Towards Turkish-Islamic Union
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1. A bridge between Islam and the West: Turkey 2.  A call for an Islamic common action
3. A call for Islamic union from Ahmadinejad 4.  A call from the Arab world: the border between Syria and Turkey must be lifted at once
5. A call to union from the leaders of Islamic countries 6.  According to Der Spiegel: The Ottoman Empire is making a return
7. A common currency era will begin between Iran and Turkey 8.  Afghan troops entrusted to Turkish officers
9. A Muslim peace force is being set up 10.  A powerful Turkish Islamic world
11. Armenia is opening up the Lachin corridor 12.  A union is forming between Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria
13. Azerbaijan and Turkey, two states, one nation 14.  CEO of Stratfor: 'Establish the Islamic Union'
15. Europe will be stronger with you 16.  Full support from Egypt for Turkey's initiative
17. G8 confirms that Turkey is a regional power 18.  Iran waives visas for Azeris
19. Istanbul and Bosnia are brothers 20.  Let Turkey administer the Arabs
21. Moving toward a common currency with Iran 22.  Muslim countries are doing away with their borders
23. Nabucco will be a Turkish-Islamic Union project 24.  Not just the Turkish-Armenian border, but also the Azeri-Armenian one will be opened up
25. President Abdullah Gül: Now is the time for unity 26.  Russia also pleased at Turkish-Armenian initiative
27. Sudan is lifting the visa 28.  Talk of Islamic Union from the prime minister
29. Ten Islamic countries are uniting around business 30.  The borders have been lifted; Vakifbank is now going to Syria
31. The devout will establish peace in Palestine 32.  The first step toward unification
33. The lifting of visas is grounds for celebration 34.  The man in the street says, 'open the borders'
35. The 'Middle East Union' is being set up 36.  'There can be no peace in the world without peace with Turkey'
37. There can be no peace without Turkey 38.  The road map to Islamic union is being drawn up in Istanbul
39. The Serbian border is also being opened up 40.  The task of dialogue with Hamas belongs to Turkey
41. The Turkish flag flies over the Egyptian wall 42.  The Turks will bring the 'Israel wall' down
43. The visa has been lifted officially with Lebanon as well 44.  The visa regime between Turkey and Syria has been lifted
45. The visa requirement with Ukraine is also being lifted 46.  TRT World started broadcasting in Armenian
47. Turkey, an intermediary between Pakistan and Iran 48.  Turkey: A symbol of peace and tolerance
49. Turkey fills the gap of Arabs 50.  Turkey has a powerful status in our country (Saudi Arabia)
51. Turkey has become an economic and military power 52.  Turkey is a model for the whole Islamic world
53. Turkey is of great value to the EU 54.  Turkey may amalgamate with Azerbaijan
55. Turkey must be the mediator 56.  Turkey's new direction: Islamic Union
57. Turkey will be the leader of the Islamic world 58.  Turkey will be the world's first modern Muslim super power
59. Turkish-Islamic Union is a destiny 60.  Turkish prime minister: Unity is the remedy for all troubles
61. Turkish prime minister: Unity is the remedy for all troubles 62.  Two countries, one cabinet
63. Two new doors are opening up to Iraq 64.  Visa-free entry has increased tourist numbers
65. Visas are lifted with Sudan as well 66.  We are ready to set out for every way along with Turkey
67. We have caught up with the ottoman on transiting without visas 68.  We see Turkey as the big partner
69. We share the same faith and path 70.  We will be free to go to Libya as if to our own country
71. We will build the Middle East together 72.  You be leader of the Middle East