Harun Yahya - Some Secrets of the Quran
Some Secrets of the Qur'an



Every man who reads the Qur'an and lets it settle into his heart and soul, who considers life, and the happenings around him with the attitude of a faithful person, and who takes God as his sole friend can see the secrets revealed in the Qur'an. No event, significant or not, takes place randomly; nothing appears as a result of a coincidence. A secret, a good and divine purpose of God lays behind each one of them. If people act sincerely and always turn to God, then they can appreciate these secrets and the wisdom behind them.

One who grasps the secrets of the Qur'an draws closer to God and consolidates the friendship with Him. These people have a better understanding of the Lord, The Creator of the heavens and the earth and attain a better appreciation of His power, wisdom and knowledge. They realise that there is no friend or protector other than God. They feel the excitement and joy of seeing and comprehending the wisdom and secret God creates at every single moment. God discloses more of the secrets in His creation to such people. Even if such a person's life appears as ordinary to others, God, actually, creates something extraordinary for that person each minute. God will show these to anybody who sincerely wants to see His wisdom and the secrets in His creation.

As God states in the Qur'an:

Certainly there is a plain message in this (the Qur'an) for people who worship. (Surat al-Anbiya': 106)