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Darwinism Refuted


This site rests solely upon scientific findings. Those advocating the theory of evolution on behalf of scientific truth should confront these findings and question the presumptions they have so far held. Refusal to do this would mean openly accepting that their adherence to the theory of evolution is dogmatic rather than scientific.


Darwinism's Social Weapon


The twentieth century was one of the darkest and deadliest in the history. Vast amounts of blood were spilled, and millions of people were subjected to the most terrible fear and oppression. Not generally realized, however, is the intellectual concept that propelled such chaos, war and conflict and caused such hatred and enmity. That concept is the Social Darwinism that first emerged in the nineteenth century. Social Darwinism spread the perverted idea that life is a struggle in which only the fittest survive, and that in that savage climate, people need to compete to win, or at least to survive. That philosophy lacked any scientific basis whatsoever, but many people who failed to live by religious moral values began to view ruthlessness, savagery and cruelty as unexceptional. They ignored the fact that religious moral values require vir- tues such as compassion, affection, understanding, self-sacrifice, soli-   darity and mutual support between individuals and societies. Those who brutally oppressed others claimed a scientific foundation to their cruelty and thus, the savagery they inflicted could be justified. These false claims and suppositions were of course a terrible deception. This site uncovers the full truth about these errors and exposes, with detailed evidence, the danger posed by Social Darwinism’s perverted propaganda.


Darwinism: the Greatest Lie in History


The theory of evolution, which has been tried to be promoted everywhere as a scientific fact from the textbooks to the scientific publications for 150 years, is actually based on extremely rotten foundations. The evolutionists gave up proving their theory, however, they began to search for ways to keep the theory alive through propaganda, demagogy and eyewash methods. Their aims are not to defend a scientific fact, but to try to keep the so-called scientific fallacy alive in the cause of continuing their materialistic and atheist world view.


Darwinism - Watch


Every morning you are likely to come across misguiding news in your daily or various magazines opposing the fact of creation. In this site, you will find the most "accurate" answers to these news!


Darwinist Corruption in the Arab World


Muslim countries were not governed in the light of Islamic moral values in the 20th century. As can be seen from the examples cited throughout this site, their rulers were Darwinists, communists and totalitarians. Their military officers underwent communist training. In other words, even though they were Muslim, there was no difference between them and the Soviet Union or other Eastern Bloc countries. The reason why the region has remained backward is not Islam, as Darwinist, materialist circles have attempted to suggest for so many years, but the fact that due to this communist mindset people did not live according to the moral values of Islam. The ruling class in the Arab world and the people in general have only just started to be freed from the influence of this Darwinist and communist education. Following the end of the Darwinist rule that lasted for the last 150 years and the refutation of all its claims, a huge re-awakening of faith has begun in the Arab world, as in the rest of the world.


Darwinist Dictators


Darwinism is under official protection in 95% of the countries of the world. People are forced to believe this false theory imposed on them as an official ideology. Candidates in middle school, high school and university exams have to answer questions about the theory of evolution as if this false theory were true and factual.   THE GLOBAL DARWINIST DICTATORSHIP MUST APOLOGIZE TO THE ENTIRE WORLD,      for presenting innumerable frauds to the scientific world for 150 years,      for imposing Darwinism as the official ideology,      for trying to keep Darwinism alive by means of official protection,      for putting pressure on and removing pro-Creation scientists from their posts,    for putting anti-democratic pressure on Creationists all over the world through the press and other means...


Darwinist Dictatorship


Darwinism is a Shamanist religion. A secret fascist organization was founded in order to defend this pagan religion derived from the Sumerians. In this site you will find about the activities of this organization.


Darwinist Dishonesty


There is no concrete fossil evidence to support the "ape-man" image, which is unceasingly promulgated by the media and evolutionist academic circles. With brushes in their hands, evolutionists produce imaginary creatures, yet the fact that these drawings have no matching fossils constitutes a serious problem for them. One of the interesting methods they employ to overcome this problem is to "produce" the fossils they cannot find. The Piltdown Man, the biggest scandal in the history of science, is a typical example of this method.


Darwinist Panic


Reports appearing in the world press in the wake of Atlas of Creation, in Europe in particular, have been full of statements making the desperateness of Darwinists crystal clear. These reports, which reveal the shock the Atlas has caused all over the world, show that Darwinism has been dealt a body blow from which it can never recover. The theory of evolution, which has provided the supposed scientific foundation of atheistic ideologies for 1.5 centuries, no longer possesses that quality; following the unmasking of the fraudulent nature of evolution, it has suffered a defeat from which there can be no return. The evolutionist frauds and distortions are now firmly installed in young people's minds; it has been made plain for all to see that there is no room for chance in the creation of the universe and human beings. People now realize that the theory of evolution, completely wedded to the idea of coincidence, is at odds with reason, logic and common sense. No precautionary measure, no prohibition, that may be taken from now on will have any effect on minds that regard evolution with the greatest skepticism. Those circles that have suffered the humiliation of having supported the worst fraud in history have now been silenced and lost their ability to defend themselves and all their enthusiasm. Those circles experiencing the shame of having devoted their entire lives to a false theory and now wishing to make a final effort to regain their lost prestige have become totally uninterested in democracy and such basic human rights as freedom of thought and belief. The severity of their panic has led them to prohibit any questioning or criticism, or even the slightest doubt, of the theory of evolution. Darwinists, who wore a scientific mask for so many years, have begun to show their true faces and have come to represent a model of dogmatic thinking by revealing their blind devotion to the theory of evolution for the sake of atheism. There can be no doubt that such deep fear of an idea and regarding Atlas of Creation as a threat because it proves the existence and oneness of Allah, merely confirms the truth of the book's message. As revealed in one verse of the Qur'an: Rather We hurl the truth against falsehood and it cuts right through it and it vanishes clean away! Woe without end for you for what you portray!” (Surat al-Anbiya': 18)


Darwinist Panic in France


Shortly after the publication in Turkish and English of Harun Yahya's (Adnan Oktar) Atlas of Creation the work appeared in French and has had a major impact in France. In addition to its impressive and splendid appearance, this giant work, containing the very highest quality photographs, is noteworthy for the way it provides proofs of God's sublime creation and sets out the invalidity of the theory of evolution with its scientific content.


Darwinists Ask Us



Darwinists Defeated


Shamanism is a belief system based on the worship of forces such as rain, snow, lightning, storms, wind, and the Sun. Darwinism is also a religion of nature-worship; it describes nature as an entity with "mythical and mysterious powers." It anticipates the belief that stone, earth, the Sun, lightning and wind combined to give rise to life. Darwinism is an ancient shamanistic religion built on superstitions of all kinds. This site reveals how unscientific Darwinism is.


Darwinists' Dilemma: The Soul



Darwinists in a Pinch


Believers in evolution fall under the spell of the Latin terminology and pompous language employed by evolutionist scientists, saying, "whatever they say must be true," and do not think about the real meaning of what they are told. One of the most effective ways of getting these people to think is to explain what the theory of evolution actually maintains in a very clear and simple manner, and thus to remove the spell under which they have fallen.


Darwinists in Mourning


Today, modern science verifies facts announced by the Qur'an 1400 years ago. On the other hand, materialist thought, which has been denying Allah's existence and the fact of creation for centuries, is refuted in every field by science, a discipline to which it never stops referring and in which it takes refuge on all occasions. The subjects covered here include very important pieces of evidence about the essence of matter and the relativity of time and space. Thus, you will encounter some facts which you have never pondered upon so far, and will understand that the essence of matter is in truth very different from what materialism puts forward or what you have previously been taught.


Darwinists in Pain


The logic that nothing, but chance, is scientific is a flawed one. It is a logical dead-end. If brand-new civilizations were discovered in outer space, would the logic of Darwinism and chance be employed in all of them? Would it be claimed that chance established civilizations everywhere? This site portrays this miserable logic as scientific is the shame and disgrace of the current century.


Darwinists Never Realize


Only to hold on to their theories, Darwinists never realize the clear facts that people easily see without any need for scientific experiments. Read how darwinists try to defend darwinism despite the scientific and logical impossibilities.


Darwin's Lost Cause


The theory of evolution maintains that life on Earth came about as the result of chance and emerged by itself from natural conditions. This theory is not a scientific law or a proven fact. Underneath its scientific façade it is a materialist worldview that Darwinists are trying to impose on society. The bases of this theory, which has been disproved by science in every field, are suggestions and propaganda methods consisting of deceptions, falsehood, contradiction, cheating, and sleight of hand. The theory of evolution was put forward as an imaginary hypothesis in the context of the primitive scientific understanding of the nineteenth century, and to this day it has not been backed up by any scientific discovery or experiment. On the contrary, all the methods employed to confirm the theory have merely proven its invalidity. In this site you may find the details of the lost cause of the Darwin.


Day of Judgment


And the Moon is eclipsed, and the Sun and the Moon are fused together, on that Day man will ask: "Where can I run?" No indeed! There will be no safe place. That Day, the only resting place will be your Lord. (Surat al-Qiyama, 8-12) Consider the people and events that shape your life. You are working hard to get somewhere, trying to find your place in the struggle for a good life. You are very attentive to some matters and reflect deeply upon them. At the same time, you carefully avoid thinking about other matters and, as it happens, many people close to you do the same. Everyone knows what subjects to avoid in conversation and thought. Death is one of these, perhaps the most important one. For them, death is an end to which there is no solution. The Day of Judgment, which will bring "death" to the universe just like the death of people, is a matter that people do not like to think about; rather, they consider it as a remote and distant matter. They have a vague idea of what will happen on that Day, but since the thought of it scares them, people are inclined to forget about it. Rather than facing up to it, they just get on with their lives instead.


Death Resurrection Hell



Details of Darwinist Forgeries


On this site you will find the unveiled forgeries of Darwinism and its effect on the societies. Darwinism seeks to construct a world where humans live and behave like animals. Social Darwinism's teachings and practices make this quite clear. According to its twisted views, it is perfectly acceptable for an elderly, needy person to be dragged out of his home and taken away to be killed; or for handicapped people to be rounded up and left to die in concentration camps. According to this distorted thinking, those in the “inferior" classes can be ruthlessly persecuted, exploited and eliminated. Those who believe that human society can progress only when these savage policies are implemented regard such slaughter, genocide, cruelty and ruthlessness as a kind of success. They maintain that individuals and societies indeed, entire cultures and nations unable to achieve that success, must be done away with.


Devoted to Allah



Discover Islam



Divx Var


You can watch the Harun Yahya documentaries on topics ranging from history to politics, from knowlede on the Qur'an to solutions to social problems in divx format.


Dominican Ambers


The fossil record is perhaps the most important evidence that demolishes the theory of evolution's claims. Fossils reveal that life forms on Earth have never undergone even the slightest change and have never developed into one another. Examining the fossil record, we see that living things are exactly the same today as they were hundreds of millions of years ago, in other words, that they never underwent evolution. Even during the most ancient periods, life forms emerged suddenly with all their complex structures–with the perfect and superior features, just as do their counterparts today.


East Turkestan


Communist persecution has been on the rise in all corners of China for half a century. The worst-suffering victims of this persecution are the Muslims of Eastern Turkestan. The success of any attempt to restore peace and security to the innocent people in China depends on the proper identification of the fundamental causes of oppression and an appropriate struggle against them. As you will also see in this site, the basic reason behind Chinese oppression is the materialist philosophy and communist ideology pervading the state.


East Turkestan


Communist persecution has been on the rise in all corners of China for half a century. The worst-suffering victims of this persecution are the Muslims of Eastern Turkestan. The success of any attempt to restore peace and security to the innocent people in China depends on the proper identification of the fundamental causes of oppression and an appropriate struggle against them. As you will also see in this site, the basic reason behind Chinese oppression is the materialist philosophy and communist ideology pervading the state.


Economics in Islam


This site in which we consider how economic problems and the social troubles stemming from them will be resolved when people come to live by Islamic moral values, contains a wide range of information on the subject. You may come to think about events in a way you never have before and to experience a major change in your mental perspective.  This knowledge is of the greatest importance for true believers who think along lines of the Qur'an and submit to destiny ordained by Allah in His sublime wisdom.


End of Times


The end times refer to a period very close to the Day of Judgment, when the morality of the Qur'an will come to prevail and people all over the world will come to live by it. The immorality, oppression, cruelty, injustice and degeneration of previous ages will disappear in that holy time to be replaced by abundance, wealth, beauty, peace and stability. There will also be tremendous technological advances.


Evidences of Creation


All the works of Harun Yahya, is made up of striking passages highlighting the basic ideas on various topics. In this site, you will witness the sincere style of the author, based on the Qur'an. Anyone who reads these books and follow the works seriously and carefully will soon gain a deep insight into the true nature of the world he lives in.

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