Miracles in Our Bodies

    O man! what has deluded you in respect of your Noble Lord? He Who created you and formed you and proportioned you and assembled you in whatever way He willed.
(Surat al-Infitar: 6-8)


As we mentioned at the beginning of the book, our bodies are composed of trillions of cells. This number should not be overlooked. Indeed a trillion is an exceptionally large number. Every adult human body contains about 100 trillion cells. But thanks to the fact that these cells are very small, our bodies are not of gigantic size. The example we will give will help you to better understand how small cells are. When a million of our body cells are gathered together, they occupy a place no bigger than a pinpoint. Despite its smallness, however, a cell's structure has not yet been fully understood. Scientists are still carrying out their researches on the systems that a cell has.

The first cell that formed you was originated in your mother's womb by the union of two cells, one released by your mother's body and the other by your father's. This cell kept dividing and became a piece of flesh some time later. Then, as the cells that formed this flesh continued to divide to form new cells, your body was shaped bit by bit.

Cells that divide and multiply as seen in the picture above then differentiate into hundreds of different types of cells, a few of which are shown below.

Each new cell acquired a different shape. Whereas some became blood cells, some became bone cells and yet others became nerve cells. There are 200 types of different cells in our bodies. In fact, all of these cells are composed of identical components, yet each performs different tasks. For example, the muscle cells in your legs are like a rope woven so that you can walk and run. Thanks to the structure they possess, your arm and leg muscles do not tear due to excessive stretching while you are playing with a ball. In shape, your blood cells are globular, their task being to transport oxygen, which is required by your body, by means of blood vessels. Thanks to their shape, they can easily flow through the blood vessels together with the oxygen they carry. Skin cells, on the other hand, are clamped together and closely arranged in a line. So your skin is impervious to microbes and water.

The cables seen above are made by experts who specialize in this occupation, that is to say that each of these cables is the product of a design process.

Likewise, all other cells too have the exactly ideal shapes that are suited to their tasks. However, it is surely not by chance that these cells acquired the shapes they possess. Consider computers, cars or aeroplanes. There is someone who designed the shapes and the necessary systems for the operation of each of these devices. All details are considered and planned by the technologists of the producer companies. Cars are produced so as to ensure comfortable and safe travel; television sets are produced so as to transmit the best quality visual images and sounds to audiences. This applies not only to technological devices, but to all objects that we use. Tables, chairs, the building you are living in, the pencil you use, the eating utensils like the spoons or forks in your kitchen… each is the result of a design. Each has been planned in detail and nothing has come into existence by coincidence. As you know, in order for a design and a product to come into being, there needs to be a source of intelligence.

Now let's consider our body cells. Our cells have much more advanced plans and functions than a television or any other technological device. Moreover, these structural units, which possess extraordinary features, are living. As we have mentioned earlier, scientists have not fully discovered the marvellous system in these small units.

You are wondering, aren't you, how such a design, which the human mind cannot even fully explore, came into existence in this small space?


This reveals to us that our cells were planned and created by a being with supreme intelligence. The possessor of this intelligence is Allah, Who created us perfectly down to the last detail.