Harun Yahya - General Knowledge From The Qur'an
General Knowledge From The Qur'an


A Messenger Has Been Sent to Every Community
Every Community Has Been Sent A Messenger
Speaking The Language Of Its People
The Purpose of Sending Prophets
Obedience To Prophets And Its Reward
Obedience To The Prophet Is Obedience To Allah
The Prophets Did Not Ask People For Any Recompense
Verses Advising The Prophets To Be Steadfast In the Face Of The Difficulties They Encounter
Disobedience To The Prophets And Its Penalty
The Story Of The Prophet Adam (as)
Creation of Prophet Adam (as)
Allah Taught the Prophet Adam (as) The Names of Things
The Obedience of Angels to Allah
The Disobedience of Iblis (Diabolis)
The Insistence of Satan on Disobedience
Satan's Oath
The Influence of Satan
Satan is Driven Out
The Testing of The Prophet Adam (as)
Following Satan and Its Reward
The Story Of The Prophet Nuh (as)
Prophet Nuh (as) Was Sent To His People as a Messenger
The Prophet Nuh (as) Calls His People to Religion
The Attitude of Unbelievers Towards the Prophet Nuh (as)
The Prophet Nuh's (as) Perseverance in Communicating Religion
The Prophet Nuh's (as) Attitude Towards His People
The Destruction of The People of Nuh: Building the Ark
The Embarkation of Believers in the Ark
The Flood
The Prophet Nuh's (as) Talk with His Son
The Advice of Allah to the Prophet Nuh (as)
The End of The Flood
The Rescue of The Believers Who Were in The Ark
The Story of The Prophet Hud (as)
The Prophet Hud (as) Calls Ad to Allah
His People's Reply to The Prophet Hud (as)
The Insistence of Ad in Denying
The Prophet Hud (as) Prays to Allah for the Destruction of His People
The Destruction of Ad
The Story Of The Prophet Salih (as)
The Prophet Salih (as) Was Sent To Thamud As A Messenger
The Call To Religion
Thamud's Opposition to The Prophet Salih (as)
The People Of The Prophet Salih (as)
Are Tested With The She-Camel
His People Kill The Camel
His People Cause Corruption and Disorder
The Destruction of Thamud
The Story Of The Prophet Ibrahim (as)
The Moral Excellence of The Prophet Ibrahim (as) and His Chosen Nature in the Sight of Allah
The Prophet Ibrahim's (as) Certain Faith in Allah
The Prophet Ibrahim (as) Calls His Father and His People To Religion
He Warns His People
The Prophet Ibrahim's (as) Prayer
The Prophet Ibrahim (as) Breaks The Idols in Pieces
The Prophet Ibrahim (as) and Nimrod
His People Try To Burn The Prophet Ibrahim (as)
The Prophet Ibrahim (as) And The Prophet Isma'il (as)
The Prophet Ibrahim (as) and The Prophet Ismail's (as) Arrival at Mecca
The Story Of The Prophet Lut (as)
The Prophet Lut (as) Was Sent to His People
The Prophet Lut (as) Calls His People to Religion
The Corruption of the People of Lut
The Reply of His People to the Prophet Lut (as)
Angels Come to the Prophet Ibrahim (as) and Give Him the Good News of the Prophet Ishaq (as)
Angels' Heralding the Destruction of the People of Lut
Messengers' Going to the Prophet Lut (as)
The Disobedience of the People of Lut
The Prophet Lut's (as) Departure from His People
The Destruction of the People of Lut
The Story of the Prophet Isma'il (as)
The Prophet Ibrahim (as) and the Prophet Isma'il's (as) Building the Ka'ba and Their Prayer
Verses in which the Prophet Isma'il (as) is Cited
The Story of the Prophet Yusuf (as)
The Jealousy of the Prophet Yusuf's (as) Brothers Towards Him
The Lie that the Prophet Yusuf's (as) Brothers Tell to Their Father
The Prophet Yusuf (as) Found by Travellers
The Prophet Yusuf (as) and the Governor's Wife
The Prophet Yusuf (as) and the City Women
The Prophet Yusuf's (as) Chastity
The Imprisonment of the Prophet Yusuf (as)
The Prophet Yusuf's (as) Interpretation of the Dream
The Prophet Yusuf's (as) Release from the Prison
The Sincerity of the Prophet Yusuf (as)
The Prophet Yusuf's (as) Authority Over the Treasures of Egypt
The Prophet Yusuf (as) Sends for His Brother
The Prophet Ya'qub's (as) Unwillingness to Send the Prophet Yusuf's (as) Brother
The Prophet Yusuf (as) Holds His Brother
The Prophet Ya'qub's (as) Love for the Prophet Yusuf (as)
The Prophet Yusuf's (as) Miracle
The Prophet Ya'qub's (as) Asking for Forgiveness
The Prophet Ya'qub's (as) and His Sons' Entry into Egypt
The Story of Prophet Shu'ayb (as)
The Prophet Shu'ayb (as) Was Sent to Madya As a Messenger
The Prophet Shu'ayb (as) Called His People to Religion
The Prophet Shu'ayb's (as) Efforts to Correct Corrupt Practices in Trading
The People of Madyan Ridicule the Prophet Shu'ayb (as)
The Prophet Shu'ayb's (as) Persistence in Communicating the Message of Religion
The People of Madyan Threaten the Prophet Shu'ayb (as)
The Destruction of Madyan
The Prophet Shu'ayb (as) is Also Sent to the Thicket as a Messenger
The Prophet Shu'ayb's (as) Efforts to Correct Morally Degenerate People
The Reply of the People of the Thicket
The Destruction of the Thicket
The Story of the Prophet Musa (as) and the Prophet Harun (as)
The Tribe of Israel in Egypt
The Birth of the Prophet Musa (as) and Allah's Promise
The Prophet Musa (as) is Involved in an Incident in the City
The Prophet Musa's (as) Departure from Egypt
The Prophet Musa's (as) Prayer to Allah for Help
The Days of the Prophet Musa (as) in Madyan
The Prophet Musa's (as) Departure from Madyan
The Prophet Musa (as) is Endowed with Prophethood
The Prophet Musa's (as) Miracles
The Prophet Musa (as) is Appointed to Communicate the Message of Religion to Pharaoh
The Prophet Musa's (as) Prayer to Allah for Help
Allah's Reply to the Prophet Musa's (as) Prayer
The Prophet Musa (as) and the Prophet Harun (as) Call Pharaoh to Religion
The First Reaction of Pharaoh
The Prophet Musa's (as) Communication of Religion to Pharaoh
Pharaoh's Insolence
Miracles the Prophet Musa (as) Performed
Pharaoh Accuses the Prophet Musa (as) of Practicing Magic
Pharaoh's Intention to Confront the Prophet Musa (as) with Magicians
The Confrontation of the Prophet Musa (as) with the Magicians
The Magic of the Magicians
The Prophet Musa's (as) Superiority over the Magicians
The Magicians' Acceptance of Faith and Pharaoh's Anger
Pharaoh's Persistence in Insolence
The Man in the Palace Keeps His Faith Concealed
Pharaoh's Demand for a Tower
The Believer Calls Pharaoh and His People to Religion
Pharaoh's Continuing Oppression
The Prophet Musa's (as) Advice to His People to Be Steadfast
Allah's Punishment Imposed on Pharaoh and His People
Pharaoh's Scornfulness of His People
The Prophet Musa's (as) Advice to His People to Put Their Trust in Allah
The Prophet Musa's (as) Prayer for the Destruction of Pharaoh and His People
The Revelation to the Prophet Musa (as) to Emigrate
Pharaoh's Pursuit of the Tribe of Israel
The Destruction of Pharaoh and His Troops
The Tribe of Israel Worship Idols
The Prophet Musa (as) Speaks to Allah
The Revelation of the Torah to the Prophet Musa (as)
While the Prophet Musa (as) is on the Mount, His People Worship the Calf
The Prophet Musa's (as) Return to His People
The Prophet Musa (as) Asks for Forgiveness
TheTribe of Israel Wrong Themselves
The People of Prophet Musa (as) Refuse to Follow Him
Allah's Gift to the Tribe of Israel and Their Ingratitude, and Their Substituting for the Commands of Torah Others Than Those They Had Been Given
Their Denial of the Prophet Musa (as)
Their Request to See Allah in Order to Believe
Allah's Blessings on the Tribe of Israel
The Ingratitude of the Tribe of Israel for Blessings
Allah's Command to the Tribe of Israel to Sacrifice a Cow
The Story of the Prophet Musa (as) and One Who Had Been Given Knowledge
The Story of Prophet Dawud (as)
The Story of Talut
The Story of Talut and Goliath
Prophecy of the Prophet Dawud (as)
Traits of the Prophet Dawud (as)
Mountains and Birds Under His Command
His Kingdom, Wisdom and Decisive Speech
His Artistic Knowledge
Litigants Who Went to the Prophet Dawud (as)
Their Judgement About the Field
The Story of the Prophet Sulayman (as)
The Prophecy of the Prophet Sulayman (as)
Superior Qualities Given to the Prophet Sulayman (as): Knowledge
Knowledge of the Speech of Birds
The Wind Under His Command
Jinn Under His Command
Wealth and Kingdom Given to Him
The Prophet Sulayman's (as) Troops and the Valley of the Ants
The Queen of Sheba
Messengers of the Queen of Sheba
The Throne of the Queen of Sheba
The Meeting of the Prophet Sulayman (as) and the Queen of Sheba
The Trial of the Prophet Sulayman (as)
The Prophet Sulayman's (as) Death
The Story of Prophet Yunus (as)
The Departure of the Prophet Yunus (as) from His People
The Prayer of the Prophet Yunus (as) inside the Fish
The People of the Prophet Yunus (as)
Stories of the Prophet Zakariyya (as), Maryam (as), The Prophet Yahya (as) and The Prophet Isa (as)
Maryam's (as) Family and Nobility
Maryam's (as) Birth
Maryam (as) and the Prophet Zakariyya (as)
The Prophet Yahya's (as) Birth
Good News of Yahya is Given to the Prophet Zakariyya (as)
Jibril Sent to Maryam(as) and Good News of the Prophet 'Isa's (as) Birth
Maryam's (as) Withdrawal to an Eastern Place
Aspersions Cast on Maryam (as) When She Returned to Her People with Prophet 'Isa (as)
The Prophet 'Isa's (as) Ability to Speak in the Cradle
The Prophecy of the Prophet 'Isa (as)
The Prophet 'Isa's (as) Call to Religion
The Prophet 'Isa's (as) Miracles
The Disciples and the Prophet 'Isa (as)
Conjecture of the Tribe of Israel That They Killed the Prophet 'Isa (as)
Perverted Beliefs Introduced After the Prophet 'Isa (as)
The Prophet Muhammad
The Revelation of the Qur'an to the Prophet Muhammad (saas) and His Ruling with the Qur'an
The Prophet Muhammad (saas) is the Messenger of Allah and the Last of the Prophets
The Prophet Muhammad (saas) is a Human Being
The Prophet Muhammad (saas) is on a Straight Path
The Prophet Muhammad (saas) is Under the Protection of Allah
Allah Enriches the Prophet Muhammad (saas)
The Prophet Muhammad (saas) is Preferable to Believers Over Their Own Selves
He is a Witness, a Bearer of Good News and a Warner
The Good News of the Prophet Muhammad (saas) Given in the Torah and the Gospels
He is a Mercy For Believers
The Prophet Muhammad's (saas) Communication and Reminder With the Qur'an
Aspersions Cast Upon the Prophet Muhammad (saas)
The Prophet Muhammad (saas) is Driven out from Mecca
The Prophet Muhammad's (saas) Spur to Believers and Allah's Help for Them
The Prophet Muhammad (saas) and His Wars
The Prophet Muhammad (saas) and the Jews
The Prophet Muhammad (saas) and the People of the Book
The Prophet Muhammad (saas) and Jinns
The Prophet Muhammad (saas) and His Wives
The Prophet Muhammad (saas) and Zayd
Revelation of the News of the Unseen to the Prophet Muhammad (saas)
Information about the Kibla Given to the Prophet Muhammad (saas)
Story of the Prophet Ilyas (as)
Prophecy of the Prophet Ilyas (as)
Communication of the Prophet Ilyas (as)
The Prophet Al-Yasa (as)
The Prophet Idris (as)
The Prophet Ishaq (as)
The Prophet Ya'qub (as)
The Story of the Prophet Ayyub (as)
The Prophet Dhu'l- Kifl (as)
The Tribe Of Israel (Jews)
People of Thamud
People of Lut
People of Madyan
The Companions of the Well
People of a Town
People of Yathrib
People of Al-Hijr
People of Ad
The Desert Arabs
People of Madina
People of Tubba
People of Musa
People of Yunus
The Prophet Ibrahim (as) and His Companions
One of the Two Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (saas)
The Prophet Musa (as) and His Servant
A Person of Knowledge
The Prophet Musa (as) and the Women
Talut and His People
Goliath and His Troops
Companions of the Cave and Ar-Raqim
Yajuj and Majuj
The Vineyard Owners
The Man Running From the Remote Part of the City
The Prophet Yusuf (as) and His Person Companions
The Prophet Yusuf's (as) Brothers
The Man Among the People of Pharaoh Who Had Concealed His Faith
The Wives of the Prophet Nuh (as)
And The Prophet Lut (as)
Three Messengers Sent To The Inhabitants of the City
Twelve Leaders
The Prophet Nuh's (as) Son
Azar, The Prophet Ibrahim's (as) Father
The Prophet Musa's (as) Mother and Sister
The Prophet Lut's (as) Family and Wife
The Prophet Adam's (as) Two Sons
The Prophet Muhammad's (saas) Wives
The Family of Imran
Pharaoh and His Ruling Circle
The Magicians
Pharoh and His Troops
Pharaoh's People
The Chiefs of the Tribe of Israel After Musa
Pharaoh's Wife
Abu Lahab and His Wife
The Egyptian Governor and His Wife
The Oppressed - The Arrogant
The Samaritan
The Queen of Sheba
The Owners of the Garden
The Angel Possessed of Power: Jibril
Jibril's Splendid Beauty
Prophet Muhammad (saas)'s Seeing Jibril
Jibril's Appearance on the Horizon
Jibril's Descent to Maryam in the Form of a Handsome Man
Two Observing and Recording Angels at Everybody's Side
Messenger Angels With Wings- Two, Three and Four
Stern and Strong Angels Over the Fire of Hell
Angels Ascend to the Presence of Allah in a Day Fifty Thousand Years Long
Angel's Witnessing
The Favoured Angel's Servitude to Allah
Angels Circling Round the Throne
Angels Drawn Up in Ranks and Glorifying Allah
Angels Prostrating Themselves to the Prophet Adam (as)
Angels Fear Their Lord and Do What They are Ordered to Do
Angels Rank Upon Rank
Angels Prayer That Believers Be Brought out of Darkness into the Light
Angels Asking For Blessing on the Prophet
Angels Descending to Believers and Giving Them Glad Tidings
Allah Assists Believers With Angels
Angels Descending to Earth on the Night of Power By Their Lord's Authority
Their Curse Upon Disbelievers
Angels Are Honoured Servants
Angels That Came In to the Prophet Ibrahim (as)
Angels That Came to the Prophet Lut (as)
Angels That Came to the Prophet Zakariyya (as)
Angels That Came to Maryam (as)
Death Angels
Angels Bearing the Throne
Harut and Marut
Angels Bearing the Ark
Angels on the Day of Rising
Angels of Paradise
Angels of Hell (Custodians)
Jinn Are Created to Worship Allah
Jinn Are Created out of Fire
Jinn Can Never Bring the Like of the Qur'an
Surat Al-Jinn in the Qur'an
Jinn Have Limited Power
Iblis is One of the Jinn
Jinn Transmit the Qur'an to Their People
Jinn Are Warned in the World
Jinn At the Service of the Messengers and Their Services
The Claim of Disbelievers That There is a Kinship Between Allah and the Jinn
Deniers Make the Jinn Associates With Allah
Some People Worship The Jinn
Jinn's Whispering into Heart
The Jinn are Enemies of the Prophet
They Become Intimate Companions to Their Followers
Jinn on the Day of Rising
Disbelieving Jinn Will Enter Hell
The Relativity of Time in the Qur'an
The Man Whom Allah Caused to Die a Hundred Years and Then Brought Back to Life
Companions of the Cave
Comparison of Time in the Hereafter With That in the World
A Day in the Sight of Allah is as a Thousand Years
The Lenght of Time in which Angels Ascend to the Presence of Allah
Particular Times Mentioned in the Qur'an
Verses in the Qur'an Mentioning Night and Day
Angels' Glorification
The Time That the Prophet Musa (as) Fixed for Pharaoh
The Prophet Musa (as) Travels With His People At Night
The Time When Pharaoh's Troops Started to Pursue the Prophet Musa (as) and His People
The Prophet Zakariyya (as) did not Speak to People for Three Nights
The Wind Made Subservient to the Prophet Sulayman (as)
Meal Time in the Qur'an
The Morning of Those Who Were Warned
Satan's Asking for a Reprieve Until The Day of Rising
The Coming Hour of Rising
The Hour of Rising
No One Can Know The Unseen Except Allah
The Mother of the Book (Lawh Mahfuz) The Clear Book in Which Everything is Recorded
Allah Reveals the News of the Unseen to Whom He Wills
News That Allah Gives in the Qur'an About the Companions of the Cave
News That Allah Gives in the Qur'an About Dhu'l-Qarnayn
Allah's Revelation of the Unseen To a Servant of His Who Was a Man of Knowledge
Those Who Fear Their Lord in the Unseen
The Keys of the Heavens and Earth Belong to Him
People Have Been Given a Little Knowledge About the Spirit

Dead Birds Brought to Life For the Prophet Ibrahim (as)
The Prophet Ibrahim (as) Saved From The Fire
Miracles of the Prophet Musa (as)
The Rescue of the Prophet Yunus (as)
From the Belly of the Fish
Miracles of the Prophet Isa (as)
The Man Whom Allah Caused to Die For a Hundred Years and Then Brought Back to Life
The Companions of the Cave Stayed in Their Cave For Hundreds of the Years and Then Woke Up
The Wind Made Subservient to the Prophet Suleyman (as)
Punishment in Hell As Described in the Qur'an
The Companions of Hell Will Have Dreadful Appearances
There are Whips Made of Iron for Disbelievers
Their Bodies Will be Branded in the Fire
They Will be Bound in Shackles
They Will be Bound in Chains and Iron Collars
There is the Punishment of Fire
Disbelievers Will be Firewood and Fuel for Hellfire
Boiling Water Will Welcome Them
It is Smoky and Misty
They are Flung into Narrow Places
They Will Eat From the Tree of Zaqqum and theThorny Bush
They Will Wear Garments of Fire
Their Shirts Will Be of Tar
The Walls of Hell Encompass Disbelievers
The Terrible Roaring of Hell Will be Heard
Allah will not Speak to Disbelievers
Its Terrible Raging and Roaring Will be Heard From a Long Way Off
They Will be Disgraced
There They Will Acknowledge Their Wrongdoing
They Will Ask the Companions of Paradise for Water and Provisions, But These will not be Provided
They Will Want to be Sent Back to the World
In order to Escape From Hell
There is No Escape From It
They Will Plead for Destruction
The Kindled Fire Reaches Into Hearts
The Arrogant Will Enter Hell Abjectly
Disbelievers Will Argue With One Another
They Will Breathe in Pain and Sadness
There Will Be Groaning
There is the Punishment of Humiliation
They Will Have No Friends
Disbelievers Will be Dragged Along the Ground
The Prayers of Disbelievers are not Answered
They Will be Flung down on Their Faces into the Fire
They Will Disown Each Other and Will Cut All Their Ties Asunder
They Will Feel Bitter Remorse
They Will Want to Trample One Another Under Their Feet
They Will be Bundled into Hell
They Will be Abject and Frustrated in Their Abasement
Punishment in the World
They Suffer Misfortunes in the World
They are in Anguish
They are Wretched and Miserable
Their Breasts are Strait and Narrow, and They are Defiled
They are Beguiled by False Hopes
The Parting of the Sea and Drowning of Disbelievers
Calamities from Heaven
Drought - Lack of Crops
Troublesome Animals
Flood Calamities
An Awful Blast
Rain of Stones of Clay
The Punishment of the Day of Shadow
Heaven Brings Smoke
The Wind and The Cloud
For Which Oaths Will People Be Taken to Task
Inadvertent Oaths
Oath While Testifying and Making One's Will
Those Who Make Their Oaths
An Excuse For Not Doing Good
Those Who Make Their Oaths a Means of Deceit
Those Who Make Their Oaths into a Cloak
Those Who Sell Their Oaths For a Small Price
Those Who Break Their Oaths
Those Who Swear to Falsehood
The Invalid Oaths of Disbelievers
The Oath of Satan to Mislead People
They Swear That They are Believers Even Though They Do Not Believe
They Decree Regarding One's Swearing The Equate His Wife With His Mother (Zihar)
The Decree Regarding Those Who Swear to Abstain From Their Wives
The Expiation of Quaths
Things That Allah Swears By
The Formation of Day and Night
The Creation of the Heavens
Periods of Months and Weeks
Gardens and Springs
The Earth and The Sky
Water in Paradise
Water in Hell
Allah Sends Down Water From the Sky
Allah Sends Down Drinking Water
Allah Produces Rain
Allah Gives Life to the Earth with Water
The Barrier Between the Two Seas
Ships Sailing on the Sea
Various Sources of Water
Allah Made The Sea Subservient to People
Allah Brings Forth Crops By Water
The Metaphor of the Life of the World
Allah's Throne
Man's Creation From a Drop of Sperm
Allah Created Everything From Water
Allah Tried the People of the Prophet Salih (as) With Water
The Prophet Musa (as) Cast Into The Water When He Was a Child
The Prophet Musa (as) Strikes a Dry Path Through The Sea
Pharaoh and His Troops Drowned
The Prophet Musa (as) Arrival At the Water of Madyan
The Prophet Musa (as) Burns the Idol Which His People Worshipped and Scatters its Ashes Over the Sea
Diving Satans at the Prophet Suleyman's (as) Command
Prophet Suleyman's (as) Palace
Water that Allah Granted to Prophet Ayyub (as)
Blessing that Allah Bestowed on Maryam: A Stream
Allah Placed Maryam and Prophet Isa (as) on a Mountainside With a Spring
The City on Which a Fatal Rain Was Rained
The Rain of Those Who are Warned
Allah Drowned Disbelieving Nations
Flood of Iram
Fruits Mentioned in the Qur'an
Vegetables Mentioned in the Qur'an
Plants Cited in the Qur'an
Olive and Others
Plants Used in Metaphors in the Qur'an
Those Having Healing Properties
Plants in Paradise
Plants in Hell
Thorny Bush
Wild Animals
Horse, Mule and Donkey
Metaphors With Animals
Likening to Monkeys and Pigs
Likening to Dogs
Likening to Donkeys
Animals Made Subservient To People
Blessing Bestowed on Believers in the World
Allah Gives Them a Good Life in the World Too
Allah Unifies Believers' Hearts
Believers' Companions
Allah Has Chosen Believers
Allah Has Given Believers Everything They Have Asked For
Allah Has Made Believers' Houses Places of Safety and Peace
Allah Sends Down Peace and Reassurance Into the Hearts of Believers
Believers are the Heirs of the Earth
He Enriches Them
No Evil Touches Them
Believers are Given Good Both in the World and in the Hereafter
Allah Makes Believers the Successors of Power
They Have Achieved Salvation and Happiness
Good News That Allah Gives to Believers
Believers' Hearts are at Rest and Satisfaction
Allah Helps Believers
Blessing Bestowed on Believers in Paradise
Allah Will Admit Believers into Paradise
In Return For Their Actions
Allah Will Make Them Live in the Great Kingdom and Splendour of Paradise
They wil be Admitted into Gardens with Rivers Flowing Under Them
They Will Settle Amid Springs and Fountains
Paradise is Green
Paradise Has Shady Spots
There are Lofty Chambers and Palaces
There are Raised Thrones
There are Cushions and Exquisite Couches
They Will Wear The Finest of Garments and Jewelry
Foods and Drinks in Paradise
There is Everything That One Desires in Paradise
There is a Pleasing and Peaceful Life
There is Safety
There is no Rancour or Hatred
There are no Vain Words or Lies
There is no Weariness or Fatigue
There is no Fear or Sorrow
There are Spouses, Good and Beautiful
Companions of Paradise are Young and of Like Age
There is the Great Victory and Happiness
Above All is Allah's Good Pleasure
Mount Sina
Valley of Tuwa
Masjid Al-Haram- The Sacred House
The Ancient House- Ka'ba
The House
Masjid al-Haram
The Sacred House
The Ancient House
Masjid Al-Aqsa
Madina (Yathrib)
Places of Trial For Prophets and Believers As Mentioned In the Qur'an
Prophet Yunus (as) - The Fish and the Ship
Prophet Yusuf (as) - The Well and the Prison
Companions of the Cave - The Cave
Prophet Muhammad (saas) - The Cave
Places of Prayer- Places Where Believers Live
Places Emphasized in the Qur'an
The Place Where The Two Seas Converge
The Place Where The Sun Sets
The Place Where The Sun Rises
The Place Between The Two Mountains
The Eastern Place Where Maryam Withdrew
Beneath the Date Palm
The Place Where Maryam (as) and Prophet 'Isa (as) Were Settled
The Place Where the Companions of the Cave Stayed
An Uncultivated Valley
Dwellings in Paradise
Garden of Refuge
Gardens of Eden
Gardens of Firdaws
Breadth of Paradise
Gushing Springs
Dwellings in Hell
It is the Refuge of Unbelievers
Fire is Their Residence
There are Beds of Hell-Fire and Coverings of Hell
They Will be Tied to Columns in the Kindled Fire
They Will be Flung into a Narrow Place in Hell
They Will be Amid a Thick Black Smoke
Hell Will be Surrounded by Walls
There is a Sealed Vault of Fire
There is a Fire That Torments Unbelievers
There are Shackles and a Blazing Fire
There is a Chain the Length of Which is Seventy Cubits
Chains and Shackles are Made Ready for Unbelievers
Hell is a Place of Ambush
Thorny Bush and Tree of az-Zaqqum are Their Food
There is No Way of Escaping from It
Rivers and Springs
Gold, Pearls, Silk, Brocade and Assorted Jewels
Lofty Palaces and Dwellings
Golden Platters, Goblets and Decanters
Silver Roofs and Doors
Places Where They Will Recline At Ease
Seats Face To Face
Couches Lined With Rich Brocade
Cushions and Rugs
Allah Gives Ornaments As an Example
Wearing Adornments At Places of Prayer
Adornments are Permissible
Those Who Worshipped The Calf
Made From Ornaments
The Importance of Being Thankful for These Gifts
From The Sea are Brought Out Ornaments
Gold Platters
Gold Bracelets
Silver Bracelets
Precious Stones in the Qur'an
Allah Uses Pearls in Metaphors
Gold as a Flower of the Life of This World
Plenty in Paradise
Goblets, Decanters and Cups from a Flowing Spring
Any Fruit They Desire
Thornless Lote-Trees
Banana Trees
Fruits Hanging Close to Hand, Ready to be Picked
Bird Meat
Its Food is Everlasting
Dates and Pomegranates
A Drink Delicious to Those Who Drink
Platters and Cups of Gold
Blessings Which Will Never Spoil and Whose Taste Will Never Change
The Prophet Ibrahim's (as) Courteous
Treatment of His Guests
The Meal That Allah Sent DownTo Disciples
Servants Whom Allah Raised To Honour: Angels
Servants Whom Allah Raised To Honour: Companions of Paradise
Allah is Generous
Allah's Generosity Towards All People
Allah's Generosity Towards Maryam
Believers Who Give To Orphans
Those Who Do Not Give To Orphans
Quails and Manna
Not Entering Houses Other Than One's Own Without Asking Permission
Not Departing From The Presence of Allah's Messenger without Asking Him For Permission
The Approved Manner of Walking and Talking in the Qur'an
The Manner of Speech of the Prophet's Wives
The Dress and Behaviour of Women in the Qur'an
Behaviour in the Prophet's House
Believers Treatment of Their Guests
Speaking in the Presence of the Prophet
Thecoming of the Universe into Existence
The Expansion of the Universe
The Splitting Asunder of the Heavens and the Earth
The Roundness of the Earth
The Protected Roof
The Returning Sky
The Function of Mountains
The Movements of the Mountains
The Relativty of Time
The Proportion of Rain
The Formation of Rain
The Fecundating Winds
The Birth of a Human Being
A Drop of Semen
The Mixture in the Semen
The Sex of the Baby
The Clot Clinging to the Uterus
The Wrapping of Muscles Over the Bones
Three Stages of the Baby in the Womb
The Identity in the Fingerprint
The InformationGiven About the Future in the Qur'an
The Victory of Byzantium
The Historical Miracles of the Qur'an
The Word "Haman" in the Qur'an
Titles of Egyptian Rulers in the Qur'an
The Qur'an is the Word of Allah
Word Repetitions in the Qur'an
The Number "3"
The Number "4"
The Number "7"
The Number "12"
Multiples of 1000
Places Where The Number "40" is Repeated
Places Where The Number "100" is Repeated
Places Where The Number "11" is Repeated
Places Where The Number "9" is Repeated