all these books is to take examples of the wonders of the created universe, and use them as pointers to the existence of the Creator. They aim to engender wonder, awe and amazement in the mind of the reader. The author’s goal is to present anew the proof of Allah’s eternal existence to those who have forgotten Him, in their preoccupation with worldly matters.

The Muslim News, Book Review on The Miracle of the Ant

The works of Harun Yahya have a wide appeal to Muslims regardless of their language, race and nationality as they are not parochial or narrow in their focus on differences between them.

Impact International, United Kingdom

In this book, faith-related issues are analysed in the light of Qur’anic verses and people are invited to hear Allah’s words and to live by them. This book is suitable for individual contemplation and group study.

Discourse, United Kingdom, Book Review on Never Plead Ignorance

The book (The Evolution Deceit) will certainly expose the Evolution Deceit as the book’s title suggests.

Harakah, Malaysia, Book Review on The Evolution Deceit

Scientifically, with appropriate illustrations, the author proves that each organism of every species was Divinely created perfect and complete from its very inception with everything required for a successful life.

Maryam Jameelah, Lahore Pakistan
The Muslim World Book Review
Vol. 20, no: 3, Spring 2000
by the Islamic Foundation and
The International Institute of Islamic Thought.

The books of Harun Yahya are directed to the exact points of interest of the new generations. The analysis is logic and is supported with ample scientific evidences. The books are great scientific analysis that explains most involved concepts in a simple, easy to understand progression. I use these books in inviting Americans in Universities and High Schools to Islam.

Nabil Elibiary
Spiritual Leader of Islamic Association of Carrollton Houston, Texas

Harun Yahya has put together a vast range of books which tackle the very subjects that have bothered me, and for that, I am sure many similar students will take great benefit. The style of the books is not that of dry academia, but is readable and straightforward, so that even youngsters can study and benefit from the thoughts contained therein. The message is added to by the many colourful and relevant photographs, which not only enliven the page but are also good thought-provokers in themselves. This is the major function of the Harun Yahya books, I feel – to widen our consciousness, give us material to ponder on which we may not have known before, and, thus, help us to understand a little more of the Greatness and Grace of Allah.

Muslim World Book Review, 2000
Review of Never Plead Ignorance and Deep Thinking by Harun Yahya

In this fascinating book, (The Truth of the Life of This World), Harun Yahya has written a remarkable and extremely effective reminder of “the truth of the life of this world”. Throughout, the text is clear and readable and the marshalling and use of Quranic ayaat extremely effective. The book is superbly presented, with numerous full-colour photographs, illustrations and diagrams, beautifully designed. This book is one of the very few that is likely to be convincing to skeptical readers steeped in western propaganda, be they Muslim or non-Muslim. That alone is a very considerable achievement.

Imtiaz Adam
Crescent International
, UK, Book Review

"Brother Yahya's book is indeed a reminder of the true nature of life. It is also very well written and produced, and attractive and convincing to young Muslims educated in the western system."

By Mona Qureshi, UK, Crescent International
Reader Letters to the Editor

"We have gone through some of your famous books including "Allah is Known Through Reason", "Basic Concepts in the Qur'an", "The Miracle in the Ant" etc. It has felt after thorough study that your books are a great treasure. A very special branch of knowledge has been bestowed upon you with a heavenly powerful pen. Now the due circumstances demand your books to be held in each and every house accordingly...."

Adnan Yousuf, Bismillah Art Press & Publications, Pakistan.

Currently I am reading a book "Allah Is Known Through Reason". Just after reading only some parts of this book, I was astonished by the amount of effort and comprehensive work done by Harun Yahya.

Only this morning I managed to search this web-site and I am surprised how much knowledge is available on this site. I have decided to read all these books one by one.

Dr. Mohammad Afzal, Islamabad - Pakistan

Your books and cassettes, these materials are really fantastic. Your books…. their contents…their presentations…the illustrations…. All are done beautifully. I am really proud of you. This is not boasting. These are the words coming from my heart.

M.M.Akbar, Director, Niche of Truth, India

I am a Malaysian student, studying Islamic Jurisprudence and Law at El-Azhar University. I was very impressed to read about you, your works and your publication on the Internet site and a link in site In particular, I was fascinated by The Evolution Deceit.

Rohidzir bin Rais

I would like to first say that I am moved by the book "Deep Thinking".  This book has made me think about the world around us and has increased my faith in Islam.

Noaman Qureshi

Firstly I would like to say I hope Allah is pleased with you as your work is inspiring to a lot of people. Allah has given you a talent and you have used it well. Inshallah I hope that you will keep writing books and I will keep reading them.

Khaz Khan

I would like to thank you all for your superb series of books about the marvellous creation of Allah. I have five of them now in English and I am very impressed by their quality and the courageous attitude in confronting the materialist/Darwinian explanation of the world.

Inayat Bunglawala
United Kingdom

May Allah reward you for your contribution to the better understanding of His religion. Words cannot describe my feelings right now. I can't believe it took me so long to discover your highly educating website.

Yusuf Buhari

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