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200th Anniversary of Darwinism's Collapse


The 200th anniversary of the collapse of Darwinism is to be celebrated with various festivities on 12 February, 2009. Within the framework of this celebration of the collapse of Darwinism, a number of conferences dealing with the defeat of Darwinism across the world are to be held, books describing the Darwinist deception will be distributed and video films showing the true face of Darwinist nonsense will be screened, along with various other activities. We are asking everyone interested in the subject to send their thoughts and ideas about the collapse of Darwinism to our web site. These ideas and suggestions will be scrutinized and then published on the site. Thank you in advance for your contributions.


A Call to the Turkish-Jewish Community



Allah Exists


There are billions of details making life possible on Earth. In brief, man lives on a planet perfectly created for his survival. This is certainly a planet "created for human beings". In this site you can see the some of the evidences of the existence of Allah.


Ambers Deny Darwin


Tens of thousands of fossils embedded in amber show that termites have always been termites. Ants have always been ants, frogs have always been frogs, snakes have always been snakes, butterflies have always been butterflies. In short, living things have always existed in the forms they first displayed when they first came into the world, with the same features. There is no difference between living things preserved in amber millions of years ago and their present day counterparts.


Anti Antichrist



Anti Darwinism



Ask Darwinists


Call to European Youth Young people, do not permit yourselves to be deceived by the lie of Darwinism. Do not blindly believe in the things taught you in the name of science. Question the Darwinism your teachers are trying to teach you and ask them these questions: "Have any intermediate fossils ever been discovered?" "Can a protein form by chance?" "Is it true that millions of living fossils have been found?" They will be unable to answer.


Atheism Refuted



Atlas of Creation


This site will provide you with not only such information as what fossils are and where and how they are found, but also a closer examination of a variety of fossil specimens, millions of years old, that are still able to declare, "We never underwent evolution; we were created." The fossils discussed and illustrated in this book are just a few examples of the hundreds of millions of specimens that prove the fact of creation. And even these few are enough to prove that the theory of evolution is a major hoax and deception in the history of science.


Awaited Mahdi


The hadiths of our Prophet (saas) provide very detailed information and signs about the End Times, which will occur shortly before Doomsday. According to these reports, several highly significant events will take place one after the other during this period. In the first stage of the End Times, terrible corruption and chaos will rule; in the second stage, these will be replaced by peace and security as people come to live by true religious moral values. Our Prophet (saas) imparted glad tidings regarding the Mahdi, who will be sent during the End Times. For example, this great individual will liberate Muslims from cruelty and suffering; eliminate corruption; and usher in an era of peace, justice, plenty, happiness, and well being. According to reliable hadiths, he will return Islam, which has been distorted via superstitions and practices, to its true essence; meet with Prophet ‘Isa (as); and, by Allah’s will, will enable Islam’s moral values to prevail on Earth.


Baltic Ambers


In addition to frozen animals obtained from Siberia, a large number of fossils preserved in amber has also been discovered in Russia. These come from what's known as Baltic amber, found in a wide area from Berlin in the west to the Ural mountains in the East. The great majority of Baltic amber dates from the Eocene Period (54 to 37 million years ago).


BBC Refuted


The world-famous BBC television is perpetuating an error. It displays a particular sensitivity in disseminating its ideas regarding the theory of evolution. The BBC generally acts in line with emotions aroused by the fact that Darwin was British, and airs evolutionist claims, lacking in any scientific basis, in its programmes. One of these is the programme "Horizon". This time "Horizon" devoted space to evolutionist speculation regarding the artistic explosion which is known to have taken place in the last 50,000 years in pre-historic Homo sapiens settlement areas. The programme, called "The Day We Learned to Think", offered an evolutionist interpretation of the way Homo sapiens exhibited a rapid rise in cave paintings and tool technology and the role played by intellectual power in that rise. The views of a number of evolutionist scientists on the subject were also aired.


Beware of Darwinist Falsehoods


Darwinism is a theory based on a lie which deceived humanity with the forgeries, with the reconstructions and fake fossils and by claiming that "intermediate forms were found" and "organisms evolved with mutations". The advocates of the Darwinism religion have chosen to believe in a lie in order to refuse the belief in Allah. But this big deception has been come to the light completely in the 21st century. Darwinism will no longer be able to deceive the world.


Bird Fossils


Evolutionists maintain that birds evolved from reptiles. However, there are a number of factors which refute this. One of these is the very different surface structures of the two groups. Birds are covered in feathers, and reptiles with scales. These structures are very different to one another, and there exists not a single fossil specimen to support the claim that feathers evolved from scales.


Book Global


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Book Global


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Brother Country Iran



Burmese Ambers


The fossil record is perhaps the most important evidence that demolishes the theory of evolution's claims. Fossils reveal that life forms on Earth have never undergone even the slightest change and have never developed into one another. Examining the fossil record, we see that living things are exactly the same today as they were hundreds of millions of years ago—in other words, that they never underwent evolution. Even during the most ancient periods, life forms emerged suddenly with all their complex structures—with the perfect and superior features, just as do their counterparts today. This demonstrates one indisputable fact: Living things did not come into being through the imaginary processes of evolution. All the living things that have ever existed on Earth were created by Allah (God). This fact of Creation is once again revealed in the traces left behind them by flawless living things.


By Virtue of Harun Yahya


Adnan Oktar's more than 250 works translated into 54 languages to date, and the articles, CDs, web sites, radio and television programs, documentary films, interactive presentations, audio tapes and conferences based on these works are leading people all over the world to faith and are causing those who already believe to bind themselves together with even greater enthusiasm.


Call For An Islamic Union



Cambrian and Darwin


This site describes proofs of creation that can liberate individuals from the floundering described in the Qur’an and will enable them to see the infinite might of Allah. Here you will learn of the traits of Cambrian life forms that existed 530 million years ago, yet which still amaze scientists today. To all rational people of good conscience, it thus demonstrates that creation is the only valid explanation for the origin of the millions of species, both extinct and still living today—indeed, of life itself.


Comments on Atlas of Creation


The giant work that has inspired reactions from all over the world has had, in the words of the foreign press, "the effect of an ideological earthquake" in all the countries it has reached.


Confessions of the Evolutionists


Ever since it was first put forward, certain materialist circles have attempted to portray the theory of evolution as scientific fact. In fact, however, the theory, which claims that life emerged as the result of chance processes, has been utterly disproved by various branches of science. Over the 150 or so years separating Charles Darwin, the founder of the theory, and the present day, such scientific fields as paleontology, biochemistry, genetics and anatomy have demolished the theory’s assumptions.  The more the details of nature have been revealed, the more extraordinary characteristics have been discovered that can never be explained in terms of chance. For all these reasons, in the words of the famous molecular biologist Professor Michael Behe, evolution is “A theory in crisis.” From time to time, this crisis leads scientists who support the theory to make a number of confessions. They reject the theory not despite their materialist preconceptions, but because they realize that it flies in the face of scientific findings. In this book you will find statements made by these evolutionist scientists regarding the theory they believe in. Hundreds of evolutionists, from Charles Darwin to eminent present-day supporters of his theory, such as Richard Dawkins, Stephen Jay Gould and Richard Leakey, have admitted that it is groundless, incorrect, and even ridiculous. If you want to see why not even Darwinism’s most determined proponents believe in it, you must see this site.


Creation of Man


This site will explain in detail a wonder that is experienced continually, by every person on the face of the earth the wonder of human creation. It must be made clear that what is dealt with in this site is only a part of the intricacies of human creation; but even what is related in this site reveals once again the eternal power of the Creator, His limitless knowledge and intelligence that surround and embrace the whole universe. And it will remind human beings that Almighty God is "the Best of Creators".  


Creation of Universe


You will read all the details about the creation of the universe in this site. Today, science shows that the universe was created with a Big Bang from nothing in a single moment. You will read everything you would like to know about the perfect creation of the universe in this site. Besides, you can also find in this site the stages that took place from the Big Bang until our day, illustrated by striking photographs.


Cries of Darwinism


The living fossils reveal that l iving things did not descend from one another in stages, nor have they evolved in any way. The fossil record provides no examples of intermediate forms. Countless living things have remained unchanged for millions of years. The fossil record is almost complete with both animal and plant definitely and scientifically refutes evolution.


Daily Comments



Dark Side of Darwinism


The purpose of this book is to rescue people from Darwinism's influence by revealing the exact ways in which it effects its persuasions and by uncovering the efforts that Darwinists make to prevent this illusion from losing its power. At the same time, we'll help you employ your own conscience and intelligence to consider-and understand-the self-evident fact of Creation.


Darwinism in Ruins


According to the theory of evolution, every living species has sprung from a predecessor. A previously-existing species turned into something else in time and all species have come into being in this way. According to the theory, this transformation proceeds gradually over millions of years.


Darwinism is So 19th Century


This site unveils Darwinism’s crumbling myths and the correct definition of science. Molecular biology has revealed that life is far more complex than anyone in Darwin's time could have imagined. Today we know that a living cell is far superior to all the inventions of mankind. This fact demolishes Darwinism, which regards life as the work of coincidences. Science revealed the complexity of life.

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