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1.  Darwinist Propaganda Techniques 2.  The Evolution Impasse II
3.  The Origin Of Birds And Flight 4.  What Darwinists Fail To Consider
5.  If Darwin Had Known About DNA 6.  The Evolution Impasse I
7.  The Skulls That Demolish Darwin 8.  Confessions Of The Evolutionists
9.  Darwin’s Dilemma: The Soul 10.  The Cambrian Evidence That Darwin Failed To Comprehend
11.  Atlas Of Creation - Volume 3- 12.  The Intellectual Struggle Against Darwinism
13.  The Error Of The Evolution Of Species 14.  The Transitional Form Dilemma
15.  The Collapse Of The Theory Of Evolution In 50 Themes 16.  Once Upon A Time There Was Darwinism
17.  Atlas Of Creation - Volume 2- 18.  Atlas Of Creation - Volume 1-
19.  A Historical Lie: The Stone Age 20.  How Fossils Overturned Evolution
21.  The Religion Of Darwinism 22.  The Dark Spell Of Darwinism
23.  New Research Demolishes Evolution 24.  The Miracle Of Creation In DNA
25.  Why Darwinism Is Incompatible With The Qur'an 26.  The Secrets Of The DNA
27.  The Qur’an Leads The Way To Science 28.  The Perfect Design In The Universe Is Not By Chance
29.  The Evolution Deceit 30.  The Errors The American National Academy Of Sciences
31.  The Collapse Of The Theory Of Evolution In 20 Questions 32.  The Collapse Of The Theory Of Evolution
33.  Tell Me About The Creation 34.  Darwinism Refuted
35.  A Definitive Reply To Evolutionist Propaganda  
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1.  The Qur’an refutes Darwinism - III 2.  False proofs of evolution (2nd part)
3.  False proofs of evolution (1st part) 4.  The Qur'an refutes Darwinism – II
5.  False evidences of evolution - 2 (subtitled) 6.  The Qur’an refutes Darwinism – I
7.  The collapse of Darwinism in Europe 8.  The fact of creation - for children 1
9.  Perfect creation in the universe is not by chance 10.  A scientific blow to Darwinism - Irreducible complexity
11.  Living fossils 12.  Fossils have discredited evolution
13.  The Qur'an leads the way to science 14.  The fact of creation
15.  The collapse of evolution 16.  The collapse of atheism
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 Audio Books
1.  The Miracle Of Creation In DNA 2.  The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution
3.  Qur’an Leads the Way to Science  
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1.  DNA Refutes Evolution 2.  Natural Selection and Darwinism
3.  Darwinists' Dilemma: The Soul 4.  Anti Darwinism
5.  The Myth of Homology & Darwin 6.  Oldest Mushroom
7.  The Religion of Darwinism 8.  200th Anniversary of Darwinism's Collapse
9.  Burmese Ambers 10.  Dominican Ambers
11.  Bird Fossils 12.  Reptile Fossils
13.  Baltic Ambers 14.  Cries of Darwinism
15.  Comments on Atlas of Creation 16.  The Skulls that Demolish Darwin
17.  Confessions of the Evolutionists 18.  Darwinist Panic
19.  Reply to Dawkins 20.  Darwinist Panic in France
21.  Darwinism in Ruins 22.  The Cult of Evolution
23.  Darwin's Lost Cause 24.  Dark Side of Darwinism
25.  Evolution is not Scientific 26.  What Darwin Did Not Know?
27.  Evolution Tale 28.  Religion of Darwinism
29.  Darwinist Dishonesty 30.  Transitional Form Dilemma
31.  Darwinists in a Pinch 32.  Ambers Deny Darwin
33.  Atlas of Creation 34.  Fossil - Museum
35.  Grieving Darwinists 36.  Darwinists Defeated
37.  Darwinism is So 19th Century 38.  Darwinists in Pain
39.  Darwinists Ask Us 40.  Quran Denies Darwinism
41.  Famous Darwinist Deceptions 42.  Darwinism: the Greatest Lie in History
43.  Beware of Darwinist Falsehoods 44.  Why Darwin Was Wrong?
45.  Details of Darwinist Forgeries 46.  Darwinists Never Realize
47.  Ask Darwinists 48.  The Stone Age
49.  National Academy of Sciences Refuted 50.  Living - Fossils
51.  BBC Refuted 52.  Evolution Documentary
53.  Evolution Deceit 54.  Darwinism - Watch
55.  Darwinism Refuted  
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1.  There is no evolution in the Qur'an 2.  The Huffington Post Writer Nidhal Guessoum's Errors Concerning Evolution
3.  The allegation that websites about the theory of evolution in Turkey are being censored is far from reflecting the truth 4.  The error of Al Jazeera TV's claim that evolution and religion might be reconciled must be made up for right away
5.  National Center for Science Education (NCSE), 5 December 2011 – Creationism in the British Colleges 6.  A single example is enough to see how Darwinism is an utter nonsense
7.  Why are Darwinist journals ceasing publication one after the other? 8.  Tales of ''Feathered Dinosaurs'' No Longer Deceive Anyone
9.  The Myth of the Evolution of Fish with Lungs 10.  No Darwinist is really a Darwinist at all
11.  The invalidity of the claim that ''objecting to evolution stems from a standard psychological unease'' 12.  The claim that Darwin was a scientist and evolution is a science
13.  The true face of the claim that ''everyone in the world believes in evolution'' 14.  The invalidity of claims regarding ''deep impact''
15.  The invalidity of the claim that ''transitional forms do not mean deformed living things'' 16.  Harun Yahya Conferences / Denmark - Sweden
17.  The invalidity of the claim that ''the fossils known as transitional forms have been retracted because better ones have been found'' 18.  The invalidity of the famous Darwinist claim that ''useful mutations do exist.''
19.  The invalidity of the claim that ''moral understanding exists from birth, you cannot ignore an actively existing concept'' 20.  The invalidity of the claim that ''RNA is the forebear of life''
21.  The invalidity of he claim that ''the probability calculations regarding protein formation are wrong'' 22.  Responses to the claim that peptide bonds can be established in the laboratory
23.  The invalidity of the claim that ''the fact that species may change little or not at all does not disprove evolution'' 24.  The invalidity of the claim that ''evolution has nothing to do with chance''
25.  A response to the claim that ''If students do not learn about evolution they can never learn about the diversity in nature'' 26.  A response to the claim that ''nobody objects to scientific theories, only to evolution''
27.  A response to the claim that ''Evolution does not mean one cannot have faith'' 28.  Why does the possibility of the fact of Creation being taught in schools alarm Darwinists?
29.  A response to the claim that ''nobody would be upset if it were lions or tigers, rather than monkeys'' 30.  Darwinists' Latest Tactics: Feeble Stories of A Punished Darwinist Teacher, an Apologetic Darwinist Imam and So-Called ''Wronged Darwinism''
31.  The Cambrian period suffices for the refutal of the theory of evolution 32.  Creation in Fruits
33.  Complexity of RNA Molecules Refutes Evolutionist Claims 34.  Response to the Huffington Post: Evolution As Well as Creation Should Be Taught in Schools.
35.  Why these constant efforts to use Denisovan fossils as a vehicle for evolutionary propaganda? 36.  What do Darwinists generally use to deceive people?
37.  Why have Darwinists been silent for so long? 38.  Science is anti-Darwinist, anti-atheist
39.  News coverage by international media regarding the Atlas of Creation 40.  Darwinists must first answer these questions about missing link frauds
41.  The false feathered Dinosaur Concavenator corcovatus and the endless deceptive speculation from Darwinists 42.  The foolishness of those who make idols out of animals by believing in the theory of evolution is described in the gospels
43.  Why is NTV so willing to embarrass itself with such nonsense as “We evolved while cooking meat”? 44.  Why is National Geographic magazine so unhappy at the exposure of Ardi?
45.  How was Tiktaalik roseae turned into a false intermediate fossil by Darwinists? 46.  The Darwinist deception of ''The number of chromosomes declined from 48 to 46''
47.  Behaving like hooligans instead of science is all Darwinists can do 48.  Darwinists' Swiss defeat in photos
49.  Genome Research Is Demolishing the ''First Cell That Formed by Chance'' Claim 50.  Darwinists have also failed to deceive people over the Neanderthals
51.  Darwinist panic in Switzerland! 52.  Darwinists' ''Artificial Life'' Deception
53.  The Repairer DNA Precludes Evolutionists' Mutation Scenarios 54.  Evolution Theory Cannot Explain How Life Originated
55.  The question Darwinism and materialism will never be able to answer: what is the origin of life? 56.  A second embarrassing Ardi case for Darwinists: Australopithecus Sediba
57.  Why are Darwinists so determined to humiliate themselves? 58.  Darwinists risking humiliation over their speculation on a single fossil pinky finger
59.  Why are Darwinists reluctant to confront Mr. Adnan Oktar? 60.  Why do defenders of creation who say the earth is 4.5 billion years old disturb Darwinists so much?
61.  A 165-million-year-old fossil spider found in China 62.  A 24 million year old fossil, shows bees have never changed
63.  A 155-million-year-old squid 64.  Why are Darwinists still resorting to false Dino-bird myths?
65.  Unable to Account for a Single Protein, Darwinists Now Place Their Hopes in Fossilized Footprints 66.  Deceptions regarding prion proteins will not save despairing Darwinists
67.  Protein cannot form unless the cell exists as an integral whole 68.  Answers to some allegations about the fact of matter
69.  The evolution of the horse series is a fraud 70.  Darwinists: ''We apologize once again, we were also mistaken about Ardi''
71.  Haeckel's embryo drawings are fraudulent 72.  Present-day Darwinists are making the same error as that of pharaoh in the past
73.  Darwinist publications are now admitting the harm done to the world by Darwinist corruption 74.  A response to a pro-evolution program on Dem TV and the Darwinist nonsense on it
75.  A new name for Darwinist despair modular evolution and a perfect flying bird: Darwinopterus 76.  Dawkins is no more Darwinist! He converted to space religion!
77.  USA - Slate Magazine: Meet Harun Yahya : the leading creationist in the Muslim world 78.  USA - The Boston Globe: In the Muslim world, creationism is on the rise
79.  Darwinists: ''We confess, Ida is not a transitional form, it is a complete and perfect living being!'' (but, when did they confess this? Right after Harun Yahya revealed their lies.) 80.  Darwinists regard foreign journals as sacred
81.  Darwinists, fire at will! 82.  The pitiful Darwinists who imagine the newly discovered fossil Anchiornis Huxleyi to be a transitional fossil
83.  Dawkins has taken the bait 84.  Darwinists in shock! ''We were wrong; T. Rex is also not a transitional fossil!''
85.  The claim that 'Neanderthals are the ape-like ancestors of man' is fraudulent 86.  The claim that 'Australopithecus is the ancestor of man' is fraudulent
87.  'Piltdown man' was a hoax 88.  A fossil discovered in Georgia has once again overturned Darwinist myths
89.  The glorious irreducible complexity in the synthesis of a single protein 90.  The vestigial organ deception has once again been refuted by scientists
91.  The five essential conditions for protein formation 92.  Darwinists' great shame over their claims of chance
93.  The deception regarding mutations 94.  Darwinists' confessions about mutations and the words of scientists
95.  The claim that 'natural selection makes conscious selection' is one of the worst frauds in history 96.  Darwinists' confessions about the mutations
97.  The real face of Charles Darwin who is introduced to the public as a 'scientist' 98.  Obstacles to transition from water to land
99.  Darwinists could not speculate on the hand fish 100.  Darwinists could not speculate on the platypus
101.  Darwinists could not speculate on the flying fish 102.  What Darwinists said, what happened then
103.  What Darwinists claimed, what happened 104.  Important supplementary information
105.  Random mutations destroy life and cannot produce mutually compatible organs 106.  A response to Yigit Bulut's claim that 'you cannot explain what was before the big bang nor link that to the big bang'
107.  Archaeopteryx is a perfect flying bird 108.  Mosaic evolution deceit
109.  Coelacanth is not a transitional form, it is a perfect deep-water fish 110.  Pikaia is a perfect cambrian living thing. Claiming that it is a transitional form fossil is a deception.
111.  Some advice for Mine G. Kırıkkanat 112.  Darwinists insistently do not like the imaginary ancestor of humans, which they fabricated, to be called “ape”
113.  The idea that the 'coelacanth is an example of the transition from sea to land' is a fraud 114.  The fundamental philosophy of Atheistic Freemasonry: Darwinism -1-
115.  Darwinists are in mourning in France 116.  The claim that archaeopteryx is the ancestor of birds is a deception
117.  The concealment of Cambrian fossils for 70 years is a deception 118.  Evolutionist despotism in the United States
119.  Darwinists' efforts to cover up living fossils is fraudulent 120.  The idea that 'mutations cause evolution' is a falsehood
121.  Celal Sengor is right! Darwinism was founded on a momentous lie 122.  What will Dawkins have to say to this? Londoners say 'we support creation'
123.  Darwinists 'common ancestor' deception 124.  Despairing Darwinists place their hopes in heat
125.  The claim that ''natural selection causes evolution'' is a fraudulent one 126.  Why is anti-Darwinist activity so important?
127.  Darwinists' latest desperate efforts to keep the Dino-bird deception alive 128.  Is the Belgian RTBF channel under pressure from the Darwinist dictatorship?
129.  Darwinists: 'We admit it... The story of bird evolution is a lie!' 130.  Darwinists are in dismay!
131.  Darwinists are still trying to depict defunct Darwinism as scientific 132.  The idea that Darwin made an important scientific discovery after his voyages is a deception
133.  Darwinists' claims that Darwinism's saying 'we come from apes' is an oversimplification 134.  Scientists are embarrassed by the Ida circus
135.  Darwinists now raise their hopes by importing pagan priests from America 136.  The true facts about the fictitious 'missing link' Ida that Darwinists never mention
137.  Stop lying! 138.  Important subjects that were never mentioned on the program 'Siyaset Meydani' (political arena)
139.  The invalidity of the claims that the eye is not an irreducibly complex structure and that the eye evolved 140.  The deceit that photosynthetic bacteria emerged with 'a small evolution' and produced oxygen
141.  The invalidity of the claim that there is disorder in the universe and the world 142.  An 84-million-year-old seal skull that demolishes the 'ancestor of the seal' deception
143.  The error of seeking to depict the harmony on earth as disorder 144.  The invalidity of the claim that mutations miraculously give rise to evolution
145.  The transition to bipedalism deception 146.  The deceit that the human ability to think is the same as that of other living things
147.  The invalidity of the claim that bacterial resistance to antibiotics is evidence of evolution 148.  The coelacanth that evolutionists claim as a transitional form is living in the seas as a perfect life form
149.  Scientific responses to Celal Sengor's demagogic claims 150.  The origins of superstitious religion of Darwinism
151.  The deception that 'there are tons of transitional fossils and that dinosaur species represent transitional fossils' 152.  The deception that therapsids are transiitional forms
153.  The deception that there was no oxygen in the primeval atmosphere 154.  The invalidity of the claim that the idea that whales evolved from bears did not originate with Darwin
155.  The invalidity of the claim that man's ancestors lived in caves 156.  The invalidity of the claim that new species evolve every year
157.  The attempt to equate Islam with evolution is a passive, helpless, defeatist and meaningless one 158.  We challenge Dawkins to a discussion before the public
159.  Why do Darwinists not give up? 160.  Douglas Futuyma flees in Rome
161.  Dawkins! You can't reach a point by debating priests 162.  How can Dawkins explain the perfect eye in our brains?
163.  Evolution surveys under the monopoly of the Darwinist dictatorship 164.  Dawkins is aware that he was defeated; He is presenting excuses not to meet with Mr. Adnan Oktar
165.  ''Aggrieved Darwin'' propaganda is a trick 166.  The Vatican has surrendered to Darwinists
167.  Dawkins is desperately trying to deceive young children 168.  To be dedicated to Dawkins
169.  Charles Darwin's twisted views that regarded everyone apart from Caucasians as ''anthropomorphous apes and lower race'' 170.  The Vatican conference is anti-democratic
171.  Nightmare of Dawkins 172.  1,5 million year old footprints is a brand new, shocking, severe blow to the imaginary evolution
173.  The end of the Darwinist dictatorship: the second coming of Jesus (pbuh) has come close 174.  Darwinism - basis of atheist ideologies - being in agony is one of the portents of the return of Jesus (pbuh)
175.  Is the Darwinist global mafia threatening the pope? 176.  Evolution surveys in Europe under the control of the Darwinist dictatorship
177.  Darwinists' greatest embarrassment on the agenda: Pointless efforts to keep the myth of whale evolution alive 178.  Allah has created the world people watch in a space no bigger than a lentil
179.  Devout Christians should pose these questions to the pope 180.  Fifteen proofs that disprove Darwin on the 200th anniversary of his birth
181.  Photos of Dawkins while researching on animal world! 182.  The guardian: Darwinism in Britain has collapsed!
183.  The truth that Darwinist bus posters confess: Darwinism = Atheism 184.  Darwin's legacy confirmed on the 200th anniversary of his birth
185.  Those who ascribe equals to Allah will encounter the horror in their minds in the hereafter 186.  Darwinists' shameful scenarios about supposed human evolution: MSNBC still imagines it can deceive people
187.  Allah (God) breathed his spirit into man 188.  The images visualized and dreams
189.  A Muslim who believes in evolution does not leave the faith, but believes in a deception that science has disproved 190.  Darwinism: The worst so-called scientific deception - 2
191.  Darwinism: The worst so-called scientific deception - 1 192.  The bans that cannot be breached in universities
193.  Darwinism is a false belief destined to be destroyed in the end times 194.  The Darwinist techniques of clamor and demagoguery
195.  Another twisted belief with the same logic as Darwinism has now appeared: ''Fakewinism'' 196.  The evolutionist tradition of concealing fossils general / 2008-08-30
197.  Richard Dawkins' and daily Hürriyet's ignorance 198.  The Darwinist dictatorship is collapsing!
199.  The latest Darwinist manoeuvrings are of no avail as objections to Darwinism in Britain rise 200.  The evolutionist tradition of concealing fossils
201.  Belief in creation is spreading across the entire world! 202.  Richard Dawkins is wising up!
203.  The ignored sickness: An unpredictable state of mind 204.  The angels were not created through evolution
205.  The evolutionary myth, from ancient Greece to modern Europe 206.  Darwinists never realize -2-
207.  Darwinists never realize -1- 208.  A historical lie: The Stone Age - II
209.  A historical lie: The Stone Age - I 210.  Ancient Egypt: a magnificent civilization - II
211.  Ancient Egypt: a magnificent civilization - I 212.  Darwinism has been annihilated across the world
213.  Darwinism is the religion of the antichrist – 1 214.  Darwinism is the ideological basis of Satanism
215.  The wave-like properties of the electron and the scientific proof 216.  Quantum physics: The Discovery that scientifically demolished materialism
217.  Materialism: The superstition of an age 218.  All philosophies constructed on the basis of matter is collapsed
219.  The theory of evolution: a unique deception in the history of the world 220.  The widening genetic gap
221.  The importance of the intellectual struggle against Darwinism 222.  Darwinism is not science. It is a shamanistic religion that has adopted nature as a deity!
223.  Darwinism's unscientific formula 224.  The evolution deceit
225.  Darwinism's contradiction with religion 226.  Darwinists misrepresentations about human genome project
227.  Misconceptions about the human genome project 228.  New fossil discovery sinks evolutionary theories
229.  The myth of bird evolution 230.  A whale fantasy from National Geographic
231.  Scientific American’s 15 errors 232.  A reply to Andya Primanda
233.  Important developments regarding Flores man 234.  Homo Floresiensis and the facts emerging about the evolution myth
235.  National Geographic's Darwin error 236.  The latest developments regarding Flores man
237.  Common material, design and designer 238.  The fall of atheism
239.  Yet another blow to the myth of vestigial organs 240.  The fossil record refutes evolution
241.  The scientific collapse of materialism  
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1.  Collapse of Darwinism in Europe 2.  The collapse of Darwinism in Europe
3.  Living fossils 4.  The collapse of atheism
5.  Don't be duped by evolution 6.  Exhibition
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 Set of Conferences
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 Harun Yahya's Influences
1.  The impact of Adnan Oktar's statements encouraging the ideological struggle against Darwinism  
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 Short Films
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1.  Darwinism has been annihilated across the world  
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 Daily Comments
1.  The Shark's cloak of invisibility 2.  The deceit of the origins of flies
3.  The greatest explosion as one of the evidences of creation: The Big Bang 4.  The hood mechanism of the cobra has once again refuted the claims of evolutionary biology
5.  Mutations are the enemies of symmetry 6.  Living beings that control their host's behavior to get what they need
7.  Did you know that there is a central command system in the DNA responsible for repair? 8.  A Scientific Miracle of the Quran: ''The Dawn that Breathes''
9.  Muslims and scientific thought 10.  The constant DNA renewal and replication
11.  DNA: A wonderful library 12.  Evolutionists cannot explain the altruism in spermaceti whales
13.  Concept of science based on the Qur'an 14.  Darwinists' 'common ancestor' deception
15.  Why is it mistaken to think that Allah could have created living things by evolution? 16.  The idea that 'mutations cause evolution' is a falsehood
17.  The 'discovery of the transitional form' is a fraud 18.  The claim that 'natural selection causes evolution' is a fraudulent one
19.  The golden frog that manufactures poison from ants 20.  Allah breathed of his spirit into man; what we call the soul is therefore also an entity belonging to Allah
21.  The builders of Stonehenge used wood, metal and stone at the same time with a flawless technique 22.  Those who ascribe equals to Allah will encounter the horror in their minds in the hereafter
23.  Darwinists' insoluble dilemma 24.  The claim that 'the first cell formed in muddy water' is fraudulent
25.  Allah breathed his spirit into man 26.  Darwinism: the worst so-called scientific deception – 2
27.  Darwinism: the worst so-called scientific deception –1 28.  The Darwinist techniques of clamor and demagoguery
29.  The bans that cannot be breached in universities 30.  Darwinism is a false belief destined to be destroyed in the end times
31.  The angels were not created through evolution 32.  The constant renewal and copying of DNA
33.  The Darwinist dictatorship is collapsing!  
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 Selected parts from Adnan Oktar's interviews
1.  Violence is one of the methods of communists' worshiping the satan 2.  Dr. Timothy Furnish asks Mr. Adnan Oktar about his views on Creation
3.  Mr. Marc Kaufman of The Washington Post asks Mr. Adnan Oktar about his own effect on the Turkish population in terms of Darwinism 4.  Dr. Timothy Furnish asks Mr. Adnan Oktar about his views on his statement which states that 'Darwinism is the religion of the antichrist'
5.  Marc Kaufman of The Washington Post asks Mr. Adnan Oktar why he attaches so much importance to preaching Creation 6.  Marc Kaufman of The Washington Post asks Mr. Adnan Oktar how the issue of evolution first came up for him
7.  Response to those who claim that 'there is no Darwinist-materialist dominion around the world' 8.  Pope Benedict the 16th should not object the falsity of Darwinism being talked about
9.  Darwinism has collapsed despite the official protection all over the world 10.  Science means free thinking; it is very wrong to pressurize scientists
11.  Scientists with Darwinist mindsets should be apologizing for deceiving humanity for the last 150 years 12.  Darwin's statements are utterly statements of terror
13.  In ten years time Darwinism will no longer exist in this world 14.  Forcing people to accept Darwinist statements is actually anti-democratic
15.  Darwinism is protected under a system similar to a despotic regime 16.  Without Darwin terrorism is almost impossible
17.  Allah creates the universe with a splendid equilibrium 18.  Mr. Adnan Oktar explains the aim of Atlas of Creation being sent to France
19.  Mr. Adnan Oktar commends the change in Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy after Atlas of Creation 20.  In Hell, Allah will show darwinists how pathological would the world produced by coincidence be
21.  The concepts of 'shame' and 'sin' exist in religion; considering the religion as a foe, the Marxist mindset does not heed 'shame' or 'sin' 22.  Mr. Adnan Oktar: 'May Allah open the ways of our brothers in France and may He deem them successful in the path of goodness.'
23.  Art is the most important influential power. There will be no Islam without science, art and aesthetics. 24.  The solution to all kinds of perversion is to destroy Darwinism and materialism, to prove that the Qur'an is the truth and to live by the fear and the love of Allah
25.  Atlas of Creation is the most destructive response against evolution 26.  Religion and science are intertwined with each other. Religion commands science. Science serves religion.
27.  Rabbi Linhart's comments about the Conference held in Manchester on the Collapse of Evolution Theory 28.  Rabbi Linhart's message stating that he is supporting the scientific struggle carried out against Darwinism.
29.  It is apparent that science is a religious obligation; we are able to perform our religious duties comfortably through the means of science. 30.  I wish success to our brothers for the conference on the invalidity of Darwinism that will be held in the USA .
31.  Electron microscope destroyed evolution 32.  The real reason why the European Union does not admit Turkey's membership is Turkey's anti-Darwinist and anti-materialist stance
33.  The impossibility of proteins being formed by coincidence is hidden from people 34.  Those who painted cave drawings 32 thousand years ago were true artists. The dyes they used did not fade at all in thousands of years.
35.  Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Hook-up to the Conference of Creation in Milan, Italy. 36.  The system of the dajjal (anti-Messiah) tries to maintain the current situation, cannot make progress
37.  What's important is not dajjal messiah (anti-messiah) but the ideological system of the dajjal which is Darwinism 38.  Darwinism lies at the root of both communism and fascism
39.  Darwin's anti-woman views 40.  The Chief Scientist of the Israeli Ministry of Education has been demoted from his post because of his anti-Darwinist thoughts
41.  The impact of 'Atlas of Creation' that demolished Darwinism in France 42.  PKK militants do not go up the mountains because they cannot drink soup or get married; but as a result of Marxist, Darwinist, materialist propaganda
43.  Darwinists do not talk about the soul as the soul cannot be explained in materialistic terms 44.  I would not say something that I am not sure of; we said that we will destroy Darwinism and we did destroy it intellectually insha'Allah
45.  We destroyed Darwinism. There is nothing government can do about Darwinism 46.  Darwinism is the number 1 issue of the world. There is no other anti-religious movement, which is that strong, that large-scaled and causes so much damage
47.  America got defeated tragically in Vietnam and Cambodia because they didn't perform anti-Darwinist, anti-materialist activity. 48.  Europe has no morale, people are not happy. They did not foresee that Darwinism would deliver such a consequence.
49.  They claim that cancer improves man. Have you ever seen anyone who turned out to be more handsome after being cancer? 50.  The points our Muslim brothers should lay stress on
51.  The dye technology used in cave drawings is at the same level as today's dye technology. The technology of electricity produced in that period is a state of the art 52.  They should turn every house into a university, they should write down little notes that explain the invalidity of evolution
53.  Darwinism, which holds that life has no purpose, is an invitation to suicide 54.  Hawking is a person with a collapsed body, deteriorated brain and a deteriorated soul. The things he says are not products of a healthy mind.
55.  Talking about the invalidity of evolution is the most galling of all for the atheists 56.  Even though Darwinists give in to the facts, they can not announce it because they refrain from the public backlash and their methods of escape
57.  The Atlas of Creation Being on the Agenda of the Council of Europe 58.  How will the jinn accept Islam?
59.  An intellectual struggle against separatist terror is essential 60.  There is no evolution in the Qur'an. Allah says 'Be' and everything is.
61.  Atheists never stop thinking about Allah 62.  Quick and effective ways of demolishing Darwinism
63.  Those who want to help us, should establish websites 64.  Darwinists avoid science
65.  Darwinists do not submit to Allah out of arrogance 66.  Science and religion go hand in hand, and complement one another
67.  Darwinism has wrested love and affection from people's hearts 68.  In the hereafter, Darwinists and materialists will have to account for every detail of this world
69.  The collapse of Darwinism caused panic at new humanist magazine 70.  The atheist ideology of new humanist
71.  The source of information of new humanist on the judicial course should be investigated 72.  The living Bonobos display exactly the same characteristics with the recently found fossil 'Ardi' and have not changed for millions of years
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1.  H.S. Lipson's confession regarding the invalidity of the theory of evolution  
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 Technological Advances of Ancient Ages
1.  Present-day technology cannot explain how the Mayan crystal skulls were produced 2.  A 35,000-YEAR-OLD FLUTE REFUTES THE IDEA OF HISTORIC EVOLUTION
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1.  Living fossils refute evolution - 2 2.  Living fossils refute evolution - 1
3.  The secrets hidden in the pyramids of Egypt 4.  What darwinists said, what happened then
5.  Some of the processes that take place within the body in a matter of seconds 6.  Prophets mentioned in the 4500 year old Ebla tablets
7.  The secret of the technology used in crystal skulls has stil not been unraveled 8.  Evolutionists' transitional form deceit
9.  What did evolutionist Charles Darwin say about Black People? 10.  The broadcast on Swiss televison about the conferences that collapsed the theory of evolution in Switzerland
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 Evolution Dictionary
1.  Zinjanthropus 2.  Watson, James
3.  Wallace, Alfred Russell 4.  Vestigial Organs Thesis, The
5.  Variation 6.  Urey-Miller Experiment, The
7.  Urey, Harold 8.  Turkana Boy Fossil, The
9.  Trilobites 10.  Tree of Life
11.  Transitional Forms, The (The Transitional Species) 12.  Transition from Water to Land Dilemma, The
13.  Transition from Sea to Land Thesis, The 14.  Transition from Land to Air Myth, The
15.  Transition From Jungle to Open Savanna Myth, The 16.  Theropod Dinosaurs
17.  Theory 18.  Tetrapod Finger Structure, The
19.  Taxonomy 20.  Taung Child Fossil, The
21.  Systematic 22.  Synthetic Evolution Theory, The
23.  Struggle For Survival, The 24.  Stasis
25.  Spontaneous Generation 26.  Spencer, Herbert
27.  Speciation 28.  Social Darwinism
29.  Single Cell to Multi-Cell Transition Myth, The 30.  Sickle Cell Anemia
31.  Shapiro, Robert 32.  Seymouria
33.  "Self-Organization" Nonsense, The 34.  Self-Ordering Error, The
35.  "Selfish Gene" Theory, The 36.  The Second Law of Thermodynamics (The Law of Entropy)
37.  Schindewolf, Otto 38.  RNA World Scenario, The
39.  Right-Handed (Dextro) Amino Acids 40.  Ribosome
41.  Regulatory Gene 42.  Reductionism
43.  Reconstruction (Imaginary Pictures) 44.  Recombination
45.  Recapitulation Theory 46.  Ramapithecus Error, The
47.  Punctuated Model of Evolution Myth, The 48.  Punctuated Equilibrium
49.  Protoavis 50.  Prokaryotic Cells
51.  Protein 52.  Primordial Soup Fantasy, The
53.  Theory of Favored Races, The 54.  Primeval Soup, The
55.  Primeval Earth, The 56.  Primeval Atmosphere, The
57.  Pre-Adaptation Myth, The 58.  Population
59.  Pleiotropic Effect, The 60.  Platypus
61.  Plasmid Transfer 62.  Pithecanthropus erectus
63.  Piltdown Man Fraud, The 64.  Phylum (Plural: Phyla)
65.  Phylogeny 66.  Peptide Bond
67.  Pentadactyl Homology 68.  Peking Man Fraud, The
69.  Pasteur, Louis 70.  Parallel Evolution Impasse, The
71.  Panspermia Theory, The 72.  "Panda's Thumb" Error, The
73.  Pangenesis Theory, The 74.  "Panda's Thumb" Error, The
75.  Paleoanthropology 76.  Paleontology
77.  Ota Benga 78.  Orthogenesis Muddle, The (Directed Selection)
79.  Origin of the Wings 80.  Origin of Whales
81.  Origins of Bipedalism (Walking Upright) 82.  Origin of Viruses
83.  Origin of Vertebrates 84.  Origin of Turtles
85.  Origin of Species, The 86.  Origin of Reptiles
87.  Origin of the Plant Cells 88.  Origin of Photosynthesis
89.  Origin of the Quadrupeds 90.  Origin of the Marine Reptiles
91.  Origin of the Marine Mammals 92.  Origin of the Mammals
93.  Origin of the Language 94.  Origin of Instinct
95.  Origin of the Insects 96.  Origin of the Horses
97.  Origin of Flight 98.  Origin of the Flies
99.  Origin of the Fish 100.  Origin of the Fish
101.  Origin of the Bird Feathers 102.  Origin of the Birds
103.  Origin of Behavior 104.  Origin of the Bats
105.  Origin of the Bacteria 106.  Origin of the Avian Lung
107.  Orgel, Leslie 108.  Organized Systems
109.  Ordered System 110.  Open System
111.  Oparin, Alexander I. 112.  Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny Theory, The
113.  OH 62: A Species of Ape 114.  Octopus's Eye, The
115.  Neo-Darwinism Comedy, The 116.  "Nebraska Man" Fraud, The
117.  Neanderthals: A Human Race 118.  Natural Selection
119.  Naturalism 120.  Narrow Population
121.  Mutation: An Imaginary Mechanism 122.  Mutant
123.  Mutagenic Factors 124.  Mother Nature; An Irrational Concept
125.  Mosaic Creatures 126.  Morris, John
127.  The Morphological Homology Myth 128.  Morphology
129.  Nonsensical Nature of the Molecular Homology Thesis, The 130.  Molecular Evolution Impasse, The
131.  Modifications 132.  Modern Synthetic Theory of Evolution Myth, The
133.  "Mitochondrial Eve" Thesis's Inconsistencies, The 134.  Missing Link in the Evolutionary Chain, The
135.  Miller, Stanley 136.  Miller Experiment, The
137.  Micro-Evolution Myth, The 138.  Metamorphosis
139.  Menton, David 140.  Mendel, Gregor
141.  Mayr, Ernst 142.  Materialism
143.  Marx, Karl 144.  Malthus, Thomas Robert
145.  Macro-Mutation Myth, The 146.  Macro-Evolution Myth, The
147.  Lucy Deceit (Australopithecus afarensis), The 148.  Linnaeus, Carolus
149.  "Life Comes from Life" Thesis, The 150.  Liaoningornis
151.  Lewontin, Richard 152.  Left-Handed Amino Acids (Levo-Amino Acids)
153.  Leakey, Richard 154.  Le Chatelier's Principle
155.  Laws of Inheritance, The 156.  Law of Biogenetics, The
157.  Lamarckism 158.  Lamarck, Jean B.
159.  Laetoli Human Footprints, The 160.  KP 271 (Kanapoi Hominid or Kanapoi Elbow Fossil)
161.  Knuckle Walking 162.  KNM-WT 15000 (The oldest known human fossil)
163.  KNM-ER 1472 Lie, The 164.  KNM-ER 1470 Fraud, The
165.  Kenyanthropus platyops 166.  Kanapoi Elbow Fossil Fraud, The
167.  “Junk” DNA 168.  Johnson, Phillip
169.  Java Man 170.  Isolation
171.  Irreducible complexity 172.  Information theory
173.  Peppered moths, the 174.  Industrial Melanism
175.  Impasse of Chaos Theory, the 176.  Imaginary Human Family Tree, the
177.  Ichthyostega 178.  Hypothesis
179.  Huxley, Julian 180.  “Hopeful Monster” theory, the
181.  Homologous organs 182.  Homology (Common origins)
183.  Homo sapiens archaic 184.  Homo sapiens
185.  Homo rudolfensis 186.  Homo heidelbergensis
187.  Homo habilis 188.  Homo ergaster
189.  Homo erectus 190.  Homo antecessor
191.  Hoatzin bird, the 192.  Heterotrophic view, the
193.  Hallucigenia 194.  Haeckel, Ernst
195.  Great Chain of Being, the 196.  Gradual Evolution comedy, the
197.  Gould, Stephen Jay 198.  Gish, Duane T.
199.  Geographic Isolation theory, the (Allopathic isolation) 200.  Genome Project, the
201.  Genetic homeostasis 202.  Genetic information
203.  Gene pool 204.  Gene frequency
205.  Genes 206.  Galton, Sir Francis
207.  Galapagos Islands 208.  Futuyma, Douglas
209.  Fruit flies 210.  Fox, Sydney
211.  Fox Experiment, the 212.  Fossil records
213.  Fossil 214.  Fluoride testing
215.  Flying reptiles 216.  Fliermans, Carl
217.  Five-digit homology 218.  Finch (Fringilla coelebs)
219.  Feduccia, Alan 220.  Feathered Dinosaur deception, the
221.  False god of chance, the 222.  Evolutionary paganism
223.  Evolutionary humanism 224.  Evolutionary gaps
225.  Evolution Theory, the 226.  Evolutionary Family Tree
227.  Evolutionary mechanisms 228.  Eusthenopteron foordi
229.  Eukaryotic cells 230.  Eugenic slaughter
231.  Eohippus 232.  Law of Entropy, the
233.  Endosymbiosis Theory, the 234.  Eoalulavis
235.  Embryological recapitulation 236.  Embryological evolution
237.  Embryology 238.  Eldredge, Niles
239.  E. coli bacterium 240.  Drosophila
241.  Dobzhansky, Theodosius 242.  DNA
243.  Dialectics 244.  Dipneuma
245.  Dino-Bird Fossil, the 246.  Devonian Period Fossilized Plants (408 to 306 Million Years Old)
247.  Descent of Man, the (Charles Darwin) 248.  Denton, Michael
249.  DDT immunity 250.  Dawson, Charles
251.  Dawkins, Richard 252.  Darwin, Erasmus
253.  Darwinism and Racism 254.  Darwisim
255.  Darwin, Charles Robert 256.  Cytochrome-C
257.  Cuvier, Georges 258.  Cursorial Theory, the
259.  Cultural Evolution Myth, the 260.  Crossopterygian
261.  Crossing-over 262.  Cro-Magnon Man
263.  Crick, Francis 264.  Creationism
265.  Conjugation 266.  Confuciusornis
267.  Communism and evolution 268.  Common creation
269.  “Common Ancestor” Fallacy, the 270.  Comedy of Life from Space,the
271.  Cold Trap, the 272.  Cloning
273.  Coelacanth 274.  Coacervates
275.  Chromosomes 276.  Chemical Evolution Deception, the
277.  Cell 278.  Carboniferous-Era Plant Fossils
279.  Carbon-based life 280.  Carbon-14 testing
281.  Cambrian Period, the 282.  Cambrian Explosion, the
283.  Burgess Shale 284.  Buffon, Comte de
285.  Boudreaux, Edward 286.  Blind Watchmaker Deception, the
287.  Bipedalism 288.  Biogenesis View, the
289.  Big Bang Theory, the 290.  Behe, Michael J.
291.  Bathybus haeckelii (Haeckel’s mud) 292.  Bacteria flagellum
293.  Avian lungs 294.  Autotrophy Nonsense, the
295.  Australopithecus 296.  Atapuerca Skull, the
297.  Archaeoraptor 298.  Archaeopteryx
299.  Arboreal Theory 300.  Ape-Human Genetic-Similarity Falsehood, the
301.  Antibiotic resistance 302.  Anthropology
303.  Anthropic Principle, the 304.  Inorganic evolution
305.  Angiosperm 306.  Analogy
307.  Analogous organ 308.  Amphibians
309.  Amino acids 310.  Altruism
311.  Algae 312.  AL 666-1 (The fossil record of Homo sapiens)
313.  AL 288-1 (The fossil record of Australopithecus afarensis) 314.  Adaptation
315.  Aboriginal peoples 316.  Abiogenesis
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 Short documentaries
1.  The error that the Quran points to natural selection 2.  The error that the Quran indicates a familial link between humans and apes
3.  The error that the Quran contains evidence for mutation 4.  The error that Prophet Adam (pbuh) was not the first human being
5.  The error of thinking that the term "forefathers" in the Quran refers to evolutionary forebears 6.  An error regarding the form of human creation
7.  The error in thinking that man was created by evolutionary stages 8.  The misconceptions of those who seek evidence for the theory of evolution in the verses of the Quran
9.  The error in thinking that creation out of water indicates evolutionary creation 10.  The error in thinking that the Quran contains signs of the evolutionary process
11.  The error in thinking that the first man was created over time 12.  The error in thinking that creation first from dust and then from water indicates evolutionary creation
13.  The Coelacanth 14.  Reconstructions
15.  Ota Benga 16.  Neanderthal Man
17.  Ichthyosaurus 18.  False dinobird myths
19.  The world of science has been misled for 30 years 20.  The Piltdown Man hoax
21.  The Nebraska Man scandal 22.  The myth of the peppered moths
23.  The Haeckel's fake illustrated 24.  The Fictitious Human Family Tree
25.  The Equine Evolution Deceit 26.  The Archaeopteryx Deception
27.  The miracles performed are all evidence that there is no evolution 28.  The bird and the ant in the story of the Prophet Solomon are proof that there is no evolution
29.  Darwinism the examples of resurrection cited in the Qur'an invalidate evolutionist claims 30.  Paradise and hell are also created from nothing
31.  Our Lord's matchless forms of creation 32.  The Qur'an refutes Darwinism
33.  God is He who creates from nothing 34.  Darwin's deception
35.  Cell cannot be reduced to simplicity 36.  Bacteria flagellum
37.  An irreducibly complex organ: The human ear 38.  The rise and fall of materialism
39.  The birth of science in the west 40.  Science in Islamic history
41.  A concept of science based on the Qur'an 42.  God's creation
43.  The flawless order of the universe 44.  It doesn't make sense to say it happened by chance
45.  Human beings are intelligent and willful beings into whom God breathed His spirit 46.  God has created the beautiful world of plants and animals
47.  A piece of evolutionist nonsense atoms that come to life 48.  The miracle of bees
49.  The design in an elephant's foot 50.  DNA: A wonderful library
51.  Creatures and colours 52.  Living Fossils Refute Evolution 3
53.  Living Fossils Refute Evolution 4 54.  Living Fossils Refute Evolution 5
55.  Living Fossils Refute Evolution 2 56.  Living Fossils Refute Evolution 1
57.  Examples of living fossils: Turtles 58.  Examples of living fossils: Tiger skull
59.  The facts revealed by fossils: The intermediate life forms imagined by evolutionists never existed at anytime 60.  The facts revealed by fossils: No such thing as a "primitive life form" ever existed in any period of history!
61.  The facts revealed by fossils: Living things never evolved, but were created in a single moment! 62.  The facts revealed by fossils: Intermediate forms will never be unearthed in the future, either!
63.  Examples of living fossils: Sun fish 64.  Examples of living fossils: Shrimp
65.  Examples of living fossils: Scorpion 66.  Examples of living fossils: Plane tree leaf
67.  Examples of living fossils: Pipe fish 68.  Examples of living fossils: Herrings
69.  Examples of living fossils: Crocodile 70.  Evolutionists attempts to conceal fossils
71.  Creatures trapped in amber 72.  What are fossils and how do they form ?
73.  Examples of living fossils: Trilobite 74.  Examples of living fossils: Shark
75.  Examples of living fossils: Lobster 76.  Examples of living fossils: Lizards
77.  The fact evolutionists seen to conceal 78.  Living fossils: Proofs of creation 5
79.  Living fossils: Proofs of creation 4 80.  Living fossils: Proofs of creation 3
81.  Living fossils: Proofs of creation 2 82.  Living fossils: Proofs of creation 1
83.  Evolutionist's intermediate-form dilemma 84.  Cambrian fossils and the creation of species
85.  The venus flytrap 86.  The tortoise beetle
87.  The sundew plant 88.  Mimicry and resemblance
89.  The firefly 90.  The bombardier beetle
91.  Camouflage in living things 92.  The theory of evolution
93.  The Atlas of Creation at a Council of Europe Press Conference 94.  The collapse of Darwinism in Europe (Switzerland)
95.  The collapse of Darwinism in Europe (Serbia) 96.  Polls conducted in Europe confirm the dominance of belief in creation
97.  The collapse of Darwinism in Europe (Russia) 98.  The collapse of Darwinism in Europe (Poland)
99.  The collapse of Darwinism in Europe (Northern Ireland) 100.  The collapse of Darwinism in Europe (Italy)
101.  The collapse of Darwinism in Europe (Great Britain) 102.  The collapse of Darwinism in Europe (Holland)
103.  The collapse of Darwinism in Europe (France) 104.  The collapse of Darwinism in Europe (Germany)
105.  The collapse of Darwinism in Europe (Belgium) 106.  The collapse of Darwinism in Europe (Denmark)
107.  The natural sciences confirm the fact of creation 108.  The collapse of atheist ideologies
109.  Psychology: The Freudian defeat 110.  Physics and astronomy: The collapse of the idea of the accidental universe
111.  Cosmology: The discovery of creation  
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1.  THE DAJJAL CANNOT ENTER ANY HOME OR AREA THAT CONTAINS THE ATLAS OF CREATION. If he does, they should tell me. But he cannot. He will burn up. It is impossible. 2.  Those who cast spells employ inculcation; they persistently use inculcation. They endeavor to cast spell by means of repetition. They repeat some certain statements. The repetition of some certain images puts people under that spell. Against that spell, we will SHOW FACES WITH LIGHT, PEOPLE OF LIGHT. WE CLEAN THAT CORRUPTION, THAT SCOURGE BY MEANS OF THE LIGHT OF GUIDANCE, THE LIGHT OF THESE PEOPLE AND THEIR PRAYERS.
3.  THE PKK IS A COMMUNIST MOVEMENT AND DOES WHAT COMMUNISM REQUIRES. THERE HAS TO BE AN ANTI-COMMUNIST STRUGGLE AGAINST IT, that is obvious. Not with physical attacks or military and police measures. You cannot get any results from those. Only through an intellectual struggle. An intellectual, philosophical struggle will produce clear results. 4.  Saying, “be a good member of the family” to a Marxist and communist is out of question. Not opposing them intellectually just leads to an escalation of events. Our brothers and sisters must learn from my web sites and talk about them all the time.
5.  You can stop people going off to the mountains [to be terrorists] through science. But they won’t stop so long as Darwinist propaganda persists. They go to the mountains to apply the Marxist education they receive. 6.  Darwinism is satan’s derision with mankind.
7.  They say “There is no Darwinism in any case” in order to slow Muslims down. They live in a small world and are unable to see the dominion of Darwinism. 8.  “Human beings, animals and plants emerged by chance, from mud” he says. He should be ashamed, if he had any shame. What is embarrassing about saying, “Allah created”? Some people are embarrassed to say that, but not to say “chance created.” On the contrary, REASON DEMANDS THAT ONE SAYS, “ALLAH CREATED.” SAYING “CHANCE CREATED” IS UNACCEPTABLE SINCE IT FLIES IN THE FACE OF REASON.
9.  BELIEVING IN EVOLUTION DOES NOT BESTOW MODERNITY. BECAUSE IT IS AN ANCIENT SUMERIAN RELIGION, A FEUDAL RELIGION, A SUPERSTITIOUS RELIGION. It is a faith left over from the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, and also the most perverse faith. 10.  After I brought out the Atlas of Creation, dealing a huge intellectual and scientific blow to the left, they became flabby. A great many just gave in, since they had no ideas or belief left.
11.  He says, “There is no pity or compassion in Marxism.” “So you are not a Marxist,” he means. “You are opposed to science,” he says. “You are against the science, the fact of life,” he says. “There is a struggle between the weak and strong. A conflict between opposites,” he says. “We represent the downtrodden class. We represent the working class. They are out for their own interests,” he says. “We are in a huge conflict against them,” he says. “There is a conflict. In which we will defeat them. That is the course of history,” he says. THIS MARXIST BELIEF IS AN IDEOLOGY, A RELIGION. IT IS A SATANIC IDEOLOGY RESULTING FROM A BELIEF TAKEN FROM THE TORAH AND THE QUR’AN BEING MADE INTO A BELIEF OF THE DAJJAL (ANTICHRIST). If no counter-statements are issued, that idea will win out. That is how it has been everywhere in the world. 12.  PEOPLE CAN BE PREVENTED FROM RUNNING OFF AND JOINING THE PKK WITH SCIENCE. People who receive this education will keep running off and doing everything so long as there is materialist propaganda around. There has to be anti-materialist conditioning and a scientific struggle. There is no reason why the State should not engage in anti-Stalinist, anti-Leninist activity. I have the means, but these things will continue for so long as it avoids doing so. YOUNG PEOPLE WILL HAVE NO MIGHT TO RUN OFF AND JOIN THE PKK IF THEY ARE TAUGHT ANTI-DARWINISM.
13.  A man who undergoes Leninist and Marxist education will never abandon the terrorist mindset unless he is taught otherwise. Such people cannot be stopped with threats, or by killing them, or giving them soup to drink or telling them to go back home to mother. 14.  They ask if “Darwinism is really a danger.” Nobody in any university in the world can stand up and say that DARWINISM IS INVALID. NOT IN ANY COUNTRY. No state official can say, “I am against Darwinism.” But what are all these things if there is no Darwinism? The entire state structure in Islamic countries such as Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria is based on Darwinism. The public are terribly oppressed in Egypt. The entire government espouses Darwinism. It is the same in other countries. They have narrow horizons. Some are weak in faith, attaching little credence to the idea that Allah might have created.
15.  DIVIDING OUR KURDISH BROTHERS FROM US WILL DO NOBODY ANY GOOD. They must not want a communist administration in the region. 16.  THE DAJJAL (ANTICHRIST) DECEIVES THE IGNORANT. They read a couple of lines in the paper and say, “so we are descended from monkeys.” After that, it becomes impossible to convince them otherwise. That is why it is wrong to say the world is unaware of Darwinism. DARWINISM HAS CURRENTLY SPREAD RIGHT ACROSS THE WORLD.
17.  PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE IN EVOLUTION DO SO ON THE BASIS OF VERY LITTLE INFORMATION. They are very ignorant on the subject. At most they will have one page of information, even newspaper writers. THAT IS HOW THEY DECEIVE THE IGNORANT. There is no need to explain it in great detail to the ignorant. They have already accepted it, as a prejudice, with no evidence at all. 18.  THERE ARE TWO MAJOR PIECES OF EVIDENCE AGAINST DARWINISM: THE FIRST IS THE FACT THAT PROTEINS AND CHROMOSOMES CANNOT FORM SPONTANEOUSLY, AND THE SECOND IS THE FOSSIL RECORD. There are no transitional fossil and proteins cannot form spontaneously. That is an end to it. So Creation is a fact!
19.  DARWINISM IS IMPOSED BY THE STATE AS A PAGAN RELIGION IN A GREAT MANY COUNTRIES. Darwinism is a pagan belief that makes 99% of people irreligious. We need to set out all the proofs of Allah’s existence in the face of this corruption. 20.  THE PKK IS A MARXIST, STALINIST ORGANIZATION. ANTI-COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA AGAINST THE PKK IS ESSENTIAL. What needs to be done against communism is a scientific struggle against Darwinism. If ignorant people are told about communism all the time, they will become communists. There can be no success against communism with political arguments.
21.  It is vitally important for Muslims to disseminate works refuting evolution. 22.  IT IS OPPRESSIVE TO BELIEVE THAT EVERYTHING CAME ABOUT BY CHANCE. Could fruit that formed by chance ever smell this sweet? Never!
23.  Evolutionists cannot talk about science at conferences, so they just go on the attack. 24.  NONE OF THE WORLD LEADERS CAN STEP UP AND SAY THAT HE IS AGAINST EVOLUTION. Because the world has been groaned under the rule of Darwinist dictatorship. The other name of this is the system of antichrist.
25.  PROTEINS CANNOT COME ABOUT BY CHANCE; THERE ARE NO INTERMEDIATE FOSSILS EITHER... Darwinists! Then why do you still keep talking? 26.  THE THRONES OF THE GARDEN DID NOT COME INTO EXISTENCE BY EVOLUTION; ALLAH CREATES THEM. Allah creates all units of furniture and every dress.
27.  EVOLUTION IS SUCH A HELPLESS SYSTEM AND DARWINISM IS SUCH A WEAK THEORY THAT IT’S VERY EASY TO DEFEAT IT. It’s entirely founded on a void logic that depends on sheer ignorance and drawings. It’s an incredibly nonsense system that relates everything to chance. 28.  CHANCE IS THE MOST UNREASONABLE EXPLANATION. You ask to Darwinists, “How did Einstein come into existence?” and they reply, “He came into existence from muddy water by chance.” Scientists, on the other hand, gather around their electron microscopes to figure out how they came into existence from muddy water. SATAN INFLUENCED 99% OF PEOPLE WITH THIS DELUSION AND HE EXPLICITLY MAKES FUN OF THEM.
29.  TO A DARWINIST ALSO THE KNOWLEDGE IN HIS BRAIN IS TRANSFERRED; OTHER THAN THAT DARWIN HAS ALSO NO POWER TO SAY ANYTHING. It seems that Darwin does this with his own free will but he can also not get out of that section in his brain as tiny as a lentil. This is a great fact but very few people are aware of it. 30.  IT IS A MIRACLE THAT PEOPLE BELIEVED IN DARWINISTS’ CLAIMS OF CHANCE. WHO WOULD BELIEVE IN CHANCE? Would anyone believe if we said TV came into existence by chance? Indeed, TV is also created in their brains. Those people they assume they see [matter] outside are in fact totally created in their brains. Allah creates that image in their brains. This is the actual matter that Darwinists would never conceive.
31.  Satan whispers “everything came about by chance”; “atoms, hormones, cell, everything including you have come about by chance”. He says “All the cities are built by these human beings who have come into existence by chance”. Some people say, “Satan! You told the truth”. SATAN HAS TRICKED 99% OF THE WORLD, MADE FUN OF THEM, PUT THEM INTO HYPNOSIS, WHISPERED AND MADE THEM BELIEVE (INTO HIS SCHEMES). 32.  EVOLUTION WOULD NOT ADORN CREATURES; it cannot put an aesthetic touch and form symmetry in them.
33.  I urge our brothers to specialize in the subject of evolution and explain its fallacy everywhere. I URGE THEM TO LEARN EVOLUTION AT A LEVEL TO LECTURE IN A CONFERENCE. 34.  Keep the Atlas of Creation in every coffeehouse.
35.  DAWKINS IS AT LARGE, WANTED! We have announced this in the UK, inviting him for a debate. We said even half an hour is sufficient. He debates with elementary school children, with priests and rabbis, but he doesn’t come here. BECAUSE HE KNOWS THAT HE WILL ABSOLUTELY BE DEFEATED IN THE SCIENTIFIC SENSE. 36.  What matters is the soul. In the past, various ape species that very much resembled human beings could have existed. They [the evolutionists] uncover and display them. The fact is however, what essentially makes a being a human being is the soul. Living beings that possessed no souls but resembled human beings could have been created. What matters is not the being to which it resembles; if it possesses a soul, then it is a human being. A human being is a being who is able to say, “This is me” and comprehend that an image is created in his brain.
37.  There are so many beings that resemble human beings but they have no souls. We call a body a “human being” provided that a soul is inspired in it. What matters is to possess a soul. 38.  Mutations cannot comprehend symmetry; Darwinists can also not explain symmetry.
39.  SINCE DARWINISTS CONSIDER HUMAN EVOLUTION AS THEIR MOST IMPORTANT SUBJECT, THEY HAVE ACCELERATED ITS MESSAGE. They never talk about the evolution of an orange or a grape. They want to impose the idea that man comes from apes. They use the tool of great deception in human evolution. They say that humans suddenly evolved, in a very short time, as if ones shape immediately turns into the shape of another such as can be seen in “Alice's wonderland”. Only they use this fast paced explanation for human evolution. The reason for this is the fact that there are so many animals which resemble the likeness of human beings. If our brothers were to look at this from a logical standpoint, they would see the truth of it immediately. 40.  One chromosome is more complex than the entire city of Istanbul. If one pays attention, one can see that Darwinists never broach the subject of proteins and cells because they cannot explain these. That is the reason that they are able to easily influence someone who reads less into matters.
41.  THE OBJECTIVE OF DARWINISM IS TO STEAL PEOPLE’S FAITH. Darwinists took the faith of 99% of people. This is being done by day and night. FROM THIS POINT ON WE UNDERSTAND THAT FAITH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE. 42.  WE DO NOT WANT TO BE GIVEN AN IMAGINARY SPEECH, WE WANT A SCIENTIFIC EVALUATION TO BE UPHELD. We ask them to demonstrate whether proteins are able to come about by chance, or whether there are any fossils that prove evolution. If they cannot demonstrate these, does this not mean that they have been misleading people?
43.  ALLAH MADE ALL THE WORLD IRRELIGIOUS. AND EVEN WITH THE FUNNIEST, MOST INAPPROPRIATE, THE MOST PREPOSTEROUS THEORY: the theory of evolution. You ask the basis of this claim and they reply as “the creator of the universe is coincidences” (Allah is beyond this). Allah has made 99% of people accepted such an impossible, the most unreasonable belief. Allah made this to show people how weak and confused they are. Believing in coincidence is not a thing that a person having a little lower than a moderate intelligence would do. 44.  In order to rule, the antichrist needs to dominate the world. Now, Darwinism and the materialism are predominating 99% of the world. If the ideas of Darwin were defeated immediately, antichrist wouldn’t be able to rule the world. Hazrat Mahdi (as) will come with a small group of people and will rule over many societies.
45.  It is no good if you are unable to reply to the Darwinist propaganda going on. In that event, the door to terror remains wide open. One has to attack Darwinism in order to smash the gate of terror. WE WILL ABSOLUTELY PUT AN END TO THIS PLAGUE. 46.  The bigots have little real power, but their smell is unpleasant. THAT IS WHY WE SHALL ELIMINATE BIGOTRY. WE WILL ELIMINATE DARWINISM AND COMMUNISM.
47.  We do not want them to talk about a pagan religion (Darwinism) on the television while using our money to do so. WE WANT EVIDENCE FROM MODERN SCIENCE. 48.  PEOPLE WHO DO NOT WANT TO BE DIVIDED SHOULD NOT MAKE DARWINIST PROPAGANDA. The end result will be a devout generation.
49.  System of antichrist has cast a spell on the world, THIS SPELL WILL BE BROKEN THROUGH INSISTENT DISCOURSE. WE WILL KEEP ON EXPOSING THE SYSTEM OF ANTICHRIST AND TALKING ABOUT THE SYSTEM OF THE MAHDI. 50.  [As an analogy], the fact of creation is like an ocean while the theory of evolution was like a drop, but we have even evaporated that drop.
51.  While evolution is currently spreading to the world, people confuse science with spell. They improve the ability of persuasion and indoctrination and spread it. They employ many explanations and inculcations. On the televisions they always tell the same things and continuously put forward false evidences. In the news reports they make headlines like, “Intermediary forms uncovered”, “Scientific evidence about the formation of protein by chance discovered.” THEY ARE ALL LIES BUT THEY HAVE THE IMPACT OF A SPELL. We look and see that even the most unlearned man suddenly becomes a Darwinist. You ask someone in Congo to tell how he was created. He answers, “By evolution.” You ask, “How do you know?” He answers, “I heard it from the Congolese radio.” Bediuzzaman says that plague spreads through the power of persuasion. AT THIS POINT A GREAT ANSWER MUST BE GIVEN TO IT. 52.  Previous generation had believed Darwinism so blindly. That is why Allah points out with the verse “WHOSE FATHERS WERE NOT WARNED” (Surah Yasin, 6) in the Qur’an. They were under the influence of the old-school science of that time. But now the new generation does not believe in Darwinism with the help of the Internet and the development in other scientific fields. Hazrat Mahdi (as) will intellectually defeat the materialist mentality that has been inherited from their fathers.
53.  Some of the Darwinists and materialists do not believe due to arrogance, compulsion, or oppression. “Either you tell or not, there will be no difference” says Allah. It is like talking to a rock or wood, they never get influenced says Allah. 54.  Dajjal (antichrist) made Muslims irreligious and Darwinist by force. His promoting has repeatedly continued until his hypnosis is completed. He made the illusion by saying “You have come about by chance, you are Darwinist.” Same way, it is required to make plenty of repetition to be able to break this illusion. IT IS VERY CRUCIAL TO REPEAT EXPLANATIONS CONTINUOUSLY FOR BREAKING THE ILLUSION OF ANTICHRIST.
55.  Darwinism, materialism is a religion with a tenet that atom is wise. This is a religion with a tenet that with this so-called wisdom, unconscious atoms came together and formed the senses of smell, sight, hearing and tasting. DARWINISM IS A PAGAN RELIGION INHERITED FROM SUMERIANS AND EVEN GENERATIONS THAT PRECEDED THEM. 56.  In the Qur’an Allah encourages science and arts. Science and arts is an inseperable aspect of a Muslim. The Qur’an is a just Book that will be valid until the Day of Judgment.
57.  The first false religion eliminated by the Prophet Moses (as) was belief in evolution. The sorcerer scientists of this age are also the Darwinist scientists.