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Perished Nations

Throughout history, many societies have suffered from great catastrophes because of their blasphemy and perversion against God. Some were destroyed some by a volcanic eruption, some by a disastrous flood, and some by a sand storm...
Perished Nations examines these penalties as revealed in the verses of the Quran and in light of archaeological discoveries.You may also read Quranic description of Noah`s flood and the Ark and the correspondence of this account with the scientific evidence.
149 pages with 73 pictures in colour, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

The People of Saba and the Arim Flood
The Word "Haman"
Perished Nations -1
Throughout world history, a great many very different civilisations have grown up, ruled for a while, and then faded away when their time came. Despite all their power and wealth, they disappeared off the face of the earth.
In this film, we shall be examining past societies that were destroyed because of their rebellion against Allah, such as People of Ad, People of Lut and the end of Pompeii.
Duration: 60 minutes
Perished Nations -2
In this film you can learn the facts about "The People of Saba" who lived in a strikingly beautiful area with fertile vineyards and gardens and how they were suddenly left under the waters with the Arim Flood.
Also you will learn about Pharoah, who refused to listen the Prophet Musa and his brother Harun when they told him of God's commands and how he was buried under the waters of with his army.
Duration: 60 minutes
Perished Nations
Perished Nations


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