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A Call for an Islamic Union A Call for an Islamic Union

History proves that the coexistence of different civilizations is not necessarily a source of tension and conflict. A multicultural state does not experience difficulties because of existing internal differences, but because of its inability to manage those differences. Different cultures that exist side by side choose either conflict or peace and cooperation, depending upon their existing levels of tolerance and whether they can or cannot control those factors leading to intolerance. At present, some Westerners and Muslims prefer hostility and conflict over tolerance and harmony. Thus, misunderstandings and prejudices against Islam and the Muslims continue to present certain difficulties. On the other hand, Westerners feel unnecessarily threatened because of various misunderstandings. Therefore, a solution to these problems is needed urgently to avoid even worse conflicts and misunderstandings. As this book will reveal, the Islamic Union will play an important role in preventing the escalating risk of conflict, for all Islamic countries will move together as one body.

The Rise of Islam
If we put all the news we hear from the media about peoples' turning to Islam together we can grasp the extraordinary course of events. The purpose of this book is to present all these developments collectively, to analyze them and thus help readers to appreciate the due importance of these events. By doing this, the book aims to increase believers' zeal and enthusiasm.
The Knights Templars
The Templars were a shadowy medieval cult proscribed by a joint decision of the King of France and the Pope. After being dispersed, the cult survived underground. The Templars developed a fierce opposition to the Church and the divine religions in general and eventually turned into the organization we know as the Freemasons. This book examines the secret history of this Templar/Masonic organization and some of its influences on recent world and Turkish history.
The Dark Clan
The reason why "The Dark Clan" has been chosen as the title of this book is that it describes the social structure which organizes the moral corruption in the modern world and its network of extensions in all countries. In this book you will read about the structure of the clan and the methods it resorts to in order to ensure its survival. It must not be forgotten that the ideological struggle to be waged against the black clan is the responsibility of all people of good conscience and common sense.
Communism in Ambush
Communism is an ideology that has caused the death of some 100 million people and brought oppression, persecution, blood and tears to many a country. So, where was communism born, how did it grow, and how did it come to an end? This book provides answers to these questions and draws attention to a grave menace: In the past century, the entire world witnessed the massacres and cruelty of communist leaders. Well, has that menace disappeared now? Sadly, not: COMMUNISM WAITS IN AMBUSH! That is why it is a very important duty of mankind to unravel the real face of communist ideology, the pains and calamities it caused in the past, and to remind people that this threat is waiting in ambush.
Communist China's Policy of Oppression in East Turkestan
Communist persecution has been on the rise in all corners of China for half a century. The worst-suffering victims of this persecution are the Muslims of Eastern Turkestan. The success of any attempt to restore peace and security to the innocent people in China depends on the proper identification of the fundamental causes of oppression and an appropriate struggle against them. As you will also see in this book, the basic reason behind Chinese oppression is the materialist philosophy and communist ideology pervading the state.
Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity
Fascism and communism, which made humanity suffer dark times, are considered to be opposed ideas. However, these ideologies are fed from the same source, on the grounds of which they can attract masses to their side. This source is the materialist philosophy and its adaptation to nature, which is Darwin's theory of evolution. The acknowledgement of the scientific invalidity of this theory that serves as a basis for cruel dictators and vicious ideological trends will bring about the end of all these detrimental ideologies.
192 pages with 211 pictures in colour, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE
Fascism: The Bloody Ideology of Darwinism
Fascism is an ideology that has brought great disasters to humanity. Not only has it caused millions of people to be killed and tortured simply because of their race, but it has also attempted to abolish all human values. The main purpose of the book is to present various fascist tendencies which appear under different methods and guises, and expose their real origins and objectives. The book also attempts to tear down the mask of fascism, and reveal that fascism is definitely an anti-religionist system..
The Winter Of Islam And The Spring To Come
Palestine, Chechnya, Bosnia, Kosovo, Kashmir, East Turkistan… More people die every day, women are raped, and children are shot or lose a foot after stepping on mines… At a time when millions of Muslims are suffering such terrible cruelty, it could be an act of the greatest heedlessness to refuse to shoulder any burden for Islam.
The intention behind this book is to lay bare the plight of innocent Muslims all over the world, and to invite people of conscience to consider this situation. And the solution is not far away; when Islamic morality holds sway over the entire world, cruelty will come to an end. By the will of Allah, the long-awaited spring is at hand.
Global Freemasonry
Freemasonry is a controversial subject. Some have accused it of fantastic crimes and perversions. However, Global Freemasonry takes the issue rationally.
The book investigates critically the roots of Masonry and the history of Masons' struggle against theistic religions. Freemasons have played an important role in the alienation of Europe from religion, and in its place, founding of a new order based on the philosophy of materialism and secular humanism.
After reading this book, you will be able to consider many subjects, from philosophical schools to newspaper headlines, rock music songs to political perspectives, with a deeper understanding, and discern the meaning and aims behind events and phenomena.
Romanticism: A Weapon of Satan
In societies distant from religion, right is often presented as wrong, and vice versa. Unbecoming behaviour which will not please God may be favoured and encouraged. Romanticism is one of those wrong sentiments which is assumed to be "right". This book reveals what a serious threat romanticism - which is imagined to be a simple character trait -poses to societies and individuals, and shows how easy it is to eliminate this danger.
Solution: The Values of the Qur'an
People who are oppressed, who are tortured to death, innocent babies, those who cannot afford even a loaf of bread, who must sleep in tents or even in streets in cold weather, those who are massacred just because they belong to a certain tribe, women, children, and old people who are expelled from their homes because of their religion... Eventually, there is only one solution to the injustice, chaos, terror, massacres, hunger, poverty, and oppression: the morals of the Qur'an.
208 pages with 276 pictures in color, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE
Terrorism:The Ritual of the Devil
Throughout their entire lives, everyone is at war with an enemy, the extent of whose strength and influence they perhaps fail to fully comprehend. He constantly invites mankind to commit evil, and many people he uses without them even being aware of it. Those who are constantly in conflict with others, who always believe that violence is the answer, who take pleasure in brutality, murder, chaos and anarchy, in short, those who harm the peace and security of the world, have lost the war against this foe, whether they realize it or not, and have fallen under his control. This most dangerous enemy is the Devil.
The Struggle Against "The Religion of Irreligion"
In this book such ideologies as materialism, communism, Darwinism (the so-called scientific basis of those ideologies) and other systems based on disbelief are referred to as "religions of irreligion." Throughout the 20th century until today the religion of irreligion has, perhaps for the first time in history, spread extensively. That is why, especially in our age, it is of great importance for believers to take part in the noble intellectual struggle mentioned in the Qur'an and save the world from the evils of irreligion.
Islam and Buddhism
When we look at Buddhism in the light of the verses of the Qur'an, we see that this belief is built on twisted teachings, contains peculiar acts of worship incompatible with human reason and logic, and turns man towards idolatry. This book reveals all the deviant aspects of this superstitious religion.
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Islam and Karma
Karma is the dogma on which most of the Eastern religions like Hinduism or Buddhism are founded. It assumes that man reincarnates endlessly in this world and his present life reflects the former one.
Although some might believe that Karma motivates people for good deeds, it is in fact a myth that deceives men by taking them away from the fact of afterlife. Humans come to this world for only once, to be tested in their faith and obedience to God. After death, there is no other worldly life; there is no "reincarnation". Karma, which argues otherwise, is a faith that is contrary to Islam and also human reason.
The Bloody History Of Communism
Communism was the bloodiest ideology that caused more than 120 million innocent deaths in the 20th century. It was a nightmare which promised equality and justice, but which brought only bloodshed, death, torture and fear.
This three-volume documentary displays the terrible savagery of communism and its underlying philosophy. From Marx to Lenin, Stalin, Mao or Pol Pot, discover how the materialist philosophy transforms humans into theorists of violence and masters of cruelty.
Behind The Scenes of World Wars
The 20th century was the bloodiest age in all of world history. During this era, for the first time, humanity was introduced to the concept of a "world war." Taken together, World Wars I and II resulted in a total of 65 million people losing their lives. About half of these casualties were civilians who had nothing to do with these wars. Children, defenseless women and the elderly alike were massacred cruelly. So, one might ask, how did the world find itself in the midst of such colossal insanity?
The Philosophy of Zionism and Israel
See how the racist and radical understanding of Zionism is threatening the security of the Middle East and of the Jewish people themselves.
The Collapse of Atheism
We are at a turning point in the history of mankind. Atheism, that has so influenced the world of science and thought since the 18th century, is now undergoing an inevitable collapse.
In this film you will see how the most basic assumptions of atheism collapsed with scientific, political and sociological developments in the past decades. From the theories of Charles Darwin or Sigmund Freud, to the fall of communism or the hippie dream, see how the atheist dogma falls at the dawn of the 21st century.
Satanism: Satan's Bloody Teaching
Satanism…The dark road to hell…
It is the way chosen by those whom the devil has led astray and have now become his disciples.
In this film you will not only see the dark history of Satanism but also witness the bloody alliance between it and other philosophies like atheism and materialism. You will see how they cooperate with one another to divert human beings from the way of God and deceive them with empty promises in order to make them spend their eternal lives in hell.
Solution: The Values of The Qur'an
Around the globe, there are many wronged and oppressed people. They live in abject poverty, are homeless, are forced to live their lives unprotected, and they face disease without adequate if any medical care.
Eventually, there is only one solution to the injustice, chaos, terror, massacres, hunger, poverty, and oppression in the world: the moral values of the Qur'an; such as self-sacrifice, mercy and justice. Watch this film to see that the only salvation for the weak, helpless, homeless and destitute is the practice of the guidance of the Qur'an, which is directed to all humankind.
Duration: 60 minutes
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