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Evolution Deceit


The well-known work of Harun Yahya is now on the Internet! Harun Yahya's The Evolution Deceit, which has been translated into 6 languages so far, is now available on the Internet with additional updates. You will find all the deadlocks of the theory of evolution on this site. The way that for 150 years certain people have been devoted to such an extraordinarily illogical belief as the theory of evolution is a great miracle created by God by making use of Satan. Those with good sense and faith in God and who are aware of this miracle have been waiting for 150 years to see just when evolutionists would become aware of this deception of Satan's, and have been using various means of suggestion, employing scientific and rational methods, to awaken them.


Evolution Documentary


An Introductory Audio-Visual Presentation The documentary film you will watch in this site reveals that the theory of evolution is being refuted by the findings of the modern science. You will see that the origin of our lives is not evolution, but Divine creation. And this is a fact which is also supported by overwhelming scientific evidence.


Evolution is not Scientific


Between early 2001 and the present day there have been a number of very interesting and important developments in the world of science. The advances made in such different scientific fields as palaeontology, molecular biology, anatomy and genetics have once again revealed the terrible scientific dilemma the theory of evolution finds itself in. The theory of evolution was proposed in its present form in the mid-19th century by Charles Darwin and at that time provided enormous support for materialism. Such was that support that the present collapse of the theory is also resulting in the collapse of materialism itself. Materialism is a most dangerous philosophy, which denies the existence of God, religion and the spiritual life and which regards matter as the only absolute and supports a selfish world view. The selfish, self-interested, combative and ruthless moral view which is still widespread in the world is the product of a materialist-Darwinist viewpoint.


Evolution Tale


In the past, scientists have been caught up in various errors either because of the unsophisticated research equipment of their time or because of their own prejudices. Among such scientific errors, the greatest—and most enduring—historic example is one theory put forward concerning the origins of life. This theory's illogical claims have exerted a much greater influence than any of the other examples. This error, called Darwinism, unites a materialist worldview with a belief in evolution. The mask of Darwinism, which gained wide acceptance due to the inadequate level of scientific knowledge at the time, has finally been lifted in the 21st century, and it has emerged as an outdated and invalid theory. After seeing this clear truth, it is right to cease resisting it and to embrace it. Up to now, some may have believed in the lie of evolution because it was instilled in their minds by others. But if they are sincere, instead of running after a deception and being humiliated in this world and the next, they will seek to find the truth and live according to it. Those attached to Darwinism must give up believing blindly in this theory, study the conclusions of science, and evaluate them without prejudice. If sincere in their search, even Darwinism's most avid supporters will see that this theory is a great deception, as proven by scientific facts. Sincerity and honesty, it must not be forgotten, will be rewarded both in this life and the next.


Famous Darwinist Deceptions


Darwinism is a theory based on deceptions and groundless claims. On this site you will discover some of the main deceptions in the world of Darwinists such as:The deception that "it has been proved that life could have emerged by chance on the primitive earth", The deception that "the human embryo has gills", The deception that "archaeoptreyx is the missing link between reptiles and birds", The deception that "the evolution of the horse has been proven by the fossil record", The deception that "industrial mellanism is evidence of evolution by natural selection".


Fascism and Communism


Fascism is an ideology that has brought great disasters to humanity. Not only has it caused millions of people to be killed and tortured simply because of their race, but it has also attempted to abolish all human values. The main purpose of the book is to present various fascist tendencies which appear under different methods and guises, and expose their real origins and objectives. The book also attempts to tear down the mask of fascism, and reveal that fascism is definitely an anti-religionist system.


For - Children


Kids, this site is all yours! Kids; what would you like to see in a site that belongs totally to you? Would you be interested in finding out the secrets of the depths of endless space or reading about the sea creatures that produce light to scare off their enemies? Or through this site you might like to realise the power of God Who created you, your mother, your father, your friends, everyone, all the animals, all living things, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and the entire Universe. This site is inspired by the works of Harun Yahya for you to have fun, to enjoy yourselves, to learn and at the same time to ponder on what you read.


For Man Understanding



Fossil - Museum


Darwinism, which maintains that life and the entire universe are the work of blind chance, is the main foundation for all the damaging trends that have inflicted terrible disasters on mankind in our age. The purpose of this site is to reveal the scientific evidence that demolishes Darwinism, which is being attempted to be kept alive out of ideological concerns despite having been scientifically utterly invalidated, and to warn people against this theory’s sly indoctrination.


Free Book Center


You can read and download all of Harun Yahya's books in e-book format free of charge on this site.


Free Islamic Books


You can read and download all of Harun Yahya's books in e-book format free of charge on this site.


Global Freemasonry


On this site we shall examine Freemasonry, the main architect of the world system based on materialist philosophy, but which keeps that true identity concealed. Furthermore, the real philosophy of Freemasonry will be revealed. The anti-religious materialist philosophy that Masons seek to conceal by means of such positive concepts as "human love" and "the path of reason and science" will be unveiled and its true origins concentrated upon.


Grieving Darwinists


This site rests upon the grief of Darwinists upon the recent scientific findings. Those advocating the theory of evolution on behalf of scientific truth should confront scientific findings and question the presumptions they have so far held. Refusal to do this would mean openly accepting that their adherence to the theory of evolution is dogmatic rather than scientific.




This site provides full access to the works of Harun Yahya. His books can be downloaded free of charge in different formats from this site. You can watch amazing documentaries on faith-related, scientific and political issues online. You can read articles by Harun Yahya published in various magazines and newspapers and visit online exhibitions. Subscribers of the site receive e-mail newsletters, providing them with the latest news regarding the activities of Harun Yahya. If you would like to contribute to these activities, just click on the Support Us section to support the cause.


Harun Yahya Conferences


Throughout this website we invite you to explore the details about possible subjects for a conference. For those who are not familiar with Harun Yahya conferences, you will be able to watch some filmed events that will give you an idea of how easily they may be organized.


Harun Yahya Impact


Works of the famous author Harun Yahya has caused a great impact throughout the world. Here on this site you will witness the impact of his works, read the reviews, see reply letters, internet sites, newspapers and magazines about his works.





Harun Yahya News



Harun Yahya TV


You can watch the all the latest interviews of Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya) and the documentary films based on his works on this site. Some of the titles of the documentary films and the interviews are listed as below: An Interview With Mr. Adnan Oktar By BBC (October 2008), An Interview With Mr. Adnan Oktar By Irish Times (September 2008), An Interview With Mr. Adnan Oktar By Baghdat Tv (March 2008), An Interview With Mr. Adnan Oktar By Vision Plus (Albania) (April 2008), A Scientific Blow To Darwinism: Irreducible Complexity, God's Blessing Of Technology, Idealism The Philosophy Of The Matrix And The True Nature Of Matter, Magnificence Everywhere, The Golden Ratio, Miracles Of The Qur'an


Hazrat Mahdi (a.s) - Antichrist -Freemasonry



Hereafter Exists


One of the major reasons why people feel a profound sense of attachment for life and cast religion aside is the assumption that life is eternal. Forgetting that death is likely to put an end to this life at any moment, man simply believes that he can enjoy a perfect and happy life. Yet, he evidently deceives himself. The world is a temporary place specially created by Allah to test man. That is why it is inherently flawed and far from satisfying man’s endless needs and desires. Every attraction existing in the world eventually wears out, becomes corrupt, decays and finally disappears. This is the never-changing reality of life. This book explains this essential nature of life and leads man to ponder the real place to which he belongs, namely the Hereafter.


Holocaust Violence


Facism has inflicted terrible suffering and disasters on mankind. The 19th and 20th centuries were rife with killings perpetrated by racist regimes and organizations that oppressed and slaughtered innocent people for the sake of their own ideological obsessions. From time to time, racists of different nations established secret collaborations. Beginning in the 1930s, the Third Reich—which spilt so much blood in the name of German racism—, and radical Zionism—which did the same in the Middle East in the name of Jewish racism—forged a secret alliance. At first sight, this may seem surprising, yet these two ideologies, both believing that different races and beliefs could not co-exist and that there needed to be a constant state of conflict between races and nations, embarked on a very real collaboration. Examinations of this subject are typically accused of being anti-Semitic. Yet as this eye-opening site demonstrates, anti-Semitism as an ideology is at odds with religion, and for a Muslim to be anti-Semitic is absolutely impossible. We hope to see anti-Semitic movements such as Nazism, and ideologies engaging in racism in the name of any ethnic group, such as radical Zionism, all vanish, giving way for a world order based on justice, wherein all nations, races, and beliefs can live in peace.


Honorable Quran



Human is a Miracle


Our bodies work non-stop 24 hours a day as a blessing for us. Do not forget, however, that everything you read in this site entitled The Human Miracle takes place not only in your own body, but in those of your parents, siblings, children, spouse, relatives and neighbors—in short in all the other human beings in the world. These systems have also been present, fully formed and wholly functional, in the bodies of everyone who has ever lived—and by Allah’s leave, in all those who live in the future. This is the creation of Allah, the Lord of the Worlds! Allah’s might is infinite. Those able to using their reason and conscience, who can see this manifest truth, will live with the sole aim of pleasing their Lord.


Insight - Magazine


Here on this site you will encounter miraculous creation of God on Heavens and Earth. You will read about the historical nations, learn the secret beyond matter, time, relativity and fate. You will reach information about the miracles in the Qur’an, the sole guide for human beings.


Interfaith Union


As people who believe in God and follow His revelations, let us rally to a common formula - "faith". Let's love God, Who is our Creator and Lord, and follow His commands. And let us pray God to lead us to an even straighter path. When Muslims, Christians and Jews rally to a common formula this way; when they understand that they are friends not enemies, when they see that the real enemy is atheism and paganism, then the world will become a very different place. The fighting that has raged for ages, enmities, fears - and terrorist attacks - will come to an end, and a new civilization based on love, respect and peace will be established upon this "common formula".


Interviews of Adnan Oktar


You can find all of Adnan Oktar's interviews with various Turkish and overseas media institutions, such as al-Jazeera TV, Germany’s ART television, Baghdad TV, the Albanian Vision Plus and Vatan TV, on this site. In addition, you can also access press conferences held at different times through this site. In these interviews, Adnan Oktar states that Muslims now have much greater ease of action, describing how the collapse of Darwinism has also broken the power of materialism, Marxism, communism, fascism and Freemasonry. He also adds that the developments taking place have given Muslims an intellectual victory and certainty. In one of these interviews, Mr. Oktar says that secularism represents an important element of social equilibrium, not just in Turkey but in all societies, and goes on to state that when secularism is applied in Turkey, people will be able to live in peace no matter what ideas they hold, and that there will be no tension, conflict or fight. He also describes how the annihilation of Darwinism has led to great ease among Muslims and that Islam is now spreading like wildfire, and also touches on the global impact of the Atlas of Creation.


Islam and Buddhism


In recent years, Western societies have seen the emergence of an unusual current that draws attention to itself by its rather strange life style. It's made up of individuals who want to attract attention by adopting Eastern culture, beliefs, and philosophies—of which the most important is Buddhism. Read the perverted philosophy of buddhism in this site.


Islam and Karma


The belief in karma is one such characteristic of these religions that are currently attracting interest in our countries. Although it encourages people to adopt certain positive moral qualities, the philosophy of karma also contains several erroneous and superstitious beliefs. Would it make sense to attempt to implement the rules of an irrational philosophy that lacks proper evidence to support it? In this site, using evidence to support our arguments, we will attempt to show how illogical it is to believe in karma or to try to live in accordance with it or with any other similar philosophy.


Islam Denounces Antisemitism


 Anti-Semitism is a fanatical hatred felt for the Jewish people. This racist ideology has caused millions of Jews to be killed, persecuted, exiled and threatened. The religion of Islam aims to bring justice to the world. Just as it denounces all kinds of racism, so it denounces anti-Semitism. Muslims criticize Zionism, but defend the right of Jews to live in peace and security.

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