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(A voice called out to Musa,) 'I am your Lord. Take off your sandals. You are in the holy valley of Tuwa.' (20:12)


They follow what the Satans recited in the reign of Sulayman. Sulayman did not disbelieve, but the Satans did, teaching people sorcery and what had been sent down to Harut and Marut, the two angels in Babylon, who taught no one without first saying to him, 'We are merely a trial and temptation, so do not disbelieve.' People learned from them how to separate a man and his wife but they cannot harm anyone by it, except with Allah's permission. They have learned what will harm them and will not benefit them. They know that any who deal in it will have no share in the hereafter. What an evil thing they have sold themselves for if they only knew! (2:102)

When they meet those who believe, they say, 'We believe.' But then when they go apart with their Satans, they say, 'We are really with you. We were only mocking.' (2:14)

Mankind! Eat what is good and lawful on the earth. And do not follow in the footsteps of Satan. He truly is an outright enemy to you. (2:168)

You who believe! Enter Islam totally. Do not follow in the footsteps of Satan. He is an outright enemy to you. (2:208)

Satan promises you poverty and commands you to avarice. Allah promises you forgiveness from Him and abundance. Allah is All-Encompassing, All-Knowing. (2:268)

Those who practise usury will not rise from the grave except as someone driven mad by Satan's touch. That is because they say, 'Trade is the same as usury.' But Allah has permitted trade and He has forbidden usury. Whoever is given a warning by his Lord and then desists, can keep what he received in the past and his affair is Allah's concern. But all who return to it will be the Companions of the Fire, remaining in it timelessly, for ever. (2:275)

We said to the angels, 'Prostrate to Adam!' and they prostrated, with the exception of Diabolis. He refused and was arrogant and was one of the disbelievers. (2:34)

But Satan made them slip up by means of it, expelling them from where they were. We said, 'Go down from here as enemies to each other! You will have residence on the earth and enjoyment for a time.' (2:36)

Those of you who turned their backs on the day the two armies clashed-it was Satan who made them slip for what they had done. But Allah has pardoned them. Allah is Ever-Forgiving, All-Forbearing. (3:155)

That was only Satan who intimidated his adherents. But do not fear them-fear Me if you are believers. (3:175)

When she gave birth, she said, 'My Lord! I have given birth to a girl'-and Allah knew very well what she had given birth to, male and female are not the same-'and I have named her Maryam and placed her and her children in Your safekeeping from the accursed Satan.' (3:36)

What they call on apart from Him are female idols. What they call on is an arrogant Satan. (4:117)

As for those who are tight-fisted and direct others to be tight-fisted, and hide the bounty Allah has given them, We have prepared a humiliating punishment for those who disbelieve, and also for those who spend their wealth to show off to people, not believing in Allah and the Last Day. Anyone who has made Satan his comrade, what an evil comrade he is! (4:37-38)

Do you not see those who claim that they believe in what has been sent down to you and what was sent down before you, still desiring to turn to a satanic source for judgement in spite of being ordered to reject it? Satan wants to misguide them far away. (4:60)

Those who believe fight in the Way of Allah. Those who disbelieve fight in the way of false gods. So fight the friends of Satan! Satan's scheming is always feeble. (4:76)

When news of any matter reaches them they spread it about, whether it is of a reassuring or disquieting nature. If they had only referred it to the Messenger and those in command among them, those among them able to discern the truth about it would have had proper knowledge of it. If it were not for Allah's favour to you and His mercy, all but a very few of you would have followed Satan. (4:83)

(Satan said,) 'I will lead them astray and fill them with false hopes. I will command them and they will cut off cattle's ears. I will command them and they will change Allah's creation.' Anyone who takes Satan as his protector in place of Allah has clearly lost everything. He makes promises to them and fills them with false hopes. But what Satan promises them is nothing but delusion. (4:119-120)

You who believe! Wine and gambling, stone altars and divining arrows are filth from the handiwork of Satan. Avoid them completely so that hopefully you will be successful. Satan wants to stir up enmity and hatred between you by means of wine and gambling, and to debar you from remembrance of Allah and from prayer. Will you not then give them up? (5:90-91)

In this way We have appointed as enemies to every Prophet Satans from both mankind and from the jinn, who inspire each other with delusions by means of specious words-if your Lord had willed, they would not have done it, so abandon them and all they fabricate. (6:112)

Do not eat anything over which the name of Allah has not been mentioned. To do so is sheer deviance. The Satans inspire their friends to dispute with you. If you obeyed them you would then be idolaters. (6:121)

And also animals for riding and for haulage and animals for slaughtering and for wool. Eat what Allah has provided for you and do not follow in the footsteps of Satan. He is an outright enemy to you. (6:142)

If only they had humbled themselves when Our violent force came upon them! However, their hearts were hard and Satan made what they were doing seem attractive to them. (6:43)

When you see people engrossed in mockery of Our Signs, turn from them until they start to talk of other things. And if Satan should ever cause you to forget, once you remember, do not stay sitting with the wrongdoers. (6:68)

Say: 'Are we to call on something besides Allah which can neither help nor harm us, and to turn on our heels after Allah has guided us, like someone the Satans have lured away in the earth, leaving him confused and stupefied, despite the fact that he has companions calling him to guidance, saying, "Come with us!"?' Say: 'Allah's guidance, that is true guidance. We are commanded to submit as Muslims to the Lord of all the worlds,' (6:71)

We created you and then formed you and then We said to the angels, 'Prostrate before Adam,' and they prostrated-except for Diabolis. He was not among those who prostrated. He said, 'What prevented you from prostrating when I commanded you to?' He replied, 'I am better than him. You created me from fire and You created him from clay.' He said, 'Descend from Heaven. It is not for you to be arrogant in it. So get out! You are one of the abased.' He said, 'Grant me a reprieve until the day they are raised up.' He said, 'You are one of the reprieved.' He said, 'By Your misguidance of me, I will lie in ambush for them on your straight path. Then I will come at them, from in front of them and behind them, from their right and from their left. You will not find most of them thankful.' He said, 'Get out of it, reviled and driven out. As for those of them who follow you, I will fill up Hell with every one of you.' 'Adam, live in the Garden, you and your wife, and eat of it wherever you like. But do not go near this tree lest you become wrongdoers.' Then Satan whispered to them, disclosing to them their private parts that had been concealed from them. He said, 'Your Lord has only forbidden you this tree lest you become angels or among those who live for ever.' He swore to them, 'I am one of those who give you good advice.' So he enticed them to do it by means of trickery. Then when they tasted the tree, their private parts were disclosed to them and they started stitching together the leaves of the Garden in order to cover themselves. Their Lord called out to them,'Did I not forbid you this tree and say to you, "Satan is an outright enemy to you"?' (7:11-22)

Children of Adam! Do not let Satan tempt you into trouble as He expelled your parents from the Garden, stripping them of their covering and disclosing to them their private parts. He and his tribe see you from where you do not see them. We have made the Satans friends of those who have no faith. (7:27)

One group He guided; but another group got the misguidance they deserved. They took the Satans as friends instead of Allah and thought that they were guided. (7:30)

Recite to them the tale of him to whom We gave Our Signs, but who then cast them to one side and Satan caught up with him. He was one of those lured into error. (7:175)

If an evil impulse from Satan provokes you, seek refuge in Allah. He is All-Hearing, All-Seeing. As for those who guard against evil, when they are bothered by visitors from Satan, they remember and immediately see clearly. But as for their brothers, the visitors lead them further into error. And they do not stop at that! (7:200-202)

And when He overcame you with sleep, making you feel secure, and sent you down water from heaven to purify you and remove the taint of Satan from you, and to fortify your hearts and make your feet firm. (8:11)

When Satan made their actions appear good to them, saying, 'No one will overcome you today for I am at your side.' But when the two parties came in sight of one another, he turned right round on his heels saying, 'I wash my hands of you. I see what you do not see. I fear Allah. Allah is severe in retribution.' (8:48)

He (Yusuf) raised his parents up onto the throne. The others fell prostrate in front of him. He said, 'My father, truly this is now the interpretation of the dream I had. My Lord has made it all come true; and He was kind to me by letting me out of prison and brought you from the desert when Satan had caused dissent between me and my brothers. My Lord is kind to anyone He wills. He is indeed All-Knowing and All-Wise. (12:100)

He (Yusuf) said to the one of them he knew was saved, 'Please mention me when you are with your lord,' but Satan made him forget to remind his lord, and so he stayed in prison for several years. (12:42)

He said, 'My son, don't tell your brothers your dream lest they devise some scheme to injure you, Satan is a clear-cut enemy to man. (12:5)

When the affair is decided Satan will say, 'Allah made you a promise, a promise of truth, and I made you a promise but broke my promise. I had no authority over you, except that I called you and you responded to me. Do not, therefore, blame me but blame yourselves. I cannot come to your aid nor you to mine. I reject the way you associated me with Allah before.' The wrongdoers will have a painful punishment. (14:22)

They would only say, 'Our eyesight is befuddled! Or rather we have been put under a spell!' We have placed constellations in heaven and made them beautiful for those who look. We have guarded them from every cursed Satan-except for the one who listens stealthily, and he is followed by an open flame. (15:15-18)

He (Satan) said, 'My Lord, because You misled me, I will make things on the earth seem good to them and I will mislead them all, every one of them, except Your servants among them who are sincere.' He said, 'This is a Straight Path to Me. You have no authority over any of My servants except for the misled who follow you.' (15:39-42)

By Allah, We sent Messengers to communities before your time, but Satan made their actions seem good to them. Therefore today he is their protector. They will have a painful punishment. (16:63)

Whenever you recite the Qur'an, seek refuge with Allah from the accursed Satan. He has no authority over those who believe and put their trust in their Lord. He only has authority over those who take him as a friend and associate others with Allah. (16:98-100)

Squanderers are brothers to the Satans, and Satan was ungrateful to his Lord. (17:27)

Say to My servants that they should only say the best. Satan wants to stir up trouble between them. Satan is an outright enemy to man. (17:53)

(He said,) 'Stir up any of them you can with your voice and rally against them your cavalry and your infantry and share with them in their children and their wealth and make them promises! The promise of Satan is nothing but delusion. But as for My servants, you will not have any authority over them.' Your Lord suffices as a guardian. (17:64-65)

He (Musa's servant) said, 'Do you see what has happened? When we went to find shelter at the rock, I forgot the fish. No one made me forget to remember it except Satan. It found its way into the sea in an amazing way.' (18:63)

When We said to the angels, 'Prostrate yourselves to Adam,' they prostrated with the exception of Diabolis. He was one of the jinn and wantonly deviated from his Lord's command. Do you take him and his offspring as protectors apart from Me when they are your enemy? How evil is the exchange the wrongdoers make! I did not make them witnesses of the creation of the heavens and the earth nor of their own creation. I would not take as assistants those who lead astray! (18:50-51)

Do you not see that We send the Satans against those who disbelieve to goad them on? (19:83)

(Ibrahim said,) 'Father, do not worship Satan. Satan was disobedient to the All-Merciful. Father, I am afraid that a punishment from the All-Merciful will afflict you, and turn you into a comrade of Satan.' (19:44-45)

By your Lord, We will collect them and the Satans together. Then We will assemble them around Hell on their knees. Then We will drag out from every sect the one among them most insolent towards the All-Merciful. Then it is We Who will know best those most deserving to roast in it. There is not one of you who will not come to it. That is the final decision of your Lord. Then We will rescue those who guarded against evil and We will leave the wrongdoers in it on their knees. (19:68-72)

But Satan whispered to him, saying, 'Adam, shall I show you the way to the Tree of Everlasting Life and to a kingdom which will never fade away?' (20:120)

And some of the Satans dived for him and did other things apart from that. And We were watching over them. (21:82)

Among people there is one who argues about Allah without knowledge, and follows every rebellious Satan. It is written of him that if anyone takes him as a friend, he will mislead him and guide him to the punishment of the Searing Blaze. (22:3-4)

We did not send any Messenger or any Prophet before you without Satan insinuating something into his recitation while he was reciting. But Allah revokes whatever Satan insinuates and then Allah confirms His Signs-Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise-so that He can make what Satan insinuates a trial for those with sickness in their hearts and for those whose hearts are hard-the wrongdoers are entrenched in hostility- (22:52-53)

Say: 'My Lord, I seek refuge with You from the goadings of the Satans.' (23:97)

You who believe! Do not follow in the footsteps of Satan. Anyone who follows in Satan's footsteps should know that he commands indecency and wrongdoing. Were it not for Allah's favour to you and His mercy, not one of you would ever have been purified. But Allah purifies whoever He wills. Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing. (24:21)

(On the Day a wrongdoer will say,) 'He led me astray from the Reminder after it came to me.' Satan always leaves man in the lurch. (25:29)

The Satans did not bring it (the Qur'an) down. (26:210)

Shall I tell you upon whom the Satans descend? They descend on every evil liar. They give them a hearing and most of them are liars. (26:221-223)

(The hoopoe said,) 'I found both her and her people prostrating to the sun instead of Allah. Satan has made their actions seem good to them and debarred them from the Way so they are not guided.' (27:24)

He (Musa) entered the city at a time when its inhabitants were unaware and found two men fighting there-one from his party and the other from his enemy. The one from his party asked for his support against the other from his enemy. So Musa hit him, dealing him a fatal blow. He said, 'This is part of Satan's handiwork. He truly is an outright and misleading enemy.' (28:15)

And 'Ad and Thamud-it must be clear to you from their dwelling places! Satan made their actions seem good to them and so debarred them from the Way, even though they were intelligent people. (29:38)

When they are told: 'Follow what Allah has sent down,' they say, 'No, we will follow what we found our fathers doing.' What! Even if Satan is calling them to the punishment of the Blazing Fire? (31:21)

Diabolis was correct in his assessment of them and they followed him, except for a group of the believers. (34:20)

Mankind! Allah's promise is true. Do not let the life of this world delude you and do not let the Deluder delude you about Allah. Satan is your enemy so treat him as an enemy. He summons his party so they will be among the people of the Searing Blaze. (35:5-6)

'Did I not make a contract with you, tribe of Adam, not to worship Satan, who truly is an outright enemy to you.' (36:60)

Its (the tree of Zaqqum's) fruits are just like the heads of Satans. (37:65)

We have adorned the lowest heaven with the beauty of the planets and guarded it against every defiant Satan. They cannot eavesdrop on the Highest Assembly and they are stoned from every side, repelled with harshness-they will suffer eternal punishment-except for him who snatches a snippet and then is pursued by a piercing flame. (37:6-10)

And the Satans, every builder and diver. (38:37)

Remember Our servant Ayyub when he called on his Lord: 'Satan has afflicted me with exhaustion and suffering.' (38:41)

Your Lord said to the angels, 'I am going to create a human being out of clay. When I have formed him and breathed My Spirit into him, fall down in prostration to him!' So the angels prostrated, all of them together, except for Diabolis who was arrogant and was one of the disbelievers. He said, 'Diabolis, what prevented you prostrating to what I created with My own Hands? Were you overcome by arrogance or are you one of the exalted?' He said, 'I am better than him. You created me from fire but You created him from clay.' He said, 'Get out! You are accursed! My curse is upon you until the Day of Reckoning.' He said, 'My Lord, grant me a reprieve until the Day they are raised again.' He said, 'You are among the reprieved until the Day whose time is known.' He said, 'By Your might, I will mislead all of them except for Your chosen servants among them.' He said, 'By the truth-and I speak the truth-I will fill up Hell with you and every one of them who follows you.' (38:71-85)

If an evil urge from Satan eggs you on, seek refuge in Allah. He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing. (41:36)

If someone shuts his eyes to the remembrance of the All-Merciful, We assign him a Satan who becomes his bosom friend-they debar them from the path, yet they still think they are guided- so that, when he reaches Us, he says, 'If only there was the distance of the two Easts between you and me!' What an evil companion! It will not benefit you today, since you did wrong, that you share equally in the punishment. (43:36-39)

Do not let Satan bar your way. He truly is an outright enemy to you. (43:62)

Those who have turned back in their tracks after the guidance became clear to them, it was Satan who talked them into it and filled them with false hopes. (47:25)

Conferring in secret is from Satan, to cause grief to those who believe; but it cannot harm them at all, unless by Allah's permission. So let the believers put their trust in Allah. (58:10)

Satan has gained mastery over them and made them forget the remembrance of Allah. Such people are the party of Satan. No indeed! It is the party of Satan who are the losers. (58:19)

They are the same as those a short time before them who tasted the evil consequences of what they did. They will have a painful punishment. They are like Satan when he says to a human being, 'Disbelieve,' and then when he disbelieves, says, 'I wash my hands of you. Truly I fear Allah, the Lord of all the worlds.' The final fate of both of them is that they will be timelessly, for ever in the Fire. That is the repayment of the wrongdoers. (59:15-17)

We have adorned the lowest heaven with lamps and made some of them stones for the Satans for whom We have prepared the punishment of the Blaze. (67:5)

Nor is it (the Qur'an) the word of an accursed Satan. (81:25)


The weighing that Day will be the truth. As for those whose scales are heavy, they are the successful. (7:8)

As for those whose scales are light, they are the ones who have lost their own selves because they wrongfully rejected Our Signs. (7:9)

Those whose scales are heavy, they are the successful. (23:102)

Those whose scales are light, they are the losers of their selves, remaining in Hell timelessly, for ever. (23:103)


Good land yields up its plants by its Lord's permission, but that which is bad only yields up scantily. In this way We vary the Signs for people who are thankful. (7:58)


If something good happens to you, it galls them. If something bad strikes you, they rejoice at it. But if you are steadfast and guard against evil, their scheming will not harm you in any way. Allah encompasses what they do. Remember when you left your family early in the day to instal the believers in their battle stations. Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing. (3:120-121)

Those who believe fight in the Way of Allah. Those who disbelieve fight in the way of false gods. So fight the friends of Satan! Satan's scheming is always feeble. (4:76)

That is your reward. Allah always confounds the schemes of the disbelievers. (8:18)

(Hud said,) 'So scheme against me, all of you together, and then grant me no respite.' (11:55)

He (Yusuf's father) said, 'My son, don't tell your brothers your dream lest they devise some scheme to injure you, Satan is a clear-cut enemy to man.' (12:5)

Then when he had supplied them with their needs, he (Yusuf) put the goblet in his brother's bag. A herald called out, 'Caravan! You are thieves!' They turned to them and said, 'What are you missing?' They said, 'We're missing the goblet of the king. The man who brings it will get a camel's load. Regarding that I stand as guarantor.' They said, 'By Allah, you know we did not come to corrupt the land and that we are not thieves.' They said, 'What is the reparation for it if it in fact transpires that you are liars?' They said, 'Its reparation shall be him in the saddlebags of whom it is discovered. With us that is how wrongdoers are repaid.' He started with their bags before his brother's and then produced it from his brother's bag. In that way We devised a cunning scheme for Yusuf. He could not have held his brother according to the statutes of the King-only because Allah had willed it so. We raise the rank of anyone We will. Over everyone with knowledge is a Knower. (12:70-76)

This is news of the Unseen which We reveal to you. You were not with them when they decided what to do and devised their scheme. (12:102)

So Pharaoh went away and concocted his scheme and then he arrived. (20:60)

They said, 'These two magicians desire by their magic to expel you from your land and abolish your most excellent way of life, so decide on your scheme and then arrive together in force. He who gains the upper hand today will definitely prosper.' (20:63-64)

(Ibrahim said,) 'By Allah, I will devise some scheme against your idols when your backs are turned.' (21:57)

They said, 'Did you do this to our gods, Ibrahim?' He said, 'No, this one, the biggest of them, did it. Ask them if they are able to speak!' They consulted among themselves and said, 'It is you yourselves who are wrongdoers.' But then they relapsed back into their disbelief: 'You know full well these idols cannot talk.' He said, 'Do you then worship, instead of Allah, what cannot help or harm you in any way? Shame on you and what you worship besides Allah! Will you not use your intellect?' (21:62-67)

Those deemed weak will say to those deemed great, 'No, it was your scheming night and day when you commanded us to reject Allah and assign equals to Him.' But they will show their remorse when they see the punishment. We will put iron collars round the necks of those who disbelieve. Will they be repaid for anything but what they did? (34:33)

Pharaoh said, 'Haman, build me a tower so that perhaps I may gain means of access, access to the heavens, so that I can look on Musa's God. Truly I think he is a liar.' That is how Pharaoh's evil actions were made attractive to him and he debarred others from the Path. Pharaoh's scheming led to nothing but ruin. (40:36-37)

They left early, intent on carrying out their scheme. (68:25)

Do you not see what your Lord did with the Companions of the Elephant? Did He not bring all their schemes to nothing? (105:1-2)


No wonder you are surprised as they laugh with scorn! (37:12)

When they see a Sign they only laugh with scorn. (37:14)

Do you nonetheless regard this discourse with scorn? (56:81)


You who believe! Do not go into the Prophet's rooms except when you are invited to come and eat. Do not wait there while the food is being cooked. However, when you are called, go in, and when you have eaten, disperse, not remaining there to chat with one another. Doing that causes annoyance to the Prophet though he is too reticent to tell you so. But Allah is not reticent with the truth. When you ask his wives for something, ask them from behind a screen. That is purer for your hearts and their hearts. It is not right for you to cause annoyance to the Messenger of Allah or ever to marry his wives after him. To do that would be a dreadful thing in Allah's sight. (33:53)

They say, 'Our hearts are covered up against what you call us to and there is a heaviness in our ears. There is a screen between us and you. So act-we are certainly acting.' (41:5)