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1.  One needs to direct all his love and attention to Allah 2.  Violence is one of the methods of communists' worshiping the satan
3.  The malls of the Paradise will be super modern 4.  This world is a place to be astounded at
5.  Allah tests Muslims with a very beautiful test 6.  Whisperings of the satan is a sign of faith, it should never be taken seriously
7.  Muslims should strive for the salvation of the whole Islamic world not only for the salvation of Palestine 8.  Slanders would elevate the rank of a Muslim
9.  Mr. Adnan Oktar comments to Prof. Hooshang Amirahmadi about the false belief in a bloody Mahdi 10.  Mr. Adnan Oktar explains Prof. Hooshang Amirahmadi why the Iranians' false belief of an 'invisible' Mahdi is a threat to world peace
11.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be in touch with the Jews 12.  His Highness Bediuzzaman Said Nursi draws attention to Bismarck's words; 'O Muhammad I truly regret not being your contemporary.'
13.  The most important matter in the world is weakness in faith 14.  Explanations of the verses from the Surah Saba; the signs of the existence of Allah are very clear.
15.  Performing salat [prayers] is a religious obligation that is explicitly defined in the Qur'an 16.  Atoms are spinning vigorously for 15 billion years
17.  Dr. Timothy Furnish asks Mr. Adnan Oktar about the Iranian viewpoint of the Hazrat Mahdi's rule 18.  Mr. Adnan Oktar explains Dr. Timothy Furnish the alliance of Christians and Muslims in the End Times
19.  Dr. Timothy Furnish asks Mr. Adnan Oktar about the perception of the West in the Islamic Union 20.  It is very important to keep the Unity of Islam on the agenda because the Unity of Islam is a religious obligation
21.  A Muslim worships only Allah 22.  Lack of fear of Allah lies beneath the dissolution of marriages
23.  Dr. Timothy Furnish asks Mr. Adnan Oktar about his views on Creation 24.  Christian author Joel Richardson asks Mr. Adnan Oktar about the Israeli Rabbis' support for the Turkish Islamic Union
25.  Marc Kaufman of The Washington Post asks Mr. Adnan Oktar what his message is to the American people. 26.  Mr. Marc Kaufman of The Washington Post asks Mr. Adnan Oktar about his own effect on the Turkish population in terms of Darwinism
27.  Dr. Timothy Furnish asks Mr. Adnan Oktar about his views on his statement which states that 'Darwinism is the religion of the antichrist' 28.  Marc Kaufman of The Washington Post asks Mr. Adnan Oktar why he attaches so much importance to preaching Creation
29.  Mr. Adnan Oktar explains to the Christian author Joel Richardson how the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) was ascended beyond time and space 30.  Prof. Robert S. Wistrich asks Mr. Adnan Oktar about the revival of belief in Israel and Turkey
31.  Lalit K. Jha of Indo Asian News Agency asks Mr. Adnan Oktar about his views on freedom of speech 32.  Mr. Adnan Oktar explains the essential factors underlying this current economic crisis
33.  Mr. Adnan Oktar: A genuine Muslim, a person of faith, would absolutely be against terror 34.  Christian author Joel Richardson asks Mr. Adnan Oktar about Jesus Christ's (pbuh) second coming
35.  Prof. Robert S. Wistrich asks Mr. Adnan Oktar about Jews' living in the Holy Land 36.  Lalit K. Jha of Indo Asian News Agency asks Mr. Adnan Oktar about the conflict in Kashmir
37.  Mr. Adnan Oktar explains what jihad (striving) means in Islam 38.  The Islamic Union will be established under the leadership of Turkey and the states will remain independent
39.  Marc Kaufman of The Washington Post asks Mr. Adnan Oktar how the issue of evolution first came up for him 40.  Mr. Adnan Oktar explains Alexander Murinson that we are living in the time of King Messiah
41.  Prof. Robert S. Wistrich asks Mr. Adnan Oktar about the Holocaust, mass murder of innocent people of Europe 42.  The 7 thousand years mentioned in the hadiths as the lifespan of the world refers to the beginning of a calendar
43.  Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) would not let any adverseness against Islam and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) 44.  The intelligence of the cell is superior than the intelligence of the humans
45.  The most beautiful cinema system of the world exists inside the brain 46.  Humans are as fragile as a flower in this world but life in the Hereafter will be endless
47.  As a characteristic of the time of the King Messiah (Hazrat Mahdi), the Israeli and Turkish nations will mix with each other (From the interview with the Israeli Researcher-Author Mr. Alexander Murinson) 48.  Faith needs to be strengthened constantly
49.  One of the most important characteristics of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and of the other prophets is that their prayers are instantly accepted 50.  Muslim would only cry out of love for Allah; crying out of sadness is unlawful
51.  A Muslim must be full of life, well-groomed and highly cultured 52.  Hypocrites come among the Muslims like a snake and they leave like a snake
53.  Belief in a Ghost Mahdi harms Muslims 54.  It is very important for Muslims to keep their faith strong and to think deep
55.  Those who are truly sincere would always live a beautiful life 56.  Hypocrites are the most despicable people of all
57.  Even ten liras that will be used for preaching religion is of great value 58.  The beautiful morality and cleanliness stemming from faith would be clearly noticed upon Muslims
59.  In the absence of love for Allah, the spouses would not be attracted to each other 60.  Mr. Adnan Oktar: 'I am the sword of science against bigotry and sedition'
61.  Response to those who claim that 'there is no Darwinist-materialist dominion around the world' 62.  References to the system of the Mahdi from the Surah Yusuf : The system of the dajjal (anti-messiah) is clear-cut enemy of man
63.  Allah makes every incident instrumental for the global dominion of Islam 64.  Turkey will unite with Greece insha'Allah but it will be by means of the system of the Mahdi
65.  Mr. Adnan Oktar's explains the Israeli Researcher Mr. Alexander Murinson the purpose of the missile shield which will be established in Malatya 66.  The ranks of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will be very high because they will both come in the fiercest period of the End Times
67.  A person would be impressed by beauty only as much as the strength of his faith 68.  The hypocrite does not believe in the religion he himself talks about that is full of superstitions
69.  Allah does not impose on any self any more than it can stand 70.  Gaddafi should have listened to my words
71.  Conference in Brussels 72.  Our conferences in Algeria attracted great interest
73.  Muslims live like they are in Heaven also in this world. It is not right to prohibit science, music and art. 74.  Asking for miracles is a feature of idolaters
75.  Earthquakes and disasters happening all over the world are among the portents of the End Times 76.  A woman would be in love with the Messenger of Allah (saas), she would be full of love and passion, she would be artistic; that is who I call a woman.
77.  Disservice done to Islam by the bigots is very severe 78.  Dr. Mordechai Kedar asks Mr. Adnan Oktar about the Egypt's new policies towards Israel
79.  Dr. Mordechai Kedar asks Mr. Adnan Oktar about the Christians in the Middle East 80.  Dr. Mordechai Kedar asks Mr. Adnan Oktar about the future of Afghanistan
81.  Dr. Mordechai Kedar asks Mr. Adnan Oktar about Saddam Hussein and the invasion of Iraq 82.  Dr. Mordechai Kedar asks Mr. Adnan Oktar about the laws against Muslims in Europe
83.  Dr. Mordechai Kedar asks Mr. Adnan Oktar about the incidents happening in Syria and Libya 84.  Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau: 'No war, no bloodshed in the time of Mashiach'
85.  Mr. Adnan Oktar: The tensions between Israel and Turkey are transient 86.  Rabbi David Stav: All believers will be united under the sovereignty of King Moshiach
87.  Rabbi David Stav talking about the coming of the King Moshiach 88.  Rabbi Rafael Feurstein praising and blessing Mr. Adnan Oktar
89.  Rabbi Rafael Feurstein commenting about the times of Moshiach on A9 TV 90.  One should broaden his horizons while thinking. People are surging to be put under the ground and they only have their shrouds with them.
91.  A Muslim should be devoted to Allah with love and passion, not to goods and wealth 92.  Real love can only be attained by loving Allah
93.  Wine is explicitly declared religiously unlawful by the verse of the Qur'an 94.  Our conferences in USA is going on
95.  Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau talks about the good relations of Jews and Turks in the history 96.  Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau quotes from the Torah: ''Nation will not take-up sword against nation.
97.  Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau: We have been waiting 4,000 years for the Messiah to come 98.  Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau: ''God alone created the world. Not Darwinism, not evolution.''
99.  Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau thanks Mr. Adnan Oktar for the kind hospitality of him 100.  It is very nice that Amber Rose advised Kim Kardashian to pray to Allah
101.  Embarrassing another person is very disturbing 102.  Monumental events will take place in the coming days Allahualem [Allah knows the truth]
103.  Our Prophet (saas) was very clean and decent 104.  No one should interfere with the religious observances of Christians and Jews. There is no compulsion in Religion
105.  Time of death is defined for every person even before the Creation of the world 106.  Muslims know that everything belongs to Allah
107.  Too much blood has been shed during the tension in between Israel and Palestine; we, as the students of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) are charged with putting an end to the bloodshed. 108.  Belief in an invisible Mahdi contradicts the hadiths
109.  Important explanations from Surat al-Qasas regarding the Prophet Moses (pbuh) 110.  Wonders can be realized when thought about thoroughly
111.  What we really want is for that unnecessary tension to be lifted from Israel and from Palestine and to put an end to the pouring of money on armaments and on war 112.  The Jews are the descendants of the Prophets; let them live as they like, there is no compulsion in religion
113.  Actually it is very easy to attain peace; however will power is required for that and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is the one who will provide that will power 114.  Lower-self is more inclined to hatred, rage and animosity; it always demands war and blood. Friendship and brotherhood can be attained only by will power and reason. Advocating peace and brotherhood until the end and forgiveness can be attained with faith.
115.  Human soul attains profundity with the existence of satan, lower-self and Hell 116.  Killing Gaddafi by beating, after he has surrendered is an act that does not suit Islam
117.  The representatives of Mr. Adnan Oktar are holding conferences in the Mason lodges 118.  There is a great interest in society towards A9 TV; that is because we approach matters reasonably, with love and compassion; we are against fanaticism and bigotry; we want everything to be good and beautiful.
119.  News articles published recently in the Israeli press about Mr. Adnan Oktar 120.  The system of the Mahdi will aim to communicate religion to everyone, he will erase that evil desire to shed blood in the world.
121.  It is unnecessary to struggle with the webpages of opposing parties on the internet. Satan does evil things; it is its duty to do so. 122.  A Muslim feels no anger toward any nation en masse, he intellectually stands only against those individuals involved in persecution (From Journalist Jonathan Power's interview with Mr. Adnan Oktar)
123.  There is peace in Islam; we will of course call for peace. There are some people who would want Turkey and Israel to have a war; we will not let war in the region. 124.  The verses of the Qur'an should be evaluated as a whole. The verses about the Jews and Christians should also be understood within the whole of the Qur'an.
125.  Turkey and Iran should intervene in the situation in Syria and should urgently establish the Turkish Islamic Union 126.  Some examples of false accusations brought about Muslims
127.  The representatives of Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktar) lectured at the gathering of CIRCES, the sub-organization of OSTI Knights Templar 128.  Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) is involved in all the great events. At the moment he is paving the way for Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh).
129.  All Israel wants is to be able to live in that region in peace; King Messiah, that is Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be the one who will ensure this for them. 130.  Pope Benedict the 16th should not object the falsity of Darwinism being talked about
131.  Famous musician and producer Timbaland has announced that he loves Allah very much 132.  Jerusalem Post: The Representatives of Mr. Adnan Oktar has invited the Israeli Minister of Internal Affairs to Turkey
133.  Belief in an invisible Mahdi would make everyone uneasy; the missile defense system is an obligatory defense movement against this mentality. 134.  The promotions of A9 are displayed on 27 meter trams in Holland
135.  Our President Mr. Erdogan had stated that the Jewish people are entrusted to us. 136.  Fierceness brings about fierceness. If 1.5 billion Muslims were to approach Jews and Christians- to the whole world- with compassion, everything would be very nice. No one would go against a structure in which compassion rules.
137.  The android application of A9 Radio has started 138.  With Mr. Adnan Oktar being instrumental, the beauties of the Qur'an and the fact that Islam is a religion of peace and the facts leading to faith have been communicated in the Grand Masonic Lodge
139.  Muslims are responsible of ensuring the security of even the idolaters. The beliefs might be different but this does not necessitate breaking social connections. 140.  The verses in the Qur'an about cutting hands [of thieves] and flogging [those who commit fornication] are intended to be deterrent; these are not punishments that are put into practice; the system of Islam will eliminate the basis of such crimes fundamentally
141.  Mr. Adnan Oktar: 'I protect and watch over the persecuted ones, not the tyrants. When the Turkish Islamic Union is formed there will be no atheistic-Zionism left, no one will shed blood.' 142.  How world politicians have been influenced by the Atlas of Creation
143.  Darwinism has collapsed despite the official protection all over the world 144.  Science means free thinking; it is very wrong to pressurize scientists
145.  Mr. Adnan Oktar: 'Let us come to a common word; to Oneness of Allah' 146.  The meeting of the representatives of Mr. Adnan Oktar with the Chief Rabbi of Israel Shlomo Amar
147.  People of the book are our brothers 148.  We want Armenians to take their place in the Turkish-Islamic Union
149.  There can be no hypocrisy under secularism 150.  The Turkish-Islamic Union means salvation for the whole world
151.  Adnan Oktar: EU will join the Turkish-Islamic Union 152.  Allah has entrusted the People of the Book to us. Do they not see what happened in Ottoman times, or in the times of our Prophet (saas)? Do they not read the Qur'an? There is love and affection in all.
153.  With the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) the problem in between Israel and Palestine will instantly be solved 154.  The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) had an overwhelming might and authority; but he was a man of compassion, he did not even crush an ant.
155.  It is Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) who will resolve the deadlock occurred in the Israel and Palestine problem; and then all region will be like Heaven 156.  Mr. Adnan Oktar explains Social Darwinism as the source of all conflict
157.  Turkey will emerge as the older brother of all the Turkic and Islamic countries 158.  Scientists with Darwinist mindsets should be apologizing for deceiving humanity for the last 150 years
159.  The reason why Muslims are suffering is that, instead of putting forward compassion, love and mercy, people come alongside of hatred and grudge 160.  Islam will progress with love, wisdom, science and inculcation; attempting to slaughter children and women just because they are Jews and calling them cursed as a whole is cruelty.
161.  A Muslim would always be very clean. Being spotlessly clean is a sign of piety, not being poorly groomed. 162.  The Qur'an is pure revelation; High degree Masons who know the essence of Freemasonry and who think profoundly know that the Qur'an is the True Book
163.  Money is blown on shedding human blood at the moment; but at the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) money will be blown on making people happy 164.  Those who advocate peace in the true sense of the word up until the end are very few in number. Only a devout Muslim can stand for peace, love and forgiveness.
165.  We will strive to ensure that the path for peace and goodness would be followed in the relations of Israel and Turkey 166.  The Unity of Muslims brings peace to the world
167.  The problems of Israel will be solved with a single word of the King Messiah [Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)] 168.  Palestinians and Israelis are the sons of the same Prophet father. Hatred is an awful feeling; one should always approach others with love, compasison and mercy.
169.  Darwin's statements are utterly statements of terror 170.  In ten years time Darwinism will no longer exist in this world
171.  Forcing people to accept Darwinist statements is actually anti-democratic 172.  Darwinism is protected under a system similar to a despotic regime
173.  Adnan Oktar: I want wars, fights, terror and anarchy to come to an end 174.  America, Russia and Europe; they all like the Islam we describe very much
175.  Without Darwin terrorism is almost impossible 176.  Why does the European Union not want Turkey? A scholarly study should be done into that; the things that worry them must be put right, if they are legitimate.
177.  Jews are in need of love and affection. The just thing is to show them love and affection and protect and watch over them. If the whole Islamic world were to embrace them, there would be no more problems with Israel. 178.  Mr. Adnan Oktar's documentaries are being broadcasted as a series by Aria TV of Afghanistan.
179.  Tension will not cease to exist in the region even if Israel apologizes. There needs to be mutual love, affection, compassion and understanding for the matter to be completely resolved. 180.  We want everyone in this world, all Jews and Christians as well, to enjoy utmost happiness and freedom
181.  Israel should submit to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh); King Messiah. 182.  In the Mavi Marmara incident, Israel might have acted in panic; however offering an apology and indemnity is a beauty, courtesy and it would be calming.
183.  Manna may be effective for utilizing parts of the brain not normally used and sharpening perception. It may also be a means to communicate with the animals, as in the manner of Hazrat Solomon (pbuh). 184.  Those who throw bombs on innocent people and slaughter them represent one of the thoughts that do harm to Islam. Striving on the path of Islam means communicating Islam with love and compassion.
185.  Offering an apology is utterly reasonable for Israel; apologizing would not degrade or aggrieve Israel. 186.  Anyone assessing the Turkish Islamic Union wisely would see that this union will be for the benefit of everyone.
187.  There is no compulsion or any other practice in the Qur'an and in the Sunnah that would be in conflict with the democratic spirit 188.  Israel should be approached not by agitation but with love, compassion and by giving them assurance. When approached with compassion, love and protectiveness, all the matters would be fundamentally solved.
189.  Global Publishing is a company founded by our Muslim brothers solely for the approval of Allah. 190.  A technology similar to laser had been used in the time of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) for cutting stone and meal
191.  An advanced technology attained with easy techniques has been used in the past times 192.  We've come to this world to exasperate the satan
193.  It would be very good if Turkey enters the EU as the leader of the Turkish-Islamic Union 194.  Without the Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) the Islamic world will not get up on its feet.
195.  It is impossible for the evolutionists to come up with an explanation for the formation of proteins 196.  The Letters A and O are sacred in Freemasonry
197.  The system of the Mahdi came to a state that even the blindest eyes would see. 198.  Both Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh) are master architects; they will redesign the whole world.
199.  The friendship in between Iran and Turkey can never be disturbed 200.  Satan wants to delay the establishment of the Unity of Islam
201.  The famine in Somali can only be solved when the misspending of the wealth is stopped with the establishment of the Unity of Islam, it cannot be solved by the sms messages sent for charity. 202.  Saying Insha'Allah and Masha'Allah is among the signs of the students of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)
203.  Inculcation is essential in lifting the veil of heedlessness 204.  Struggle given against evil suggestions is called a test
205.  People will be amazed by the eternal blessings in the Heaven 206.  All the activities carried out in the End Times are very important
207.  Qur'an is the weapon of the system of the Mahdi and superstition is that of the hypocrite 208.  The delicate balance in the creation of the universe is the evidence of Creation
209.  Compassion is a special feeling, it has an exquisite effect on the soul 210.  Commands of religion should not be proposed to a person who does not have faith
211.  Mr. Adnan Oktar: 'I would abide by the person all the Islamic world sees as Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)' 212.  The medal presented to Mr. Adnan Oktar by the United States Army.
213.  Explanations from Surat Al-Ankabut: Retrogressive people would not ascribe the truth to the beauties of the Qur'an but to the ugliness of their idols 214.  Mr. Adnan Oktar: 'Those who criticize me about my showing affection and paying compliments do not know love.'
215.  Mr. Adnan Oktar evaluates the Harun Yahya Conference held at a U.S. air base and the medal given to him 216.  Sadness makes one lose reason, it keeps him away from religion.
217.  The stone and tree informing Muslims about secret information which is foretold in the excellent description of our Prophet (saas) is occurring right now, in the End Times. 218.  Explanation from the Surah Yasin: Everyone dies when he goes to sleep, Allah gives his soul back to the ones He wills.
219.  May Allah protect all Muslims from the evils and strife of the hypocrites and May He give a formidable pain to the hearts of the hypocrites. 220.  Allah creates the universe with a splendid equilibrium
221.  As the Turkish Nation, we are obliged to have a desire for growth and for the Turkish Islamic Union. 222.  In the community of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), there is a blessing in their being few in number
223.  Channel A9 follows a very honest, rationalist broadcasting policy that enables the audience to learn the truths and acts solely for the approval of Allah 224.  The solution of lovelessness is to live by the morality of the Qur'an
225.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is the person who enables the Unity of Islam 226.  May Allah grant profound faith to all our people may Allah burn the spell of the dajjal (anti-messiah) upon them insha'Allah.
227.  In the absence of love and profundity human body falls ill. In fact that is the real reason for Kim Kardashian's disease as well. 228.  There is no compulsion in Islam.
229.  Mr. Adnan Oktar: I am a man of love, I do not like lovelessness 230.  Different from the Torah and the Gospel, the Qur'an emphasizes love very thoroughly; provides the foundation for love
231.  People are not able to wander around in safety in anywhere in the world because there is a lack of fear and love for Allah. 232.  Response to those who overlook the persecution executed on Muslims and set wrong priorities
233.  Salvaging a person's faith is like saving that person from death 234.  It is the Qur'an that explains democracy and secularity
235.  Muslims have waited for Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) with love and enthusiasm in every century. 236.  Economic crisis will go on the rampage again in Europe
237.  It is easy to understand the religion 238.  Dajjal (anti-messiah) is on the attack with all his might
239.  Allah is the One Who makes the pain disappear, medicine is an instrument 240.  Without the dominion of the moral values of Islam the world cannot remain standing
241.  Everything that the human soul enjoys exist in Islam 242.  The polls taken about the death of Amy Winehouse demonstrate a portion of the brutality of Darwinism
243.  What is fine is to provide support rather than constantly making recommendations and asking for help. Everyone needs to work for the cause according to his own measures 244.  Everyone acts upon inspiration but would not be aware of this
245.  It would be unjust to declare the entire community of Knights Templar and Freemasons guilty because there are a few people with anti-Islamic views and who are shedding blood among them. 246.  We evaluate every person with compassion, as the servant of Allah, He created
247.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will not shed blood until the end of his life 248.  Mr. Adnan Oktar: 'Kim Kardashian's psoriasis occurs due to the tense and loveless environment in which she lives'
249.  Magma is boiling like water under the ground but people are living on it in comfort 250.  Praying is a very important act of worship that is instrumental in establishing a close connection with Allah
251.  According to Marxism money is the basic determinant and according to Islam the basic determinant is the love for Allah, fear of Allah and religion. 252.  Mr. Adnan Oktar's comments on the death of Amy Winehouse
253.  The Unity of Islam is the greatest religious obligation 254.  Muslims' blood that is shed would be upon those who do not want the Unity of Islam
255.  Turkey has learnt modern piousness from us. Muslims are now able to proudly say that they are Muslims 256.  Patience is stability in good morals and religious observances
257.  No conscience could ever accept not loving our Prophet (saas) 258.  Mr. Adnan Oktar explains the aim of Atlas of Creation being sent to France
259.  Mr. Adnan Oktar commends the change in Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy after Atlas of Creation 260.  We have been instrumental in making the modern, secular, wise aspect of Islam be seen
261.  Mr. Adnan Oktar talking about the holocaust violence to der Spiegel 262.  A person who genuinely is faithful would be very effective in preaching religion
263.  The reason why Iran is regarded as a threat is that it believes in an invisible Mahdi 264.  In the hadiths there is a reference to the 12 countries that are the members of the European Union
265.  Muslims had a leader in every period of history 266.  The world would attain peace with the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)
267.  Muslims should pray for the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) 268.  Without the trial in this world, nothing would have any meaning
269.  Explanations from Surat al-Kahf; Patience is a vital matter. 270.  Both Communism and Fascism are the two horns of the satan
271.  Christians turning towards Islam is the portent of the coming of the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh) 272.  At the moment, there is a struggle throughout the world in between the system of the Mahdi (pbuh) and the system of the dajjal (anti-messiah)
273.  Explanations from Surat Al-Kahf: The explosion of the ship which happened in 1979 is among the portents of the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) 274.  Approaching every person with compassion is the characteristic of our Prophet (saas)
275.  Mr. Adnan Oktar's live conversation with the leaders from around the world in Freemasonry - 2 276.  Wearing head-scarf is a religious obligation [for women]
277.  Erudite explanations from Surat al-Muminun: Beneath the misery of people lies irreligion 278.  Irreligiousness brings about pessimism not happiness
279.  Irreligiousness brings about weak-spiritedness and feebleness 280.  The weaknesses in the world are created specifically to prevent feeling love for this world.
281.  Mr. Adnan Oktar's live conversation with the leaders from around the world in Freemasonry 282.  The life of bees alone is sufficient for a sensible individual to have faith
283.  Lovelessness is a great pain 284.  Religion is a manifestation of Allah's Beauty that embraces everyone
285.  It is a blessing that all unlawful things like wine, pork and adultery are deemed as such 286.  The End Times is tremendous and stunning
287.  Mr. Adnan Oktar comments on the legal errors made during the appellate review of the SRF case. 288.  In the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) Islam will be lived exactly as it was lived in the time of the Messenger of Allah (saas)
289.  Allah created and finished infinity in an infinitely short period of time 290.  It is a miracle that our Prophet (saas) had been protected from all kinds of attacks and could not be martyred
291.  In the Qur'an, obeisance towards faithful parents is commanded 292.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be superior than even some of the Prophets
293.  The Pharaoh benefited from the Torah but did not abide by it 294.  Our Prophet's (pbuh) prayers reveal the profoundness of his love of Allah - 2
295.  The Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh) will be the vizier of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) 296.  The abundance in Turkey is with the effect of system of the Mahdi
297.  Our Prophet's (pbuh) prayers reveal the profoundness of his love of Allah 298.  Those who now ridicule Muslims will be unable to speak on the Day of Reckoning
299.  The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will be the person Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) trusts the most 300.  Explanations from Surat Ar-Rad; The prayers of those people who says 'I do not accept fasting', 'I do not want the Unity of Islam' would not be accepted.
301.  Mr. Adnan Oktar's comments about those people whose testimonies were taken in the security because they committed blasphemy on Sour Dictionary (Eksi Sozluk) 302.  There is no enmity toward the People of the Book in the Qur'an
303.  The Unity of Islam is described in the Qur'an from the beginning till the end 304.  Allah manifests Himself in women with His Names Ar-Rahman, Ar-Rahim
305.  No Muslim would ever be 'ugly', all Muslims are radiant like light 306.  A person who understands the Might of Allah would fear Allah with a profound respect and awe
307.  Praising Allah and giving thanks to Allah is very important 308.  The Qur'an is freedom from the beginning till the end
309.  Thinking about death brings maturity to people 310.  Erudite explanations from Surat Al-Kahf: Eyes should always be on beauty, goodness and the truth
311.  People will enjoy freedom in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) 312.  Women are very much treasured in the morality of the Qur'an.
313.  Praying is a shield against ascribing partners to Allah 314.  It is very nice that Angelina Jolie is busy with charitable works
315.  It is not possible for something that exists to become nonexistent 316.  Natural disasters are portents of the End Times
317.  As an evil system bigotry is at least as dangerous as irreligiousness 318.  Life is very short, it ends within a few decades.
319.  Fear makes a person sick. We want to discard fear from the face of this world. 320.  Allah is the One Who creates all the beauties in Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)
321.  The person preaching Islam is the one who actually is educated by that 322.  Our Prophet (pbuh) told that in the End Times insincere commentaries and interpretations would multiply
323.  Allah unrolled the whole plan of the history in front of us with all the details. The ones who say 'this does not interest me' -may Allah forbid- cannot be successful. But despite of such people, the system of the Mahdi will be successful. 324.  The system that makes the 99 percent of the world irreligious is the system of the dajjal (anti-messiah)
325.  Islam means peace, freedom, democracy, beauty and cleanliness 326.  The Unity of Islam is a religious obligation for every Muslim
327.  The system of the dajjal (anti-messiah) is a hollow stump and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will uproot that system and cast it away 328.  Socialism is the ideology of the false Messiah.
329.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will speak very sincerely, the things he talks about will have a definitive effect on the hearts and minds of the listeners. 330.  At the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), the era of paying for hospitals and for doctors will be closed.
331.  The principle is the salvation of the whole Islamic world, not of just one country 332.  Alliance should be formed for all denominations
333.  Heat has a deterrent aspect over weak people. One should be careful against lethargy of the summer 334.  If our brothers in Afghanistan outspokenly want the Unity of Islam, Allah would grant it in a very short time.
335.  Muslims will be praying for the success of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) 336.  The increase in the occurrence of tornadoes is a portent of the End Times
337.  The true passages in the Torah and the Gospels are valid 338.  Those who say that Allah is One, should ally in the Oneness of Allah.
339.  The Qur'an tells us the foundations of love 340.  Nothing in the disadvantage of any other country would ever take place in Turkey
341.  The Unity of Islam is a system that would be instrumental in the salvation for everyone 342.  Eyes have very recently started to perceive the system of the Mahdi.
343.  As acts of worship, prayers are by all means accepted. 344.  The effect of the spell casted by the dajjal (anti-messiah) would be dispersed with prayers.
345.  Prison did not have wearing effect on Prophets but it rather had a strengthening effect 346.  The rapid effluxion of time is a portent of the End Times.
347.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will clear away the defective belief which regards the bloodshed as normal 348.  Explanations from Surat An-Naml; It has been implicated in the Qur'an that the codes will be decrypted in the End Times
349.  In the bliss that comes with faith people's horizons would be broadened. 350.  There will be a brand-new creation in the Heaven.
351.  All Muslims are charged with looking for Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) 352.  Allah has shown our Prophet (saas) the future
353.  One of the abnormalities that will be experienced in the End Times is that people would appreciate those who defend war and bloodshed, and curse those who defend love and peace 354.  Our Prophet (saas) has foretold that laptop computers will be used in the End Times
355.  In the Qur'an Allah gives examples of different characteristics of hypocrites. Since they are full of grudge and hatred they have a tendency for any kind of attacks towards Muslims. 356.  The truth about matter is a vital secret people need to know
357.  We live love, beauty, patience, passion and honesty at best with fear of Allah 358.  Human is created very perfectly. However Darwinists claim that all these perfect details in man have been formed by coincidences
359.  There are some dark forces who want to erupt war in between Muslims, Jews and Christians. No one should be deceived by such a plot. 360.  Belief in Allah is a whole with belief in the Hereafter
361.  Surah Hud; The Qur'an is open, clear and accurate 362.  Explanations from Surat at-Tawba: Religion is preached only with sincere and genuine Muslims
363.  In the Turkish-Islamic Union there is equal respect for all religions 364.  Explanations from Surat al-Araf: The grounds of devastation of peoples are generally their denying the messengers, their failure to take lessons from and heed afflictions befalling them, their growing arrogant and their cruelty.
365.  Some people base all their lives on bragging about their possessions and their children. And this makes them unbalanced, hard, egoistic and aggressive. 366.  Explanations from Surah Hud: Repentance is a blessing, it gives relief to the heart, it opens the mind, it is an act suitable for the good pleasure of Allah
367.  It is a terrible scourge for people to fear one another. We must avoid a model of society based on fear and intimidation. Fear leads to hatred 368.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be the summary of all the prophets
369.  When Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) comes, some hodjas by changing the commandments of the Qur'an, will struggle against Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) 370.  It is the system of the Mahdi that will solve the Israel-Palestine problem
371.  America wants the establishment of democracy in the Islamic world. But it is essentially important for Muslims to demand the Turkish Islamic Union and the system of the Mahdi. 372.  Working hard is not a sign of quality. Man is responsible from love, art, science, faith, compassion and good morality.
373.  Peace is the main feature of Turkey. The sole country that can ensure peace in the region is Turkey 374.  Explanations from Surah Maryam: Praying is very important
375.  Our Prophet (saas) has personally seen and studied Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and described him right down to the finest detail 376.  If my sincere brothers, who truly want Islam to prevail, wish to help me, what should they do?
377.  There is no superiority for one person over the other. Everyone is equal to the other. Superiority comes from piety. 378.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is the spiritual father of the world
379.  Islam is a very clear and lucid religion 380.  Hypocrites want to split Muslims into pieces. They are against Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) because he eliminates superstitions and unites Muslims.
381.  Surat Al-Inshiqaq; The Solar and Lunar eclipses which are the portents of coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) are pointed out in the Qur'an 382.  Explanations from Surat Al-Furqan: In the End Times bigots will treat the Qur'an as something to be ignored
383.  Bigots will turn into spiritual corpses by means of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). With Hazrat Mahdi's (pbuh) rain of mercy this vileness will be cleansed. 384.  They try to urge me to stop talking about the system of the Mahdi by saying that I have been explaining the system of the Mahdi because I claim to be the Mahdi. But I will keep explaining the system of the Mahdi out and loud
385.  Erudite explanations from Surat al-Furqan: Knowledge of the Qur'an is very important in order to comprehend what is encountered in the Hereafter, 386.  It is one thing to look like Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), but to make a claim on being Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is something completely different.
387.  Explanations from Surat al-Ma'ida: Our Prophet (saas) governed the Jews with the original of the Torah and Christians with the original of the Gospels 388.  Without the love for Allah and fear of Allah, the body becomes tense. When a person holds on to the Qur'an he attains serenity and comfort.
389.  In the End Times the oppression applied on women will be lifted 390.  Paying compliments increases love and affection, it is the source of love and passion
391.  The martyrdom of the Prophets Yahya and Zachariah (pbuh) 392.  Mr. Adnan Oktar: ' I have no claim on being the Mahdi (pbuh), neither do I have systems, holdings that would collapse. I just am communicating our Prophet's (saas) glad tidings'
393.  Explanations from Surat al-'Alaq; The system of the dajjal prevents people from fulfilling the Commands of Allah 394.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will act on Ilm Al-Ladun (Hidden Knowledge)
395.  In the End Times, those who carry out every sort of terror are the Gog and Magog. However the two major Gog-Magog acts are the WWI and WWII 396.  Without the test in this world people would not take pleasure from beauty.
397.  Answer to the question ; 'Would Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) work miracles for people to have them attain faith?' 398.  If a Jew says that Allah is one, then he is my brother in 'La Ilaha Illa Allah'
399.  Muslims will be united with Christians, because the Qur'an says so. Christians will be our brothers in 'La Ilaha Illa Allah,' and we will strive together against atheism, materialism and Darwinism 400.  The presence of Israel in the region has become instrumental in the strengthening of devoutness
401.  In the Qur'an Allah commands to spend out and distribute the goods on the path of Allah. Hazrat Mahdi will distribute the goods profusely. 402.  Allah has created many diseases together with their remedies. But some diseases are fatal and death itself is a remedy as well.
403.  When a rational and Qur'anic manner is not adopted, disbelief finds the ground to crush Muslims. The reason for Hazrat Mahdi's (pbuh) success is that he takes the Qur'an as basis. 404.  False Mahdis are among the portents of the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)
405.  When love dominates, all laws are implemented very nicely 406.  Erudite explanations from Surat Ash-Shu'ara: In every period of time Muslims who do not stand for the ideology of the dajjal (anti-messiah) have been tried to be put in prison and have been tried to be presented as traitors.
407.  The greatest problem in the world is weakness in faith. In profound faith there would be great courage and great excitement and enthusiasm to preach the religion. 408.  In Hell, Allah will show darwinists how pathological would the world produced by coincidence be
409.  Both the Day of Judgment and the Unity of Muslims exist in faith. An understanding of Islam without the Qur'an would mean handing the world over to satan 410.  How will Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) die?
411.  Explanations from Surat Al-Asr: Steadfastness in good morality, steadfastness in self control and steadfastness in wisdom are very important. 412.  If a person does not believe in Allah, if he does not have faith in Hereafter, then life would have no meaning for him.
413.  Allah shows us the helplessness of America through natural disasters 414.  While preaching Islam, before all else love of Allah should be intensified.
415.  A relentless wisdom would be seen in the eyes of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). There is no distractibility in the prophets. 416.  People who think superficially are like the ones inside a box watching outside through a small hole they opened on that box. Whereas Muslims should see the world from every angle.
417.  You cannot stop bloodshed with more bloodshed. The right and desirable thing is peace 418.  The system of the Mahdi is the ship proceeding in the sea of trouble.
419.  The system of the Mahdi is the resaon why Allah eases the way for the formation of the Turkish Islamic Union. 420.  There will be no miracles that could remove the free will of mind
421.  Mr. Adnan Oktar explains one of our Prophet's (saas) hadiths regarding the Jews 422.  Explanations from Surat Al-A'raf: Muslims are warned with the Qur'an. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will disclose the secret of the Broken Letters (Muqatta'at)
423.  Anyone asserting Unity of Islam would be asserting the system of the Mahdi. Without Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) there will be no Unity of Islam. 424.  As the moral values of Islam spread across the world, all states and official organizations, such as America, Russia and the CIA, will assist the process, and everywhere will be filled with peace and brotherhood
425.  The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) loves beauty. Allah grants the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) a glorious beauty. 426.  Having an awe of Allah is the source of wisdom. A person could be very intelligent but if he does not have an awe of Allah, he would be poor in wisdom.
427.  Explanations from Surat Ash-Shu'ara: According to the Qur'an, the house of a person who is in need and selling his house for a very low price should definitely be bought by paying its rightful price. 428.  Explanations from Surat An-Nahl :Oaths that would damage friendship and love are not acceptable.
429.  The helpers of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be amongst the Turkish People 430.  Mr. Adnan Oktar's explanations regarding the conferences that will be held in Denmark and Sweden.
431.  Dreams are not equivalent to revelation. One cannot act or make any decisions in the light of dreams. Revelation is the Qur'an. 432.  We will rebuild not only the Masjid of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh), but those of all the prophets, insha'Allah
433.  Peace and brotherhood should be upheld with patience and persistence. 434.  Religious services are performed with wholehearted willingness. There is no compulsion in Islam.
435.  There will not be a system of Mahdi without the system of the Dajjal (anti-messiah) 436.  Thinking about death makes a person become perfect
437.  The Qur'an gives a person an excellent profundity and a maturity of conscience. 438.  The Qur'an is based on clear revelation.
439.  The Union of Turkey and Syria would bring prosperity, abundance, peace and joy to the region. 440.  Explanations from the Surat An-Naml: Putting trust in Allah is the greatest blessing in the world.
441.  Bigotry is the venom the system of the dajjal (anti-messiah) spread over the Muslims. 442.  The Qur'an is a blessing for the whole world
443.  The Qur'an is filled with wisdom. Reciting the Qur'an slowly and by repetition ensures thorough concentration. 444.  Love is a radiance Allah bestowed upon Muslims.
445.  Our Prophet (saas) has showed all the Companions how to perform their prayers; there is no aspect of this matter to be investigated and discussed, everything about that is very explicit. 446.  It is very important to show love and respect for our brothers in the South-East and to make them feel that we truly value them.
447.  What is meant by 'modern Islam' is the outset of the Islam as it had been experienced in the Age of Bliss. That is because Islam is already modern 448.  It is not a nice attitude to abbreviate religious terms in internet correspondence. A Muslim would not regard using the internet jargon suitable for himself.
449.  The concepts of 'shame' and 'sin' exist in religion; considering the religion as a foe, the Marxist mindset does not heed 'shame' or 'sin' 450.  How should children best be raised? If things are explained with sincerity, Allah will inspire faith in a child's heart
451.  Irreligion grows like seaweed if an unloving kind of language is adopted. Muslims must be patient, moderate and rational 452.  Keeping away from the Qur'an with various excuses is evil. The Qur'an is the soul, life and heart of a Muslim. It should always be kept on our side.
453.  Within the next ten years there will be an amazing metaphysical tension. 454.  Muslims should say; 'Go' to the Pharaoh, but they should also call the Prophet Moses (pbuh) instead. If the system of the Mahdi does not come, other Pharaohs will come.
455.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be an emancipatory, kind person. He would not do anything that would give qualms of conscience to people and that would put pressure on their conscience. 456.  Allah stops the Last Day from coming for the sake of the system of the Mahdi
457.  The Palace of Prophet Solomon (pbuh) was the masjid Muslims of the time performed their prayers in. Every place the Prophets lived is a masjid. 458.  Our brothers in Europe are on a beautiful and vigorous attack about holding conferences. All our brothers should live this excitement. The impact of the conferences is immense.
459.  The precincts of Kaaba will be made very beautiful at the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) 460.  Mr. Adnan Oktar: 'May Allah open the ways of our brothers in France and may He deem them successful in the path of goodness.'
461.  It is not a wise behavior for a person to make himself suffer with grief. When one trusts in Allah, he would be healthy, happy and joyous. 462.  Love is the essence of religion. Religion is preached with wisdom, love, brotherhood and science, not with riffles.
463.  Erudite explanations from Surat Al-Hijr: Allah wants Muslims to be congregated and as one. 464.  Allah always protects Muslims
465.  With the aim of protecting and watching over, a person would feel jealous for the one he loves. But to be jealous of another person's beauty and wellness is forbidden in Islam. 466.  Satan will die at the feet of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)
467.  The reason for the bigots' reaction to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) defends the understanding Islam full of love and freedom 468.  Insincere expounding of the Qur'an is very dangerous.
469.  Islam is pure love, democracy and freedom. 470.  Humans are full of weaknesses. Reminding people about death is the order of Qur'an.
471.  Mr. Adnan Oktar comments about the Jerusalem Post news report regarding the press meeting he held in Istanbul with the Israeli delegation. 472.  All that the Prophet Muhammad (saas) informed us about the End Times in the hadiths came true.
473.  No one should assume that the system of the Dajjal (anti-messiah) could render Allah powerless on the face of the earth. 474.  Good manners are directly related with faith, they have nothing to do with richness or poorness.
475.  It is important to be a compassionate, reasonable and embracing person with general culture. It is very wrong to freeze people out. 476.  At the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) expenditures will be spent on distribution of food and necessities to the public not on armaments, thus there will be no economic crisis.
477.  Explanations from Surat Luqman; On the Day of Judgment, no father will protect his son, no son will protect his father. 478.  In the Sight of Allah, infinite life has ended within an infinitely short period of time.
479.  Prophets have a majestic appearance that would inspire stunning excitement in people. 480.  What the Prophet Muhammad (saas) informed us about the End Times in the hadiths came true.
481.  The Unity of Islam is the other name for love, it is the end of bigotry 482.  In the Turkish-Islamic Union people from all thoughts and all faiths will be held in high esteem and bigotry will be completely cleared away intellectually.
483.  Our Prophet (saas) preached religion to everyone; to unbelievers, to idolaters, to hypocrites. 484.  The modern, warm, loving aspect of the system of the Mahdi will affect Europe positively
485.  The abjad calculation of the 4th verse of the Surat al-Fil gives the starting date of the 2nd World War 486.  Muslims' separation causes pain everywhere. There will be no contentment in the Islamic world before the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)
487.  There are very few people in the streets who appreciate beauty. 488.  Our brothers should continue to communicate the truth and the right
489.  Dajjal (anti-messiah) and Sufyan will cause damage and Hazrat Mahdi will repair. 490.  Peace, love, brotherhood are easy, the real hard thing is the bloodshed.
491.  Art is the most important influential power. There will be no Islam without science, art and aesthetics. 492.  Hazrat Khidr was responsible in the events of September 11. The event was totally metaphysical
493.  Our Alewite brothers are very dignified, patriotic people who love Allah very much 494.  Wars happen only with the permission Allah gives to Hazrat Khidr (pbuh)
495.  If a Muslim feels grief that means that he does not know Islam. When Allah creates something, He surely creates that with goodness and wisdom. A Muslim is always joyous and vigorous. 496.  We see the seal and the art of Allah everywhere in everything.
497.  When approached with the spirit of the system of the Mahdi, there would be no discontentment in the states; a very peaceful, safe and warm environment would be created. 498.  A9 TV is a TV Channel established to destroy Darwinism, Materialism and to communicate the facts leading to faith, every single second of it is valuable.
499.  Through Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), Allah will enable people taste humane feelings like love and compassion that they are in search of, in the End Times. 500.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be known with his erudite speech and with his explanations that get to the core of the matters.
501.  In the End Times, due to the effect of the system of the dajjal (anti-messiah), a large part of the people will grow away from reasonable thinking. 502.  Muslims take precautions by improving their means and by improving themselves with the aim of serving faith and the Qur'an.
503.  Hazrat Mahdi's (pbuh) coming is a requisite to keep the way of salvation Allah showed 504.  Mr. Adnan Oktar: 'I am anti-violence, anti-blood. There will be no violence in us but only love.'
505.  As of 2012 the hypnosis of Dajjal (anti-messiah) will start to be dispelled, people will start to feel a clarity and relief in their brains. 506.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will let neither irreligiousness nor bigotry. He will establish balance.
507.  Soul is the essence and it has nothing to do with atoms. 508.  If the world is surrendered to bigotry, everything would be devastated. World would turn into a kind of Hell.
509.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will live in a very beautiful place, in a beautiful house. He will be carrying out his activities along with his 30 students. 510.  We preach the truth everywhere, we talk about it everywhere.
511.  Allah contemns disbelievers and hypocrites in the Qur'an. 512.  Explanations from Surat Al-Ma'ida: Allah declares that the people who believe in Trinity are in blasphemy
513.  Erudite explanations from Surat Ash-Shams: A person would know that he is doing the wrong thing through the inspiration of Allah. 514.  Hazrat Mahdi 's (pbuh) struggle with the dajjal (anti-messiah) would not be through war, it will be through scientific struggle.
515.  Explanations from Surah Yunus; None of our conversations, no image, no sound would ever be lost in the Sight of Allah. 516.  Marx has adopted the understanding of social justice from the explanations about the system of the Mahdi in the Torah. Without religion there will be no social justice.
517.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will have a long life 518.  Avoiding to employ a person because she covers her head is not something that one's conscience would approve
519.  If a person is whole-hearted, Allah would inspire the most beautiful, the most accurate attitude to that person's conscience 520.  It is apparent that the world is metaphysical but people do have different conscience. The conscience of the Prophets is a very superior conscience.
521.  Mr. Adnan Oktar: 'I do not engage in demagoguery in my explanations. There is one End Times and we are living in those End Times, I cannot bring myself to think nothing of that.' 522.  The world would become a dreadful place without the fear of Allah.
523.  The disappearance of Saddam's army has been mentioned in the hadiths 524.  USA should definitely dissolve Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp. People should not be detained that long while they are tried.
525.  Ensuring a comfortable life for the People of the Book is the command of Allah 526.  Every superstition is a blow delivered to the human brain.
527.  New explanations about the hadiths related with the End Times; Our Prophet (saas) informs us that corruption will become widespread. 528.  Violence has no place in Islam. Enmity towards Christians and Jews is oppression; it is cruelty.
529.  The only reason that lies beneath America's fear about Iran is Iranians' belief in invisible Mahdi 530.  Allah is the One Who gives faith to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and He is the One Who bestows him victory. Allah is the One Who gives that power to the dajjal (anti-messiah) and He is the One Who will put him in Hell. Allah has power over all things.
531.  At the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) Allah created an amazing development in science and technology. 532.  Our friendship with the People of the Book is not a brotherhood in religion but a friendship
533.  The most important thing to take into consideration in a marriage is having profound fear and love for Allah. 534.  Colorful coffins produced in the UK are a sign of disrespect for the funeral
535.  People should admit their mistakes, not cover them up, according to the Qur'an 536.  Turkish Islamic Union volunteers in Ankara organizing a petition
537.  All the Prophets lived in the Unity of Islam 538.  Enmity towards Ahl al-Bayt has been transferred from generations to generations after our Prophet (saas). This will come to an end in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).
539.  The biggest trouble people have is that they fail to measure the True Measure of Allah. 540.  People claiming that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will not come, constitute a system that speeds up the system of the Mahdi.
541.  Explanations from Surah Saba: Traveling in safety would be made possible at the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) 542.  When the dajjal (anti-messiah) appears, if Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) does not appear, the system of the dajjal (anti-messiah) would have no significance. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will do away the damage that has been given for years.
543.  The system of the Mahdi is like one single body against the hypocrites; the students of the Mahdi are like a single being with 600 eyes, 600 ears and 300 brains; no one could ever get through them. 544.  Some people want the generations to be joyless and zestless. They ask me why I feel love. Should I be feeling hatred? I would not abide by the satan; satan is the one to want hatred instead of love.
545.  Grief -may Allah forbid- is rebellion towards destiny. Repentance means intending and being determined not to do that act ever again. 546.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be around 30-40 years-old when he started his activities.
547.  It is very hard to stand up for peace till the very end. To preserve peace with determination and will power is a sign of piety. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is the person who preserves lifelong peace. 548.  The abjad (alpha-numerical) calculation of the verse stating that corruption has appeared in both land and sea, gives the year 1851, the year in which Darwin declared that he did not believe in Allah.
549.  The two malignant dissensions of our century, Fascism and Communism live on blood. 550.  The community of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) has two doors. Hypocrites would always leave by taking a stand against Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)
551.  Mr. Adnan Oktar once more sworn that he would never claim that he is the Mahdi until the day he dies 552.  Muslims should be full of love towards each other. What would the one who does not love Muslims do in Paradise? There will be no communities in the Paradise.
553.  As our Prophet (saas) stated; strife coming one after another is amongst the portents of the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) 554.  There will be consultants who will be helping Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Students of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be the ones who will enable people meet Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)
555.  The secret of the system of the Mahdi is that it will remove bigotry 556.  The solution to all kinds of perversion is to destroy Darwinism and materialism, to prove that the Qur'an is the truth and to live by the fear and the love of Allah
557.  We do have an endless love for Allah. But Allah lets us taste this love to a certain extent. 558.  Islam is a religion that supersedes slavery. There is love and compassion in the essence of Islam.
559.  Atlas of Creation is the most destructive response against evolution 560.  Everything is the manifestation of Allah, we will never ever be able to know Allah's Eternal Self
561.  Music exhilarates the love for Allah, it bares one's heart and gives exhilaration to the heart. But the lyrics should have beautiful meanings. 562.  Not everyone would be Muslim. There will be no religion without unbelievers and without hypocrites. This is the rule of Allah.
563.  Muslim is the person who takes courses in this world about the Heaven 564.  Our Prophet (saas) is a loyal informer. He has explained the things that will happen in the End Times with great details.
565.  Turkey is a bridge country. There is no pure race; we all are the children of the Prophet Adam (pbuh) 566.  Having two women as witnesses would take the pressure off women
567.  Because some people cannot trust Allah, they cannot trust that Allah will protect Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and make him leader 568.  At the time of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), all the money spent on armament at the moment, would be spent for poor people, for people in need and for the development of the countries.
569.  Being tested would beautify the person, it would make him even deeper. 570.  Explanations from Surat al- A'la; Before all else, by explaining the Existence of Allah, the fear of and the love for Allah should be attained
571.  Bigot reactionary mindset is like an arm that became gangrenous, it eliminates itself. The system of the Mahdi is like a freshly sprout wheatear. 572.  In the palace of the Pharaoh there were the deep state structures of both Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) and of the dajjal (anti-messiah).
573.  Important explanations on Surat Al-Kahf and the earthquake in Japan. 574.  It is a very nice development for the leaders of the Yemeni opponents to take Turkey as an example. This shows that the civility of the system of the Mahdi has spread all around the world.
575.  It is explicitly clear that our Prophet (saas) is the True Prophet and it is instantly understood that the Qur'an is the True Book. 576.  Respect is a blessing that gives people a profound excitement. It increases the pleasure taken from love in folds.
577.  Sudden collapses on earth are among the portents of the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) 578.  The verses in the Qur'an about the world dominion of Islam refer to the system of the Mahdi.
579.  Allah is always on the side of the good ones. 580.  Living by Islam always brings beauty and goodness to people.
581.  Throughout the world there is a problem of not believing in the Existence and Oneness of Allah. Consequently we have to wipe out the religion of the system of the dajjal (anti-messiah). 582.  People who assume that the world is composed of eating, drinking, marrying, getting an education and finding a job would realize that these are all fallacious when they look at things in a rational manner
583.  Islam means love, trust and brotherhood. There is a constant flow of beauty in the heart of a Muslim. There is no cruelty in a Muslim. 584.  Physical, spiritual and bodily harms of alcoholic drinks.
585.  Making abbreviations in religious terms on the internet is very wrong. 586.  Explanations from Surat Ta-ha: Jews and Christians who embrace the Qur'an completely would be embracing the Torah and the Gospel
587.  Great incidents will continue to take place one after the other. People will find Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) after they realize that there is something extra-ordinary. 588.  The increase in the occurrence of the earthquakes and tsunamis after the year 1999 is among the portents of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)
589.  Explanations from Surah Maryam : While praying to Allah, praying in secret, humbly and in reverence is of recognized worth. 590.  The system of the Mahdi will ensure that the bigotry will intellectually be buried into the history so much so that it would not be possible for it to be resurged. People will live very happily in brightness, contentment and joy.
591.  Allah will call us to account for whether or not we abided by the judgment of the Qur'an. We are responsible from the meaning of the Qur'an. 592.  Mr. Adnan Oktar: Ms. Kim Kardashian is a very good natured and kind person. Her coming to Istanbul would be very nice.
593.  Honor is to protect religion; honor does not mean only to protect one's chastity. 594.  It is very easy for Islam to prevail throughout the world, but if psychopathology is made to seem like Islam that would be terrible.
595.  Our Prophet (saas) had preached the religion to the masons of his time. We also preach religion to the masons of our time. 596.  People are suffering and feeling lonely because they cannot trust each other. The morality of religion will be instrumental for a period of time in which very nice friendships will be formed.
597.  Our Prime Minister's approach on the Shia and Sunni brotherhood carries historical importance 598.  In the times of the system of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) the Turkish-Islamic Union will be the most humane union; one that takes love as basis; one in which the right one is the strong one.
599.  Darwinism only brings pain, sufferings, panic and fear to the societies. This can clearly be seen in the Northern European countries. 600.  Since we live under the protection and shadow of the system of the Mahdi, we do see Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) in thousands of, in millions of mirrors.
601.  The essence of religion is important. Love, loyalty, altruism, bravery are forgotten. These beautiful virtues will be reinvigorated by means of our people. 602.  In the system of the Mahdi, there is embracement of the Jews, the Christians, the irreligious; there is embracement of the whole world. There is no oppression, no humiliation and no insults.
603.  Fiercest hostility towards Jews and Christians is persecution. No one should give way to such persecution. 604.  Even though there are some people who raise the ideas of hostility, with the spirit of Islam in the Age of Bliss, our people in general approach the Christians and the Jews with compassion.
605.  Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) could be seen among people for an instant, other than that we cannot see him. 606.  Erudite explanations from Surat Al'Ankabut: Almighty Allah sends warnings to the countries before punishing them.
607.  Explanations from Surat An-Nahl: The biggest blow on Darwinism came from a country and from a person they did not expect. 608.  A policy based on hatred towards the People of the Book does not have any place in Islam.
609.  The system of the Mahdi will put an end to the pain Palestine suffers and also to the pain Israel suffers 610.  When we say 'Great Turkey' we are not talking about an imperial power. We are talking about the power of love, we are talking about spiritual power, we are talking about protecting everyone with compassion.
611.  A whole nation cannot be punished for a crime committed by some. Armenians are our brothers whom we've known to be 'The Loyal Nation' 612.  In the story of the Prophet Moses (pbuh) Allah shows us that there might be disruption among the people when the leader is not at the head of the people.
613.  There will always be attacks towards Islam, towards the Prophets and towards the saintly servants of Allah. That is an inseparable part of religion. 614.  The incidents going on in Bahrain are among the portents of the End Times our Prophet (saas) foretold.
615.  Love is the most effective weapon of the world. Atomic bomb could not be used upon people full of love. 616.  Religion and science are intertwined with each other. Religion commands science. Science serves religion.
617.  When we come across people who are under the influence of the system of the dajjal (anti-messiah) we should respond them with the attributes of the students of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) 618.  Our Prophet (saas) treated the Christians and Jews with compassion. There is no compulsion, oppression or violence in Islam.
619.  The events will continue to take place both in Syria and in the rest of the Islamic world. The only solution is to unite within the soul of the Qur'an. 620.  Islam is the religion of love and compassion
621.  We will be united with our Armenian brothers and abrogate the borders in between; they too will be in the Turkish-Islamic Union. 622.  Our programs are being watched very much because we provide correct and clear information about the End Times.
623.  Both the total will power and partial will power are completed within a single moment in the Sight of Allah. 624.  There is no such thing as New Ottomans, there is the Turkish Islamic Union.
625.  Mr. Adnan Oktar: I do feel for my Palestinian brothers and I also feel for Jews. May Allah grant the beauty, love and protectiveness of the system of the Mahdi. 626.  Mr. Adnan Oktar: In the very beginning of these events I have said that Gaddafi should step down and that Turkey should become the guarantor country. He didn't take my advice.
627.  We want our brothers in East Turkestan to live in peace and comfort. We do not have a policy to state 'China should be destroyed so let us conquer and crush' 628.  Allah created everything with a purpose. Not believing in religion is impossible for anyone who believes in Allah.
629.  We want our people to live in an environment where there is democracy and freedom. Democracy is a requisite for religion to be lived as it was in the time of the Messenger of Allah (saas). 630.  There will be a bloodbath during the time of the Dajjal (anti-messiah) and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh); however Dajjal (anti-messiah) will be the one shedding blood. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) stops blood; Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is the anti-blood.
631.  Killing children and women is cruelty and is a grave sin. Terror, violence will only stop with Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh); Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is a teacher of love. 632.  The system of the Mahdi is on the agenda in Turkey, they just do not name it
633.  It is good that we have evacuated our citizens from Libya but that is not enough. The states of the world should make calls for Gaddafi to step down. 634.  There will be no change in the regimes of the states during the global dominion of the moral values of Islam.
635.  Rabbi Linhart's comments about the Conference held in Manchester on the Collapse of Evolution Theory 636.  Laicism, democracy and freedom of religion are beauties brought by the morality of religion. At the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) all these beauties will be sustained.
637.  Syria is under the spiritual guardianship of Turkey 638.  It will be the guarantorship of Turkey that will save Libya, not the intervention of Nato
639.  Anyone who loves Allah; who loves humanity should want the Turkish-Islamic Union. 640.  There has to be some sensible people inside the Libyan government. They need to get Gaddafi and his son out of the chain of command. Those two should kindly leave the country.
641.  In order to prevent the occupation of Libya and it's separation, Turkey needs to step in. 642.  What is the reason of the economic crisis in Europe?
643.  Allah commands us to argue with the People of the Book only in the kindest way We abide by this command of Allah revealed in the Qur'an. 644.  Putin wants Islam to progress and he is against bigotry
645.  Rabbi Linhart's message stating that he is supporting the scientific struggle carried out against Darwinism. 646.  Turkish-Islamic Union means the salvation of Israel as well.
647.  The character of hypocrites is explained very wisely in the Gospel. 648.  People did not expect to come face to face with Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) in 2000's. According to the hadiths Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) has definitely come.
649.  Muslims should help Muslims. In the incidents going on in Libya, results should be attained without oppression, by convincing the related parties and by using reason. 650.  Spraying bullets over inoffensive people is the doing of the system of the dajjal (anti-messiah)
651.  Signs from the Qur'an pointing to the tsunami in Japan 652.  The real duty of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is love compassion and mercy
653.  The love for Allah is based on very exalted and noble feelings. 654.  The holy figures of the end times will appear wherever the last center of the Islamic world is
655.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is the person who spreads love and friendship to whole world. He is the one whom all the Muslims love deeply. He is a man of beauty and joy. 656.  We will resuscitate love in Europe
657.  News article published in Scientific American about Mr. Adnan Oktar 658.  Harun Yahya Conferences are going on in England and Scotland
659.  They take Turkey as a model because they feel the soul of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) in Turkey. 660.  Allah deems my discourses an instrument for exhilaration
661.  The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) are the most prominent people of their age in terms of modernity and high quality 662.  We detest the beliefs of the infidels and we give a scientific struggle against their beliefs.
663.  We should show the People of the Book the exact same respect they have enjoyed in the time of our Prophet (saas) 664.  Yusuf Islam is a very intelligent and a very precious person; it would have been much better if his value were appreciated more.
665.  Persecution, attempting to keep others in line by compulsion is the system of the dajjal (anti-messiah). Respecting the ideas of others, approaching with compassion and mercy is the system of the Mahdi. 666.  Preaching the religion to ladies who do not cover their heads is an important matter
667.  Explanations from Surah Yusuf: Christians and masons know that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will have the sign of Aquarius 668.  Muslim would not imitate different ideologies. The concept of social justice is taken from Islam.
669.  Armenians are The Loyal Nation. We do have a profound respect and compassion for the People of the Book. This is the sunnah of our Prophet (saas) 670.  It is apparent that science is a religious obligation; we are able to perform our religious duties comfortably through the means of science.
671.  The spiritual conquest is very important, not the conquest of land 672.  All the events in the Islamic World are occurring just as our Prophet(saas) foretold. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will appear after the cruel tyrants.
673.  Our Prophet (saas) saw the pages of other Prophets and he saw that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) was mentioned in them 674.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will not be formally commissioned; he will be a spiritual leader.
675.  The system of the Mahdi and the system of Dajjal (anti-messiah) are both very distinct and very covert. 676.  Harun Yahya Conferences in England have had a broad repercussion in the English media
677.  The moral values of Islam will dominate the world. But this dominion will be established nicely through love and peace. The main structure of the Turkish Islamic Union will be democratic and secular. 678.  There is no compulsion, no pressure and no imposition in the system of the Mahdi. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will put the pleasant conditions of the age into use and will not supersede the beauties of the time.
679.  Dominion of lovelessness, fear and suspicion leads to the unhappiness of the majority of people. All of these will be eliminated with the system of the Mahdi. 680.  Making religion easy is a command of our Prophet (saas)
681.  Channel A9 is a television channel established by my brothers. There are many wisdoms in the name A9 682.  We have a worldwide struggle against Darwinism and we have vanquished them completely.
683.  Our brothers should not attach value to people raging with hatred who have no love in their hearts. 684.  We will see Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and Unity of Islam within the next 10 years. But our brothers should be careful about the games played to cover up the system of the Mahdi.
685.  For America to invade a country, there is the need for a bigot mentality that does not want Unity of Islam and that does not offer knowledge that would increase the love of Allah 686.  Muslims should not give credit to selfish, loveless, strict, aggressive, stern natured people whose souls are scorched, who have no love and fear of Allah left in them. We are charged with abiding by Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).
687.  Dividing Muslims and feeling hatred towards them is a great corruption. 688.  Explanations from Surat an-Nahl: Hypocrites are real liars, Allah draws attention to those who lie in the name of Allah
689.  There was great interest to Harun Yahya conferences organized in Malaysia and Singapore. Our brothers were effectively trained against the system of the dajjal (anti-messiah) 690.  Explanations from Surat an-Nisa: A majority of people are insanely devoted to the world even though they have many weaknesses and diseases
691.  I can get into places where no one can and preach religion there. This is my specialty 692.  Mr. Adnan Oktar: I live love and joy in the best way, but never make compromises from the Qur'an. I am very steadfast.
693.  Turkey is a metaphysical region. Especially Istanbul is a very metaphysical point. Our people's conscience and quality of soul is very high. 694.  It is the power of faith and not political or military power that makes Turkey leader and ensures other countries to trust her. Power of faith is the most powerful weapon.
695.  Explanations from Surat at-Tur: What will those who pretend not to understand that the meteors have suddenly started to accumulate around the world after 1999, do in the Sight of Allah? 696.  Had we been created directly in Paradise, we would have not understood the value of Paradise. After being trained in this world, the one pleasure taken from Paradise would become a thousand.
697.  In 2014's people will say; 'Masha'Allah, Master what you have said was exactly true' 698.  These years that pass by with tough struggle are the most beautiful years of the system of the Mahdi
699.  Muslim would never hold his family, home, trade and worldy business prior to Allah, the Messenger of Allah and to striving in the way of Allah 700.  One can go to the mosques and houses of Wahabis. They are our 'La ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah' brothers
701.  People denying Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) would also be denying all the bases of Ahl-al Sunnah creed 702.  I wish success to our brothers for the conference on the invalidity of Darwinism that will be held in the USA .
703.  The religious leader of Bosnian Muslims His Highness Sheikh Senad Agic's opinions about Mr. Adnan Oktar. 704.  Allah makes the moral values of Islam prevail by using the dajjals (anti-messiah) and the Pharaohs as instruments. Had there been no Pharaohs and no dajjals; Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) would not have come.
705.  No one should attempt to divide our people into sections. No one should make differentiation among the ones wearing headscarf and the ones who don't; and among Alawis and Sunnis. 706.  We will understand Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) through prevailing assumption when we see him.
707.  Man is not a primitive being devoid of self-control; he uses his will to control himself 708.  One of the portents of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is that he will stop Armageddon.
709.  There is no grudge and hatred in Islam 710.  You will see that people will get religion one by one in this period
711.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will not have anything to do with weapons. Since Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will constantly approach everything with love and compassion, this will be instrumental in love being formed in people's hearts. 712.  The hypocrites are in pain day and night. Jealousy burns them out from the inside
713.  The blood spilled in Iraq is not enough for some people who want a big war in the End Times 714.  Whilst irreligiousness surrounds 95% of the world if someone says 'Did the dajjal (anti-messiah) come out? I cannot see him', this means that the moral sight of that person is closed.
715.  Mr. Adnan Oktar addressing our Albanian brothers with explanations that herald the Islamic Union 716.  Allah wants us to be patient. We are here in a course for Paradise; we are learning how we will behave in Paradise.
717.  The events going on in the Islamic world are giant incidents. These incidents would not happen without a secret organizer. 718.  The next 10 years will be the most important decade in the history of the world. Some people are sleeping like the People of the Cave; we will see them awakening as well.
719.  In the Qur'an Allah revealed that He will question those who divide the Qur'an into pieces 720.  A Muslim would not feel sadness, anger, desperation, hopelessness and fear. These are forbidden for a Muslim.
721.  In the End Times some people will be unaware of the existence of Allah and the Hereafter. 722.  The abjad (numerical) calculation of the 10th verse of the Surat al-Mursalat might be referring to Hiroshima and Nagasaki
723.  Brotherhood of faith is a brotherhood based on the Quran and there is Quranic responsibility in this. 724.  Some people claim that they love our Prophet (saas), but they do not talk about Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) whom our Prophet (saas) spoke highly of.
725.  If I were living in the time of the Prophet (saas), if they'd said that the Prophet (saas) emerged, I would have turned the place upside down. It is clear that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) emerged, many people say 'This does not concern me'. 726.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will appear young in his later ages and his countenance will look like the Prophet Jesus (pbuh).
727.  Allah's Creation of different languages, races, traditions is an embellishment given to the world. 728.  When Allah wishes Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) to reveal himself, He will inspire it in Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)'s heart.
729.  Throughout the world, CIA uses hypocrite scholars . Our brothers should be very alert and follow me, my friends and our studies very carefully 730.  Anyone who would like to conduct studies on faith related issues should encourage people to watch our programs. By the leave of Allah, the truth settles in the heart of the one who watches this program even if he denies.
731.  Imam Jafar al-Sadiq explains that we see the whole image on a place as small as a lentil inside our brains 732.  Explanations from Surat Az-Zumar: The dajjal (anti-messiah) would not have any influence on a person whom Allah guides.
733.  The person who heralds Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) from inside a turban as mentioned in the hadiths is His Highness Sheikh Nazim al-Qubrusi (ks) 734.  Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) takes charge in very important matters like the global dominion of Islam and spiritually crushing the ones attempting to suppress Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the Muslims.
735.  Hypocrites are behind all abominable acts. Every Muslim should become an expert about hypocrites. 736.  The shortcomings of this world will increase the pleasure we take from Paradise. A person who does not know hot and cold, does not know the enjoyment of the mild climate in the Paradise.
737.  The whole Islam world will pledge allegiance to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) but all the states will maintain their independent structures. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be a spiritual leader. 738.  The right things to do will be inspired to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)'s heart
739.  The salvation of the Islamic world is bound to a single brain, to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) 740.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be born in a big city and his birth will be in secret
741.  It is forbidden by religion for a Muslim to stay in an environment where the religion is -Allah forbid- mocked. 742.  One earns good deeds through diseases, one does not go to Paradise without being tested
743.  It is very important to worship Allah for the good pleasure of Allah and not for Paradise. 744.  We want long life from Allah. The longer we live, the more we would serve, the more we would earn the approval of Allah.
745.  Turkey is a country that embraces both the West and the East. But in respect of social aspects, in respect of belief, in respect of history, we belong to the East. 746.  Not war but peace is asked from Allah. Those who incite war are the ones who disappear the first in the face of a war. In Islam war is only for self-defense.
747.  Feeling sad about people who try to cause harm for us would be wrong. Everything done against us would bring a reward for us. 748.  Whilst there are many websites in which love towards the beauties Allah created could be explained, there are always writings of hatred, politics and anger in them.
749.  We are not brothers in religion with Christians and Jews, but we are brothers with them for this world. We should approach them friendly and compassionately so that they would come to love Islam. 750.  If the path of the Qur'an is not followed, there is no reason for Allah to sustain the world.
751.  The world will enter into a new age of civilization. People will come to see the light, cleanliness and warmth of the system of the Mahdi 752.  The person on the green horse seen during the incidents in Egypt is Hazrat Khidr (pbuh)
753.  Our Prophet (saas) revealing the incidents happening in Egypt in so many details is one of the miracles bestowed by Allah 754.  Being divided into sections is religiously forbidden for Muslims. In the Qur'an Allah addresses a single Muslim community.
755.  American soldiers are trained as Darwinists and then sent to Iraq. Because of the Darwinist dictatorship, in many countries in the world, the governments cannot say that Darwinism is null and void. 756.  The Great Middle East Project is a Darwinist-materialist project for getting Muslims to kill one another and for cleansing the Middle East from Muslims
757.  Diseases, shortcomings and weaknesses are the necessities of the test in this world. All of these are the wisdoms of the Supreme Creation of Allah 758.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is a man of love
759.  Seventy percent of the population in Turkey and also the world consist of ladies who do not wear headscarves. Some people followed a policy that pushes them away; this will come to an end . 760.  The only reason for feeling low is, not loving Allah sufficiently. When one is in love with Allah, that person would be joyous.
761.  A person can only be sincere if he submits all his life to Allah. 762.  The number of the students of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be 313 because Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will act on hidden knowledge and will be out of certain accustomed structures.
763.  The foundation of the state of Israel is the portent of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will also save the Jews and they will live in peace for the first time. 764.  Ms. Paris Hilton is living within a system, in which it is thought that being able to have the most expensive of everything, is superiority.
765.  In Suq'Ukaz (Market of Ukaz) our Prophet (saas) preached religion to bareheaded ladies. I am puzzled with the criticisms about preaching the religion to ladies who do not wear head-scarves. 766.  It is very important that the ladies wearing head-scarves and the ones who do not are both loved and respected everywhere. None of them should be subjected to oppression.
767.  What we mean is the Turkish Islamic Union with an understanding of Islam in the time of the Companions of Our Prophet (saas); not a the classical right-wing regime 768.  To present all the neighbor countries of Turkey as the enemy is an evil plot to isolate Turkey from the others. All those countries will take place in the Turkish-Islamic Union.
769.  We consider Jews as potential Muslims. However we would not befriend the People of the Book about their wrongful beliefs, we would explain them the truth of it. 770.  No one should give credit to people who are causing Muslims to be humiliated, crushed and alienated by continuously suggesting hatred and grudge
771.  When the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) comes he will have no relatives or acquaintances who know him. He will be known through the light of faith. 772.  Some people's attitudes full of hatred cause hostility towards Muslims become widespread in Europe and America. A Muslim should act with the compassion of the Qur'an and our Prophet (saas).
773.  Some Muslims think far from the spirit of the Qur'an in a materialistic way. They forget that the world is actually metaphysical. 774.  The Turkish Islamic Union is a system that will ensure brotherhood, justice and beauty for all. Everyone would want such a system but some are trying to hide it.
775.  Satan attacks in thousands of ways to suffocate the system of the Mahdi. These attacks are another evidence for the rightfulness of the system of the Mahdi. 776.  Those who do not talk about the dominion of Islam will be ashamed of themselves in the future. They should act sincerely and not with the psychology of a group and say 'This person is not talking about it, so neither should we.'
777.  Wrong thoughts among the Muslims are our last target. But we would warn them politely. 778.  Facebook should not turn into a quicksand that eats our brothers' time. Visiting intellectual web sites is important.
779.  People who protect the ones who alienate people from Islam, who are against the Turkish-Islamic Union would cause great harm to Islam. 780.  The followers of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will very easily accept the hadiths that others find hard to accept
781.  Pressurizing women; not feeling love and respect for them and not valuing them is in the mentality of hypocrites and idolaters. The whole system of the Quran is based on protecting women. 782.  Allah took away the joy from the world. People will either remain in such a dull state of mind or turn towards religion.
783.  Our brothers who truly love Islam should be very careful about the fact that to be despair and fear is forbidden by religion. Allah is the One Who will do everything. 784.  Mr. Adnan Oktar explains some verses from Surat al-Hijr
785.  We will form alliance with the Christians to have them say; 'La ilaha illa Allah', 'Allah is One' 786.  Surat al-Hijr: Throughout history people have denied the messengers and Mahdis sent to them. This is created providentially through the wisdom of Allah.
787.  How should the expression 'interfaith dialogue' be evaluated? 788.  The system of the dajjal (anti-messiah) convinced Muslims not to talk about the dominion of Islam; this is a very big miracle
789.  Certain bigot groups follow a hatred policy towards the People of the Book and that is in conflict with the Qur'an. Islam is preached with love and compassion. 790.  Oppression carried out towards women, children and elderly would cause the public spirit of Islam boil over with rage among Muslims
791.  Explanations from Surat An-Nisa: The number of people who are heart and soul devoted to Allah to death, just like the followers of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), had always been very few. 792.  If there were no sufferings or trials, the world would turn out to be a meaningless place and the people would be like robots
793.  Democracy and freedoms are among the greatest necessities. It is very important to help and support anyone who makes an effort on that matter. 794.  All Muslims are against terror. It would be insincerity to attribute every attack to Muslims.
795.  Once we render pressure acceptable at a certain point, pressure spreads everywhere. 796.  The system of the dajjal (anti-messiah) wants blood, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is anti-blood. The system of the Mahdi embodies everything that is nice, good and clean.
797.  Explanation of the verses of Surat ar-Ra'd (Verses: 33 and 34) 798.  Iranians will NOT make war with Israel. There will not be a great war like Armageddon in the time of the Mahdi (pbuh).
799.  Erudite explanations from Surat al-Maida 800.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is anti-blood, he will bring friendship and love to the whole world
801.  Allah manifests in women with His Names of Al-Lateef [The Gentle, The Subtle] and Al-Jamal [The Beautiful]. Do not believe in statements that defame women, that is a corruption of satan. 802.  We are in the safekeeping of Allah insha'Allah. No one can do any harm to us before our task is over.
803.  Explanations from Surat At-Tawba: The Unity of Muslims is a religious obligation 804.  Religion gives people wellness, liveliness and joy. Hypocrites' corrupted understanding of religion causes humiliation, physical and spiritual destruction and loss of the ability of reconciliation.
805.  Preparing websites and building libraries are very important services 806.  Our Prophet (saas) preached religion to everyone without discriminating anyone at Suq 'Ukaz (Market of Ukaz). There should be no discrimination while preaching religion.
807.  They tied me to bed with heavy chains on my ankles. Every chain, every handcuff put on, is an honor for me. 808.  The reason why I keep the system of the Mahdi constantly on the agenda is because the Messenger of Allah (saas) had ordered us to do so and because I want the Unity of Islam.
809.  Love is based on profundity and soul connection. Without profundity life becomes crude. 810.  It is understood from the ancient Egyptian inscriptions that electricity was used in ancient Egypt
811.  Explanations from Surat al-Kahf 812.  Electron microscope destroyed evolution
813.  Hot war was the command of Allah in the time of our Prophet (saas). However, in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), the command of Allah is not to shed any blood. 814.  Some circles misrepresent Islam to the Americans; they should be explained that Islam is a religion of love and peace
815.  Assyrians are a very ancient community. Of course they have the freedom to worship. No one can intervene with their worshipping. 816.  Some people have a dark and gloomy understanding of religion. In true religion, there is joy, friendship, happiness, love, companionship, art and aesthetics.
817.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be wherever the dajjal (anti-messiah) is. Since the dajjal cannot enter Mecca and Medina, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will not be in Mecca or Medina. 818.  When an unbeliever wants something; he strives hard for it and Allah grants him that; but Allah merely gives that for it to become a trouble for him.
819.  While establishing the Unity of Islam is the greatest religious duty of our time, it is impossible for us to keep silent about this. 820.  Some people are criticizing our anti-Darwinist studies and our preaching the Oneness of Allah in Israel. Our Prophet (saas) preached the People of the Book.
821.  Not shedding blood is Allah's command to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will listen to his conscience. Conscience is Allah's inspiration. 822.  Evangelicals thought that the Muslims were the army of the dajjal (anti-messiah) and this was the reason why they occupied Iraq and Afghanistan. We have changed this thought of Evangelicals.
823.  The real reason why the European Union does not admit Turkey's membership is Turkey's anti-Darwinist and anti-materialist stance 824.  Explanations from Surat at-Tawba: Hypocrite uses ambiguous explanations and differentiates the normal and the abnormal person
825.  Women are very precious and beautiful flowers that have been neglected; whose rights have been revoked. They should always be held in high esteem. 826.  Muslims should explain the fact that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will not spill blood thoroughly to the whole world. It is the dajjal (anti-messiah) who will spill blood.
827.  Satan has no power over those who put their trust in Allah 828.  Mr. Adnan Oktar's latest comments on incidents taking place in Egypt
829.  Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Telephone Connection to the Conference held in Lyon, Espace Tête d'Or 830.  Even if there were no hadiths about Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), we would still realize that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) has come because of the 8 hadiths of our Prophet (saas) about the lifespan of the Earth.
831.  We, of course, would want the European Union; but entering the EU with an approach saying 'Save us!' would not suit the dignity of our nation. We will enter the EU as a leader. 832.  Muslim abides by the verses of Allah, not the superstitions of bigots. The Quran is guidance; it is certainty.
833.  Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Telephone Connection to the Conference held in Paris, Theathre Du Gymnase Marie-Bell 834.  Esteemed scholar Dr. Zakir Abdul Karim Naik is one of the most esteemed individuals who attended our conference in Singapore and he is also one of the supporters of our activities.
835.  In the Qur'an Allah tells us not to add things that are not in the religion to the religion. But the Qur'an is not enough for hypocrites and polytheists 836.  Some ignorant people suppose that bigotry will come with the Turkish-Islamic Union. However Turkish-Islamic Union is a radiant system.
837.  In Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)'s time goods will be distributed abundantly without making any distinction in between rich and poor. 838.  People learnt democracy and social justice from the True Scriptures
839.  Allah reveals that the Qur'an is enough. We abide by the commentary of our Prophet (saas). Despite this fact, some people are trying to make additions to the Qur'an. 840.  The conference held in Milan razed Darwinism to the ground once more
841.  The most important question in the End Times is the establishment of true faith (tahqiq ul-iman) 842.  Information about the conferences that will be held in Malaysia and Mr. Adnan Oktar's response to the question; 'How should the approach of Muslims towards people of other religions be?'
843.  Our friends are organizing conferences all around the world. We will hold anti-Darwinist conferences in Israel as well. We would not want Israel's youth to drop in the hands of irreligion. 844.  Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Telephone Connection to the Conference held in Paris Olivier de la Paix Institute on January 15th, 2011
845.  People who say; 'where is the dajjal (anti-messiah)?' are turning a blind eye to the things going on in Tunisia. 846.  All of our Muslim brothers in France should unite; Arabs, Alawites, Jaferites, Shias or Sunnis
847.  The bigots are laying the ground for incidents like those experienced in Egypt by encouraging enmity towards Christians and Jews. However, the People of the Book are in fact entrusted to the trustworthy hands of Muslims. 848.  The founder of the religion of the dajjal (anti-messiah) is Darwin. Messiah dajjal is a follower of this religion; he is a lunatic who will appear at a later phase and who will be effective through hypnosis
849.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) does not interfere with states, he interferes with spirituality 850.  Making the religion easy is a Command of Allah, making difficult is a satanic action
851.  All of the religious sects will end with Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) in the most perfect way 852.  What we expect from Iran is to support the belief in the real Mahdi born from a mother and a father, instead of the belief in the invisible Mahdi
853.  The model they took from Turkey as an example is the soul of the system of the Mahdi. That is the system they like in Turkey. 854.  When there is compulsion, sincerity is gone. That is why Allah reveals in the verse as 'There is no compulsion in Islam.'
855.  We do know that the dajjal (anti-messiah) knows the science of djinn and hypnosis very well. He had thus hypnotized the majority of people. 856.  The legal system should take root in China. The Mosques are the Houses of Allah, China should not prevent anyone's entrance to the mosques.
857.  Some people are trying to stop the union of Islam for the European Union and for the reign of the evangelicals. I will not let this, Insha'Allah. 858.  Response to the question 'You said that the Day of Judgment will be in around 2120, but you also say that there are 70 years to the end of the world, could you explain this?'
859.  By dedicating his child to Allah, a Muslim would want an auspicious child from Allah. 860.  In bigots there is a fierce enmity towards people and they thus are pushing many people towards irreligion with such manners.
861.  Mr. Adnan Oktar's comments about the attacks on churches in Egypt; Christians are entrusted to us by Allah. I condemn all massacres executed by the dajjal (anti-messiah) against Jews, Christians and Muslims 862.  The impossibility of proteins being formed by coincidence is hidden from people
863.  Explanations from Surat at-Tawba: Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will destroy all ignorance and heresy like our Prophet (saas) 864.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will prevent the Prophet (saas)'s complaint 'My community has ignored this Qur'an' to be lived in the End Times
865.  The difference between the real Mahdi and false Mahdis is like the difference between the Sun and microbes 866.  How did the Shia develop the belief in invisible Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.)? It is time to correct this false belief
867.  A look full of love revives the soul. A positive, sincere look full of love is a look that nourishes the soul 868.  Wine is like spoilt food. Every glass of wine consumed kills millions of brain cells
869.  Those who believe in reincarnation will learn that they can never turn back to Earth once they die 870.  The strongest medicine for depression is to love Allah, to have good morality, to be full of love and to always look for what is beautiful
871.  The statements of our guests from abroad about the intellectual struggle of Mr. Adnan Oktar. 872.  Muslims will continue to have their fingers burnt until the Turkish Islamic Union is formed
873.  Explanations from Surat at-Tawba: Believers are very devoted to one another 874.  The Prophet Jesus (a.s.) is mentioned in the 33rd verse of Surah Maryam. The Prophet Jesus (a.s.) has been taken to the Sight of Allah at the age of 33.
875.  Every single one of the hadiths about the system of the Mahdi has been realized and became authentic hadith 876.  The system of the Mahdi is the name for everything that is beautiful and good
877.  One does not wait for money to come in order to struggle in the way of Allah. Allah opens the ways for those who start out for Allah 878.  We understand the system of the Mahdi through the structure of the dajjal (anti-messiah). That is not such a complicated subject.
879.  Nine important characteristics of Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.) 880.  The appearance of images of the past on a finger nail, attained by means of a knowledge from the time of the Prophet Solomon (a.s.), is a great miracle.
881.  No information can be given about the arrival of the Prophet Jesus (a.s.) because of his security. 882.  It is out of question for Turkey to attack Israel. We have been showing Jews the most profound and the most beautiful compassion for centuries.
883.  A religious person would not adopt a cold and pretentious, affectedly artistic manner 884.  In every period prophets strived in the way of Allah, what is so unique about this period that Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.) would not be striving?
885.  The date 02.02.2022, 22:00 o'clock is very important; let our brothers not forget this date and note it somewhere. 886.  Muslims would have all kinds of means but would use all of them in the Path of Allah; they dedicate their wealth and themselves to Allah.
887.  We would not consider using military armaments against Israel. We are after protecting both them and our Palestinian brothers. 888.  No one including the NATO, EU, USA can ever prevent the oppression going on in the world; but once the Turkish Islamic Union is established, there will be no oppression.
889.  Verse by verse the Qur'an, step by step Islam; We will insha'Allah widespread the Turkish-Islamic Union to the whole world. 890.  Those who consider the Mediterranean Union and Black-Sea Union reasonable, regard the unity of the Islamic world as a remote possibility under the influence of satan.
891.  In the time of our Prophet (saas) there was an alliance with Christians 892.  Some Muslims establish contacts with each other only when there is a commercial interest for them. Without commercial interest they do not feel any love or affection towards each other.
893.  The most essential point is for the Muslims to love and watch over each other. 894.  It has been imparted as a secret in the Qur'an that there is a group of people among the people of the Prophet Moses (a.s.) who guides to the truth and acts justly in accordance with the Qur'an.
895.  We will continue to talk about the End Times with all of the evidences as these are historical matters; it is our duty to do so. 896.  Why are we talking about the system of the Mahdi? Because great miracles have taken place and we do not want these to be hidden
897.  Muslims who take the love companions of our Prophet (saas) feel for each other as a model should be fond of each other and should see each other. 898.  The ones living in hatred will be defeated; the ones living in love and compassion will be victorious.
899.  It is very illogical to criticize quoting foreign scientific resources. Our Prophet (saas) says 'seek knowledge, even as far as China'. 900.  A Muslim would not feel fear of death but sees it as a beautiful delight
901.  Holly relics will be found under the obelisks in Istanbul and the pyramids in Egypt. 902.  Both the Palestinian children and the Jewish children would be saved by the System of the Mahdi
903.  A person threatened with death by the unbelievers can hide his religion. 904.  Our brothers who speak English language well, who can translate books should contact us.
905.  Organizing conferences is very effective. Let our brothers organize conferences, publish books; they will all be amazingly effective insha'Allah. 906.  Allah reveals in the Qur'an that 'Muslims are brothers' and that they are 'like well-built walls.'
907.  The scientific study we have been conducting is something that requires patience. In the next 10 years our ambition and determination will increasingly continue. 908.  Our sincere brothers with strong sense of honor for Islam should help me with all their might. If we form an alliance, by the leave of Allah, we will raze the system of the dajjal (anti-messiah) to the ground.
909.  In the Qur'an Allah likens Muslims to lions and He declares that the hypocrites and unbelievers are like cattle and that they are even worse. 910.  Those who painted cave drawings 32 thousand years ago were true artists. The dyes they used did not fade at all in thousands of years.
911.  Women who come forward in the name of Islam should set an example. 912.  The halting of the water of the river Euphrates and a golden mountain being discovered underneath is mentioned in the hadith. How will these be realized?
913.  It is very valuable to talk about the system of the Mahdi in such a period in which the system of the dajjal (anti-messiah) is on the attack with all its means. 914.  I am the one who protects and watches over the ladies who use turbans the best. I also do know the ones who are secretly stirring up dissension and aggrieving the turbaned ladies very well.
915.  Explanations from Surah Yunus 916.  A mentality that regards trade activities, gathering at houses and drinking tea sufficient would not be copious. A system based on comfort would be dangerous. Religion is a truth that requires self devotion.
917.  Some people regard the Mediterranean Union quite reasonable but they say that Turkish-Islamic Union is impossible 918.  Just like the compassion our Prophet (saas) had for the Christians and the Jews; just like he had protected and watched over them, our approach should be the exact same.
919.  By being realized all the hadiths related to the End Times have become sahih (reliable) hadiths. 920.  At the time of the Prophet Jesus Messiah (a.s) there will not be one of the People of the Book who will not believe in the Prophet Jesus Messiah (a.s.) before he dies.
921.  It is very strange that they try to present Turkish-Islamic Union as a difficult and remote ideal. 922.  Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.) is the name given to the salvation of the whole world; the name given to the happiness of the whole world.
923.  I wouldn't let anyone harm a single strand of hair of the Jafaris, Wahabis, Alawites, Bektashis; they are all our brothers. 924.  The system of the dajjal (anti-messiah) turned people into egoistical and selfish individuals. In fact, there should be an environment in which everyone would greet each other and live joyfully
925.  Dajjal (anti-Messiah) is anti-Mahdi and will perform the exact opposite of the tasks Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.) performs. 926.  How will Hazrat Mahdi (as) accept that he is the Mahdi?
927.  Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Hook-up to the Conference of Creation in Milan, Italy. 928.  Hypocrites are spiteful and aggressive, they continuously engage in actions that would give both material and spiritual harm to Muslims
929.  The hypnosis of the system of the dajjal (anti-messiah) has influenced almost the whole world. A mechanism that conceals the truths, almost like a spell is working now. 930.  The main target of the dajjal (anti-messiah) is Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.). He attacks with all his strength but Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.) is created as strong as steel, dajjal cannot effect him.
931.  The infinite past and infinite future are all over and done within a single moment in the Sight of Allah 932.  The characteristic of Islamic Union is that it is the NATO of Islam. But no military power will be used in it.
933.  The bigot is loveless. He is the enemy of beauty and aesthetics 934.  Muslim would not be coward. By taking refuge with Allah, Muslim struggles bravely.
935.  Recitation of the Surat al-Ikhlas in Vatican is a stamp of the system of the Mahdi (a.s) and the Messiah (a.s) 936.  The existence of unbelief, dissension and hypocrites are very essential for Muslims. Their absence would cause indolence.
937.  Feeling aversion does not mean rage, aversion is felt for the love of Allah. 938.  Hadiths about Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.) have been proven to be reliable (sahih) after being realized
939.  Turkish Islamic Union is the other name for Islamic Union and the other name for Turkish Islamic Union is Islamic Union. 940.  The subject matters of religion, art and real science should be taught as main subjects to everyone, young and old.
941.  Our people have an ardent desire for Great Turkey in their soul. That will be realized insha'Allah. 942.  Erudite explanations about the verses from Surah Fatir
943.  According to the hadith the year 1979, in which the ship exploded, is the date Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.) set foot to Istanbul 944.  A system based on trust will be established in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.) Even the ones who do not have faith would refrain from Hazrat Mahdi (a.s)'s both apparent and arcane power.
945.  People standing against Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.) are the ones who do not accept the dajjal (anti-messiah) and deny his existence. 946.  The Prophet Abraham (a.s.) was a possessor of Ilm al-Ladun (hidden knowledge) and he had implemented it in the best way.
947.  The hadiths explicitly reveal that the lifespan of the ummah will end in between Hijri 1400 and 1500. And there is no other time left. 948.  The system of the dajjal (anti-Messiah) tries to maintain the current situation, cannot make progress
949.  Religion is very easy. In the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as) religion will be lived as pure as it was at the time of our Prophet (saas) 950.  The intellectual struggle of Hazrat Mahdi (as) will take 40 years.
951.  Without the Unity of Islam, the wealth of Islamic Countries cannot be used as it should be. 952.  According to the Qur'an, Muslims, Jews and Christians must live in friendship
953.  Hazrat Mahdi (as) is the master of identifying hypocrites 954.  Making hypocrites angry is a form of religious service; believers need to be very strong and healthy
955.  I am not talking about superstition, everything I talk about is based on information gained from the hadith and the verses of the Qur'an. 956.  Satan will bring hypocrites forth to confront us as people who fastidiously defend the religion
957.  Allah makes the good mannered person love himself and he lives that feeling in the Heaven as well; the good manners in this world would not be forgotten in the Heaven. 958.  People ask me where Hazrat Mahdi (as) is. When the Unity of Islam is established, we will say for the person who will be the leader of the Muslims; 'Allah knows the truth, this is Hazrat Mahdi'
959.  Muslims will be defeated by the dajjal (anti-messiah) unless they are united. Allah showed the solution, our Prophet (saas) showed the solution 960.  Our Prophet (saas) gave the news of 70 thousand turbaned hypocrites that will become the army of the dajjal (anti-messiah) in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as)
961.  Hopelessness and despair is a dangerous disease. This is because of not being able to appreciate Allah's Power 962.  Rabbis and Sanhedrin must know this: In the absence of King Messiah they can never feel at ease, can never practice the requirements of the Torah as is due and be freed from oppression
963.  It is revealed in the hadith that devils will serve the dajjal (anti-messiah) 964.  What's important is not dajjal messiah (anti-messiah) but the ideological system of the dajjal which is Darwinism
965.  The internet spirit and philosophy darken the person's soul; it is essential to talk sincerely and openly; it is wrong to use abbreviations for religious expressions 966.  A religion preached without spirit is an evil ecol that would strike the religion from the inside
967.  Satan wants blood. We are after saving lives. 968.  Those who want to make personal criticism should first say 'I want the Islamic Union. I love Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) very much. I await for the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) with enthusiasm'
969.  It is wrong to use abbreviations for religious expressions while writing on the internet 970.  In Paradise there will be everything that man has in his nature and that he longs for
971.  The people of the Book should follow the Prophet Mohammed (saas), and learn the true Christianity and Judaism from the Qur'an that is pure and true revelation. 972.  Hazrat Mahdi (as) is hidden under 70 layers of cloaks. Some will say 'this person can never be the Mahdi' as they only see those cloaks
973.  1400 year old grudge of hypocrites has risen. Satan has gone mad at the moment and is trying to wipe the system of the Mahdi off from people's minds 974.  None of the events mentioned in the Qur'an are issues of the past. All those mentioned are actually events that we will witness
975.  The hypocrite attack the Muslims and the Prophet (saas) with religion and the Quran and the hadiths. They never come out in the name of the unbelief. 976.  Hypocrites develop a subtle system of attack towards Muslims, through the hideousness in their glances, words and everything they do.
977.  Our Prophet (saas) had stated that death due to heart diseases will increase in the End Times 978.  We are in a long struggle in the End Times. Those who are in a rush would want immediate developments, but these take place through very long processes.
979.  Verses in the Surat Al Baqara that refer to the system of the Mahdi 980.  Darwinism lies at the root of both communism and fascism
981.  In the Jewish sources there are accounts regarding how the environment will be before the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as) 982.  The hypocrite strives against Muslims day and night, but his aggressiveness begins after he leaves Muslims
983.  Darwin's anti-woman views 984.  The hypocrite is under severe tension, he feels the pain of being defeated continuously and his days and nights are full of pain and suffering
985.  There is no compulsion in religion and Allah desires ease for His servants 986.  It is not easy to be a follower of Hazrat Mahdi (as); it may conflict with a person's worldly interests and not everyone is able to cope with it
987.  Allah reveals in the Qur'an that the woman who persecuted the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) had sickness in heart. We Only Say What Allah Reveals In The Qur'an. 988.  Just like the Prophet Jesus (as), prophets have a certain grandeur of their own. All their moves are noble, those who see them get carried away
989.  The hypocrite uses the Qur'an, hadith and Islamic scholars as a shield for himself 990.  Nemesis is the executioner of the world; Allah drew it closer to realize this execution
991.  A Muslim gets tired if he stays idle and gets rested while working. 992.  Hypocrites do not accept a leader. They try to stay away from Muslims and at the end they cut off all their relations with them.
993.  The Chief Scientist of the Israeli Ministry of Education has been demoted from his post because of his anti-Darwinist thoughts 994.  A giant Turkish Islamic Union will be established, Hazrat Mahdi (as) will teach love and brotherhood to the world
995.  The impact of 'Atlas of Creation' that demolished Darwinism in France 996.  Portents of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as) heralded by our Prophet (saas) 1
997.  Statements revealed in the Qur'an that are particular to the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) 998.  In the hadith it is related that the Prophet Jesus (as) will lead the prayer in a place with a White Minaret
999.  In the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as) all Palestinians will return to their homeland and believers of all religions will live with love 1000.  The Gospel and the Torah have many complicated and conflicted passages which are hard to understand but the Qur'an is pure revelation.
1001.  Mosque arson in Israel is a plot to set Muslims and Jews against eachother. 1002.  No factory can produce a computer. Allah creates them all.
1003.  Our brothers should write letters to Uzbekistan government to state that they should not be worried about the Nur students there 1004.  PKK militants do not go up the mountains because they cannot drink soup or get married; but as a result of Marxist, Darwinist, materialist propaganda
1005.  When we talk about the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) some say 'Why do you mention the Prophet Jesus (pbuh), he is the Prophet of Christians?' 1006.  The thought, which is after saving only one's self and not the whole Islamic world, would not want the Islamic Union
1007.  Mehmet Oz must act knowing that it is Allah Who creates cancer, Who gives life and Who takes life 1008.  Islam is a religion that attaches great importance to compassion; Islam embraces all religions.
1009.  Answer to those who claim;"Had Allah not willed so, we would not engage in wicked deeds and thus we have no fault" 1010.  The verses of the Qur'an about the viewpoint towards Jews are misinterpreted by some of our brothers
1011.  Explanations from the Surah Ya Sin: A wild, insensitive, egoistical generation formed in the world as a result of the education given by the dajjal (anti-christ) 1012.  Earth is liquid, everyone assumes it to be solid, however it is like the balloons filled with water with which children play on festivals.
1013.  The beautiful scent of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is all around; insha'Allah it is only a matter of time that we meet 1014.  We would not give credit to any of the bad stories told about our mother Hazrat Aisa (ra); her purity is explicitly praised in the Qur'an
1015.  Glorious cities, an extraordinary understanding of art are the characteristics of the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) 1016.  For attaining true devotion to religion, signs leading to faith should be told and false idols should be destroyed.
1017.  Darwinists do not talk about the soul as the soul cannot be explained in materialistic terms 1018.  I would not say something that I am not sure of; we said that we will destroy Darwinism and we did destroy it intellectually insha'Allah
1019.  The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) are people of love and compassion, and not a drop of blood will be shed in their time 1020.  Fear; The Trouble of The System Of The Anti-Christ Has Surrounded People.
1021.  Neither the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) being thrown into the fire nor the splitting of the sea in the story of the Prophet Moses (pbuh) causes one to lose the free will of mind. 1022.  We destroyed Darwinism. There is nothing government can do about Darwinism
1023.  Spell has no influence upon Muslims, Muslims do not blench from spell 1024.  Among the wives of our Prophet (saas), there were those who are praised in the Qur'an and the hadiths. But there were also those who saddened and bothered him. This is explicitly revealed in the Qur'an.
1025.  Without the Turkish-Islamic Union helping countries in need could only be done superficially. Once the Islamic Countries are united around Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) the situation in Pakistan would be completely corrected within a month. 1026.  There is an intermediate class in the Qur'an: Those who have sickness in heart. These people's transition to Islam is easy, but they also have an infrastructure suitable for hypocrisy.
1027.  In the hadith, it is revealed that in the End Times some Muslims will emulate and imitate some fanatical, bigot Jews 1028.  They do not attack religion openly. Instead they bring forth people who will draw the public away from religion and make it shown aversive (May Allah forbid)
1029.  Mehmet Oz knows it wrong, both sickness and death is Allah's judgment 1030.  Around the year 2021, insha'Allah the world will be shaken. People will understand the system of the Mahdi better.
1031.  In the 9/11 attacks deviant Arab Darwinists and communists were employed 1032.  President Ahmadinajad's Significant Explanations Concerning The System of Hazrat Mahdi (as)
1033.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will find the Holy Ark of the Prophet Moses (pbuh) and this will be a sign of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) 1034.  According to true faith of Judaism, the Israeli government will become the army of the King Messiah [Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)] who is awaited by Jews
1035.  Darwinism is the number 1 issue of the world. There is no other anti-religious movement, which is that strong, that large-scaled and causes so much damage 1036.  Islamic Scholars explained in detail that Zuleyha's behaviors towards the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) was caused by the sickness in her heart
1037.  Some of our brothers want to conceal the Unity of Islam, confine it within itself and, Allah forbid, to suffocate it. 1038.  The story of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh); the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) did not break one of the idols through Ilm Al-Ladun (innate knowledge)
1039.  America got defeated tragically in Vietnam and Cambodia because they didn't perform anti-Darwinist, anti-materialist activity. 1040.  Fascism is satan's design. Satan calls for fascism but it is not satisfied with this and also wants communism, which is its opposite. The guide of PKK is Lenin.
1041.  Bigotry is a grave agony and trouble for humanity. 1042.  Because some Evangelicals want bloodshed, they will consider Hazrat Mahdi (as) as the anti-Christ (Allah forbid) and the anti-Christ as Hazrat Mahdi (as).
1043.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will act together with Christians and Jews. Christians' view on the Muslims is wrong. 1044.  The ones claiming that the dominion of Islam is against the Sunnah of Allah are left speechless about the dominion of Islam in the time of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh)
1045.  Marriage according to the Qur'an is with a person in whom one sees the approval of Allah the most 1046.  The Turkish-Islamic Union does not mean racism
1047.  Allah reveals to our Prophet (saas) that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will not shed blood and our Prophet (saas) imparts this to Hazrat Mahdi (as). Hazrat Mahdi (as) will abide by this command of Allah. 1048.  In order to make Armageddon come true, the region of Euphrates should be taken under control. We see that PKK is assigned to do that.
1049.  Some Evangelicals' erroneous beliefs in a system based on wrong convictions about the Messiah and their desire for bloodshed 1050.  By meeting the Pope, Sheikh Nazim al-Qubrusi, has emphasized the importance of the alliance of Muslims and Christians against irreligiousness, oppression and terror
1051.  The Prophet Joseph (pbuh) is a taqwa person [who fears and obeys Allah] , he did his marriages within the lines revealed by Allah 1052.  Our Prophet (saas) has drawn attention to the fact that women will be in safety and comfort in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)
1053.  His Highness Sheikh Ahmad Yasin Bursavi's gift to Mr. Adnan Oktar 1054.  Ilm al-Ladun (innate science) is given to Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) through revelation, but Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will not receive revelation therefore he will be subject to the Qur'an and the Sunnah
1055.  To strive against the guides of Allah (saints) is the most erroneous act that can be; Allah moves heaven and earth for a single person 1056.  Hypocrites are anti-woman. They are astonished about the Prophets' and Companions' love for woman and children
1057.  Michael Douglas's illness is a predestination of Allah; people need to seriously prepare for death without saying I am young and strong 1058.  USA was refraining from the Mahdi because of a false understanding about Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Actually Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will never shed blood and he will bring peace to the entire world.
1059.  The Pope's call for union against violence; violence is not prevented by gathering Darwinists in Vatican 1060.  The idea of destroying Jews does not have any place in the moral values of the Qur'an
1061.  No blood will be shed at the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), as Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is anti-blood. 1062.  The world has confidence in the Turkish people's compassion, justice and kindness; those who rule the world call for a Turkish Islamic Union under the leadership of Turkey
1063.  Even a single look of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) would be sufficient for a Muslim who sees through perception; he would become a person of heart in an instant. 1064.  Short time after the dominion of the moral values of Islam, great deteriorations will be experienced, no one will be able to prevent the Day of Judgment
1065.  Religious functionaries coming together in official meetings, does not show the formation of a candid fervor, the turn of mind has to change from the core 1066.  There is a big fire going on, the Islamic world is burning, there is a big cup full of water in their hands. They do not put out the fire by pouring this water over it.
1067.  The irreligious people attempt to moralize the Muslims as they do not like them because the Muslims do not comply by their immorality. 1068.  Allah does not want any injustice for men, He wants goodness for them. And the Mahdi will not shed blood.
1069.  Hypocrites do not understand our Prophet's (saas) love for women. They cannot grasp his marriage with Hazrat Zainab (ra). 1070.  Some people who are introduced as religious Christians are actually American fascist nationalists. The bigot and puritanical segment has provided the means to provoke the Evangelicals through a policy of fierceness.
1071.  Europe has no morale, people are not happy. They did not foresee that Darwinism would deliver such a consequence. 1072.  Some Muslims' failure until now is caused by their languidness. To be dedicated is to be prepared to risk everything for the good pleasure of Allah
1073.  Suprising tactics used by some Nur students not to talk about the system of the Mahdi and not to tell the truth about this subject 1074.  Due to lack of patience, there is a very dangerous and tense environment in the society nowadays.
1075.  Verses that refer to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) who is a manifestation of Allah's name 1076.  What is the system of the anti-Christ , and how do we know the anti-Christ?
1077.  Views of religious freemasons while performing prayer in the Little Hagia Sophia Mosque 1078.  Important and new explanations about the story of Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) [Surat Al-Kahf, Verses 65-77]
1079.  Presenting people who cannot live quality, deepness and love as the representers of Islam is the plot of atheistic masons. 1080.  The mosques being full does not prevent the dominion of the system of the anti-Christ. There cannot be mosques belonging to separate groups. All Muslims must fill the mosques with a sense of unity.
1081.  Some Muslim preachers indoctrinate the subconscious of the society against Islam. In the long term, they cause great harm to the subconscious of the society and make the society sick. 1082.  Affected attitudes are very insulting; it is not right to use a different manner of speech while talking about religious subjects
1083.  Some people want to hold on to this world like holding on to a hedge; actually death is a blessing and beauty for a believer 1084.  They claim that cancer improves man. Have you ever seen anyone who turned out to be more handsome after being cancer?
1085.  Pacifism and calmness do not work for the better; stagnation begins to pull people back 1086.  No one can cope with Hazrat Khidr (pbuh). The anti-Christ is extremely afraid of Hazrat Khidr (pbuh)
1087.  The Turkish-Islamic Union is a conscientious obligation, which has to be called for by every person including the irreligious 1088.  Hundreds of Muslims are being martyred but very small reports appear in the foreign press. However when a dog dies in the middle of London, they move heaven and earth.
1089.  Some of our brothers ask if only sincerity is sufficient for salvation. When one is sincere, he commits himself to Allah with love, he loves His Messenger (saas) 1090.  What essentially matters is the salvation of people's faith. For this reason signs leading to faith are very nice blessings.
1091.  Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) has very interesting practices; he can ensure someone to go to prison and to become a sultan 1092.  The State Some Nur Students Are In As A Result of Refraining From the System of the Mahdi
1093.  Our brothers must work off the opposition stemming from party differences; it is very dangerous 1094.  The accelerated elapse of time is a portent for the End Times
1095.  Living in Israel is the right of Jewish People 1096.  It is very exciting and nice that Allah created us in such a great time
1097.  It is time to wake some of our Muslim brothers who are in a state of sleep. Evasive activities only benefit those who are against Islam 1098.  When a Muslim is harmed in any way, all Muslims are responsible for that. Muslims are like a single body. The solution to all problems, including the ones in Pakistan, is the Turkish Islamic Union.
1099.  Hazrat Ali (ra) said that all hurdles should be overcome to reach Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) 1100.  The person in the Pharaoh's family, who conceals his faith, as mentioned in the Qur'an, is a member of Hazrat Khidr (pbuh)'s deep state
1101.  The command of Allah is easy but hypocrites seek to complicate religion by going into detail. The system of the hypocrite seeks to make Islam inextricable (Allah is beyond that) 1102.  People get used to things very easily, unbelievers comply even with Hell immediately
1103.  Those who say 'Do not talk about the Mahdi' are taking orders from a different being 1104.  A sincere person who never lies is a great blessing
1105.  Forgiving a gang that was determined to murder thousands of people is a suspicious act. I do not approve those who act compassionately to some, but not do the same when Muslims are concerned. 1106.  Allah relates in the Qur'an that our Prophet (saas) divorced some of his wives and that he had some wives who had sickness in their hearts.
1107.  Religion is love, compassion, trust, peace, and joy. Religion is the totality of all positive feelings in our brain. 1108.  There is no reason for Non-Muslims to be concerned thinking that they will be 'made muslims by force'. There is no compulsion in religion.
1109.  It is Allah who creates both beauty and the hearts who appreciate that beauty. A person may be beautiful but what would one do if he did not have anyone who loved him? 1110.  Guidance to the true path [hidayah] is the principle subject matter. Talking about the Islamic law like mechanical tools that read what is written, in an artificial manner without being instrumental in leading people to faith would not be effective.
1111.  People are deceived by the false and glided world in spite of death which can come any moment, diseases, all sorts of weaknesses and hardships 1112.  Being a scholar and being a guide to truth [hidayah] are different issues. The secret of the test is fully grasped, when Allah manifests himself with His name al-Hadi
1113.  Allah says that the Qur'an is the healing. What a person whose heart becomes sick has to do is to submit himself to the doctor and assent the treatment. 1114.  Allah establishes the Turkish Islamic Union just by saying to it, ''Be''. Even while Putin was still a baby, the Turkish Islamic Union was already founded in the destiny.
1115.  They know that for Armageddon to be realized, they definitely have to hinder the establishment of Turkish-Islamic Union. For that reason they want to divide Turkey as well. 1116.  The points our Muslim brothers should lay stress on
1117.  Alawites, Wahabbites, Jafarites, they are all pure Muslims; harboring enmity against them is by no means acceptable. 1118.  The community of Hazrat Mahdi will at the same time be like a factory of hypocrites. Both the fiercest hypocrites and the most saint like people would come among them.
1119.  A Muslim is a man of high quality; he is the most rational, the most intelligent and the most careful person of the world. There is no place for sloth and dullness in Islam 1120.  Some people do not expect it but Islam is really going to dominate the world.
1121.  An erudite scholar is a person who becomes instrumental in people attaining faith. If that person does not have the knowledge of the heart and if Allah does not manifest in him with His name al-Hadi; he would not be an erudite scholar. 1122.  Those who see being united as difficult should see that actually being separated is very difficult and great labor is put into this. In fact, it is very easy for Muslims to be united.
1123.  Some people are against us only because we call for Islamic Union and say that the moral values of Islam will prevail. 1124.  Wanting the global dominion of the moral values of the Qur'an is a religious obligation
1125.  They pledge allegiance to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) as the commander of the Prophet (saas). Being a Prophet of Determination [Ulu'l Azm Prophet], The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will pledge allegiance to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), that is, to our Prophet (saas). 1126.  In the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), all Jews will see the true verses of the Torah inside the Torah through the light of faith.
1127.  What will happen to Christians and Jews when the moral values of Islam prevail? 1128.  Music calms the inner self, it is food for the soul and gives strength for religious service
1129.  Armenians are 'Loyal People.' Turkey is a bridge country; any origin can come out, we are all Turks 1130.  Love should be completely based on Allah's good pleasure and based on compassion and mercy. Marriage for show-off and money is not acceptable.
1131.  Hypocrites stand up with the claim that they live the religion but their hearts are empty, they don't have love for Allah and the religion 1132.  Angels who support Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will prevent the evils of satans and repel their traps by the leave of Allah
1133.  Religious education for children: Children will know our Prophet before they get to know their own parents. They will love Allah most. 1134.  These TV programmes are places of conversation; anyone attending will benefit from it
1135.  We showed those who wanted to show Muslims as ignorant losers that true Muslims have a very sharp mind and that they wind the unbelievers around their little fingers 1136.  Religion is the other name of beauty, joy, the best for mankind, it is another name for loving Allah very much; this beauty will be thoroughly experienced at the age of Mahdi.
1137.  Bigotry is very dangerous. They try to make a repulsive Muslim mode through bigotry 1138.  While praying, one prays for all Muslims and prays for the comfort of all.
1139.  We can reach the source of the movement of the Mahdi by following the reflections of the Mahdi. We can find the Mahdi through those individuals that are not him 1140.  The Prophet Solomon (pbuh)'s fear of Allah, his life and wives in the Qur'an and in the Torah
1141.  Believers act as a community, the blessing of Allah is upon the community. 1142.  Even though hypocrites seem to support each other, they actually hate one another (Explanations from Surat al-Hashr:11-14)
1143.  The wisdom behind the fact that both Companions of the Cave and the students of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) consist of young people 1144.  Improving general culture is not sufficient in the struggle against PKK; religious culture and anti-communist education is a necessity
1145.  The leadership of the Turks is not about racism or genetic coding 1146.  Some Nur students turn their hands upside down every day while perfoming salat (prayer) but they do not realize the anti-christ despite his intensive activities
1147.  Our Prophet (saas) said that in the End Times faith will be withdrawn to Istanbul and true faith will not remain in the whole world 1148.  When we say Allah is everywhere, they think that Allah's self is everywhere. Allah's manifestations are everywhere.
1149.  Sheikh Nazim al-Qubrusi who is a student of Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) said that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will destroy Darwinism 1150.  Turkey's official state policy: Turkish-Islamic Union
1151.  The system of slavery was completely abolished with Islam 1152.  While they shoot Muslims for fun in Afghanistan and Iraq, not using the means to prevent this would be a grave responsibility
1153.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) through the words of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) 1154.  The dye technology used in cave drawings is at the same level as today's dye technology. The technology of electricity produced in that period is a state of the art
1155.  The fact that soldiers in Afghanistan cut and collect Muslims' fingers just for fun comes into the open at a drug quarrel among them, and some still say 'What is the need for the Islamic Union?' 1156.  The punishment hypocrites await in this world is very small when compared to the one they will be given in the Hereafter. Muslims' revenge in the Hereafter is extremely severe.
1157.  People will try all leaders but no leader other than Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be able to protect Muslims against the Anti-Christ 1158.  In Israel the incline towards religion began with the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). People started to take Evangelicals seriously only after we provided scientific support to the fact of Creation
1159.  Hypocrites spread information against Muslims to unbelievers by posing as religious even though they are not. 1160.  Signs from Surah Yusuf: Sadness is reason for many diseases, happiness cures many diseases.. Transfer of smell in the End Times..
1161.  With a strong understanding of Islam, sincerity has begun to develop in both Christianity and Judaism 1162.  A woman's chastity is her impressive power
1163.  The pages revealed to prophets are lost. The original content and essence of all books are within the Qur'an. 1164.  There would be no compassion, mercy nor patience when there is no love of Allah. The pain of lovelessness and egoism is experienced in the sharpest way with a materialistic mind in marriage.
1165.  Hypocrites are very disputatious. The purpose of their questions is not to learn but only to engage in demagoguery 1166.  Our brothers who cannot openly speak of Mahdism should break apart from the others and read the Risale-i Nur freely by gathering among themselves
1167.  The jinns are waiting for the command to serve Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). The jinns are certainly in Allah's control. 1168.  Even if you set all the conditions required to make someone Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) artificially; only the Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) whom Allah wills is going to come
1169.  They should turn every house into a university, they should write down little notes that explain the invalidity of evolution 1170.  The easy cure for those who have a sickness in their hearts is this: finding a cure for the sickness is possible if they hold onto the Qur'an tightly.
1171.  The only subject in marriage programs is to measure the assets of one another. No one asks about the religiousness of the other. 1172.  The measure in marriage is not only to perform prayers. One has to follow the Qur'anic morality and self sacrifice shown by the Prophets.
1173.  The danger of idolatry in marriage. How should marriage be according to Islam? 1174.  No one can claim that a person who says that he is a Muslim is not actually religious.
1175.  Had Muslims adapted the moral structures of the communists, they would have not received any reaction 1176.  It is one thing to use religion for political ends and another for a politician to say he is a devout believer (of course a politician will speak of Allah and never portray himself as irreligious)
1177.  Women should be protected and watched over in the society. They must be shown compassion and courtesy 1178.  The belief in the Invisible Messiah is very dangerous. Bush's actions stem from just such a belief
1179.  Important Characteristics of the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) 1180.  Those who want to help Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) should not wait to be protected. Instead they have to do everything by themselves as much as possible. It is not right to cause difficulty.
1181.  The meeting of Sheikh Nazim and the Pope 1182.  It is one of the hidden miracles of Allah that a self indulgent unbeliever spends all of his time and possessions to strive against Muslims
1183.  How can high degree of respect be attained? Maturity, knowledge and intelligence are required in order to show respect, love and courtesy. 1184.  Indirect Narration Should not be Used While Talking About True Faith
1185.  The promise Allah took from all the Prophets to help Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) 1186.  The acts planned in the USA against the Qur'an, solely aim to raise tension and provoke Muslims into aggression and reprisals.
1187.  The value of Heaven is understood only after one experiences the deficiencies of this world and makes a comparison 1188.  The richest and the most distinguished people being so religious and pious irritate the unbelievers very much
1189.  Every year news of death of many people come but no one thinks about death and the Hereafter 1190.  Explanations From the Surat Ar-Rahman and From Surat Al-Waqi'a: Even if One is the Most Beautiful Person on Earth, if that Person does not Have Good Morals, then that Person is Repulsive. References to the Time of the Day of Judgment and Other Topics.
1191.  Darwinism, which holds that life has no purpose, is an invitation to suicide 1192.  There will not be a saint (wali) in that strength after Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), however the followers of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) constitute an army of saints.
1193.  Mr. Adnan Oktar's open letter addressed to Saddam dated 2003 1194.  How is the physical appearance of Angels like?
1195.  It is very important to praise Allah 1196.  The repetitions and emphasis in the Qur'an are for the need of people. The Qur'an is very detailed, very explicit and fluent and it has a rational exposition.
1197.  Why does the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) need to perform his activities secretly when he comes? 1198.  Allah is everywhere, unfettered by space and time
1199.  Death is a surprise of scourges for unbelievers. They will enter into a dark place suddenly when they least expect and their lives will be beaten out of them by scary looking creatures 1200.  No thought that contradicts the Qur'an and the Sunnah of our Prophet (saas) is acceptable
1201.  Is there any information given about the grave of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)? 1202.  We have witnessed the most severe form of irreligion and bloodshed in this century; we will also witness the domination of the morality of Islam.
1203.  Fulfilling only some of the forms of worship and do not live by the morality of the Qur'an misrepresent Muslims 1204.  How will Muslims enter Heaven and how will unbelievers enter Hell?
1205.  Stephen Hawking is a man who is not mentally and physically in good health, the things claimed that he said are not healthy information 1206.  Hawking is a person with a collapsed body, deteriorated brain and a deteriorated soul. The things he says are not products of a healthy mind.
1207.  Satan has enclosed people both by atheism and by bigotry. The understanding of a genuine Muslim is essential. 1208.  The Qur'an is Allah's just Word and It is the essence of all religions
1209.  It is miraculous that the people who advocate bloodshed and anarchy are in majority, whereas people can live in peace, love and beauty. 1210.  People should start performing their religious services while still young
1211.  According to Evangelical belief, no matter what sins a person may commit, he thinks he will still enter paradise because the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will assume those sins. This is a very wrong conception of religion. 1212.  Allah's infinite might should be thought. Allah gives examples in the Qur'an to broaden our scope
1213.  How should we treat the families of martyrs? 1214.  People saying Insha'Allah and Masha'Allah very frequently will clutter up polytheism and they will dominate the world.
1215.  Talking about the invalidity of evolution is the most galling of all for the atheists 1216.  New explanations from Surat Al-Kahf
1217.  A person who loves Allah very much cannot bring himself to do what our Lord told us not to do. Acting in the contrary causes an agony. 1218.  Our brothers advocating the idea of Unity of Existence are of erroneous thinking
1219.  Sanhedrin rabbis believe that King Messiah (pbuh), that is Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), has appeared 1220.  Altruism and honesty are not gullibility; Allah bestows abundance on such people. Whereas those who think they are very clever have really difficult lives
1221.  Mr. Adnan Oktar's comments about the mosque that will be built near the area where the Twin Towers of World Trade Center used to be. 1222.  The most widespread feeling in the world now is fear and insecurity. People even fight with their brothers because of it.
1223.  The modesty of our master Sheik Nazim is a sign that he is a true guide. He is the Qutb of the century. 1224.  Explanations from Surat Al-'Adiyat: Believers are very lively, there is never laziness where they are. Signs to sports in the Qur'an...
1225.  Allah's soul is everywhere, but there are people with closed conscious 1226.  The Turkish Islamic Union meant is a radiant and divine system based on Allah's morality. It is not a system based on fun and travelling
1227.  The true religion in the sight of Allah is Islam. However this does not require to behave disrespectful towards and to be on a fight with the People of the Book. 1228.  It is impossible for any idea other than the Qur'an to prevail. Jews and Christians can learn their true faiths from the Qur'an.
1229.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will know the plans of the opposing group and will tell friend from foe 1230.  Nur students whom Bediuzzaman called 'seeds of Mahdism' have been separated because they don't have a leader
1231.  One can't lead a happy life without having Allah as his Only Beloved One 1232.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is the most modern person of his time, and he will bestow liberty. Fanatics and communists may want bloodshed, but Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will not permit one drop of blood to be shed.
1233.  The idea that every Marxist is of bad morality is incorrect 1234.  Life related in the Qur'an is an ardent life with hard-fought struggle against the atheistic philosophies, not a calm and tame one.
1235.  Bediuzzaman says that an activity done somewhere for the Union of Islam benefits the whole Muslim community 1236.  An aggressive, mocking and showy moral understanding predominates among young people. The reason for all this restlessness is lack of faith.
1237.  Allah created different dimensions for people 1238.  What language do the jinns speak?
1239.  The statement 'Damn Israel' is wrong. Israel is the name of a Prophet 1240.  Christians who oppose the Qur'an are in fact opposing the Gospel. The True Gospel is inside the Qur'an
1241.  Bigotry harbors lovelessness, savagery, irrationality, enmity and falsity. Bigotry will disappear from the world. 1242.  Even though Darwinists give in to the facts, they can not announce it because they refrain from the public backlash and their methods of escape
1243.  The love and loyalty demanded from a person who doesn't love for Allah and show loyalty to Allah have no meaning 1244.  There is no such thing as not being able to control the lower self. Sins and unlawful acts bring pain, fatality and never happiness to people
1245.  The blood shedding understanding amongst Evangelicals and some Muslims is wrong. A lot of Evangelists are sure that the Mahdi(pbuh) and the Messiah(pbuh) have arrived. 1246.  There would be no hypocrisy in a secular environment. There is secularity in the expression of the Qur'an
1247.  The subject of 7000 years is not a sign for the beginning of the world, but for the beginning of a calendar starting with an important event 1248.  What needs to be done for the flood disaster in Pakistan
1249.  It is not our eyes that see, vision arises in our brains 1250.  After 2012 there will be a great spurt in Muslims and there will be a huge outbreak in the Public Spirit of Islam
1251.  It is very wrong that some families who don't place importance on religion and marry their children with psychopath people just because they have money. 1252.  The structure of the atom proves that we can never directly experience the original of matter
1253.  Which holy relics will be found in the Prophet Moses (pbuh)'s Ark of Covenant? 1254.  In the hadiths, Our Prophet (saas) speaks of the rich mineral reserves that have been discovered in Afghanistan
1255.  The perception of time, eternity and the fact of destiny 1256.  People of weak faith and with self-satisfied, showy natures should not have the impudence to criticize the religion and our Prophet (saas)
1257.  Those with good morality remain young and strong even when they get old. Our Prophet (saas) had the freshness and beauty of his childhood even when he died 1258.  Despite all his weaknesses man can still forget about death in a state of negligence
1259.  The reason why America and Israel are wary of Iran is the belief in the invisible Mahdi in Iran. 1260.  Times begins to deteriorate human body when it is idled away
1261.  Waging jihad means to strive to spread the religion of Allah; War and jihad are very different things. 1262.  There should be stability in morality. When the rights and wrongs of the society is unified, a perfect sense of communication and morality will be formed.
1263.  There are many pleasures within the limits of lawful blessings (halal). Things forbidden by religion (haram) are very few and all of them are harmful. 1264.  Mr. Adnan Oktar's Books are in School Curriculum Abroad
1265.  How is believer's life taken? 1266.  Spiritual characteristics of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi - 2
1267.  When preaching the religion, the person's faith must be strengthened first. Someone who tastes the pleasure of faith begins to live by the religion with enthusiasm 1268.  If the Risale-i Nur Collection is examined carefully the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is very clear
1269.  Those who say 'Allah made me do it' when they do something bad, will get the answer to this question in Hell 1270.  Alcohol and smoking do great harm to both society and people
1271.  Turkey should be a referee to stop the persecution executed on the Muslims in Chechnya 1272.  The reason for people to stay away from the Qur'an is because they don't know that the Qur'an will give them complete freedom and real friends.
1273.  Our brothers should emphasize that it is forbidden by religion to lie in the name of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi 1274.  When people die and are buried, they leave behind their homes, families, possessions and everything in this world behind
1275.  Before telling someone about the religion, it must be evaluated whether he is stable and normal, and his mind, conscience, intelligence and sincerity must be determined. 1276.  The Atlas of Creation Being on the Agenda of the Council of Europe
1277.  Divine inspiration is not a must for ilm al-ladun(secret knowledge). Implementation of secret knowledge by the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). 1278.  Someone who has experienced many things in the past enters the religion in a more determined manner; his/her past does not interest anyone and becomes a barefaced Muslim
1279.  The ark, in which the Prophet Moses (as) was cast adrift in the river, is the Ark of Covenant. 1280.  Child deaths are among the secrets of the test. Allah creates the feeling of mercy towards children
1281.  People lose their joy, lose health and age early due to weakness in faith, and keeping away from Allah 1282.  If there is a condition that reduces the standards of life, it can be fixed with plastic surgery
1283.  There is a sign in the Qur'an to get consent from elder ones 1284.  Allah created and finished everything in the infinite before. We are the ones bound with time, we learn in time.
1285.  The next ten years is about Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), after ten years the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will come and confirm Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) 1286.  The importance of compassion when loving people
1287.  Muslim will not wait for Allah to come to him, he will go to Allah. He will search for Allah himself; he will keep death on his mind at all times 1288.  Turkish-Islamic Union means happiness and joy, it means having a festival every day, it is a place like Heaven insha'Allah
1289.  It is a technical fact that the life of this world takes place in our brains 1290.  The world is metaphysical
1291.  We can never have direct experience of the world that forms in our brains 1292.  Avoiding to learn about religion in order to avoid responsibility is no way out; Allah sees all things.
1293.  The religious obligations revealed by Allah always have the highest priority 1294.  One needs to be patient when calling people to religion
1295.  It is wrong of some turbaned ladies showing arrogance over using headscarves and not being sensitive to all of the essential obligations of Islam 1296.  One should regard everything told by his or her guide as goodness and wisdom.
1297.  Anyone who pays a compliment definitely compliments Allah. All beauties are manifestations of Allah 1298.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) in the statements of Hazrat Ali (ra)
1299.  One of the best ways to overcome whispering is to postpone it 1300.  A personal belonging used by the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) 2000 years ago has been found
1301.  According to the Qur'an, it is a beauty to forgive debts. There is richness in forgiveness; no good would come from the money taken from someone who is in a difficult condition. 1302.  The difference between patience and endurance
1303.  Russia is a trustworthy country that will be one of the most important countries of the Turkish-Islamic Union 1304.  The reason for the killing of 350 million people in Europe is Darwinism, the religion of satan
1305.  Interest is forbidden. Allah has forbid this system as a blessing 1306.  When there is no democracy and freedom people's brains become paralyzed and they lose productivity
1307.  Many spiritual incidents and miracles will happen in this century 1308.  Mr. Adnan Oktar's Comments about the conference held at the city of Lausanne
1309.  The ones who claim that they can't see the Dajjal should look at the inhumane practices carried out in Fallujah 1310.  Blessings and secret seditions in wealth
1311.  Muslims are the highest quality people of the world who have the best conception of how to dress 1312.  One should say 'salaam' every time he enters into a house. No house is empty.
1313.  So long as we have the Turkish-Islamic Union... 1314.  Protecting millions of Muslims is far more important than personal desires and goals.
1315.  Our Prophet (saas) knew Hazrat Mahdi's (pbuh) name, but Hazrat Ali promised not to reveal it. 1316.  The secrets of Bediuzzaman
1317.  Allah makes medicine an instrument for recovery 1318.  China must withdraw completely from East Turkestan and hand the region over to our East Turkestan brothers.
1319.  The wives of our Prophet (saas) and marriage according to the most of Allah's approval 1320.  Faithful people are joyful and spirited both in poorness and in richness. Beautiful clothing and living shows Muslims' strength
1321.  Our Prophet (saas) had a very good and wealthy life. 1322.  Darwinism collapsed in Kazakhstan at senior level
1323.  The persecution of the Muslims in Burma(Myanmar) should be ceased. Let everyone write letters to the authorities for this. 1324.  China is the only country in the world where there is no law or justice. Neither judges, prosecutors nor the police in China are doing anything against the persecution of our East Turkestan brothers.
1325.  It's not difficult to discipline one's lower self 1326.  The appellations of Hazrat Ali (ra)
1327.  Abjad calculation in Surat al-An'am about the end times 1328.  The purpose of Prophet Jesus (pbuh)'s coming in the End Times is to invite the whole Christian world to the Qur'an
1329.  One of Hazrat Mahdi's (pbuh) Duties Is to Combat Bigotry and Reactionary Thinking 1330.  Can dogs and cats be kept at home?
1331.  When the Turkish-Islamic Union is established, there will be no more constant devastation and cries of pain in the Muslim world. 1332.  Rabbi Ben Abrahamson is praying for peace and the prompt appearance of the Mashiach (Messiah)
1333.  Christian leader Hurrian Dmitri commenting about Mr. Adnan Oktar 1334.  When the Jews follow the King Messiah they will attain the Holy Land, prosperity, worship, freedom, the state and all.
1335.  The Holy Relics will be found in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) insha'Allah 1336.  About organ donation...
1337.  The interest shown in stars like Shaqira is an extreme fervor, not love. There are no loyalty and devotion in love lacking the approval of Allah. 1338.  The windows of outposts have to be bullet-proof and armed, underground tunnels with connections have to be built.
1339.  How will the jinn accept Islam? 1340.  Electricity was used in the time of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh)
1341.  Those who say Hazrat Mahdi (as) came in the last century are wrong 1342.  Golden ratio in snowflakes
1343.  It is unlawful to commit suicide 1344.  It is more acceptable for someone open to fear not get scared, for someone easily presses to enter into difficulty, for someone with love for assets to give them away.
1345.  Israel should act according to the moral values of the Messiah and follow the Messiah's methods. 1346.  Internet must not be turned into a time-eating machine. There should be no trifling on websites like Facebook.
1347.  The negative effect of Darwinism on economy 1348.  An intellectual struggle against separatist terror is essential
1349.  Satan establishes a secret masonic lodge in every Muslim's home. 1350.  A great many holy relics will be found in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as).
1351.  Muslim should strongly avoid altercation 1352.  Everyone will enter the grounds of Hell. There is an entirely different creation in the Heaven.
1353.  In the end times the students of Risale-i Nur will possess key importance througout the world 1354.  People who try to give the impression they are happy when in reality they are not are playing games with one another.
1355.  The fact that unbelievers could not harm our prophet (saas) despite his being their only target, is one of his miracles 1356.  Insincerity means to prefer worldly interests to the religion of Allah. Religious observance is not enough for sincerity.
1357.  Signs to the end times and calculations from Surat ar-Rum 1358.  Secret knowledge (ilm al-ladun) of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) stems from his being very intelligent. The Mahdi will not be recognized instantly.
1359.  Today the youth is not happy as they don't live by the moral values of the Qur'an. Everyone will be very happy in the time of the Mahdi. 1360.  Good opinion among muslims is essential. it is not right to believe any information.
1361.  Ones who want to bring goodness to Palestine should first strive for their faith and salvation in the Hereafter. 1362.  Signs to the end times from the story of Hazrat Noah (pbuh)
1363.  Diseases and helplessness are created specially in order to prevent ambitious devotion to this world 1364.  China must announce the condition of the 30 million Uighur Turks who have disappeared; it must open up the basements of all its prisons, police stations, mental hospitals and military facilities where torture has taken place.
1365.  A Turkish union is not enough without a spiritual leader. This is the main reason behind the embroilment in Kyrgyzstan 1366.  All the people of the book who believe in Allah and say 'Allah is one' and all our muslim brothers are entrusted to us by Allah
1367.  Mischief, instigation, feeling of revenge and jealousy burns the bad. The good are always in peace. 1368.  According to Islam, if just one person in a thousand, or even one person in ten thousand, is innocent, that person’s rights and the law must be upheld.
1369.  It is wrong to seek being a saint in easy matters; the character of a saint emerges from troubles, difficulties and danger. 1370.  The prayer (salat) has been a religious observance of believers ever since the Prophet Adam (pbuh).
1371.  Allah puts man to trial about faithfulness. Responding with good manners against a bad manner is a part of the trial 1372.  Darwinism-Communism connection
1373.  The people of the book are entrusted to us by Allah, and their safety is also entrusted to us 1374.  Weapons in the time of the system of the Mahdi will be reason, knowledge, art and culture
1375.  There will be no more problem if control over Gaza passes to Turkey 1376.  Religion can be preached to anyone. Muslims don't refrain from telling Islam in the face of rumor and disapproval.
1377.  Prophet Jesus (as)'s students in the end times 1378.  Allah gave the corporal deficiencies so that man can understand his weakness
1379.  Being with Hazrat Mahdi (as) is not enough to find sincere faith. There will also be hypocrites with Hazrat Mahdi (as). 1380.  Sheikh Nazim had stated that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) met with the Prophet (saas)'s spiritual being at the Yerebatan(Sunken) mosque.
1381.  Self-sacrifice is a sign of the love of Allah. 1382.  Intelligence in the cell membrane
1383.  As a requirement of the moral values of the Qur'an, nobody interfered with anyone's religion or culture in Ottoman times; on the contrary, they were shown respect and kindness. 1384.  The strength of the system of the Mahdi is proportionate to that of the opposing force; the stronger the opposing force is, the stronger would be the system of the Mahdi.
1385.  Mr. Adnan Oktar's anti-Darwinist, anti-Marxist and anti-communist activities are upsetting the PKK terror organization 1386.  Some Muslims avoid the struggle because of their own interests, even though they want to be devout Muslims.
1387.  Commonly disregarded rulings of the Qur'an: Muslims being like well-built walls 1388.  Hardship faced by our Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) in his day
1389.  The importance of fear of Allah in Surah Yasin 1390.  An experience person can benefit from the other person who has less experience.
1391.  Religious Jews want Turkey to be the leader of the region within the Ottoman vision 1392.  Grief is unlawful; one can only cry out of love of Allah, fervor and happiness.
1393.  Importance of saying words selectly, talking and acting in a sincere, conciliatory manner 1394.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will rule the people of the Book by their own Books.
1395.  Jews regard Muslims as people of Noah (as) and therefore as true believers 1396.  The problems of the Muslim world cannot be solved with hooligan mentality; religious work, divine work is needed.
1397.  Mr. Adnan Oktar answers the claims about the axis of Turkey shifting 1398.  No matter what they say, Badiuzzaman clearly explained that Prophet Jesus (as) is not a spirit.
1399.  Everyone is mortal. Even the grandest people will turn to dust in subterranean darkness. 1400.  What should be done against the studies of the Jehovah's Witnesses and the missionary activities?
1401.  Jews pray every day for the immediate appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), another name for the King Messiah 1402.  The solution to end the artificial hostility policy between Palestine and Israel is Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the Turkish-Islamic Union
1403.  Outlay for weapons can allay the hunger of the poor for 100 times over 1404.  Allah would never grant a Turkish Islamic Union based on Turkish racism
1405.  One needs to absolutely approach incidents with peace and compassion 1406.  To adopt a loving approach towards incidents is very important; no force can stand against love
1407.  In the hadiths there is a nation that reads the Qur'an but rejects the religion in the end times 1408.  What is the explanation of the ghargad tree mentioned in the hadith?
1409.  The status of those who show ingratitude for Allah's blessings 1410.  Bediuzzaman has told that Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is not a spirit and he will come to this world again
1411.  Signs for the time of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as) in Surat al-Furqan 1412.  Hazrat Mahdi (as) will conduce to people to grow mature and have good morals
1413.  Former prophets will appear with their exact beauty in the day of judgment, unbelivers will only be made ugly. 1414.  Some bigots have been talking about Mahdism like a legend. They now understood that Mahdism is real.
1415.  Death: Allah's glorious blessing for severing the intensity of earthly desires 1416.  Masonic temples will be turned into masjids, Masons will learn about Islam.
1417.  People are so busy with the life of this world that they don't pay attention to Allah. 1418.  There are many Christians and Jews who are muslims but hide it.
1419.  The biggest goodness to someone is to conduce to his faith. 1420.  A sign of the End of Times happening now; The committee of the Dejjal is being dissolved
1421.  We will prevent them damaging Islam with superstition. 1422.  Hz. Ali's words on Hazrat Hasan(r.a)'s, Hazrat Hussain(r.a)'s and his own martyrdom
1423.  What is polytheism and what is covert polytheism? 1424.  Hazrat Bediuzzaman is among people spiritually like other saints
1425.  Irreligious people have a primitive logic. All their philosophies are an ignorant highbrow imitation. 1426.  Relations based on self-interest and fear for the future in the modern conception of marriage
1427.  There is no evolution in the Qur'an. Allah says 'Be' and everything is. 1428.  Every person with good morality has enemies, the value of virtue is appreciated in such environments.
1429.  Seeking refuge with Allah from satan when reading the Qur’an 1430.  Questions for Nur students who say that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will not come
1431.  Not performing a miracle increases Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)’s rank further 1432.  Human soul is created as inclined to water
1433.  The test of excited people are even more valuable and desirable 1434.  Compassion, respect and freedom for Christians and Jews are of the main characteristics of the Turkish-Islamic Union
1435.  The wisdom behind diseases 1436.  Adnan Oktar had described the kind of approach that should be adopted by both the Gaza aid flotilla and by Israel
1437.  Subconscious love and respect versus the love and respect that are displayed 1438.  It is important to use true, striking and vital information when preaching religion
1439.  The Sanhedrin conduced to dominance of religion by convincing the people in the time of the Prophets 1440.  Muslims do not bear grudges; Israel's apology would mean our friendship and brotherhood can continue as before
1441.  Turkey's spiritual protection means salvation for all Muslims, Jews and Christians 1442.  If devout Israelis are in the administration, a climate of mutual trust and brotherhood will at once be established
1443.  How should the word of Islam be preached? Those who will understand the word, and those who will not. 1444.  The Sufi belief that 'Allah created to be known' is wrong.
1445.  Examples of the Prophets' secret knowledge from Allah 1446.  Explanations from Surah Al-Muminun: If there is no joy and excitement, there is a sickness in faith.
1447.  Explanations from Surah Luqman: The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) in the sky and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) on the ground is a blessing for people. 1448.  Allah is unfettered by time and space; time and space have been specially created for human beings.
1449.  Sorrow is forbidden. Eyes fall down with sorrow and sorrow leads to sickness. 1450.  Muslims turn away from worthless things.
1451.  The events happening in Israel are the pay outs of Muslims being apart 1452.  Ferocious character often seen in society wears people down.
1453.  How can reverence be reached in prayers? What should be done if one gets distracted while performing his prayers? 1454.  Hypocrites and unbelievers incite love and fervor in Muslims.
1455.  Clearing away conflict between Muslims is a must. 1456.  The Qur'an opens people's hearts, brings with it ease and heals hearts and bodies
1457.  Education, work, marriage, the whole life is meant to be for the Approval of Allah. The success and gains of the life of this world should not be desired for the feeling of supremacy. 1458.  The Turkish Army's attitude to the atheist freemasons
1459.  Hinduism also believes in Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) 1460.  The system based on losing people does great harm.
1461.  How are atheist masons and atheists addressed in the Torah? 1462.  The imminent return to earth of the Prophet Jesus (as) and the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as) are making the atheist masons very uneasy
1463.  Atheist Freemasonry's cunning stratagems are being exposed 1464.  The time of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) was very striving, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will pave the way for him when he comes again
1465.  There should be no separatism among those who say ''La ilahe illAllah (there is no deity but Allah)'' 1466.  Hazrat Khidr (as) will direct people to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) in silence.
1467.  Lack of love is one of the main problems in the world 1468.  All prophets are prophets of Islam
1469.  Do the Gog and Magog in the Qur'an refer to World wars I and II or the Qing and Mongol tribes? 1470.  Cunning and opportunism: a behavioral defect among people in the religion of ignorance
1471.  The discovery of the Ark of the Prophet Noah (pbuh) is one of the major events of the age of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) 1472.  Adnan Oktar describes the Ark of the Covenant that will be found in the End Times
1473.  The sinister alliance between atheist freemasonry and atheist zionism 1474.  The prayer (salat) must be performed punctiliously. The first thing the dwellers in hell say is ''We were not of those who performed prayer.''
1475.  Our friends' efforts regarding the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union must be like breathing 1476.  Atheist freemasonry's links to Darwinism and Communism
1477.  Neither summer sloth nor anything else must ever stop Muslims remembering Allah 1478.  The Agarta deep state
1479.  It is important that enlightened people become Muslims with an open mind. 1480.  We will strive for the happiness and peace of the whole world with all our might to the end.
1481.  Believers in the oneness of Allah must form an alliance and wage an intellectual struggle against the deniers 1482.  The Prophet Solomon (pbuh)'s Communication Method: Those who communicate Islam should avoid getting presents and payment.
1483.  Morality of Hazrat Maryam (pbuh) is an example to all women 1484.  Satan represents snobbery and a psychopathic soul
1485.  Explanations from Surah Hud: The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) knows Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) 1486.  Egoism; another behavioral defect in the religion of ignorance
1487.  Adnan Oktar comments on the finding of the Ark of the Prophet Noah (pbuh) 1488.  Turkish president Abdullah Gul also says ''Iran will not use atomic bomb''
1489.  Muslim has neither inferiority nor superiority complex with his faith 1490.  Empty talk; another behavioral defect in the religion of ignorance
1491.  Who are the Rijal-ul Ghaib(People of Unseen)? In which dimension do they live in? Who else are there in that dimension? 1492.  According to the Qur'an, the Masjid Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem will stand upright until the Judgment Day
1493.  Spoiled behavior; one of the defective traits of the religion of ignorance 1494.  Being a 'right-on' person in the religion of ignorance
1495.  The showy harridan mentality in the religion on ignorance 1496.  The timing of the judgement day is knowledge of the unseen (ghaib), though Allah has revealed hidden knowledge to those of His messengers whom He wills
1497.  Our Lord has revealed in the Qur'an that He will impart hidden knowledge (ghaib) to those messengers He wills 1498.  Female psychology in the religion of ignorance
1499.  Satan imparts weariness and fatigue. People can at once be joyful through faith and lively through their own will 1500.  There will be a glorious freedom and liberty in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), as in the days of our Prophet (May Allah bless him and grant him peace), far removed from radicalism and bigotry.
1501.  Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) can assume physical human form or spirit form whenever he so wishes 1502.  The Noah's Ark found on Mount Agri is the first of the Holy Relics that is going to be found in the End of Times
1503.  Allah has created human nature together with a spirit of awaiting Mahdi 1504.  Anyone honestly recognizing Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will abandon his futile activities and assist this movement
1505.  The psychology of courtship in the religion of ignorance 1506.  The hatred and fragmentation caused by sectarian divisions must come to an end if the moral values of Islam are to rule the world
1507.  The psychology of marriage in the religion of the ignorance 1508.  Some people who seem to be religious, can be faithless and against religion in their private lives.
1509.  Reasons for the Economy of Greece to Collapse 1510.  There are inconceivable secrets in prayer. Connecting with Allah is a most important matter.
1511.  Despite being so helpless, it is astonishing how people can forget Allah and oppose religion 1512.  Psychopath star called ''Nemesis'' can initiate the Day of Judgment at any time.
1513.  What form must the struggle against atheist freemasonry take? 1514.  People who attempt to use Islam in order to satisfy their own egos and live by their argumentative souls
1515.  The fact that everything is defined in the destiny does not strip anyone from responsibility. 1516.  The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will be concealed at first, but Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will live among the public.
1517.  This world is a dream place. ''People are asleep, and wake with death.'' 1518.  Fear of Allah should not be mistaken: The purpose of fear of Allah is love, there is no pain and misery in fear of Allah.
1519.  Turkey will join the European Union as leader of the Turkish-Islamic Union 1520.  The Turkish-Islamic Union is the great salvation of the end times
1521.  The Turkish-Islamic union will enshrine moral superiority, not superiority of blood or race 1522.  What do other countries think of Turkey leading the Turkish-Islamic Union?
1523.  The Turkish-Islamic Union will be established under Turkish leadership 1524.  When will the Turkish-Islamic Union be formed?
1525.  Atatürk closed the masonic lodges down 1526.  To apply pressure on people having dire straits during the economical crisis does not comply with good conscience
1527.  Disease of talking about fake dreams 1528.  The groundwork is ready for the Turkish-Islamic Union
1529.  Turkish-Islamic union is obligatory 1530.  The Turkish-Islamic Union is the world's most urgent need
1531.  Latest developments and the coming Turkish-Islamic Union 1532.  Which states will be included in the Turkish-Islamic Union?
1533.  What kind of union will the Turkish-Islamic Union be? 1534.  What is the Turkish-Islamic Union?
1535.  Joking about religious matters 1536.  The idea of Islam in the religion of ignorance
1537.  The unhappy lives of people in the religion of ignorance 1538.  Cruelty: A behavioral defect of the religion of ignorance
1539.  Lovelessness: A behavioral defect in the religion of ignorance 1540.  Trying to behave logically: a behavioral defect of the religion of ignorance
1541.  Sentimentality: A behavioral defect in the religion of ignorance 1542.  Bad manners and affectation: Behavioral defects of the religion of ignorance
1543.  Behavioral defects in the religion of ignorance: Egoism and selfishness 1544.  Behavioral defects in the religion of ignorance: Artificiality
1545.  The deniers will not be sincerely repentant even in the Hereafter 1546.  Pretending not to see is a characteristic of people who help the system of the antichrist
1547.  Adnan Oktar's views on atheist Masons 1548.  Allah's warnings will continue until the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)
1549.  The Deep World State of Hazrat Khidr(pbuh) consisting of people with religious faith. 1550.  Atheist freemasonry is Satan's most organized and most powerful army
1551.  Why do atheist masons conspire against Adnan Oktar? 1552.  Belief in and love of Allah will very soon rule the world
1553.  It is a grave depravity to make jokes about religion 1554.  Statements about the Prophet Moses (pbuh) and Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) made for the very first time
1555.  Adnan Oktar describes the attempts on his life 1556.  Adnan Oktar responds to slanders against our Prophet (saas)
1557.  Fortitude for the sake of Allah is most excellent. The test cannot be conducted, nor moral virtue recognized, in haste. 1558.  Hz.Khidr's (as) meeting with Hazrat Mahdi (as)
1559.  Hazrat Mahdi (as) is a master of the hidden knowledge (ilm al-ladun) 1560.  Sanhedrin says; Hazrat Mahdi has arrived
1561.  The seal of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) is also the seal of Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) 1562.  Mr. Adnan Oktar's comments regarding our Prophet (saas) and the Week of the Holy Birth
1563.  Sincerity is to heed the voice of the conscience right to the very end 1564.  Pakistan and Turkey are arm in arm all along
1565.  The Jews await for the Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) in 2018 1566.  Adnan Oktar tells: ''Whatever is needed to treat a sick person must be done''
1567.  Joy and bliss is almsgiving. Muslims should refrain from the kind of attitudes that will break their inner strength 1568.  People must realize that they are given intellect and abilities in order to serve the religion in the end times
1569.  Atheists never stop thinking about Allah 1570.  The real source of the people's unhappiness is their hesitancy in faith
1571.  Satan carries out negative propaganda against Muslims until the times of Hazrat Adam (pbuh) 1572.  Helping the religion is possible with love and heart
1573.  The sword of the Mahdi (as) is computer and internet technology 1574.  Hypocrites will emerge from Hazrat Mahdi's (as) community
1575.  Muslims should start communicating the message of Islam first from those close to them 1576.  Muslims may possess wealth if they sincerely pray to Allah
1577.  The characteristics of Hazrat Mahdi's (as) community 1578.  Hazrat Mahdi (as) will conquer the world with love and compassion
1579.  A Muslim would be most forbearing in his cause. A strong faith would evince itself when faced with hardship and in conflict with one's interests 1580.  Terror is a matter that only Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) can resolve
1581.  Unhappiness is the starting point for scourges of all kinds, and is unlawful 1582.  It is impossible for people who have no fear of Allah to enjoy themselves in this climate of insecurity
1583.  Hazrat Mahdi (as) will found the Turkish-Islamic Union 1584.  Jews regard Muslims as people of Noah (as) and therefore as true believers
1585.  All eyes are blind; It is the eye in the brain that sees, which is the eye of the soul 1586.  Subconsciously, everyone believes in Allah
1587.  Hazrat Mahdi (as) will bring the Turkish world together 1588.  Hazrat Mahdi's (as) three great duties
1589.  How will Hazrat Mahdi (as) be recognized? 1590.  Quick and effective ways of demolishing Darwinism
1591.  Hazrat Mahdi (as) will be pressurized into assuming the spiritual leadership of Muslims 1592.  Hazrat Mahdi (as) will be obliged to assume the leadership
1593.  Both Jews and Muslims must leave peace to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh); it will be accomplished by Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) 1594.  Turkish Islamic Union will establish a glorious justice, peace and security
1595.  Statements by Said Nursi to the effects he was not Hazrat Mahdi (as) 1596.  Muslims use all their strength and possessions for Allah's approval
1597.  One characteristic of Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) is that he is a master stonemason 1598.  Who fears Hazrat Khidr (as), and why?
1599.  The threat of Darwinism in the Muslim world 1600.  Statements from Bediuzzaman Said Nursi's students about Hazrat Mahdi (as)
1601.  Allah may reveal the knowledge of the unseen (ghaib) to messengers with whom he is well pleased 1602.  Hazrat Mahdi (as) is not a collective personality
1603.  One of people's worst errors is to leave the struggle to one particular group 1604.  Radiance flows from the face of the Prophet (saas)
1605.  There can be no aggressive language or violence toward a people with whom a peace treaty exists 1606.  Despite all the obstacles, Armenia and Turkey will embrace each other as brothers within the Turkish Islamic Union
1607.  Mr. Adnan Oktar's live conversation with Palestinian chief justice Sheikh Tayseer Tamimi and his advisor Hamed Tamimi 1608.  Hazrat Khidr (as) is charged with neutralizing people or objects he thinks may harm Islam in the future
1609.  Palestinian brothers should say: ''O Lord, send us the Mahdi (pbuh) and let the Turkish Islamic Union be established' 1610.  Adnan Oktar tells: Signs leading to faith
1611.  Religious scientists and artists 1612.  Masjid Al-Aqsa will be more prosperous in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as)
1613.  Busta Rhymes: ''Realizing the existence of Allah grounds my feet'' 1614.  We will not permit any harm to come neither to Muslims, nor Jews, nor Christians
1615.  The miracles our Prophet (saas) has revealed about the future 1616.  Muslims will definitely have a spiritual leader, and that leader will be Hazrat Mahdi (as)
1617.  Nasa's bombing the moon in order to find water is a subject mentioned in the Qur'an 1618.  Everyone must be as one, and seek their leader, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), to end the problems in Masjid Al-Aqsa
1619.  Adnan Oktar tells: Instinct 1620.  Adnan Oktar tells: The miracle in the snowflake
1621.  Sincere believers will be under pressure in the end times 1622.  We should wait for the King Messiah -Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)- for masjid of Solomon to be built
1623.  They are pacifying Muslims by saying Islam consists of just five obligations. But the world dominion of Islam is a sixth religious obligation. 1624.  Adnan Oktar tells: Marine life forms
1625.  Adnan Oktar Tells: The Miracle of talking birds 1626.  There is no space in the sight of Allah. This matter must not be misunderstood.
1627.  Shadow; one example of Allah's artistry of detail 1628.  Muslims' sole AIM is to earn the approval of Allah, and Allah will grant us paradise if he so chooses
1629.  Will the djinn and angels be visible to people in paradise? 1630.  Everything is conscious in paradise, even objects
1631.  The Qur'an holds the solution to whispering. But the human soul harbors feelings of hatred, vengeance and jealousy 1632.  Adnan Oktar tells: The spider
1633.  Adnan Oktar tells: The humming bird 1634.  Adnan Oktar tells: Direct causes will be done away with in paradise
1635.  Adnan Oktar tells: Splash tetra fish 1636.  Adnan Oktar tells: The ant
1637.  The answer to the problems faced by Lindsay Lohan, who lives in a world where there is no true love, is fear and love of Allah 1638.  Sight is very sharp in paradise
1639.  The mutual love of the people of paradise 1640.  The Atom
1641.  The honey bee 1642.  The Golden Ratio
1643.  The miracles in animals' eye 1644.  The miracles in the human eye
1645.  Telling the truth about matter terrifies materialists 1646.  Marriage in paradise
1647.  Miracles in the human body; Cells 1648.  The old man described in the hadith is Darwin
1649.  How the mountains recite the praises of Allah 1650.  Who are the hypocrites?
1651.  All the people who have ever lived will see doomsday 1652.  Some people regard the slaughter of Muslims as normal but raise the roof if cats and dogs are slaughtered
1653.  Miracles in the human body; The coccyx and the appendix 1654.  What needs to be done to put matters right between Israel and Iran?
1655.  It is wrong to expect doomsday in billions of years' time 1656.  The masons are awaiting Adon, who will come in the end times
1657.  Miracles in the human body; The sense of smell 1658.  Those who want to help us, should establish websites
1659.  Was our Prophet (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) shown paradise in this world? 1660.  The creation of the universe
1661.  Sectarian differences must be put a stop to 1662.  Reflection on Allah's blessings
1663.  The importance of signs leading to faith 1664.  Faith and cleanliness go hand in hand. One is as clean as one has faith
1665.  Hazrat Mahdi (as) will wear the shirt of Rasulullah (saas) and gird his sword as a blessing, and his banner will be in his right hand 1666.  Comparison is an art of Allah
1667.  Believers will constantly remember Allah in paradise 1668.  Nobody can know whether anyone will go to paradise or hell
1669.  There are those in the Islamic world who -Allah is beyond that- ascribe a particular location to Allah. Allah is everywhere, and nowhere is without him 1670.  One cannot ease one's conscience by building mosques. Serving Islam is very important
1671.  People have to go through the test in this world in order to be happy in paradise 1672.  Human creation has been created in compliance with paradise
1673.  Muslims must support one another, and those who attach credence to lies will bear the responsibility for that in the hereafter 1674.  Will Christians or Jews be able to enter paradise?
1675.  It is Muslims who regard the interests of Islam as unimportant; who are cowardly, think only of their own interests and refuse to suffer difficulties, who are responsible for Islam's not ruling the world 1676.  Let us clean up our web sites
1677.  Are there different paradises? 1678.  The climate in paradise
1679.  Muslims should watch over the Jews 1680.  Jews are descendants of the Prophets
1681.  The Prophet Muhammad's (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) exemplary conduct towards the people of the book 1682.  Muslims and the people of the book will live as brothers in time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)
1683.  Like her brother, Michael, Janet Jackson is a devout believer. Michael Jackson's children are also devout believers 1684.  Identifying the system of dajjal (antichrist), the largest organization opposed to Allah
1685.  The only reason of the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan by USA was the concern of USA for the emergence of Hazrat Mahdi (as) 1686.  It is wrong to label people; we should strive for the good
1687.  Iran is our friend, our brother. We love Iran 1688.  Comments by Sheikh Nazim Kibrisi regarding Mr. Adnan Oktar
1689.  What should be the outlook of Muslims on Judaism and anti-Semitism? 1690.  Adnan Oktar: ''I defend the rights of innocent Muslims, Jews and Christians; I will allow none to be oppressed''
1691.  How will the passage from this world to the hereafter be? 1692.  The life of this world must not prevent Muslims from serving Islam
1693.  How should be the outlook of Muslims to the people of the book? 1694.  Armenians are the people of the book and our brothers
1695.  Statements concerning dialogue with and tolerance toward the people of the book are mistaken 1696.  Hazrat Mahdi (as) will possess knowledge and wisdom like those of Hazrat Khidr (as)
1697.  Making life difficult for Muslims brings with it failure, while helping them brings prosperity 1698.  It is the Darwinists, communists and atheist masons in Iran who are responsible for the disorder there. We must admit their existence and strive against them
1699.  Mr. Adnan Oktar's comments on the valentines' day 1700.  Outlook of Islam on the people of the book
1701.  Alliance of Islam with the People of the Book 1702.  Adnan Oktar comments on legal contract between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
1703.  Atheist masons' efforts to prevent the Turkish-Islamic Union 1704.  How did atheist masons pave the way for the collapse of the Ottoman Empire?
1705.  Ringo Starr, The Beatles member, explains that religion is the most important issue of his life 1706.  Our brothers in the southeast have a right to freedom
1707.  Adnan Oktar's comments on faith of Whitney Houston 1708.  It was Lenin who came up with the philosophy of unsolved killings
1709.  Atheist masonic pressure in the Vatican 1710.  Stratagems employed by atheist masons in the Islamic world
1711.  Comprehensive clarifications by Mr. Adnan Oktar regarding the story of Moses 1712.  Turkish-Islamic Union is strongly opposed to racism
1713.  Those who strive on Allah's path and those who do not are not equal 1714.  The Qur'an commands us to approach the people of the book humanely
1715.  Atheist masons do not believe in Allah and have no religion, though they never state this openly 1716.  Adnan Oktar comments on Snoop Dogg converting to Islam and Britney Spears's faith in Allah
1717.  The system of the Mahdi eliminates the tension said to exist in between the believers 1718.  The wars in the time of our Prophet (saas) were defensive ones
1719.  Atheist masons' bloody symbols 1720.  The atheist mason's war against religion
1721.  Allah has created human beings with weaknesses in this world 1722.  Love and affection towards the people of the book as depicted in the Qur'an
1723.  Examples of Mr. Adnan Oktar's intellectual struggle on the path of Allah 1724.  Maintaining love is a profound art form; people must be patient in order to be able to keep it alive
1725.  For the ceasing of the conflicts in Yemen, all Muslims should pray for the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as) 1726.  There can be no test without pain. All the Prophets encountered difficulties.
1727.  Reincarnation is impossible, according to the Qur'an 1728.  Adnan Oktar's comments on president Obama's statement of "religion being above governments' power"
1729.  We have thwarted the atheist Masonic scheme of spreading strife between the faiths 1730.  Adnan Oktar replies the questions of Elshad Miri from Azerbaijan on the Turkish-Islamic Union
1731.  Marxism maintains that progress is only possible through permanent conflict 1732.  Marxist thinking maintains that all spiritual values are determined by economics
1733.  If one says ''I did something,'' that is polytheism, what he should say is ''Allah did it by means of me'' 1734.  Unless children are given religious instruction they cannot understand death and there will be an empty space in their souls. Religion is the balm of the soul.
1735.  What we think is evil may be auspicious, and what we think is auspicious may be evil 1736.  Capitalism was founded on Darwinism, the official ideology of many countries
1737.  Mr. Adnan O