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Reader's Comments on the Works of Harun Yahya

Harun Yahya's more than 190 works are in great demand all over the world as well as in Turkey. The explicit and lucid style of the books, the striking pictures supporting the texts, and the proper usage of Qur'anic verses create an increasing appeal for Harun Yahya's books. This interest has grown rapidly in 2000-2001 with the translation of the books into different languages. Today, many people can find the well-known book by Harun Yahya, - which is even highly appreciated by evolutionists - in their own language. Works by Harun Yahya are presented to for readers' consideration through libraries and bookshops in different countries of the world, and are also available on the Internet. Everyone who browses the www.harunyahya.org homepage can take advantage of this service. This site, which is available in English, French, German, Indonesian and Serbo-Croat, welcomes hundreds of visitors every day. All readers can follow Harun Yahya's works and articles in their own languages from these sites, all of which are available on-line.

Reactions to the books and articles translated into many languages, and particularly English, reach the author through letters and e-mails. In these, readers express their sincere feelings about Harun Yahya's works. Writing from many different countries, not just the United States and the United Kingdom, but from places such as Kenya, Nigeria, Brunei, Mauritius, Brasil, Greece, Egypt, and Pakistan, readers pay great compliments to the author and express the impact the works had both on them and on their circles.

Dozens of letters from all around the world are a clear indication of the love and appreciation felt for Harun Yahya. This love also gives us the glad tidings of how rapidly interest in and sympathy for the religion of Islam is growing.

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    Assalamualaikum May Allah bless upon who made this beatiful site that bring more people to understand Islam and the environment among them. Keep up the good work.
  • Hasan, Student, U.S
    Thank You Harun Yahya and everyone who has contributed to this site. You guys have greatly helped me and millions of others. May Allah bless you and your team
  • Usman Zafar Paracha, B-Pharmacy, Pakistan
    ALLAH has given much knowledge to Harun Yahya(Masha ALLAH). And also give him the power to transfer this knowledge to others. I simply want to say that he is "Hero" infact. And i'm his biggest fan.
  • Rabia, Student, Belguim
    Thanks for this wonderfull work!
  • aks, student, pakistan
    Assalaam-o-Alaikum, May Allah Bless You with his mercy & wisdom.Inshaallah I wiil be the part of this holy mission with my heart and soul.May Allah guide all of us to the right path.Amin
  • Malik ASif Awan, Account's Assistant, Pakistan
    Assalam o alaikum to all of the Muslim Brothers and sisters around the world and Jazak Allah for the service the team of Harunyahya.com is providing to solve the problems of daily routine life and lots of information. Keep it up.
  • Ahmed, IT Trainer, UK
    Salam, Your audio books and videos are super excellent. Alhamduillah, they really brought positive things in my life. I particulalry like the audio 'Before you regret' and the video 'The Truth about The Life of This World'. Keep up the good work. Salam
  • Sabahudin Cingic, IT Proffesional, Bosnia and Herzegovenia
    Allahu Ekber !!! ElhamdulIllah when people like Harun Yahya exist in this time. I think that every book like all this HY-s books need to be read by every men on Earth no matter to which religion he belong. This books are werry "nutritious" for humanity becouse it seams that in last time world has gone spiritualy hungry. No much faith and hope you can find in peoples talk, look, and relationships betwean each other, it seems to be to much evil and hate. I hope that Allah will reward this men of pen. Eselamu Alejkum
  • Ihsan Ayyub Qazi, University Student, Pakistan
    Assalam o Alaikum, i think Mr.Oktar has done a superb service to humankind. I am really inspired by his efforts. Keep going Sir!!!, InshaAllah. Wasalam.
  • Sara Madhab, Student Law, University Leiden, The Netherlands (orgin Syria)
    This is one of the most important Islamic Website I have ever read. Adnar Octar writes extremely well and provides much needed research into the history of the battle between Islam (theisme) and Epicureanism. This Website clarifies what is at stake and makes the contrast quite clear between the two antithetical and antagonistic worldviews of Materialism and Islam. This website is highly recommended for anyone who wants to understand the underlying ideas behind our current moral debates : ((certainly we as muslim youth living in the West)).
  • Najwa al-Batiel, Student, Saudi Arabia
    This is an urgent piece of writing, a reading of what we are and where we are. This marvellous Website...abounds with penetrating insights...The most remarkable quality of SRF however is its idealistic courage. Harun Yahya's books are of the utmost importance to anyone concerned...with the really basic questions of human life. Certainly in this hard times...Salam, Your sister Najwa/.
  • osep m.y., teacher, indonesia
    alhamdulillah. thank you very much harun yahya and friends. allohu akbar.
  • Rahil Nazir, Students, Pakistan
    Dear Uncle Harun, I am pleased to see your hard work.ALLAH BLESS You In this world and Hereafter.I pray for you.I am doing Software Engineering and wanna do work with your Organization at no cost. Thanks
  • Sadia Mohammed, Student, England
    Dear Mr Oktar, I am so glad that you have designed these wonderful websites, books and movies for Islamic Education. So many teenagers who are confused about Islam will be able to understand it much more clearly, as I have, so thank you. This website has also helped non-Muslims understand Islam more, too. You have motivated me to learn more about this world and its relation to Allah and Islam, and I, too wish to write books on this matter - esp in relation to Science. Inshallah, I will one day. I hope I get to see you one day and thank you personally for helping spread the Qur'an's word and helping me to stay on the right path. Yours truly, Sadia (A keen 'student' of yours)
  • Husein Najmi, Student, Pakistan
    thought provoking site helps in realizing man his real place in the universe a tiny speck of nothing ........... and has greatly helped me in understanding Islam as it was meant to be and not as i used experience it Subhanallah, Mashallah and Jazakallah......
  • HAfiz Irfan Tariq Javed, Computer Networks, Pakistan
    Salam This is one of the best sites i have ever come across , Mr. Harun yahya is presenting islam with logic which is the way of islam , May Allah help him and have his blessing on him
  • yasmine, student, egypt
    I just read Islam denounces terrorism and at the back of the book and i read about this website. this is amazing especially since i'm a deep thinker and the way harun yahya depicts islam in terms of logical thinking is AMAZING! I really wanna read the 'truth of the life of this world' and I'm planing on buying EVERY harun yahya book there is in the market! (inshallah) God bless you harun yahya, jazak allah khair!! you've really cleared my mind of annoying doubts I had about our perfect religion. Thank you. Salam.
  • Mohammad.AbdulHameed, Computer Programmer, India
    I have seen ur CD's about human cell. it is very interesting and the main thing in the CD is that u r compairing it Quran. JazaKALLAH kair.
  • Fawad, GME ( 3D Games,Animations,Designing ), Mobile#03005927276 ,03005879963.Hometown Peshawar,Pakistan
    . I invite all you readers reading this comment to start spreading this wonderful web www.harunyahya.com rapidly and in large quantities. A good idea is just to type or write the name of this web site on a amall piece of paper and print or photostate it in large numbers and spread it to any one you meet. Join this force of good, so that we can fight and destroy evil. May ALLAH Almighty forgive our mistakes and Bless us all and give us the strength to bring back all beings to the morality of the Qur'an and the Sunnah. All kinds of Glory, Praises and Thanks are for ALLAH Almighty alone, The Lord of all the worl am really impressed by Harun's work.I really love him.I have read comments of others and i think they r not giving full credit to sir Harun's work.His work is just like water for a thirsty man.I have not much words to explain his work.Sir Harun's work is important in three ways. 1-He is defeating anti islamic powers. 2-This website is pulling others to stop and read In this way its a good way to spread true meanings of Islam. 3-His work is kicking other muslims to awake. Sir it is my intense desire to meet u.Sir we r doing some work on microbiology with reference to Islam.I think u have done not much work in this field.so plz do something in this field.Indirectly u will be helping us.I only pray Allah for this message will reach many people before the last hour is uppon us.Without knowing science we cannot see the greatness of Allah and we would be missing a important seed for our iman.The lack of understanding science under the light of islam is wat caused the present situation for the muslims,wich is far from how it should be.But insallah we always pray for better days and this website is a large step in the right direction cuz it make it easy for me to warn everyone i know by iviting them to the truthI love my the only true religion islam. This is a very nice site to the guide the ignorant people which do not know about islam and it is really a nice step. May the god give them power to withstand all problems for spreading islam. This is very difficult to define about this network but i would like to say that tihs web site documentry movies stair my heart and invite to reseach on Quran and its marical and this network's work is really predicable. I really feel to saw this network's work that God is in my heart and closer. Every body should visit this web site and its documentry work. If they want to find God. Evolution is definitely not the answer to the mystery and the purpose of life but neither are all the so-called holy books, which only reflect the efforts of man to explain the meaning of his existence.
    Iam very happy with the work you are doing for Islam. ALLAH will bless you with paradise the most high with HIS mercies. Thank please reply me via my E.MAIL BOX Cntent in this comment.

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