Harun Yahya - Terrorism: The Ritual of the Devil
The Ritual of the Devil

Terrorism: The Rite Of The Antichrist

We have so far looked at the kind of movement the Antichrist, the greatest purveyor of discord in the days leading up to doomsday, represents, and what kind of people are ensnared by it. In this chapter, we shall consider terrorism, one of the gravest contributors to this strife.

Although it is one of the most commonly heard terms in the world today, there is still no definition of it that all can agree on. One of the main reasons for this is that people who are regarded as terrorists by some, are regarded by others as those engaged in a just struggle. Whatever the aim may be, it is never possible to regard any group that resorts to violence and targets innocent people as just. Individuals or societies may desire different things, and these aspirations may be entirely valid. Yet, violence is not the way to bring them about. Force should only be used in self-defense. For that reason, any act of violence aimed at innocent people may be regarded as an act of terrorism.

The fundamental strategy of terrorism is the spreading of fear, and by it to gain influence. Instead of working for their aspirations through more peaceable and reasonable means, terrorist groups turn to violence, which they regard is far more effective. According to them, the more ruthless and destructive an act of terrorism is, the more terrifying it is, in other words the nearer it will have come to achieving its aim.

One of the most dreadful aspects of terrorism is the fact that it is devoid of all moral values and recognizes no rules. People who turn to terrorism lack all love, affection, compassion and tolerance, and are solely governed by feelings of hatred, anger and revenge. Unconsciously, such people's intention is to relieve their anger and take revenge, without considering the result of their actions. The idea of the damage that their actions might result in causes not the slightest stirrings of their conscience. Because, conscience of the kind of person who regards terrorism as any kind of solution is obstructed, as, therefore, are his reason, foresight and understanding.

According to the morality of the Qur'an, however, there is no room for anger. God has revealed that so long as people act in the light of individual emotions, such as anger, there will be corruption and chaos in the world. He has therefore commanded us for all time to behave with a tolerant, peaceful and brotherly spirit. When people abide by that morality, however, the system of the Antichrist, based as it is in violence, will completely collapse, terror and anarchy will disappear, and the climate of chaos that currently prevails in the world will come to an end. This is how God recommends that morality in one verse;

Make allowances for people, command what is right, and turn away from the ignorant. (Qur'an, 7: 199)

Terrorism has become one of the major problems plaguing many countries in the world today. Groups that resort to violence, and mistakenly believe that armed conflict is the only way to achieve their aims, carry out actions that lead to deaths and injury of many.



Those who Engage in Terrorism in the Name of Religion

This picture from the Late Middle Ages shows Louis IX fighting with his 15,000 soldiers on the banks of the Nile.

The morality of religion forbids all kinds of terrorist acts, and yet, a number of terrorist groups still claim that they are acting in its name. Yet, when one has a close look at the world-views of those who carry out massacres or employ violence as a method, it is quite clear that such people are deviant. They have no idea of truth of religion, and are unable to live by or comprehend its morality. Anyone who genuinely believes in the existence of God, who truly fears Him and abides by the book revealed by Him would never be able to take any kind of action that might harm innocent and defenseless people. Those who carry out acts of terrorism and violence in the name of Islam, therefore, cannot possibly be called religious groups.

The true message of a religion or other system of ideas may sometimes be twisted by its so-called supporters, or interpreted incorrectly. That applies to Judaism as well as Christianity. The Crusaders, for instance, were European Christians who set out from Europe at the end of the 11th century with the aim of liberating the Holy Land. They may have set out with an alleged religious agenda, but they spread fear and barbarity wherever they went.

The savagery of these barbarians who misinterpreted Christianity, which is a religion of love and certainly has no room for violence, clearly had nothing to do with genuine religion at all.

Most of those who resort to terror in the name of religion are fanatical groups linked to pagan beliefs or newly developed mystical teachings, not the divine religions at all. These groups, and especially those in America and Japan, carry out terrible acts of violence against their own members as well as other people. These include the groups that burned themselves to death on a farm, or committed mass suicide in their beds, or the people who harmed others by releasing poison gas in the Japanese underground system. Other groups that have come to notice, due to their acts of terrorism, include fanatical racists such as the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazi groups. Over the last 20 years in particular, there has been a visible increase in racist and fascist ideas among young people, and that has led to an increase in the number of acts of violence. The attacks perpetrated against Turks in Germany a few years ago, the abuse and assaults aimed at people of Asian and African origin in other European countries, and the acts of violence against Blacks and Arabs that still take place in the United States even today, can all be included among the range of methods employed by such groups.

It must not be forgotten that, at the basis of all deviant movements, both those considered in this book and others that we have not dealt with, lies the fact that people have turned their backs on the morality of religion, and have been raised without true knowledge of the religion The common religious morality of Islam, Christianity and Judaism is diametrically opposed to the system of the Antichrist, built as it is on violence and savagery. At the root of religion lies love, affection and compassion. God has commanded us to treat one another with justice, tolerance, understanding, compassion and respect. Furthermore, people are charged with effecting that kind of behavior no matter what the religion, language, race or gender of the person they are dealing with. For that reason, it is impossible for there to be violence in a society where the morality of religion prevails. The morality of religion is the only system that can lead people to peace and security. God reveals in one verse:

You who believe! Enter absolutely into peace (Islam). Do not follow in the footsteps of the Devil. He is an outright enemy to you. (Qur'an, 2: 208)

The following pages contain some information about groups and organizations that regard violence as normal and essential. The aim behind the preparation of this section is not to provide information about these terrorist organizations. It is to reveal the ideological system of the Antichrist, which deceives these groups that regard violence as a solution, no matter what their respective ideologies may be. The information here is of the utmost importance from the point of view of demonstrating the complexity of the system of the Antichrist, one which is currently so prevalent in the world.

The attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, are considered some of the worst acts of terrorism of recent years. The fight against terrorism, once again became a priority as a result of the deaths of thousands of innocent people in these attacks.


As part of the cover story in Time magazine in 1995, was the rapid rise in the number of racist organizations. The article described how racist movements had gone underground since the Second World War, but had never ceased their activities, the rise in the number of racist attacks in recent years being an indication of this.

World War II was madness sparked off by a racist and fascist ideology. Violence and conflict, the so-called sacred values of these ideologies, briskly infected the entire world, leading to 55 million people falling victim to fascist savagery. Though the fact that victory fell upon the Allies meant that fascism was defeated, it did not disappear. It merely went underground. As a whole, there has been a discernable rise in the number of racist and fascist organizations and acts of violence in the world over the last 10 years. While Europe battles with acts of violence perpetrated by neo-Nazis, the United States has had to deal with a resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan and similar "white supremacy" organizations. Today, both the neo-Nazis and the members of the Ku Klux Klan are carrying out attacks and encouraging their members to commits acts of terror and violence.

Many people may imagine that the Ku Klux Klan had carried out most of its attacks on and oppression of Blacks merely in the 1920s and 1930s, but that in modern times it had been consigned to the waste bin of history. The Klan is still alive, however. Today, in the United States as a whole, there are a great many Ku Klux Klan churches, even if they happen to go by other names, and many racist organizations linked to that church's teachings. That church and the organizations linked to it are not just against Blacks, but oppose all non-European races, especially the Muslims living in America, believing that a concerted struggle needs to be waged against them. That "struggle" includes the formation of armed units.

It is no secret that the basis of the Klan's teachings is that European whites are superior to all other races, and that the white race should never be polluted by those others. In order to prevent such contamination, other races must not be permitted to live in areas inhabited by the white race. The idea is that the other races have no right to the kinds of opportunities enjoyed by the whites. These races are regarded as parasites trying to contaminate the purity and superiority of the whites, and it is believed that all kinds of measures need to be taken to oppose them. These views of the Klan are the basis for the attacks carried out against other races in America. At the root of these ideas, lies hatred and aggression instead of love, tolerance and dialogue.

The so-called scientific justification for the concept of the superiority of the white race is Darwin's theory of evolution. Darwin had suggested that certain races, the European race for instance, had progressed further than other races during the evolutionary process. Those outside these advanced races were in his view primitive creatures little better than apes. To put it another way, while some races had made enormous evolutionary progress, others were still at a level not far removed from man's primitive ancestor, the ape. Darwin indulged in racist speculation about the future, and wrote:

Turkish citizens have suffered at the hands of the increasingly active racist movements in Germany. The homes of Turkish immigrants have been looted, set on fire, and the people in them burned alive by monsters whose heads are crammed with racist indoctrination.

At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilised races of man will almost certainly exterminate, and replace, the savage races throughout the world. At the same time the anthropomorphous (manlike) apes, …will no doubt be exterminated. The break between man and his nearest allies will then be wider.15

These racist views of Darwin's became an important justification used in the service of the colonialist powers of the time to disguise their own brutality. The claim that Darwin put forward to demonstrate his theory is extremely interesting in the point of view of revealing his ignorance and prejudice. In a letter to a scientist named W. Graham in 1881, Darwin cited the Turkish nation as a proof of his theory. According to this nonsense of Darwin's, the Turkish nation was one of those backward peoples that would soon disappear:

I could show fight on natural selection having done and doing more for the progress of civilization than you seem inclined to admit. Remember what risk the nations of Europe ran, not so many centuries ago of being overwhelmed by the Turks, and how ridiculous such an idea now is! The more civilised so-called Caucasian races have beaten the Turkish hollow in the struggle for existence. Looking to the world at no very distant date, what an endless number of the lower races will have been eliminated by the higher civilized races throughout the world.16

Even today we still hear of churches belonging to Blacks in various states in America being burned, of attacks on mosques and synagogues, and assaults of members of other races. Following the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, in particular, certain circles influenced by this and similar organizations stepped up their attacks. Businesses, mosques and associations belonging to Muslims in a number of states were attacked. Muslim students were not allowed into school, and Muslim children were assaulted in the streets. Everyone not totally devoid of reason and logic knows that the Islamic world, and innocent Muslim civilian and children in particular, cannot be held responsible for those ruthless attacks. (In fact, following September 11, there emerged a significant reaction, on the part of those with intelligence and common sense, which instead began to look into Islam. There was also an increase in the number of people turning to Islam). On the other hand, the situation was merely one indication of what a menace the encouragement of hatred based on race or belief could pose.

Members of the Klan do not agree, however. They are busily preparing for a great war between the races, which they believe will take place in the 21st century.

Following the September 11 attacks there was a visible rise in the level of racist attacks in the United States, where racism had in any case spread widely during the 1990s. Innocent people lost their lives in these attacks, aimed at Muslims' homes, workplaces and schools, in just the same way they did in the attack on the World Trade Center.


The Dimensions of Racism in America

The Ku Klux Klan was established in the 1870s, and became very powerful in America in the wake of the First World War. By the 1920s, it had some 3-4 million members.17

Like those of all other racist ideologies, the ideological roots of the teachings of the Klan, which start from the premise that "We will slaughter our enemies when the war to protect the white race begins," is the view that the white race is at the top of the evolutionary scale, while other races are to be located further down, for which reason they merit all kinds of inhuman treatment. A great number of people in America still hold to this view. It is fair to say that these groups, organized under different names, such as the National Alliance, the World Church of the Creator and Arian Nation, actually operate under the umbrella of the Ku Klux Klan.

The most important common factor between the views of these organizations, some of which we shall be looking at below, is that they have no qualms about using violence to achieve their aims, but rather often regard violence and aggression as necessary.


World Church of the Creator (WCOTC)

The WCOTC is one of those active racist organizations in America that is growing stronger by the day. This deviant organization denies the existence of God, the day of judgment, heaven and hell, and also has a large number of followers outside the United States. The idea of the superiority of the white race constitutes the basis of the organization's ideology. On its web site, Ben Klassen, the founder of this racist group, has this to say about their ideology:

The symbols and slogans used by racist groups active in the United States strikingly reveal the violent tendencies of these organizations. The "Ethnic Cleansing" pictured below represents a computer game prepared for racist young people. The basis for winning the game is killing as many people from different races as possible.

[The] objective [of our religion] would be: The Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race. It [our religion] is based on love--love for the White Race…. We, therefore, reject …angels and devils and gods…. Our Golden Rule briefly can be summarized as follows: That which is good for the White Race is the highest virtue; that which is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin… Nature tells us to take care of our own kind and only our own kind. We do not regard any of the mud races to be our own kind… The niggers, undoubtedly, are at the very bottom of the ladder, not far above monkeys and chimpanzees… We have no intention of helping the mud races prosper, multiply, and crowd us off the limited space of this planet.18

This perverse idea, as we have seen, is treated as a religion by its followers, its members subscribing to it wholly. However, it is totally unfounded, of course, to call this perversity a religion. We would be more correct in calling it a brand of Social Darwinism, the fundamental teaching of which is the future struggle against other races. That notion is actually referred to by the slogan "Rahowa," (Racial Holy War), and is regarded by the group as one of its core values. In another address, Ben Klassen informed his followers what Rahowa actually means, and felt no scruples about calling them to take up arms:

RAHOWA! In this one word we sum up the total goal and program of not only the Church of the Creator, but of the total White Race, and it is this: We take up the challenge. We gird for total war against the Jews and the rest of the goddamned mud races of the world-politically, militantly, financially, morally and religiously. In fact we regard it as the heart of our religious creed, and as the most sacred credo of all. We regard it as a holy war to the finish-a racial holy war.19

The expected war between the races is one of the major aims of Klan organizations. The subject is stressed at just about every meeting. During speeches, Klan members are filled with enthusiasm for the war, and many references to it are made in their writings. Incitement towards this war, which has now assumed mythical status among them, is frequently to be seen in Klan publications. For instance, the journal Knight-Ridder, which covered a national rally held in Columbia, included the following lines:

Ben Klassen

King is the leader of the Christian Knights, who dreams of a resurgent Ku Klux Klan... He points down the street where both he and a neighbor decorate their front yards with robed Klansmen yard statues. He says: "A race war is coming. The Klan is the only hope for the white race."20

As is the case with many racist organizations, Rahowa is founded fundamentally on the belief in evolution. Such a degree of hostility towards other races, and the lack of any compunction over the using of violence as a means, are all the result of the belief in the theory of evolution. Nothing can prevent anyone who regards somebody else as an animal from abusing, attacking and, if necessary, killing that individual.

The following words of Matt Hale, who became leader of the organization after Ben Klassen, are just one example of the close connection between the idea which they treat as a religion and belief in evolution:

But we are animals. That's the thing. We don't accept this idea that just because we can think and speak and walk on two legs that we are not bound by nature's laws. We are.21

Matt Hale

These words are an indication of the organization's peculiar, unique view of religion. Naturally, that religion has absolutely nothing to do with Christianity, which promotes humility, love and tolerance. And, the leaders of the organization do not hesitate to admit the fact. The following extract from an interview with Matt Hale nicely sums up their view of religion:

Rather than a religion such as Christianity, which tells them to love their enemies, love the meek and the inferior. We need a religion, which exalts our own people and our own people alone… So we need to recognize this and do away with the idea that all men are created equal and idiotic notions of that kind… what we believe in doing is ending all aid to all non-white races. We believe that without this aid the non-white races would very quickly shrink their own numbers. They could not feed themselves… We believe that a perfect world is much more possible by having only white people, white racial comrades

around the world. And we believe that once the non-white races are gone, and the white race is united with a pro living, a pro-life creed such as Creativity, there will be peace and prosperity for our white people.22

Yet those who maintain the superiority of one race, and believe that their characteristics make them superior to others, are ignoring one very important truth. None of these values are permanent. Every human being, be he a believer or an unbeliever, will sooner or later die, leaving behind everything that he possessed in this world, and render account for himself to our Lord. On that day, nobody will be able to help anyone else, nobody's race, color or ancestry will be of the slightest importance, nothing he possessed in this world will be of the slightest advantage to him, and nobody will be able to put forward any excuses to justify his actions. God describes this in a verse:

Then when the Trumpet is blown, no ties of kinship will exist between them on that day, nor may they question one another. (Qur'an, 23: 101)


Klan Teachings

The following articles were taken from a speech by Matt Hale at a Klan rally on January 14, 2001:

- Saying the races are equal is an insult to our race.

- We despise and abhor integration, interracial marriage and the flooding of this country with non-White hoards.

- Interracial marriage is a sin against our people.

- The Civil Rights movement was wrong for us. It was wrong for our interests.

- The white race is intellectually superior to all other races.

- When we have our day, when we are in power in this world as we wish to be, as we will be, certainly we will subsidize the best of our race, the most intelligent of our race to have the most children.

- The future is going to be one in which we have a land that is White and we will repatriate the other races.

- They would be pushed on the boats by force-within the law! That's going to be the law.

- Non-Whites are absolutely irrelevant. If they were lying in a pool of blood, it would be absolutely irrelevant. It simply means nothing to me. What I care about is my own racial family.

- The brain makes the races different. The races have different shapes and sizes of brains.

- On why most serial killers have been White … White people plan what they do. White people actually think. Most of the crimes that Blacks commit are impulsive. White people think about the crime they are going to commit. White people are involved in this type of crime because it takes a lot of planning.23

These words strikingly reveal the thinking of a Klan member. This mentality is of such a kind that even the acts of a serial murder can become the cause for boasting, and savagery justified in the name of racial superiority.


The National Alliance

One of the fascist organizations enjoying increasing support from young people in America is the National Alliance. The organization was first founded in 1970 by Dr. William Pierce, a young professor of physics at Oregon State University, as the National Youth Alliance. Its outstanding characteristic was the way it targeted colleges and universities. Age of membership was restricted to 30 and under. Later, however, that age barrier was lifted and a new organization was created called the National Alliance. One of the principle objectives of this organization attaches great importance to the rearing up of young people with racist ideas. That, it is believed, will enable future generations to emerge in the awareness of racial superiority. Like all other racist groups, the National Alliance aims to defend the superiority of the white race under all circumstances. Dr. Pierce summed up this objective during an interview he gave in 1997:

Dr. William Pierce

Ultimately, we must separate ourselves from the Blacks and other non-Whites and keep ourselves separate, no matter what it takes to accomplish this… Eventually we must hunt them down and get rid of them.24

That, of course, is not the only similarity between the National Alliance and other fascist organizations. As with others who believe in the theory of evolution, it is also prominent in the National Alliance. No matter how much organization members may claim to be religious, their statements reveal their beliefs to be totally opposed to religion. In general, they will state the following:

We see ourselves as integral with a unitary world around us, which evolves according to natural law. In the simplest words: There is only one reality, which we call Nature: …We are part of Nature and subject to Nature's laws. Within the scope of these laws we are able to determine our own destiny… In other words, we ourselves are responsible for everything over which we have the power of choice: in particular, for the state of our environment and for the destiny of our race. This view may be contrasted with the Semitic view.25

As we have seen, the use of religious principles in speeches by fascist and racist groups, and their efforts to portray themselves as people who live by the morality of religion, are nothing more than a sham tactic. Studies and researches by sociologists and academics have emphasized this fact. One of these academics is Jack Levin, director for the study of Violence and Social Conflict at Boston's Northeastern University. Levin states that the reason the groups use biblical references is to "lend an air of religious credibility" to their message of hate.26


While racist groups that represent racism and xenophobia come together under the umbrella of the Ku Klux Klan in America, the neo-Nazis perform the same role in Europe. European racism began with the skinheads in Great Britain, and turned into a neo-Nazi movement in the 1990s. The main characteristics of these groups which define themselves as neo-Nazis are the way that, just like the Ku Klux Klan, they maintain the superiority of the white race and attack foreigners and those living in poorer areas.

Neo-Nazi movements have grown increasingly powerful over the last 10 years, and their sphere of influence has widened considerably. Their members now number around 70,000. The neo-Nazis have set themselves various targets in different countries. According to one study, Turks in Germany, Gypsies in Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, Asians in Great Britain, North Africans in France and Northeasterners in Brazil, are among their slated victims. The neo-Nazis' distinguishing characteristics are violence, hatred, intimidation, the use of threat and destruction.

According to official German figures, in 1997 alone there were 10,037 incidents linked to racism and xenophobia. The figure for 2000 was more than 10,000. In Britain, there were 10,982 racism-linked incidents between April and September alone. More than half of these crimes consisted of threats, menaces and intimidation. The rest were made up of murders, assaults, vandalism of homes and businesses, etc.

The books The Turner Diaries and Hunter, written by William Pierce under the pen name Andrew Macdonald, one of the leaders of the National Alliance, are important sources of inspiration for racists around the world. The Turner Diaries describes how a lone racist bombs the FBI headquarters. The hero of Hunter kills Jews and members of other minorities.

Louis Beam and William Pierce, extreme right-wing American ideologues, share a very important place in the neo-Nazi movement that developed during the 1990s. The concepts of "leaderless resistance" and "white revolution" put forward by these men have now come to dominate the thought of the neo-Nazi movement. At the root of various acts of terror, such as bombings, looting, and the destruction of workplaces in numerous countries of the world, can continually be found their concept of "leaderless resistance." According to their idea, neo-Nazi actions aught to be carried out on either an individual basis or else by very small gangs.

The books Hunter and The Turner Diaries by William Pierce are regarded as the principle inspiration behind neo-Nazi terror. The pamphlet A Practical Guide to Aryan Revolution by the French Nationalist Socialist Movement, which took those books as its theoretical basis, contains all the information a neo-Nazi would require. The pamphlet is a detailed, practical terrorist handbook, divided into such chapter headings as Methods of Covert Direct Action, Escape and Evasion, Assasination, Terror Bombing, Sabotage, Racial War, How To Create A Revolutionary Situation, and Rules of Engagement - Regulations Concerning the Conduct of Soldiers of the Aryan Liberation Army. 27

Even if they do not play an active role within these groups, many people nevertheless support fascism and are influenced by these books. The Turner Diaries, for instance, describe how one underground group organized against the state and what kind of activities it engaged in. In his defense, a man by the name of John William King, who killed a Black man named James Byrd Jr. in 1998 by tying him and dragging him behind his pick-up truck, was reported to having said, "We're going to start The Turner Diaries early."28

Following the 1993 Oklahoma bombing by Timothy McVeigh, attention turned to William Pierce's book Hunter, in which Pierce described the actions of a bomber who acted alone. The hero of the book was not supported by any group or organization, but consciously carried out a terrorist attack single-handedly, just as Timothy McVeigh did. 29

The ideology of neo-Nazism, who have become active all over the world again in recent years, turns its members into those who take pleasure in violence and bloodshed. The neo-Nazi movement attracts the more ignorant members of society, and remains a real menace in many countries.


The Oklahoma Bomber Was a Neo-Nazi

The bombing in Oklahoma by Timothy McVeigh made the cover of Time magazine. The pictures on the adjacent page and the one after show scenes from the aftermath of the attack.

Up until September 11, 2001, the worst terrorist attack the American people had witnessed was that of on federal building in Oklahoma by Timothy McVeigh, as a result of which 168 people lost their lives, including a number of children. What is interesting about that bombing is that Timothy McVeigh was both the member of a deviant cult as well as a neo-Nazi.

McVeigh claimed to have carried out that bombing in revenge for David Koresh and his followers who burned to death on a farm in 1993. According to McVeigh, Koresh and the cult members did not kill themselves, but were actually murdered by the American state. He therefore decided to take revenge on that state, and planned to bomb the people working in its name in the Federal Building. Exactly two years after the deaths of Koresh and his cult followers, on the second anniversary in fact, McVeigh cold-bloodedly parked a lorry full of explosives in front of the Federal Building and the rest is history. After the attack, McVeigh was helped by another neo-Nazi, Terry Nichols. The most important fact to recognize about those who supported Nichols and McVeigh before the attack, who helped locate the explosives and knew what McVeigh was up to, is that they were all neo-Nazis.

Shortly before his execution, McVeigh sent a letter to The Buffalo News in which he said he was not sorry about the bombing, which he saw as a "legit tactic," in his solitary war against the federal government. That attack, the product of a disturbed mind, is once again an appalling indication of what terrible destruction the movements we are presently discussing can wreak on people and society.30

As we should now be able to recognize from these numerous examples, those who are caught up in the system of the Antichrist believe it is entirely justified to discriminate between people on the grounds of race, language and gender, and to exercise brutality against them. What is more, that discrimination between communities can turn into the type of hysteria that leads to war and destruction. People are attacked solely because of their language, religion or race, and needlessly suffer all sorts of abuse. One of the reasons for this, as is made clear in the Qur'an, is that the Devil portrays "fanatical rage" as right and honorable. Most of the groups who at the present are encouraging terrorism, or who carry such acts, are caught up by this temptation, and base their attacks on racist statements. It is clear from the following verse exactly to what extent such racist provocation violates the principles of Islam:

Those who disbelieve filled their hearts with fanatical rage-the fanatical rage of the Time of Ignorance-and God sent down serenity to His Messenger and to the believers, and obliged them to respect the formula of heedfulness which they had most right to and were most entitled to. God has knowledge of all things. (Qur'an, 48:26)

The different peoples of the world have been created in order for human beings to come to know each other, to have good relations with each other, not to be enemies of one another. In the Qur'an, God has revealed that the ideology of the "master race," which foments the climate of terror desired by the Antichrist, is utterly false. Only better morality proffers societies, cultures or individuals with superiority. It is of absolutely no importance what race people belong to, what language they speak, or what color their skins are. Trying to ascribe superiority on the basis of such values, and harboring feelings of hatred towards other societies, are products of the ideology of the Antichrist. This is how God has revealed that the differences between races are a means by which friendship and cultural exchange can be brought about, and that superiority depends solely on piety, in other words, on faith and morality:

Mankind! We created you from a male and female, and made you into peoples and tribes so that you might come to know each other.The noblest among you in God's sight is the one who best performs his duty. God is All-Knowing, All-Aware. (Qur'an, 49: 13)



Satanism is a perverted ideology that makes violence and savagery a ritual in its creed. Satanists, who describe themselves as such, make deeds of inhumanity and brutality into acts of worship.

When the word Satanism is mentioned most people think merely of its widespread psychological influence on young people, and regard it as a kind of insignificant mystical movement. Also, due to the influence of the media, they may think of Satanists as performing strange rituals, much unlike what ordinary and well-balanced people would otherwise do. It is true that Satanists are part of a culture of violence and perform strange and horrible rites, yet, what most people fail to see is that Satanism is a materialist and atheist ideology that supports violence and which dates back to the 1800s. Furthermore, the ideology has a large number of followers throughout the world.

The fundamental principle of Satanism is that it rejects all religious values, takes the Devil as its deity, and claims that hell is a kind of salvation. According to the belief of Satanism, people have no responsibilities, apart from that of following their own desires. If his desires lead a person to anger, hatred, revenge, deceit, theft, the harming others or even murder, then that is acceptable. The basic logic that Satanism relies on, in support of that belief, is the claim that the avoidance of evil is a kind of insincerity. In other words, this perverted belief maintains that if his desires impel someone to kill another, and if he acts according to that impulse, then he has behaved sincerely.

Virtues such as love, tolerance, patience and forgiveness, which are highly esteemed by most people, and are elements of the true morality, are loathed by Satanists. This deviant ideology maintains that there should be no restrictions on evil and such feelings as hatred, anger and vengeance. Article 5 of The Satanic Bible, widely regarded as the fundamental textbook of Satanism, states, instead of the biblical principle that says "To him who strikes you on the cheek, offer the other also." that "Satan represents vengeance, instead of turning the other cheek." Elsewhere in that same book appears the commandment:

Hate your enemies with a whole heart, and if a man smite you on one cheek, SMASH him on the other!31

It is obvious that according to such thinking it will be impossible to prevent any kind wickedness. Such an atmosphere will inevitably lead to chaos and strife. It is impossible to speak of order, peace, stability, security, forgiveness or tolerance in any society in which people do not listen to the voice of their consciences, and are thus unable to distinguish between good and bad, and to use their will and judgment to act for good. In an environment of that sort, anyone who feels anger towards somebody else will be unable to restrain that anger and behave with moderation, and will inevitably seek his revenge. Alternatively, instead of being patient in times of need and poverty, and attempting to address those needs in a sensible manner, these people will resort to theft and other sorts of crime. Satanism is their justification for doing so.

Anton LaVey (right) and the Satanic Bible (left).

The kind of society proposed by the ideology of Satanism recognizes no rules and no bounds. Its aim is the free expression of selfish desires and evil. In his book The Satanic Bible, Anton LaVey, regarded as the founder of modern Satanism, recommends to his followers that they live by and promote wickedness as they so please. In an interview, LaVey even said: "I feel laws are, obviously, made to be broken ... I see nothing wrong with robbing somebody on the street.32

Satanism's refusal to recognize any bounds does not stop there, of course. People would not only harm themselves and those around them, but would direct their hostility and anger at all. That refusal to recognize any limits, moreover, leads to the regard of violence as an intrinsic part of life. According to Satanism, violence is a fact of nature, and thus inescapable. Therefore, this distorted view maintains that it is perfectly permissible for people to resort to violence. Since any attempt to prevent or minimize violence is a violation of what is natural, any attempt to do so is futile, and it is therefore illogical to do so.

As we have seen, Satanism holds utterly perverse beliefs, which encourage people to be aggressive, to commit murder, and even mass slaughter. In America in particular, academics have established that Satanism lies at the root of national terror, and that serious steps need to be taken in order to deal with it. One of these academics is Carl Roschke, a professor at Denver University, who has stressed the importance of the subject in the words, "We're really dealing with the way satanic ideology has become a basis for domestic terrorism."33 Roschke says that the most important step in the war to be waged against Satanism is to make it clear that its followers are not just "harmless wackoes," but that when their crimes are examined, one can understand just how harmful someone claiming to be a Satanist can be. 34

There is no doubt that the most important fight against a movement of this sort must be ideological. That being the case, we must establish which ideologies Satanism is founded on.


Darwinism is the Ideological Basis of Satanism

One of the most common ways Satanists use to describe themselves, in their books, magazines and publications, as well as their websites, is to regard man as a "kind of developed animal," and to maintain that "only the fittest can survive." This is the most important piece of evidence to corroborate that Darwinism lies at the very root of the Satanists' beliefs. In fact, many Satanists do not hesitate to admit the fact. In A Description of Satanism, a Satanist writer describes the ideology in these terms:

The Secret Life of a Satanist is the biography of Anton LaVey.

…First of all, Humans are social animals... all people and animals share a common source in mere biology. Satanism is the belief that Humans are nothing more than higher animals-we have no special place in creation other than being lucky to have evolved and survived…35

Another Satanist publication, The Church of Satan, describes how they believe that human beings are a kind of developed animal:

Since Satanism stands for acceptance of Man as an animal, there have often been creators in many past cultures who embraced this insight and explored it in the context of their society, thus we seek out these artistic philosophical expressions and see them to be the roots of our current awareness.36

It is clear from the preceding that Satanism regards Darwin's theory, that human beings evolved from animals, as the source of its own ideological "awareness." The introduction to an interview with Anton LaVey, carried in the music journal MF Magazine, describes the relationship between Satanism and Darwinism:

In the late 1960s, Anton LaVey brought forth an easily understandable doctrine of social Darwinism, and strong positive thinking (magic) to the growing mass of individuals sick of both hippieism and the stagnant morals of Christianity.37

Satan Speaks and The Devil's Notebook by Anton LaVey reveal the Satanists' deviant beliefs.

Magister Peter H. Gilmore, a priest of the Church of Satan, describes this perverted religion in the following terms:

… Let us instead look at contemporary Satanism for what it really is: a brutal religion of elitism and social Darwinism that seeks to re-establish the reign of the able over the idiotic, of swift justice over injustice, and for a wholesale rejection of egalitarianism as a myth that has crippled the advancement of the human species for the last two thousand years.38

Of course, the idea of justice, as set out above, has absolutely no resemblance to the notion of justice as we know it should be, that is, established on the principle of equality. The above version is a Satanist idea of justice, and as will be seen from what follows, it is a version that endows anyone who regards himself as superior to others to usurp all such powers and rights.

The way Satanism shares so many parallels with Social Darwinism, which regards Western society as superior to others, has led to cooperation between it and a number of other racist and chauvinistic movements, especially fascism. One can find many individuals who believed in Satanism among the ranks of Hitler's National Socialists and Mussolini's Blackshirts. Anton LaVey makes this reference to that collaboration:

One of the primary criteria applied by the theory of eugenics was the measurement of peoples' skulls. According to such a totally unscientific claim, those with smaller skulls were backward and doomed to elimination.

It's an unholy alliance. Many different types of such people have made contact with us in the past. The anti-Christian strength of National Socialist Germany is part of the appeal to Satanists-the drama, the lighting, the choreography with which they moved millions of people.39

Darwinism is the primary ground shared between these tendencies and Satanism. Social Darwinism, which lies at the heart of all these deviant ideologies, is defended by Satanists as follows:

The principle of the survival of the strong is advocated on all levels of society, from allowing an individual to stand or fall, to even letting those nations that cannot handle themselves take the consequences of this inability… There would be a concomitant reduction in the world's population as the weak are allowed to experience the consequences of social Darwinism. Thus has nature always acted to cleanse and strengthen her children… We embrace reality and do not try to transform it into some utopia that is contrary to the very fabric of existence.40

Another expression of the Satanists' attachment to Social Darwinism is their fierce support for the theory of eugenics, itself the product of fascism. The theory of eugenics maintained that the sick and the crippled ought to be eliminated from society, and the number of healthy individuals increased through breeding. The theory was most prominently implemented in Nazi Germany. According to the theory of eugenics, in the same way that healthy animal stock is bred by mating healthy species, by this way a race of humans also be improved. Those elements obstructing such improvement (the sick, crippled, mentally handicapped etc.) need to be eradicated. When this line of thinking was adopted in Nazi Germany, tens of thousands of people with genetic and mental diseases were slaughtered ruthlessly.

Satanism is also in favor of the same terrible mercilessness. Their own publications reveal their view on eugenics:

Satanists also seek to enhance the laws of nature by concentrating on fostering the practice of eugenics… It is the practice of encouraging people of talent and ability to reproduce, to enrich the gene pool from which our species can grow. This was commonly practiced throughout the world… Until the genetic code is cracked and we can choose the character of our offspring at will, Satanists seek to mate the best with the best. 41

The Perverse Rites of Satanism

The Internet is one of the Satanists' most frequently used propaganda tools. Young people are attracted into a world of darkness on these sites, where they are indoctrinated into perversion and violence, and encouraged to obey the commands of Satan and participate in rites involving murder, torture and other forms of brutality.

Black masses, and the terrible things that are conducted during them, is what most often comes to peoples' minds whenever Satanism is mentioned. Yet, many people believe that it is make-believe only portrayed in films, and that nothing of the sort actually takes place in real life. However, the terrible scenes we are used to watching in films are really parts and aspects of Satanist masses and rituals.

The real purpose behind these rituals is to make contact with the Devil and learn his so-called teachings. In order to see just how important these devilish rites are in Satanism, a brief look at their own books and websites is more than sufficient. The common feature of these publications is the way they devote considerable space to gloomy subjects and insist on the importance of the black mass. In a well-known Satanist website, which carries various Satanist messages for the under-18s, these so-called masses are emphasized as being one of the fundamental elements of Satanism, and that young people who cannot attend group ceremonies should nevertheless hold such services on their own. The details of the services these young people are instructed to hold are then given:

Don't be disturbed or frightened or think you're crazy when you feel contacted by the Dark Ones… Approach the Dark Masters with the proper degree of respect and decorum-that's what rituals are for, to establish a relationship… You don't need everything mentioned in Dr. LaVey's books to do an effective ritual. Maybe you don't have the money to obtain, or the private space to store, items such as swords, chalices, black robes, gongs and elaborate altars. Here is a powerful ritual you can perform… Light the candle and set it before you… As you gaze at the flame, say in your mind or out loud, "I am ready, oh, Dark Lord. I feel your strength within me and wish to honor you in my life. I am one of the Devil's Own. Hail Satan!"… This is a simple way of conjuring Satan into your life. 42

One can recognize such perversion, immorality and savagery in any society that takes Satan as its guide. For Satanists, these things are inspired by the Devil himself, and must be adhered to. Satanists, who do adhere to them, fall into forms of sexual perversions, torture humans as well as animals, and even perform such disgusting things as the drinking of the blood of the creatures or people they kill. In many countries of the world, young people who describe themselves as Satanists hold drug-parties at which all kinds of immorality and perversion take place, and which frequently end in the killing of one of their number in the Devil's name.

The way Satanists attach such importance to the shedding of blood at their rituals is a small-scale example of the plan Satan has for mankind. Satan hates mankind, and wants to inflict as much suffering on it as possible. It is therefore his aim to fill the world with bloodshed. The ideologies of the Antichrist we discussed earlier, such as fascism, racism and communism, all serve his purpose. All the wars, massacres, killings, and acts of terrorism, linked to these and similar atheistic ideologies, are all "Satanic masses" aimed at satisfying the Devil's lust for blood.

Those who openly describe themselves as Satanists carry out the shedding of blood as an act of worship. Those who incite terror and anarchy in the world are actually performing the same rite, in a more secret but with far wider ramifications. In short, the Devil, and the system of the Antichrist established by him for the world are using those they have managed to take in and are trying to turn the world into a brutal battleground.


Satanism is an Ideology That Has Already Been Defeated

We need to bear in mind the Satanists' own views when considering the threat posed by it. When Satanists are asked how many of them there are, they claim to have large numbers of followers, because there are many people who actually live by the tenets of Satanism without being aware of the fact. In a way, that is actually the case. Many people, consciously or unconsciously, share the views of the Satanists. That is because, refusing to listen to the voice of one's conscience, or to live by proper morality, therefore following one's own desires, is the same as obeying the commands of the Devil. When one considers all the destruction caused by Satanists up to the present day, it is quite clear in what a terrible state a society consisting of such people is going to end up to be.

The claim that man is a species of animal, on which Satanism is founded, is utter nonsense. Mankind did not come into being as the result of blind chance. The Creator of mankind, and of the order and splendor of the entire universe, is the infinitely powerful, superior and All-Wise God, who has no weaknesses of any kind. He created man with the ability to think and reason, to distinguish between right and wrong, and also with a responsibility towards his Creator. Just as each individual's ego direct him towards evil, so his conscience protects him from it, and commands him to turn away from it. It is man's duty to listen to the voice of his conscience, not to his ego and adopt the kind of morality that is pleasing to God. That morality will not only allow the individual concerned, and the society in which he lives, to enjoy a peaceful and secure existence, but will also, by the will of God, lead to the sublimest reward in the hereafter.

One important fact that must not be lost sight of is that the life Satan offers, which he dresses up to appear so very attractive, is mere deception. Satan may make all kinds of promises about the possibilities of the life of this world, and may try to turn people away form the true path, yet, it must not be forgotten that the road he beckons man to follow will only lead to ultimate destruction for those who take it. That is because Satan and his followers have already been defeated. As God explains in a verse:

… What they call on is an arrogant Satan whom God has cursed. He said, "I will take a certain fixed proportion of Your servants. I will lead them astray and fill them with false hopes. I will command them and they will cut off cattle's ears. I will command them and they will change God's creation." Anyone who takes the Devil as his protector in place of God has clearly lost everything. (Qur'an, 4: 117-119)



The People's Temple, founded under the leadership of Jim Jones in the 1970s, has gone down in history as the cult responsible for the worst mass suicide ever. More than 900 people, including children, killed themselves by ingesting poison.

We have already discussed in earlier chapters the existence in a number of countries of the world, and especially the United States, of superstitious cults that adhere to deviant belief-systems, and how such groups engage in acts of terror. These mystical groups destroy the order of society, encourage nations towards violence, and lead to killings and even suicides. Some of the best-known of these are: David Koresh and his followers who committed mass suicide, the Heaven's Gate cult who did the same, and the Aum Shinrikyo cult who harmed hundreds of people by releasing poison gas into the Japanese underground transit system.

In addition to these, however, every day in America are attacks perpetrated by unknown groups as well as mass suicide. The worst mass suicide so far was that of "The People's Temple" cult.

Established at the end of the 1970s, under the leadership of Jim Jones, this cult lived isolated from the rest of the world in a forest area in Southern America. Following a number of complaints, in 1978, US Congressman Leo Ryan visited the Jonestown area on a fact-finding mission. As Ryan was leaving Jonestown, 18 temple members who wanted to leave the cult tried to accompany him, at which point violence erupted. Cult members opened fire on those who attempted to leave it. Congressman Ryan, three journalists, and one of the departing members were killed. Eleven people were injured. A few hours after that incident, the leader of the cult ordered their members to commit mass suicide by drinking potassium cyanide. Children died first; babies were killed by poison squirted into their mouths with a syringe. Then more than 900 people, children included, poisoned themselves.43

David Koresh

By the 1990s, however, the group that attracted the most attention through mass death was the cult of David Koresh. When security units wished to inspect a farm in Texas on February 28, 1993, cult members opened fire on them. A siege that would last 51 days then ensued. When one member of the security forces tried to get into the farm on the 51st day, smoke suddenly began rising. The security forces announced that David Koresh had set fire to the farm, and that booby traps installed in various parts of it had turned the place into an inferno, in which some 90 people burned to death.

Deviant cults again hit the headlines in 1997, when some 40 people wearing black T-shirts and sports-shoes committed mass suicide in the north of San Diego. Aged between 26 and 72, they had killed themselves out of a belief that the Hale-Bopp comet, which was then passing by the earth, would carry them to a higher level of evolution. This is how their ideas were expressed on their website:

Members of The Heaven's Gate cult believed that the Hale-Bopp comet would carry them to a higher stage of evolution, based on which they committed suicide in 1997. Below is the leader of the group, Bonnie Lu Trusdale.

The joy is that our Older Member in the Evolutionary Level above human has made it clear to us that Hale-Bopp's approach is the "marker" we've been waiting for. … Our 22 years of classroom here on planet Earth is finally coming to conclusion "graduation" from the Human Evolutionary Level. We are happily prepared to leave "this world" and go with Ti's crew. (Ti refers to Bonnie Lu Trusdale a cofounder of the cult who died of cancer in 1985)44

These accounts may seem to have very little to do with the lives of most people who are reading this book. Yet, nobody should be deceived by that fact as we have only considered three examples in detail. A large number of deviant cults and organizations are influencing young people in many countries of the world. The fact that some people regard these movements as being far removed from themselves does not mean that they are not causing terrible harm to individuals and to society as a whole. On the contrary, they reveal the different forms the strife of the Antichrist can take and how widespread it actually is.


The Japanese Cult's Underground Attack

The harm that such cults cause for the lives and property of their members is by no means the only threat they pose. The deviant ideas and lifestyles promoted by these cults also damage the very fabric of society. From time to time, some of them organize attacks directly aimed at the civilian population. One recent example of this was the Japanese cult Aum Shinrikyo, and its release of poison gas into a Tokyo metro station. The cult was also held responsible for a similar gas attack in Matsumoto near Tokyo, in which seven people died and 144 were injured.

According to the teachings of the leader of the cult, Shoko Asahara, a person can only cleanse his soul by killing. World domination is only possible by implementing the violence that he teaches his followers. Acts that normal people would regard as cold-blooded, are for the members of the cult true examples of morality.

The first target of the attacks, which began in 1994, were the judges who had filed charges against the cult and lived in accommodations provided by the Ministry of Justice . The first attack resulted in seven deaths. At the same time, the cult had begun the construction of a 70-ton capacity sarin gas production facility, on the orders of Asahara, who also instructed that 1,000 automatic rifles and a million bullets be manufactured. With the help of Russian experts hired by the cult, there were also efforts being made to construct a kind of nuclear weapon. Also within Asahara's sphere of activities were kidnappings and murder, especially of lawyers and public prosecutors opposed to the cult's activities.

Members of the Aum sect, who believe that man can only cleanse his soul by killing, were responsible for the deaths of 12 people, and thousands of others injured, when they released poison sarin gas into the Tokyo underground transit system.

The attack on the underground system resulted in a much more severe reaction against the cult. Thousands of commuters on their way to work were affected. Twelve people died and more than 5,000 received treatment in hospital, and the attack became a terrifying example of the threat such groups now pose to the public.

As we have seen from the above examples, any kind of immorality is to be expected from groups that develop their own beliefs far removed from the morality of religion. The members of such organizations are wholly capable of any kind of deviance, from drug abuse to theft, and from kidnapping to torture, though they often only end up in bringing an end to their own lives.

One must never forget that it should come as no surprise that people who do not believe in God, have no fear of Him, and refuse to recognize true morality, engage in such acts of violence. That is because, they do not believe they will have to account for their deeds, nor that they will receive their just due in the Hereafter. In addition, they would probably adopt entirely inappropriate or false beliefs on the subject of life after death, all in accordance with their desires. The only true path however, is that revealed by God to His servants. Anyone who knows of the religion of God, and lives by it, is moderate and well-balanced. Furthermore, in the Qur'an, God has commanded man to think and use his reason. It is thus impossible for true believers to get caught-up in any belief system without listening to their consciences and employing their powers of reasoning. The faithful act in accordance with the dictates of their conscience at every moment in their lives, and behave reasonably. That, in turn, protects them from all forms of immorality and perversion. True believers are those who stay firmly rooted on the path revealed by God. It is clear, however, that such cults and organizations have long since turned away from that path.

There is no question that the acts of violence and terror we have been considering are not the only manifestations of terror in the world today. Very many terrorist organizations in a great many countries have for many years been spreading fear, terror, as well as leading to the deaths of many innocent people. These include the IRA, which for many years has been a major thorn in the side of the government of Great Britain; ETA in the Basque region of Spain, ASALA, the Armenian terrorist organization which for many years attacked Turkish diplomats serving abroad, and the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). Although they all have different ideological motives, all terrorist groups and people who support the use of violence, whether listed here or not, and whether they are aware of the fact or not, agree on one thing. That is, the rejection of religion. Whatever their ideology and world-view may be, the true reason why anyone turns to anarchy and violence is that they lack any beliefs and conscience to prevent them from doing so.


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