Harun Yahya - Eternity Has Already Begun - introduction
Eternity Has Already Begun



What does the word "eternity" mean to you?

One always tends to associate the concept of eternity with figures such as a thousand years, one million or a billion years. Such a concept of time seems to suggest an everlasting period. Similarly, what the concept of "infinite distance" evokes in the mind is great distances, like a hundred thousand or a million light years.

Nevertheless, even if you endeavour to think of the greatest figure possible, you are still limited by the intellectual capacity of your mind. An example would contribute to a fuller understanding of the extraordinary extent of eternity:if a quadrillion of people spent all their lives, lasting also a quadrillion years, doing nothing but counting numbers, day and night without stopping, they would still fail to arrive at eternity, since eternity as a concept has no beginning and no end.

However, in the sight of God, the Almighty, this concept of the "everlasting" and accordingly absolutely incomputable, has already ended. Eternity, which appears to be an unattainable concept for us, is actually just a single moment in the sight of God.

This book presents to you unprecedented explanations of timelessness, spacelessness and eternity, and makes you confront an important fact: that eternity has already begun. The realization of this fact will make you once again appreciate God, the Almighty and Exalted, and His creation. Meanwhile, you will find comprehensible answers to some frequently asked questions: Where is God? What is the resurrection? What is the true nature of death? Is there an endless life? and When will all these happen?

Yet, before proceeding with these issues, some concepts like "the real nature of matter" and "timelessness," will be dealt with in detail for a better comprehension of the above-mentioned subject.