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Frequently Asked Questions


  Why does Adnan Oktar use a pen-name?

Adnan Oktar's sole aim in writing his works is to call people to the Qur'an and the exemplary moral values of our Prophet (saws).
Moreover, Adnan Oktar has no wish to propel himself, as an individual, into the limelight. He is not the sort of person who enjoys advertising himself. Indeed, the way that he employs a pen-name instead of his real name is evidence of this.

One reason why the author uses a pen name is to recall, as a sign of respect, the names of two prophets who fought against infidelity.

We would like to state that Adnan Oktar receives important invitations from all over the world, and is invited to speak at conferences, although he prefers not to accept any of these. In the same way, there is only one photograph of him, and it is this which is used when required. All this is the result of his preferring to remain personally in the background.

Neither does Adnan Oktar have any need to propel himself into the limelight. He himself always says, "there is no need for me or my name to be known, what matters is what I have to say in my works," and his sincerity in this thinking is demonstrated in his own life. Indeed, just like the well-known Turkish Islamic scholar Said Nursi, he wishes his grave to remain secret when the time comes.

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