Turkey, the Most Active and Rooted Center of Muslim Creationism - 19.05.2010
Switzerland/Le Courrier

Le Courrier, one of the daily newspapers of Switzerland published in French and established in 1868, made Harun Yahya conferences that will be held in the cities of Geneva and Lausanne on May 19, 2010 news. It was noted about the conference:

CONFERENCE - He rejects Darwin's theory on behalf of the Qur’an. Harun Yahya, a Muslim of Turkish origin, is expected next Wednesday in Geneva. 

Geneva now sees its streets paved with posters showing the sketch of human evolution crossed with a large writing of "FALSE". The posters announce the arrival of the Muslim creationist Adnan Oktar, known as Harun Yahya, for a "scientific conference on the origin of life." Two meetings will take place in French-speaking part of Switzerland, one will be held in Lausanne on May 25 and the other the next day at the International Conference Centre of Geneva (ICCG).

Harun Yahya was talked about after the distribution of the "Atlas of Creation" to schools and libraries in Switzerland and also in France, Belgium and North America in 2007. This 770 page massive book with a flamboyant cover rejects the theory of evolution on behalf of the Qur’an and holds Darwinism responsible for all evils: terrorism, communism or fascism. 

What is certain is that this gentleman has a great sense of communication. He has 200 documentaries, websites and 300 books, translated into 60 languages... The Science Research Foundation, one of the most active and most structured centers for Muslim Creationism, was established in Turkey in 1980s.