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Frequently Asked Questions


  How is it possible that one individual can write so many books?

Harun Yahya writes his books with the knowledge imparted to him by Allah. Contrary to some people's assumptions, while writing his books, the author does not receive assistance from a group of people or make team-work. Where on earth has a book ever been written by a committee? If there were such a way of writing books, then the hundreds of Muslim professors, scientists and organisations in the world should have come together to undertake such a task. Yet no such method has ever been seen. When did anyone ever witness professors from a divinity faculty come together and bring out one book? So how could it be claimed that hundreds of books are brought out by a committee? Furthermore, the works of Harun Yahya do not consist of such technical subjects as chemistry, physics, biology and the like. In addition to the information they impart, each one of the author's works contain wise and unique explanations that have a profound effect on people of all ages and societies.

It must not be forgotten that the presence of a single style in a work shows that it was written by one person and is the product of a single pen. When one examines each of the hundreds of works by Harun Yahya the style common to all books, logical cohesion and explicatory style in them can all be seen as proof of this.

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