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The World Of Our Little Friends, Ants


Dear Kids! You may never have heard how skilful and intelligent ants are. Some of you may even think of them as merely wandering around all day without doing anything. On the contrary, they are full of many amazing features. Omar, the hero of this book, gets the opportunity to learn about this life from a friend. He is amazed at the things he learns. What makes Omar so excited then? More important, who is this "little friend" who gives Omar so much information? You must be wondering what all this is about. So read this book, and find out...

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The Worst Slander: Idolatry


Most people know that idolatry is a grave sin, but never think that it could have anything to do with them. They imagine that idolaters, defined as those who ascribe equals to Allah, are merely people who worship totems carved out of stone or wood, like the primitive pre-Islamic Arab pagans who worshipped idols in the Ka`bah (The Sacred House). However, idolatry is far more subtle and is actually widespread in many societies today.   In reality, idolatry comprises everything that people set up as a goal that does not involve seeking Allah’s approval, in who or which they place their hopes or desire for approval, or every entity regarded as possessing true power and control other than Allah. Given the subtlety of this definition, idolatry needs to be considered as something that may be very close at hand.   Ascribing equals to Allah is a most dangerous sin, one that cannot be forgiven and therefore will lead people to Hell. Thus, those who fear and respect Allah and hope for His Paradise must be on their guard against this threat. But people cannot do this if they do not know what idolatry is and what things fall under its scope.   This book has been written to illustrate how idolatry, as set out in the Qur’an, exists in contemporary society. We hope that it will achieve this aim, help people renounce all of their idols, and turn sincerely to and serve only Almighty Allah, the true Creator of all things.


Those Who Do Not Heed The Qur’an


Some people, even without having any idea about its contents, resist reading, learning about, and listening to the Qur’an. They simply turn a deaf ear to the Qur’an. The purpose of this book is to warn people against this biased stance which will lead to grave misfortunes, both in this world and in the hereafter. Our purpose is to invite people to read the Qur’an and ponder deeply upon the verses of Allah, putting aside all forms of prejudice, blindly-acquired knowledge and fixed ideas, as all true believers who have ever lived have done. This reminder and warning is valid not only for those who deny Allah and the Qur’an but also for those who live far from the morals of Qur’an, despite having faith. Hopefully, complying with this call, which has been constantly repeated throughout history by true believers, will be a way for the salvation of those who seek to win the good pleasure of Allah and lead a beautiful life in this world.


Those Who Exhaust All Their Pleasures In This Life


The world is filled with countless blessings, but many people are not even aware of them. Buried in their own pains and anxieties, they cannot see the beauty around them or take pleasure in the things they experience. If you asked them, they would say that life is a difficult struggle up a steep slope, for they are bored with it and exhausted. They continually complain that they find no pleasure in it any more, that they want to die in order to escape it. Some even go so far as to attempt suicide. But life does not have to be this way. Of course, it has been created together with many imperfections and limitations. But the way to face them is not to struggle with life; rather, the solution lies in believing in Allah. This book seeks to show the deprivation, loss, and anxiety that come from living apart from religion, show people the state into which they have fallen, inform them how to keep their blessings in this world, and save themselves from the pangs they will suffer in the Hereafter. In addition, we would like to remind all people that this life is full of blessings and other good things that people can enjoy, provided that they believe in Allah. And finally, this book invites everyone to follow His Way, submit to the Qur’an, and live a life of belief.


Timelessness And The Reality Of Fate


How was matter and time created from nothingness? What does the Big Bang theory signify about the creation of the universe? How can a time slice of centuries in our view be a single "moment" in another dimension? What is the parallelism between Einstein's Theory of Relativity and the Qur'anic verses? All of these questions are answered in this book where it is described that time and matter are not absolute truths but mere perceptions. If you want to learn the truths about space, matter, time and fate, read this book.

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True Wisdom Described In The Qur’an


The human mind is vital for our existence and, in a sense, it is what makes us human beings. The ability to think profound thoughts, comprehend subtle issues, speak with wisdom, and differentiate right from wrong can be accomplished only with the power of our mind. Without a doubt there is no one on this earth who does not know the importance of these qualities. But there is a very important reality that many people don’t know or fail to realize. Not everyone is as wise as people presume. Everyone has a certain amount of innate intelligence, but wisdom is a special capacity developed through specific conditions. These two notions, intelligence and wisdom, are usually perceived to mean the same thing by the general public. However, in the Qur’an the reality of the human status is summed up in the phrase: "most of them lack wisdom". (Surat al-Ma’ida: 103) Most people do not use their wisdom. So what is "wisdom"? How can the source of wisdom be reached? Who possesses real wisdom? Only the Qur’an gives us the right answers to these questions, because the Qur’an is Allah’s word and it is the only source from which we can obtain absolutely accurate information on any topic. When we look at the Qur’an, we see that wisdom is only developed through having faith.

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Unawareness: A Sly Threat


Some individuals, unaware of Allah’s clear commands and prohibitions in the Qur’an, live their lives according to their own whims and desires. But life is short and will one day end, along with everything else. At that moment, they will be confronted with the punishment of Hell that has been prepared for all those who did not seek to please Him while living in this temporary world. In the Qur’an, Allah defines unawareness as a lack of awareness and careless attitude regarding the clear evidences of His existence and the evidence of His commands and prohibitions. Unawareness is a great danger for those who are heedless and do not submit to Allah sincerely, because those who are being drawn into unawareness, or who are already unaware, do not understand their situation properly. And even if they are aware of this danger, they do not care. Therefore, read this book in the knowledge that some degree of unawareness might exist within you and then do your best to overcome it. As Allah states in the Qur’an: “No indeed! Truly humanity is unbridled, seeing himself as self-sufficient” (Surat al-‘Alaq: 6-7). This book describes unawareness according to the Qur’an and warns people against its subtle danger.


What Darwinists Fail To Consider


This book's purpose is to reveal those matters that Darwinists fail to reflect on. By so doing, they have declared war on the fact of creation. They attribute the complexity and beauty exhibited in all their magnificence at every point in the universe to change, simply to deny the existence of Allah. They have no qualms about maintaining that unconsciousness and random events gave rise to consciousness, reason, order, understanding and beauty. This book reveals those matters that they heedlessly ignore, or which they claim that the theory of evolution fully explains but without ever entering into details. This book shows how their theory is actually unproven, despairing and in a helpless position in all areas.


What The Quran Says About Liars And Their Methods


This book warns people against lying, which they may regard as something minor, innocent and harmless, but which actually represents a grave danger to them. It has been written to remind them that lying is a sin. As well as dealing with such matters as why people lie and the benefits of honesty, it also describes, in the light of Qur’anic verses, liars’ states of mind and the tactics they resort to in order to prevent their falsehoods coming to light.


Why Darwinism Is Incompatible With The Qur'an


Some of those who believe, under the influence of materialist suggestion and propaganda, view the theory of evolution as scientific fact and look for a "middle way" between it and belief in God.    However, the theory of evolution’s ideological framework consists of anti-religious thought put forward to strengthen atheism and to give it a firm foundation.    From the time it was first put forward and right up to the present day, it has brought humanity nothing but conflict, exploitation, war, and degeneration.    This book offers a response to those Muslims who look for common ground between the theory of evolution and the fact of creation, and who even try to find evidence for the theory in the Qur'an. The purpose is to explain that their attitude is mistaken, to assist them on the level of ideas, and to be a means whereby they can adopt a more correct perspective. 

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Why Do You Deceive Yourself?


The lifestyles and life goals of the millions of people who live in non-religious communities are very similar to one another. The years pass quickly and then all of a sudden, they face the greatest and most inescapable truth of life: The time of death comes. However, until that moment, they have thought of death very little or not at all. They have been unable to understand the true purpose of life by reflecting upon such realities. While in this condition, they meet with death when they least expect it, unprepared for the Hereafter. There are various mechanisms people use to ignore the truths of life and to console themselves by doing so. One of these, perhaps the most effective, is self-deception. A person who deceives himself believes he can evade all realities including death and all responsibilities. In fact self-deception is not a solution. What a person really needs to accomplish is to avoid deceiving himself by ignoring the truth, and to take the maximum possible advantage of the period that Allah has allotted to him in the world. Do not forget that waking up and seeing the truth at the moment of death does nobody any good.


Wisdom And Sound Advice From The Torah


We sent down the Torah containing guidance and light, and the prophets who had submitted themselves gave judgement by it for the Jews – as did their scholars (Rabaniyun) and their rabbis (Ahbar) – by what they had been allowed to preserve of Allah’s Book to which they were witnesses…(Surat al-Ma‘ida, 44) Then We gave Moses the Book, complete and perfect for him who does good, elucidating everything, and a guidance and a mercy, so that hopefully they believe in their encounter with their Lord. (Surat al-An‘am, 154) But before it there was the Book of Moses as a model (imam) and a mercy. And this is a corroborating Book in the Arabic tongue so that you may warn those who do wrong, and as good news for the good-doers. (Surat al-Ahqaf, 12) We sent Moses with Our signs: “Bring your people from the darkness to the light. and remind them of the Days of Allah.” There are certainly signs in that for everyone who is steadfast, thankful. (Surah Ibrahim, 5) He (Allah) said, “Moses, I have chosen you over all mankind for My message and My word. Take what I have given you and be among the thankful.” We wrote about everything for him on the Tablets as an admonition and making all things clear. “Seize hold of it vigorously and command your people to adopt the best in it. I will show you the home of the deviators!” (Surat al-A‘raf, 144-145)


Wonderful Creatures


Here is the book for you to learn more about these marvelous creatures of God. You will see blind termites that build skyscrapers, macaws that know chemistry, or the compass in the ant’s eye. Also learn why animals don’t die of cold in winter although they live outside, how can fish breathe in water and many more puzzling features about these wonderful creatures.

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Wonders Of Allah’s Creation


Children! Did you ever wonder? "How did the universe form?" "How did the sun and the moon begin to exist?" "Where were you before you were born?" "How did the seas, trees, and animals come about?" "How do the colourful and lovely scented fruits that we love, such as bananas, cherries, plums and strawberries, emerge from the dark soil? Who gives them their colours and scents?" "From where does the tiny bee learn how to make such tasty honey? How does he make a honeycomb that has such smooth corners?" "Who was the first human?" "Your mother gave birth to you. But the first human couldn’t have had a mother or a father. So how did the first human all of a sudden appear?" In this book, you will learn the correct answer to all of these questions.

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Zeal And Enthusiasm Described In The Qur’an


Believers’ enthusiasm and ardor are very different from the concept prevalent in the society of ignorance, which is based on vested interests. The sources of believers’ enthusiasm are their faith, love and devotion to God. Zeal of believers continues to increase until the end of their lives.

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