Towards Turkish-Islamic Union
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1.  Sumela messages by reciting the Surah Al 'Imran 2.  We have 600 years of dialogue with Kosovo and we are always next to her
3.  Chinese students will have courses on religion in Turkey 4.  Ankara is the new address for Palestine
5.  Another country abolished the visa regime with Turkey 6.  Another country abolished the visa regime with Turkey
7.  They met in a religious ceremony for the sake of compassion 8.  Syrians sees Turkey as the only hope
9.  TGB's Iftar hosted Berlin’s Interior Minister 10.  Waiting for this moment for 150 years
11.  Turkey, the new super power 12.  Visas are lifted with Belarus as well
13.  Egypt uses Turkey as a model to prepare constitutional law 14.  Setting forth the final opinion about Cyprus
15.  Turkey must become a role model with its leading role in the region 16.  Our sole friend is Turkey
17.  Turkish in Mexico 18.  Europe: A Ball of Fire
19.  Turkey left Europe behind 20.  Every corner of the world fights against disasters
21.  Sarkozy: ''Turkey is the balance of the world'' 22.  Turkey Should Be Included in the Middle East Quartette
23.  USA is desperate, Turkey is the super power! 24.  Turkey is referred to as a success story in the world
25.  We will ask Turks to enter the EU 26.  CNN: Turkey will become the protective power of the USA
27.  Turkey is the dynamic regional power 28.  Visas are lifted also with South Africa
29.  Islamic Peace Force against Looters 30.  The Country Members of OSCE gathered in Kazakhstan
31.  Kashmir also lays its hope in Turkey 32.  Is an Islamic Peace Force being established?
33.  USA: We are not at war with Islam; our reference is Turkey 34.  The new trend among Syrians: They want to be from Turkey
35.  Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan:''Turkey is our polar star'' 36.  Historical decision from Germany:Turks are exempted from visa requirement
37.  ''Borderless'' friendship with Syria 38.  According to the Middle Eastern Nations, Turkey is the role model
39.  Visa will be lifted between Turkey and Krygzstan 40.  Ukraine is the next visa-exempt country
41.  Erdogan, the Prime Minister of Turkey: Islamic countries' might is self-sufficient 42.  Allahu Akbar Turkey against the oppressor
43.  In Lebanon Prime Minister Erdogan proposed a Middle Eastern 'Schengen Area' 44.  Abdullah Gul: Do not let borders drive us apart
45.  Davutoglu: We will carry this flag everywhere 46.  Turkish Union is obligatory
47.  In Lebanon Prime Minister Erdogan proposed a Middle Eastern 'Schengen Area' 48.  The leader will be Turkey, if the world order is to change
49.  Ottoman Commonwealth of Nations 50.  The role of Turkey in Iraq is increasing
51.  Call from Mr. Tayyip Erdogan to the Islamic Union 52.  Newsweek: Turkey will get stronger as the ''New Ottomans''
53.  Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan: The Golden Age of Islam will be revived 54.  Bosnian people see Turkey as elder brother
55.  One step further on the way to the Turkish Islamic Union 56.  The birth of the New Middle East
57.  The dream of 'One nation six states' came true 58.  There must not be borders among brother countries
59.  Greece provides convenience in visa issues 60.  Minister of Justice Ergin: Pasaports will also be removed
61.  Mr. Erdogan called Islamic countries to use their financial resources for good 62.  Davutoglu: ''We are one big family''
63.  As compassionate as a Turk 64.  Visas removed, number of people crossing gates is breaking records
65.  Turkey Will lead the army of the Gulf of Aden 66.  Turkey is the winner country of the 21st Century
67.  The leaders of the Turkish World meet in Istanbul 68.  Bashar al-Assad: Turkey surely must be a mediator
69.  Islamic world in a fractured state 70.  Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan: Islam's Golden Age will be revived
71.  The Economist: Turkey the great mediator 72.  Le Figaro: Turkey returns to The Balkans
73.  The number of countries that removed visas has become 61 74.  We will remove the visas with Azerbaijan
75.  European civilization can develop with Turkey 76.  Visa with Syria lifted, mutual transitions increased
77.  The citizens of Van are opening their doors for Armenians 78.  The star and crescent are in the skies of Cairo
79.  In Afghanistan even foreign soldiers wear Turkish bands 80.  Bashar al-Assad: Turkey is the unique country with its intermediary role
81.  General Petraeus: We appreciate Turkey 82.  Congeniality brought success
83.  Turkish seal on Balkan peace 84.  Turkey is our role model
85.  Israel starts to demolish the walls 86.  ''7 flags one nation'' flag field has been opened
87.  In growth, Middle East Union will quintuple Europe 88.  You are the last standard bearer of Islam
89.  Number of countries visas removed with is up to 61, businessmen also demand for EU and North Africa 90.  Ottoman went, we fell into darkness
91.  President Beshar al-Assad: Turkish blood and Arab blood are the same 92.  PM of England: ''Turkey is a significant actor''
93.  Turkey is the leader of the region 94.  Removal of visa removed the handcuffs of businessmen
95.  Abdullah Gul: We All Are One Nation 96.  We are waiting for the descendants of Ottoman
97.  Turkey's test with visa ended well 98.  Turkey is an opportunity for peace in the Middle East
99.  Turkey and Iran are establishing joint industrial region 100.  Let the visas be removed, trade increase
101.  Newsweek: Turkey rises 102.  Visa removed between Cameroon and Turkey
103.  Ottoman flag is still in Bosnia 104.  Countersign for the Turkish council
105.  Turkey back to the region where it was ejected 100 years ago 106.  Turkey reorganizing the Balkans
107.  ''EU’s future depends on its relations with Islam'' 108.  Turkey re-shapes the Balkans
109.  Visas being removed with Portugal 110.  The Ottoman spirit brought 7 leaders together
111.  Middle East trusts in Turkey 112.  We are pressing for entering with identity card to Azerbaijan
113.  Visas are removed with Serbia 114.  ''Turkish Peace''
115.  From now on Turkey is on the top 116.  Turkey is the opportunity for the peace in Middle East
117.  A new world order by Turkey's ''Leadership'' 118.  Increase in Asia's safety and stability with Turkey's leadership
119.  Support from the Islamic Scholars for Turkey 120.  Arabs should embrace this new Turkey
121.  The purpose is to be a peace envoy in the region 122.  Turkey has started to play an important role throughout the world
123.  ''This time, it's the turn of abolishing passports'' 124.  Turkey is the leader country
125.  Turkey is the natural leader of the Middle Asia and the Middle East 126.  They brought the house down when ''Turkey'' mentioned
127.  Islamic countries have to unite their strengths 128.  The closed door is opened after three centuries
129.  The solution in Krygyzstan is the Turkish-Islamic Union 130.  There won't be any peace without Turkey
131.  The world appreciates Turkey 132.  Turkey is Syria's best friend
133.  Big Step in Shiah-Sunni Dialogue 134.  Iran told us to be the ''Peacekeeper''
135.  Rasmussen: ''Send Turkish Educators to Afghanistan'' 136.  President: Don't dispute so we can progress quickly
137.  Long live Turkey - Azerbaijan brotherhood! 138.  Turkey and Russia To Benefit upon an Agreement on Visas
139.  The steps of Hedjaz Railway is heard 140.  Istanbul is the address of understanding Islam
141.  Visa with Russia is being abolished 142.  The interest of the Islamic world is on Turkey
143.  Turkey shapes the world 144.  Obama: '' I appreciate Turkey's leadership''
145.  Turkish democracy can be a model for our region 146.  Call for brotherhood from the political leaders
147.  There is no country other than Turkey that could play a more important role in Afghanistan 148.  To Unite under the single flag from Belgrade to Istanbul
149.  Rush to fairs upon the abolishment of visas 150.  ''Rescue us Turkey!''
151.  The mission of wiping the shedding tears in the world belongs to Turkey 152.  We want to open Armenia-Azerbaijan borders
153.  We will save Palestine 154.  Turkey is also active in the UN
155.  Visas are lifting with Denmark as well 156.  ''Turkey and Azerbaijan are two inseparable brothers''
157.  Turkish prime minister: Unity is the remedy for all troubles 158.  A bridge between Islam and the West: Turkey
159.  A powerful Turkish Islamic world 160.  CEO of Stratfor: 'Establish the Islamic Union'
161.  We are ready to set out for every way along with Turkey 162.  A call for an Islamic common action
163.  Turkish prime minister: Unity is the remedy for all troubles 164.  Turkey must be the mediator
165.  Turkey fills the gap of Arabs 166.  We have caught up with the ottoman on transiting without visas
167.  Let Turkey administer the Arabs 168.  A common currency era will begin between Iran and Turkey
169.  The visa has been lifted officially with Lebanon as well 170.  We see Turkey as the big partner
171.  Istanbul and Bosnia are brothers 172.  Turkey has a powerful status in our country (Saudi Arabia)
173.  The Turks will bring the 'Israel wall' down 174.  Turkish-Islamic Union is a destiny
175.  Visa-free entry has increased tourist numbers 176.  Two countries, one cabinet
177.  Talk of Islamic Union from the prime minister 178.  Afghan troops entrusted to Turkish officers
179.  The borders have been lifted; Vakifbank is now going to Syria 180.  We will be free to go to Libya as if to our own country
181.  The visa requirement with Ukraine is also being lifted 182.  Turkey: A symbol of peace and tolerance
183.  There can be no peace without Turkey 184.  The Turkish flag flies over the Egyptian wall
185.  A Muslim peace force is being set up 186.  Two new doors are opening up to Iraq
187.  Turkey will be the leader of the Islamic world 188.  The first step toward unification
189.  Muslim countries are doing away with their borders 190.  Ten Islamic countries are uniting around business
191.  Sudan is lifting the visa 192.  The lifting of visas is grounds for celebration
193.  'There can be no peace in the world without peace with Turkey' 194.  Iran waives visas for Azeris
195.  A call for Islamic union from Ahmadinejad 196.  We will build the Middle East together
197.  The road map to Islamic union is being drawn up in Istanbul 198.  A call to union from the leaders of Islamic countries
199.  The Serbian border is also being opened up 200.  Turkey, an intermediary between Pakistan and Iran
201.  Moving toward a common currency with Iran 202.  TRT World started broadcasting in Armenian
203.  The devout will establish peace in Palestine 204.  President Abdullah Gül: Now is the time for unity
205.  Turkey may amalgamate with Azerbaijan 206.  The man in the street says, 'open the borders'
207.  A call from the Arab world: the border between Syria and Turkey must be lifted at once 208.  Visas are lifted with Sudan as well
209.  Armenia is opening up the Lachin corridor 210.  Turkey has become an economic and military power
211.  The task of dialogue with Hamas belongs to Turkey 212.  Europe will be stronger with you
213.  You be leader of the Middle East 214.  A union is forming between Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria
215.  Not just the Turkish-Armenian border, but also the Azeri-Armenian one will be opened up 216.  Russia also pleased at Turkish-Armenian initiative
217.  Full support from Egypt for Turkey's initiative 218.  Nabucco will be a Turkish-Islamic Union project
219.  Azerbaijan and Turkey, two states, one nation 220.  G8 confirms that Turkey is a regional power
221.  According to Der Spiegel: The Ottoman Empire is making a return 222.  Turkey is a model for the whole Islamic world
223.  Turkey's new direction: Islamic Union 224.  The visa regime between Turkey and Syria has been lifted
225.  We share the same faith and path 226.  Turkey will be the world's first modern Muslim super power
227.  Turkey is of great value to the EU 228.  The 'Middle East Union' is being set up