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1. Demonstrations in Tel Aviv with Turkish Flags

What He Said What Happened

ABN Radio, November 15-2009

Adnan Oktar: The Turkish Islamic Union is a global Islamic Union, which will be established with the leadership of Turkey and by the altogether support of Turkic countries to Turkey. With this union, countries will preserve their national structures and national borders as well as their regimes. Countries that want to remain secular will remain secular; they will preserve their own regimes. But what actually prevail are love, peace, brotherhood, friendship, arts, talent, unity, goodness and beauty. By the will of Allah, Hazrat Mahdi (as) will ensure this. Hazrat Mahdi (as) has come. Big, serious steps have been taken on the path of the Turkish-Islamic Union; and this continues before the eyes of the whole world. The whole world is witness to this. When I said this, people did not quite believe but now it is about to come to an end. All the portents regarding the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as) foretold by our Prophet (saas) have come true. The second coming of Prophet Jesus (as) is very close. Armenia will also be included in this union, our Orthodox brothers will also be at ease. Our Jewish brothers and Israel will be relieved greatly. They will live in the land promised to them also in the Qur’an, promised to the Muslims, freely, peacefully and happily. All Muslims, Jews and Christians will taste real brotherhood insha’Allah.

Başkent TV, January 13-2009

Adnan Oktar: If America sees the love, honesty and sincerity there, America is full of love and very affectionate when such things are concerned. America is very open to good intention. The whole matter for them is to see the good intention, love, friendship and lack of any ambition here. It is very important for them to see that it is service-oriented and that there is a system here that embraces both Christianity and Judaism. We brought Jews all the way from Spain to Istanbul by ships and made them live in abundance. They deserve it, from now on they will also live so. They are our brothers. The same thing will happen again. By Allah’s leave, we will break the walls of Israel. We will provide comfort and relief there. Palestine will also be relieved and so does Israel. Now Israel leads a prison-life. They have imprisoned themselves and put themselves in a prison. You know there are walls There are meters-long walls, you know.

Kütahya Destan TV,  August 5-2008

Adnan Oktar: …So they know very well that Syria will rise up. If Turkey assumes the role of an elder brother, would Israel need any walls? They would in this case break down the walls. They would be relieved greatly, and economy would prosper. They can travel as they like. They can go and accomodate wherever they like. The Turkish soldiers are met with applause and love wherever they go. Turkish soldiers are very brave and well-behaved and also very just. They are admired all over the world. They are admired in Afghanistan, or in Somali. Everywhere; they go to Bosnia and are admired there. Why? Because they are conscientious, well-behaved, reliable, just and reasonable. And they are very very conscientious. They have the conscience of a mother, a father. And the Turkish soldiers act very reasonably. They are not drifted away. They are moderate; everyone accepts with one accord that the best administration in the region can be achieved under the leadership of Turkey. However, they have to utter this heartily for once.

Türkiye, June  7-2010

While thousands of demonstrators were carrying Israel and Palestine flags in their hands a few others took part in demonstrations with Turkish flags. In the demonstration, there was also a a poster having the names of those who were martyrized in the Blue Marmara. On the other hand, attacks to the ship and blockade applied were protested in a march organized in the city of Bremen in Germany.

Turkish and Palestinian flags were carried in the march, slogans condemning Israel and seeking removal of the blockade were shouted. Attacks were protested in Lebanon, Morocco, Germany and the U.S.

Yeni Şafak, June 7-2010


2. Turkish flags pole to pole

What He Said What Happened

Uşak ART TV, August 19-2008

Adnan Oktar: If Turkey assumes the attitude of an elder brother and takes over the situation, everything will calm down. Therefore, the Turkish-Islamic Union is a very urgent duty… Even a day’s delay would leave Turkey under responsibility. An immediate action is needed. Let Turkey propose this, and if a single person opposes it, they can come and tell me. Go and propose Syria to unite with Turkey, Syria would not think for two days. Propose this to Azerbaijan, they already propose it themselves. Azerbaijan wants this. For several times they said that they should unite with Turkey. They said, we should unite as two states and one nation. For this reason, this needs to be declared officially. But for this official declaration, there needs to be a demand from the public to the government. There should be a demand saying we want something like this, but this needs to be told in a persistent way so that the government can find the strength to do it and act. This is very important. Foundations, institutions, our public, all our Muslim brothers and the entire Turkish nation; they should all give great emphasis to it.

Mersin TV, September 5-2008

Adnan Oktar: Turkey, by the will of Allah, is going to be a big country. The Turkish-Islamic Union is going to be established. TURKEY WILL EMBRACE all of the Middle East, ALL OF THE BALKANS and Asia WITH THE SPIRIT OF BEING AN ELDER BROTHER INSHA’ALLAH. And a good system will be accomplished. If you pay attention, the Caucasian Pact is being established and there is the railroad project you know. There are the oil pipeline and natural gas pipeline projects. Meetings for the Islamic Union are being held. There is work done in order to make the Turkish Union even stronger. They are all very good insha’Allah. Our Anatolian region has always been a cradle for civilizations you know. That’s how Anatolia is. You know in the Ottoman period. THEY RULED ALL OF THE MIDDLE EAST, THE BALKANS AND THREE CONTINENTS FROM HERE. THAT IS HOW IT’S GOING TO BE AGAIN BUT IT WILL BE WITH LOVE, FRIENDSHIP AND SPIRIT OF BROTHERHOOD.

Patronlar Dunyasi, October 13-2008

Adnan Oktar: Turkey is moving towards the Turkish-Islamic Union. Our moral values will be strengthened and we will also be more powerful in monetary terms, and become the super state of the region; then there will be no Kurd problem or no Armenian problem or no Israel problem; all will be solved right from the root insha’Allah. Iraq will be under the control of Turkey insha’Allah, Syria will be under the control of Turkey insha’Allah, Azerbaijan will be under the control of Turkey; meaning Turkey will be their spiritual elder brother insha’Allah. Turkey will be their spiritual elder brother and assume a moral responsibility. Turkey will ensure the stability, peace and security of the region completely. Being the elder brother is the attribute of Turkey, SINCE THE OTTOMAN PERIOD SHE HAS BEEN THE ELDER BROTHER OF THE REGION, SECURING PEACE AND TRUST IN THE REGION. However, this time it will be perfect, it will be very beautiful, very auspicious and very good insha’Allah.

Kordon TV, July 27-2008

Adnan Oktar: So Turkey has to use her influence and directly act as a big brother and even become the influential leader of all the Middle East and all Islamic countries. Because Turkey is a country where there are very smart, sincere people. It is a country made up of very scrupulous people, with a perfect army. It is very much scrupulous, thorough and well-educated. And wherever they go, all countries love them. For example, they go to Iraq and they are loved, they go to Bosnia and they are loved, they go to Somali and they are loved and they are respected everywhere. They are loved and respected in Afghanistan. So there is a factual situation here. THAT MEANS ALL OF THE MIDDLE EAST AND THE ISLAMIC WORLD LOVES THE TURKISH ARMY AND THE TURKISH PEOPLE. THAT MEANS THEY WANT TURKEY TO ACT AS AN ELDER BROTHER. So Turkey has to come forward, or if necessary bring forward a leader, a moral leader, and act as a big brother in both Islamic and Turkish countries. So for the entire region, the immediate foundation of the Turkish Islamic Union is essential.

Hilal TV, December 27-2008

Adnan Oktar: I HAVE NOT SEEN ANY MUSLIM COUNTRY THAT DOES NOT ACCEPT THE LEADERSHIP OF TURKEY SO FAR. I have also not seen any Turkish country that does not accept the leadership of Turkey so far. Kazakhistan has just said once again that Turkey should be the leader. All of the Turkic states want Turkey to be the leader. Azerbaijan is looking forward to this; even Armenia wants to unite with Turkey. They say, let’s open our doors and unite. Of course they are encouraged to say that only after our essays and statements and began to think in this way. Armenia, Georgia, even Lithuania and even Russia will be in the Turkish-Islamic Union, insha’Allah.
In meetings all around the world Turkish flags were waved. This situation has been the proof of the trust of the whole world to the justice and mercy of the Turks; the fact that Turkey is the natural leader of the Turkish-Islamic Union and that there will be peace and prosperity in the region in case Turkey assumes the role of an elder brother.








Radikal newspaper, June 2-2010

Spain- France
Radikal newspaper, June 2-2010

Netherlands - England
USA - Austria
Radikal newspaper, June 2-2010

Radikal newspaper, June 2-2010

Gaza, Bosnia, London, RamAllah,
lus, Beirut, Damascus, Brüssels
Radikal newspaper, June 2-2010



3. Prime Minister: No division in this period

What He Said What Happened

Al Quds Newspaper,  November 17- 2008

Adnan Oktar: It is important to concentrate on telling the signs leading to faith in Palestine. These people need to be told and their awareness should be raised about the existence and Oneness of Allah. Darwinism should be eradicated from Palestine completely. Darwinist-materialist thought should be erased completely. When this happens, I think that the conflict between Hamas and Palestine Freedom Organization would also be lifted. Because this seems to me like an incident arising from scarcity of faith. Because brothers would never fight with one another. This is forbidden in the Qur’an. There is no way, no such thing could happen. And also in such a difficult environment where Palestinians are already mistreated, a conflict in itself would be a great remorselessness and oppression. Mind you don’t; mind you don’t do something like that. They should be very keen on each other, strengthen their brotherhood bonds even more. They should increase their culture and knowledge, deepen in faith. They should increase their love of Allah. They should be patient, insha’Allah they will meet a big salvation and a big conquest insha’Allah. They will meet a moral conquest and a moral salvation insha’Allah.

Maraş Aksu TV, January 7-2010

Adnan Oktar: For once there are divisions of land in Palestine, right? They are divided in small, tiny pieces. They must be united, because it is very important, now if –may Allah forbid- Konya were separated from us and there were something else in between, no way. All of them must be united. Secondly, the moral division must be avoided; Hamas and Palestine Freedom Organization should be like in a single body. Because our Allah is the same, our Book is the same; we are brothers and sisters. And also as a race they are one, they are all sons of Ishmael. Therefore, division will be eradicated, but this doesn’t solve it. What needs to be done? The Turkish-Islamic Union needs to be established. This is the main thing, the Turkish-Islamic Union. Without the Turkish-Islamic Union, tribulation and conflict would not be eradicated and there would be no tranquility, even if Palestine is united. Unity doesn’t solve anything. It can even lead to different incidents and there would be no profusion coming out of unity. The only solution is the Turkish-Islamic Union; the establishment of a large structuring in the region with the leadership of Turkey and entering the European Union with these beauties. The European Union will also be a part of our Turkish-Islamic Union, it will be great. Yes, the world ends in a beautiful way, insha’Allah.

Internet Haber, June 7-2010

In the press conference held after the Asian Security Summit, Prime Minister Mr. Erdogan pointed that Palestinian people should be united in itself and Arab Union and Organization of Islamic Conference should act together.

-    What will be done to lift the Gaza blockade?

-    Prime Minister Erdogan: There are two institutions in the region about this subject. Arab Union and Organization of the Islamic Conference. These two institutions should cooperate in a serious manner, in a period like this there should be no division. It is a must that Al-Fath and Hamas are peaceable. Hamas gives us the authority required and wants a solution to its problem. We will meet with Al-Fath in a while and we wait for the same thing. The demands of the Palestinians are above all. There could be meetings with Al-Fath, it was a serious wrong to mark Hamas as a terrorist organization.


4. President Beshar al-Assad: Turkish blood and Arab blood are the same

What He Said What Happened

Baskent TV, 13 February 2009

Adnan Oktar: Our Prophet was an Arab. Arabs are our dearest friends, sons of Ishmael. They are the descent of the Prophet Ishmael (as). They are a sacred lineage. We can’t think the other way. Arabs do have an admiration for the Turks. All Arab countries now know that Turkey is the leader. This is destiny. There are hadiths of our Prophet (saas). Our Prophet (saas) entrusted the whole Muslim community to the Turks. There are many hadiths. Our Prophet (saas) says that there will be red flags at first and these are Turkish flags. He says that they will unite with the green flags. The flags of Islam community, and we will establish the Turkish-Islamic Union with the red and green flags insha’Allah. Our Prophet (saas) says, Hazrat Mahdi (as) will unite the scattered Turkish flags. Look it is very clear, it says in the hadith that he will unite the scattered Turkish states and establish this union. I’m broadly telling the meaning of the hadith. This is an inevitable destiny. Arabs, Iranians, Pakistanis, Egyptians, no matter who, Armenians, Georgia, Lithuanian, they are all in the Turkish-Islamic Union, our dearest, our soul, our brothers. We will embrace all of them with affection, guarantee their life and property, we will make all of them rich, bring them peace both materially and spiritually. This is destiny… The Turkish-Islamic Union will bring light and prosperity to the whole world. These are the things that will be seen, not much, within the following days and years. For example, I mentioned the Turkish-Islamic Union, and there were headlines in both foreign and local newspapers like “A new Ottoman? The Turkish-Islamic Union is coming.” I have been holding this subject on agenda for only two months, and it is everywhere now. Now go to Palestine and ask which country should be leader, any individual could go and ask. There is only one answer: Turkey.

There is the experience of centuries and the last couple of years and this is also information given in the hadiths, so the entire Muslim world knows that Turks will establish the Turkish-Islamic Union. This is definite in the hadiths. For example, the whole Muslim world knows that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will emerge from Istanbul. They all know that the Turks will become leader. This is the result of knowledge and training and Allah inspires this into their souls. This is the most important of all, this is what really matters.

Haber 7, June-7-2010

President Bashir al-Assad: the Turkish blood and Arab blood are the same

In the press conference organized after the Asian Security Summit, President Bashir al-Assad stated these:
 “Our feelings for the Turkish martyrs are the same as our feelings towards losing a Syrian, Palestinian or any Arab citizen." …. "We, in Syria, are not supporters of speeches or statements…” He added that Syria is ready to go on with no hesitation for any measures taken by Turkey's leadership… "My Brother Prime Minister Erdogan has said in one of his speeches recently that Jerusalem is the same as Istanbul and what happens in the Palestinian territories happens on Turkish lands, and I say to him that the Arab blood and the Turkish blood are the same. … This is well known, so we are talking about one blood throughout history"...



5. As Muslims we need common grounds

What He Said What Happened

Kıbrıs Ada TV - August 1- 2008

Adnan Oktar: For example; the recent approaches of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia to Turkey has been very explicit, very clear. Israel says that; ‘you used to rule the region with 10 soldiers and with a sergeant, we cannot even rule here with so many soldiers. And THE LONGING OF THE OTTOMAN PERIOD. Syria openly wants to unite with Turkey, openly. In other words, if the official proposal is made today, Syria would decide in a week; they are virtually in such a position like that. You know Iraq is already in a bloodbath. Namely; in case Turkey assumes the role of an elderly brother, Iraq would immediately be smooth and the case would be cleared up for once and all. They all see this. The commitees coming from Palestine always propose this and they always demand this. The brotherhood of Turkey has become very vital in this region. Because America cannot fulfill this duty, Europe cannot, Russia cannot as well; there is a gap. Turkey has been in the position to fill in this gap. This has already been a humanistic, an ethical and a faith-related duty. Turkey has already called for this duty. As the legacy of the Ottoman, Turkey will fulfill this duty and everyone will see this insha’Allah.


Baskent TV - February 13- 2009

Adnan Oktar: The Turkish-Islamic Union advocates love, brotherhood, affection, helpfulness, courage and self- sacrifice. The Turkish nation is a long-suffering nation and they aspire for service. They ruled the three continents, they have the experience. They have a state experience, an imperial experience. Revealing this experience again; we want to rule the region again as the leader of the Turkish-Islamic Union and EVERYBODY WANTS THIS. Syrians, Iraqis, Egypt, Iraq, even Armenia wants this, Azerbaijan; Turkhestan, East Turkhestan want this, everybody wants this union. In other words; everybody trusts the justice, the rationalism, the sacrifice of the Turks and the Turkish soldiers are loved all over the world. The irreligious, atheists, Muslims, the blasphemers all of them love Turkish soldiers.

Vakit – February 19- 2010

  As Muslims we need common grounds


6. Muslims want the Turkish-Islamic Union

What He Said What Happened

Ekin TV, 5 January 2009

Adnan Oktar: This has just been brought to the agenda. For example, I see on television that meetings about Palestine are being organized. For example, I’m waiting for a large poster, a huge poster made out of cloth. “The only solution is the Turkish-Islamic Union, let’s unite now. What are we waiting for; we are all brothers, why are we not uniting?” This would mean a stop to all. To write that down is like a prayer to Allah, Allah would accept this prayer. This prayer should be told everywhere, the Turkish-Islamic Unions should be demanded everywhere. They should pray like, “Oh our Lord, put away our disunity, unite us, let us find Hazrat Mahdi (as), send the Prophet Jesus (as), don’t separate us from one another.” And they can also state this in writings, on posters and with slogans, of course legally, I mean meetings organized by getting consent from the government, not illegal meetings of course. When this is done, look you will see, there will be a miracle. Allah will unite the whole Muslim community. It is satan that makes people say “this cannot be done.

Kackar TV, 8 February 2009

Adnan Oktar: If they want to dismay atheist zionists and masons, and to discourage them from this evilness, craziness and oppressiveness, they shall write “the Turkish-Islamic Union is coming” on huge posters. They shall say, we want the Turkish-Islamic Union, may Allah grant us the Turkish-Islamic Union. Even the smell of this would crush them, the smell of it. Let alone establishing it, its reputation is enough. They should keep this on their agenda persistently, but there is no need to sorrow, no need to cry; there is no crying for martyr, no getting sad for martyr. We rejoice for martyr as they are people of the Garden; in other words it is inappropriate a Muslim.

Kaçkar TV, 12 February 2009

Presenter:  Allah says in the 72nd verse of Surat an-Nisa’, among you there are people who hang back. The person asks; “Can you give some examples of hanging back?”

Adnan Oktar: It can be about anything. For example, Israel kills people in Palestine. They come and tell the man such and such. He says, “I will think about it. We should first gather our authorized institutes, he says. When can we gather them? “In one month, he says. The next month comes and he says, we could not decide yet. We should first consult our authorized institutes again, he says. So there are many slow and tactless processes like this that lead to Muslims’ grievance, people know. A person becomes pressed thinking about how someone could do that, why someone doesn’t get excited. A person becomes surprised thinking why someone doesn’t act quickly. I’m surprised as well. The Turkish-Islamic Union should be established right away. However, there are many people who move slowly. I’m telling, open up posters saying “We want the Turkish Islamic Union”, I’m telling that it will be realized for sure. I’m saying, follow my advice. There is something I know. Some do and some don’t. However, masha’Allah, Aydınlar Ocağı (the Intellectuals Organization) said, the Turkish-Islamic Union is a must for the bloodshed to stop. Well done to them, masha’Allah, I congratulate them. Look this is just the word I’m looking for. The Turkish-Islamic Union is a must for the bloodshed to stop, General Presidency of Samsun Aydınlar Organization. I congratulate our brothers there.

Başkent TV, 13 February 2009

Adnan Oktar: There is no other way. If a person can’t lift something with his two fingers, then he holds with his two hands and lifts it up. They continuously try to force it with their two fingers. Let’s send band-aid to Palestine, let’s send medicine that stops bleeding, let’s send blood, let’ send blood serum… My brother, what about there is no bloodshed so you don’t have to send blood? What about there is no wound so you don’t have to send band-aid? Let’s establish the Turkish-Islamic Union; there would be no murders, no oppression, and no need for those. Some people have such an understanding of heroism. Let’s send lots and lots of doctors there. Why send doctors? Let’s send people who will defend the Turkish-Islamic Union, let’s establish the Turkish-Islamic Union. No, if something happened, it’s then another thing; if there is bloodshed, we will of course send doctors and everything. However, when it is possible to avoid this, not doing anything about avoiding this and making preparations about other stuff… For example, there are foundations, institutions, individuals, they always recite this; “They are in very poor conditions, we should send medical dressing to them. Let’s send medicine, let’s send Novalgine. Let’s send narcotic drugs to ease the pain.” My brother, what about they don’t get hurt, we should change the system, establish the Turkish-Islamic Union, save both Israel, the religious people there and Christians and Muslims? What happens if you say this? “I want the Turkish-Islamic Union.” That’s it, he will only say this. Would you lip fall off, would you die when you say this, what is there in this statement? I want the Turkish-Islamic Union, that’s all. Write it down, write it down as a poster and say it as a slogan. But only if it is legal, if you get consent to organize it. Write a petition. The Turkish-Islamic Union is a must, the Turkish-Islamic Union should be established right away; many things could be said. Allah will do this, it is in our destiny. We just have to hold on to reason. Now, if I don’t intend to reach my hand, I can’t touch the glass here. Right? Allah gives it when intended. When it is demanded; intending is prayer. So we will intend for Allah to give it to us insha’Allah. There is need to intend on a large scale, to demand it. But even if everyone sleeps, the Turkish-Islamic Union will still happen.

After Mr. Adnan Oktar’s calls for the Turkish-Islamic Union, our brothers in Turkey and all over the world prepared posters demanding the Islamic world to unite. 31 March 2010

İstanbul Levent



In the meeting organized in France, Muslims held posters for “The Only Solution is the Turkish-Islamic Union.”

İstanbul Taksim


7. Medvedev: 'We are happy with the convergence between Turkey and Armenia'

What He Said What Happened

Azerbaijan National News Agency,
August 14-2008

Adnan Oktar: As a matter of fact, Turkey is the biggest nation of the world. I’m not exaggerating, the biggest nation. Here is what is to happen; Turkey will enter the European Union as the leader of the big Turkish-Islamic Union, and then she will both prosper and strengthen Europe. Then Russia will weather the crisis, Armenia will take a deep breath, Israel will relax and Palestinian problem will be solved. So Turkey is a nation that will save the world. She is like the insurance of the world. A very vital country. The whole world will begin to see this in 10-20 years and Turkey will make the whole world brothers. This is insha’Allah Allah’s law, this is destiny insha’Allah.

Başkent TV, 24 April 2009

Adnan Oktar: Our friendship with Armenia, love and compassion between dates back to very old times. Those who try to break this with an egoistic, selfish and loveless manner are the dark forces. We should avoid being deceived; they are our brothers and sisters. We lived together with them during the Ottoman period. We called them the “loyal nation”, why did we call them that? Because Allah created a blessing in them, a blessing of good morality. But some people try to offer these people things other than love like egoism, selfishness, greed, hatred, this would be very wrong. They are our friends, brothers and sisters. They should be approached with love and compassion. Love will solve it all you will see. Why would they stay in Karabakh? Why not open the border gates? Why would they have a monument of revenge? All these are artificial and compelling things. These will be all lifted. You will see that the things I say will come to realize for the good.

Timeturk, December 9-2009

President Medvedev who gave a speech in Moscow at the Europe-Asia Media Forum, which aims to improve relations among the media organizations in countries that are a member of the Commonwealth of Independent States, noted his views on the convergence between Turkey and Armenia. Dimitry Medvedev stated that they are pleased with the fact that relations between Turkey and Armenia is getting better in a perceivable way, and said, “Problems between Turkey and Armenia in the 20th century are getting solved with mutual compensations and by searching for a way out. Of course, we are very pleased with this attitude.”

Medvedev who stated that they support the mutual convergence process and the establishment of relations between two countries, said “This process is the smartest one, well-suited to both countries’ interests in today’s conditions. However, it is wrong for some countries to react to this course of events. Since the convergence between Turkey and Armenia is not against anyone. As a priority, this is for the benefit of Armenia, Turkey and all countries in the region. If this message is communicated rightly, there would be no question marks in the minds of the countries following the process.”


8. There has never been peace in Middle East after the Ottoman

What He Said What Happened

MPL TV, November 21- 2008

Adnan Oktar: NEED OF A NEW OTTOMAN, A MODERN OTTOMAN OF THE WORLD IS LIKE A NEED OF WATER OF HUMAN. I mean Turkish-Islamic Union, a great Turkish-Islamic Union in the leadership of Turkey, with the support of Turkish countries.
This is like world turns to life in Paradise. It means world becomes very wealthy in every way. Europe, America, Russia and China... Because all the oil and mines of the all Islamic countries, all Turkish countries will flow to these countries. And they will improve their trade by the technical equipments and technical services which will be bought from them. They will come to establish hospitals, they will build facilities and roads. We will go to make beneficial business in their working places and in their other suitable places to work. We will make beneficial works. There will be a mutual trade of technology, science, art. Terror will suddenly come to an end. It will stop at the root and and stop definately. There won’t be any issue as to spend for terror. As there will be tranquility and stability too as a result of this, abudance and wealth will be like rain as explained in the accounts. There will be a marvellous relief. Our era is Ottoman era. Turkishness era. Turkish Islamic Union era. Era of social justice, virtue of Islam to prevail. We will see all of these in the 10-15 years ahead insha’Allah.


Zaman, April 9-2010


9. Visas are being lifted in Libya

What He Said What Happened

The Gulf Today – November 2- 2008

Adnan Oktar: The Turkish-Islamic Union will be constituted under the leadership of Turkey and by the help of Turkish Union insha’Allah. This will happen by the leadership of Turkey, and we are going through this step by step. However; the most ideal thing is the leadership of Turkey. Every country will be a separate state but there will be a spiritual union, like the Europe Union insha’Allah. Passports, visas will be lifted; countries will easily trade, deal with each other, they will become brothers. In order to constitute this; Azerbaijan will be the first stage insha’Allah. Also the Islamic country Syria will be another stage. Azerbaijan is not only a Turkish but also an Islamic country. Syria is our Muslim brother, too. We will be united with Syria as well, insha’Allah. Those will be the initial steps…
Yeni Asya, 25 February 2010

The signed visa dispensation pact between Turkey and Libya is put into action. The visa between Libya and us is being lifted.


10. The Resentful Brothers Egypt and Syria are Reuniting

What He Said What Happened

Iraq An Anbar TV – September 21- 2008

Adnan Oktar: Those things will interlock each other insha’Allah, THOSE WILL INTENSIFY THE BROTHERHOOD BONDS VERY MUCH, we are approaching through a ceremony which is joyful, agreeable insha’Allah. The sign of those; the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (as) is imminent, the descent of Jesus (as) is also imminent insha’Allah. There will be an agreeable togetherness. I want from my Sunni, Shiah brothers to consolidate the brotherhood rigorously, to constitute a very agreeable brotherhood bond. The Jafarites are extremely pious, Sunnis are pious, Alawites are pious. Arabs are our dear brothers, they are the descendants of our Prophet Muhammad (saas)… We shouldn’t be separated…  By the leave of Allah the Islamic World will be reunited soon, insha’Allah, there will be a widespread union, the rise of Hazrat Mahdi (as) will come true. All the signs of Hazrat Mahdi (as) has appeared. The return of the Prophet Jesus (as) - Jesus (as), the son of Mary- will appear. This – the return of Jesus (as) is apparent with the verses in the Qur’an. The rise of the Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the return of Jesus (as) are the accurate commands in Sunni, Hanafi, Maliki and Shafi schools. Nobody objects to this, none of the creed imams have objected to this and all of them accept this. Moreover; this also holds true for Shiism; the return of Jesus (as) is the accurate command, the appearance of the Hazrat Mahdi (as) is also accurate. Both of the widespread creeds – the two main widespread creeds in the Islamic World, accept the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the return of Jesus (as). And it is believed to be an accurate command. It is true that all the signs have appeared. There are nearly 300 signs of the appearance of the Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the return of the Jesus (as), and all of the signs have appeared. Alawites, Sunnis, Jafarites all of us will be brothers insha’Allah. We have already been brothers. The Hazrat Mahdi (as) will be the leader of the Islamic World. Islam will dominate the whole world, we will see this insha’Allah.

Baghdad TV – March 2- 2008

Adnan Oktar: The Qur’an commands us the reunion of the Islamic World. It is stated in the Qur’an that; “ Truly Allah loves those who fight in His Cause in battle array, as if they were a solid cemented structure”. (61/4)I seek refuge with Allah from the accursed satan. The reunion of the Muslims is the first provision to be rescued from the poverty. Secondly; the Qur’an morals should be applied faithfully. That is affection, mercy, compassion and cooperation. A Muslim cannot be ambitious about goods. However; if there is a union and togetherness, he will see Muslims as his family and his brothers. Thereby; richness and abundance will come by itself when those religious duties are fulfilled. It means, there is no need for a special effort. It is important for Muslims to be united, to be together. Moreover; the Islamic countries are very rich in terms of petrol, in terms of mine and in terms of people. Only they need to unite, love each other; they need to endeavor with a rational operation. Then, it will be like the Solomon age InshaAllah. I mean, even if it wouldn’t be like the Solomon age, the age of great richness and abundance will come.

Zaman, 22 Nisan 2010

  Vakit, 22 Nisan 2010

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