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Frequently Asked Questions


  How realistic are the negative reports about you in the press? Why are so many false allegations made about the author? Is there really nothing to them? Why doesn't the author issue any rebuttals to the negative reports about him on the television or in the press?

Being exposed to unfounded allegations is something that has happened to devout Muslims throughout history. When we read the verses of the Qur'an we see that many slanders have been made against the prophets. The fact that someone is slandered does not, therefore, mean that he is a bad person. In fact, the slanders issued against Muslims generally stem from their intense and powerful activities that attract strong reactions from unbelievers.

Neither does it make any difference whether someone is slandered a lot or a little. That is to say, a lot of slandering does not show that these accusations are real. As Allah tells us in the Qur'an, the prophets, who were chosen, the most honourable and respected servants of Allah, were much slandered, but does that mean there was anything to those slanders? Why should the amount of slanders be of any importance? If someone is only slandered a little does that mean he is a good person, or if someone is slandered a great deal does that necessarily mean he is bad? Certainly, what matters is not the amount of slander. Indeed, a high amount of slander to a Muslim may mean that he is having an enormous power and effect and angering the unbelievers.

We need to look at the allegations made against Harun Yahya in this light. With his works, the author is performing a major service in the way of Allah. This devotion and effect in His service probably makes unbelievers extremely upset.

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