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Les articles de Harun Yahya sont actuellement publiés dans plusieurs périodiques en Turquie et dans beaucoup d'autres pays du monde. Vous trouverez ici certains des articles de l'auteur parus dans des journaux et magazines internationaux. Vous pouvez les télécharger et lire sous format pdf, qui vous permettra de préserver la mise en page, le formatage et les graphiques des articles.
 Al-Arab (États-Unis))
  Al-Arab est un journal hebdomadaire qui parait aux États-Unis. C'est un journal bilingue (anglais et arabe) qui publie des articles scientifiques.
  What Does Globalization Promise the World of Islam? (June 2003)
  Adherence to the Values of Religion Ends the Horror of Gambling, Drinking and Drugs (June 2003)
  Romanticism in the Name of Religion (June 2003)
  Communism in Ambush (June 2003)
  Justice With No Discrimination Between People (June 2003)
  A Brief History of the Theory of Evolution (June 2003)
  The Desperate Efforts of Evolutionists (June 2003)
  Imaginary Mechanisms of Evolution - I: Natural Selection (June 2003)
  Imaginary Mechanisms of Evolution- II: Mutations (June 2003)
  The Fossil Record Refuted Evolution (June 2003)
  The Tale of Human And Ape Similarity (May 2003)
  Social Darwinism (May 2003)
  Cloning Is No Evidence For Evolution (May 2003)
  Darwin's Racism (May 2003)
  The Complex Structures of the Most Ancient Creatures Demolish the Theory of Evolution (May 2003)
  Darwinism: The Source of Communist Savagery (may 2003)
  Why Is It Wrong To Think That Evolution Could Be Confirmed In The Future?(May 2003)
  Capitalism and the Fight for Survival in the Economy (May 2003)
  Different Races Are Not Evidence for Evolution (May 2003)
  Behind The Scenes of the Iraq War1
  The Miracle of Honey
  The Real Ideological Root of Terrorism is Darwinism and Materialism
  A Living Planet: The Earth
  The Solution: The Morals of the Qur'an - I
  Solution: The Morals of the Qur'an - II
  Grasping Good in Seemingly Bad Occurrences
  Why an Authoritarian Rule is Against Islam?
  Solution to Economic Crises from the Qur'an
  The Two Who Aspects of the Soul
  The Movements of Mountains
  Not Thinking Because of Being Swept Away by the Flow of Daily Life
  The Woodpecker
  Architects in Nature
  God Obscures The Comprehension Of Disbelievers
  God Does Not Place a Burden On a Person Greater than He Can Bear
  God Makes His Religion Supreme When One Worships Him Alone
  Deep Thinking
  Defence Strategies in Plants
  Islam Encourages of Freedom of Thought and Denounces Oppression and Compulsion
  Those Who Do Good Meet Goodness
  Religion is in Conformity With the Natural Inclination of Mankind
  The Purpose of Man's Creation
  The Value of Willingly Performed Service in the Sight of Allah
  Adherence to the Values of Religion Erases All Sorts of Worldly Fears
  Amazing Miracles of the Qur'an
  Giving Thanks to Allah
  Loving for God's Sake
  How is Society Transformed When People Adhere to Islamic Morals?
  God Commands Us to Be Just
  The Function and the Movements of Mountains

Orbits and the Roundness of the Earth in the Qur'an

  Peace in the Qur'an
  God's Promise and Help to Believers
  The Formation of Rain in the Qur'an
  The Protected Roof
  The Death of the Soul: The Actual Death
  The Hero of an Usual Birth Story: The Kangaroo
  The Good Should Avoid Bickering and Unite
  The True Wisdom that Comes from Faith
  Secrets of Submission to One's Fate and Putting One's Trust in God
  Trust in Allah and Submission
  The Qur'an and the Universe
  Verbal Attacks on Believers
  How To Avoid a War? Saddam Must Step Down to Save Peace
  What is the True Religion?
  Superiority Comes From Character, Not Blood
  Adherence to the Values of Religion Hinders Degeneration
  Examples From The Lives Of The Prophets
  The Influence of Religion Upon Social Life
  The Morality of Islam Grants a Balanced State of Mind
  Religion an Family Ties
  Qur'an as the Criterion of the Right and Wrong
  Adherence to the Values of a Religion Hinders Crimes
  The Qur'an Denies the Theory of Evolution-I
  The Qur'an Denies the Theory of Evolution-II
  The Qur'an Denies the Theory of Evolution-III
  The Qur'an Denies the Theory of Evolution-IV
  The Qur'an Denies the Theory of Evolution-V
  Arrogance is the Source of All Evil
  How to See the Good in Things That Happen-I
  How to See the Good in Things That Happen-II
  God Tests Man With Loss of Wealth
  The Origin Of the Fascist Mentality
  The Effect of Good Actions and Good Words
  Social Crises & Ignorance: Fertile Ground for Fascism
  The Beginning of the Eternal Regret for Disbeliers: Death
  The Inhuman Methods by Which The Fascism Came to Power
  Fascist Morals are the Opposite of Koranic Morals
  Pharaoh: A Facist Chracter Related In The Koran
  Secrets of Finding the Straight Path
 Al-Mahjar (Les États-Unis)
  C'est un magazine bilingue (anglais et arabe) qui parait au Yémen.
  Cloning is No Evidence for Evolution (New)
  The Bringers of Pain to the 20th Century (New)
  Darwinism is the Ideological Basis of Satanism (New)2
  Purposelessness of Disbelieving People-I
  Purposelessness of Disbelieving People-II
  The True Islamic Morals
  The Importance of Sincerity in Service
  The Islamic Morality as Described in the Qur'an
  The Design in Water
  The Miracle of Design in the Cell
  The Mechanisms in Our Body
  The Eminence Islam Gives to Woman
  A System Without Room for Smallest Error: Blood Clotting
  Doing Good Without Expecting a Recompense

Islamic Morals Ensure the Prevalence of Love and Respect Among People

  The Message of Nature
  Islam is a Religion of Peace and Well-being
  God Increases His Blessings on Those Who Are Grateful3
  What Death Makes One Think
  Allah's Artistry in Colour
  The Religion With Allah is Islam
  Men is Being Tested
  The Seed's Flawless Design
  To Be Sincere With Allah
  The World is a Test
 Daily Jang (Angleterre)
  Le groupe Jang est le plus grand groupe de publication de journal en anglais et urdu du Pakistan.
  The Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity - I (New)
  The Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity - II (New)
  The Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity - III (New)
  The Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity - IV (New)
  The Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity - V (New)
  The Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity - VI (New)
  The Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity - VII (New)
  The Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity - VIII (New)
  The Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity - IX (New)
  Evolution Deceit I (April 2003)
  Evolution Deceit II (April 2003)
  Evolution Deceit III (April 2003)
  Evolution Deceit IV (April 2003)
  Evolution Deceit V (April 2003)
 Al Manassah (États-Unis)
  Al Manassah (États-Unis) est un journal qui parait tous les quinze jours, au tirage de 20.000 exemplaires, publié en arabe et anglais. Le journal est distribué dans tous les Etats-Unis), aussi bien que dans le Moyen-Orient.
  Humanism: An Irreligious Ideology -I (June 2003)
  Humanism: An Irreligious Ideology- II (June 2003)
  Different Races are not Evidence for Evolution (June 2003)
  The Tale of Human and Ape Similarity (June 2003)
  The Origin Of Freemasonry: The Crusaders & Templars ( May 2003)
  The Fact of Creation ( May 2003)
  The Inside Story On The Kabbalah - I (May 2003)
  Why is it Mistaken to Think That God Could Have Created Living Things By Evolution? (May 2003)
  Neo-Nazism: An Ideology Based on Violence and Terror
  The Basis of Ideologies Hostile to Islam
  War and Terrorism During End of Times: The Ritual of Dajjal
  The Solar System
  Religion Commands Us To Protect The Needy And Orphans
  Darwinism is the Ideological Basis of Satanism
  Islam Is Not the Source of Terrorism, But Its Solution
  Greatest Design: The Universe
  What Nature Makes One Think
  Darwinism is the Religion of the Antichrist
  The Kabbalah- A Doctrine Opposed to Creationism
  Men of Understanding and the Facts That Hinder Wisdom
  Poverty And The Suffering Of Those Who Are Forced To Leave Their Countries
  The Antichrist Spreads Corruption Throughout The World
  Wars All Over The World
  Wars All Over The World I: Kashmir
  Wars All Over The World I: Chechnya

The Impact Of Disbelief On Economy



 The Arab World Newspaper (États-Unis)
The Arab World Newspaper, qui parait en Californie, atteint chaque maison et bureau arabophones en Californie et quelques autres états majeurs aux États-Unis. Le journal hebdomadaire qui a un tirage de 30.000 fournit les dernières nouvelles dans les pays arabes. Harun Yahya est un contribuant régulier de ce journal qui emploie les meilleurs auteurs du Moyen-Orient. Ses articles édités dans cette publication s'étendent des questions politiques aux sujets concernant la foi.

  Leaders of Irreligion Who Call People to the Fire
  A Nation Without Religion Cannot Survive
  "White Supremacy" and the New Fascist Ideology
  Racism and Social Darwinism in America
  Idolaters of the 20th Century
  The Fall of Atheism - I: A Turning Point in History
  The Fall of Atheism - II: The Collapse of the Concept of an Eternal Universe
  The Fall of Atheism - III: The Collapse Of The Idea Of A Random Universe And The Discovery Of The Anthropic Principle
  The Fall of Atheism - IV: Quantum Physics and the Discovery of Divine Wisdom
  The Fall of Atheism - V: The Collapse of Darwinism and the Triumph of Intelligent Design
  The Fall of Atheism - VI: How Atheism Has Collapsed by the Psychology and Medicine Branches of Science
  The Fall of Atheism -VII: The Fall of Communism, Fascism and the Hippie Dream
  The Fall of Atheism -VIII: The Dawn Of The Post - Atheist World
 The Miracle (Canada)
  Les écrits de Harun Yahya paraissent régulièrement dans The Miracle, l'une des publications les plus respectées du Canada. Ce journal est publié tous les quinze jours et contient des articles concernant la foi, la politique et la science.

Darwinism's Contradiction with Religion (New)

  Capitalism and the Fight for Survival in the Economy (New)
  The Basis Ideologies Hostile to Islam (New)
  A Topic Evolution Cannot Explain: Colours in Nature
  The Problem Of Drugs Disappears With Adherence To The Values Of Religion
  Religion Helps Science To Be Rightly Guided
  A Muslim Call to Israelis4
  The Spell of Communist Darwinist Ideology is Dispersed
  Life in the Society of Ignorance
  Killing Oneself - Comiting Suicide - is Forbidden in the Qur'an
  Miracles in the Qur'an
  Terrorism: The Rite of Antichrist - I
  Terrorism: The Rite of Antichrist - II
  Yet Another Blow to Vestigial Organs
  What Does Globalization Promise to the World of Islam?
  The Scientific Collapse of Materialism
  The World of Plants
  The Negative Effects of Disbelief Upon the Human Body
  The Wisdom Behind the Prohibition of Pork in Islam
  Sincere Prayers of the Believers
  Some of the Miracles in Our Body
 Bahrein Tribune (Bahreïn)
  Evolution Deceit-I: A Brief History of the Theory of Evolution
  Evolution Deceit-II: The Desperate Efforts Of Evolotuionists
  Evolution Deceit-III: Imaginary Mechanisms Of Evolutions (1) :Natural Selection
  Evolution Deceit-IV: Imaginary Mechanisms Of Evolutions (2) :Mutations
  Evolution Deceit-V: The Fossil Record Refutes Evolution
  Evolution Deceit-VI: Tale of Transition from Water to Land (June 2003)
  Evolution Deceit-VII: The Origin of Birds (June 2003)

Evolution Deceit-VIII: The Origin of Mammals (June 2003)

  Evolution Deceit-IX: Evolution Forgeries (June 2003)
  Evolution Deceit-X: The Scenario of Human Evolution (June 2003)
  Evolution Deceit-XI: The Tale of the "Cell Produced by Chance" (June 2003)
  The Quran Denies Darwinism- I
  The Quran Denies Darwinism- II
  The Quran Denies Darwinism- III
  The Quran Denies Darwinism- IV
  The Quran Denies Darwinism- V
   The Quran Denies Darwinism- VI
  The Qur'an Explains the Real Purpose of Life
  People Who Adhere to Religion Have a Strong and Resolute Character
  Why is Religion Revealed?
  Fidelity and Royalty in Islam
  Stress is Inevitable When the Values of Religion Are Disregarded
  Adherence to the Values of Religion Erases the Fear of Future
  Islamic Morals Ensure That Everyone Brings Solutions
  Islamic Morals Teach Man to Put his Trust in God
  Adherence to the Values of Religion Strengthens Family Ties
  Islamic Morals Remove Selfishness
  Never Forget 1: It is Allah Who Gives You Everything
  Never Forget 2: Fear And Please Allah Only
  Never Forget 3: The Only God Is Allah
  Never Forget 4: Everything Is Part Of Your Destiny
  Never Forget 5: Allah Is Near To You And Has Everything Under His Control
  Never Forget 6: Qur'an is the Believers' Guide
  Never Forget 7: Everything is Predetermined by Allah
  Never Forget 8 Satan Strives to Lead You Astray - I
  Never Forget 9 Satan Strives to Lead You Astray - II
 Iqra (États-Unis)
  Iqra est le magazine de South Bay Islamic Organization (SBIA) à San Jose, Californie, une organisation à but non lucratif consacrée à communiquer les enseignements universels de l'Islam à la société américaine.
  The Intelligence in the Defence System of Animals: Camouflage5

Design in Nature

  Why Darwin's Theory of Evolution Contradict with Religion?
 Iwan (Etats-Unis))
  The Termite Colony and its Chemical Defensive Systems
  The Most Famous Camouflaging Reptile: the Chameleon
  The Great Harmony in Nature
 Motherhood (Singapour)
  Children! Did You Ever Wonder?
  A Miracle of the Qur'an: Mother's Milk
  The Birth of A Human Being and The Qur'an
  Discrimination Against Women And Its Solution: Adherence to the Qur ’an and the Sunnah
  Adherence to the Values of Religion Solves All Social Problems
 Next Gen Press
  Unless the Good Unite, Corruption and Cruelty Will Pervade the World (New)
  The Pacifism of Islam (New)
  Terrorism: The Rite of the Antichrist (New)
  The Call For An " Islamic Union"6
  The Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity ( book review)
  Islam Denounces Terrorism ( book review)
 The Rising Star
  Blood: Life-giving Fluid
 The Message (Angleterre)
  Le magazine The Message est distribué en Europe et dans le monde. Il donne les dernières nouvelles dans le monde musulman, des biographies, des articles sur la science et la bonne moralité.
  Expert Architects In Nature
  Design and Creation
  Scientist Confirm the Signs of Allah7
  The Signs in the Heavens and the Earth
 Universität Wien (L'université de Vienne) (Articles en allemand)
  Universität Wien (L'université de Vienne) est la plus ancienne université dans le monde germanophone. 65.000 étudiants de 130 pays sont actuellement inscrits à l'université.
  Die Widerlegung des Darwinismus - I
  Die Widerlegung des Darwinismus - II
  Die Widerlegung des Darwinismus - III
  Die Widerlegung des Darwinismus - IV
  Die Widerlegung des Darwinismus - V
  Die Widerlegung des Darwinismus - VI
  Die Widerlegung des Darwinismus - VII
  Die Widerlegung des Darwinismus -VIII
  Die Widerlegung des Darwinismus -IX
  Die Widerlegung des Darwinismus -X
  Times (URDU)
  Degeneration Intwenty First Century (Agust 2003)
  Developments After September The Eleventh (Agust 2003)
  Terrorism:The Rite of TheAntichrist 1(Agust 2003)
  Miracle (France)
  Why is France So Afraid of Religion?

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1 This article has also published in Al-Mahjar, Al Manassah, Bahreyn Tribune and Next Gen Press
2This article has also published in The Miracle
3This article has also published in Al-Arab
4This article has also published in Al-Manassah
5 This article has also published in Iwan
6This article has also published in Al-Manassah and The Miracle
7 This article has also published in The Miracle