Harun Yahya - Terrorism: The Ritual of the Devil
The Ritual of the Devil


As we have stressed right through this book, it is peoples' refusal to listen to the voice of their consciences that turns them in the direction of violence and savagery. They totally ignore the fact that they are responsible to God and that they will have to account for all their actions in the hereafter. The most effective means of turning such people away from violence and terrorism, therefore, is in addressing the ignorance that directs them down that road in the first place. While most nations turn to law-enforcement agencies, and political and economic strategies when dealing with terrorism, none of these are sufficient to resolve the problem on their own. What really needs to be done is to destroy the ideological foundation of terrorism. That requires a war on the level of ideas against all ideologies that promote hatred and anger, and their replacement with the moral virtues taught by religion.

As we have seen throughout the course of this book, Darwinism is the principle foundation of such ideologies. The only reason why that theory, which has today lost all scientific credibility, and has been shown to be devoid of all reason and logic, is still being artificially kept alive, is an ideological attachment to it. When that foundation is eventually done away with, therefore, the ideologies built on it will necessarily collapse. For that reason, the war of ideas against Darwinism is essential for bringing peace and security to mankind.

One important strategy of that war consists of revealing the true source of the ideologies in question, together with all their errors and deceptions. Another important stage is explaining the morality of religion, which will bring with it true peace and security. Since most people today have little idea of what the true religion is, they fall under the influence of atheism. That is why explaining the true religion, and the presentation of the morality commanded by God to the entire world, is the duty of every person who knows and lives by it.

Today, in the world as a whole, the system of the Antichrist prevails, in other words, anarchy, strife and chaos are rife. Throughout history, God has destroyed a great many evil and corrupt communities. All societies and movements founded on cruelty and ruthlessness, which resort to violence and terrorism and oppress others, face the same inevitable end. All anarchists and terrorist are doomed to destruction. All nations that support anarchy and terror will be eliminated. Cruelty can never endure. This is how the end of a wrongdoing society is described in the Qur'an,

So the last remnant of the people who did wrong was cut off. Praise belongs to God, the Lord of all the worlds! (Qur'an, 6: 45)

The Antichrist will also come to the same end. Of that there is no doubt. Those who resort to violence and terrorism must therefore turn away from them for fear of suffering the same fate. God reveals that He will forgive those who repent for their sins and turn towards that which is good. God will not hold them responsible for actions they committed out of ignorance or because they did not know the morality of religion. God is merciful and compassionate. So those who promote anarchy and harm other people must not think that it is "too late to turn back." It is never too late to turn away from anarchy and terror. All they need do is to repent to God, with a sincere heart, and stop what they are doing. The following verse reveals how God promises to forgive those who commit evil out of ignorance and then seek forgiveness:

When those who believe in Our Signs come to you, say, "Peace be upon you!' God has made mercy incumbent on Himself. If anyone among you does evil out of ignorance and then afterwards repents and puts things right, He is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Qur'an, 6: 54)