Harun Yahya's works and the ideas he sets out in them are shaping the whole world.

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1. Adnan Oktar had made statements encouraging friendship and brotherhood 2.  Adnan Oktar's calls to union are becoming a reality
3. Adnan Oktar's work is bearing fruit: friendships are being built in the Middle East 4.  Adnan Oktar's works have dealt a lethal blow to evolution
5. Africa is also heading towards the Turkish-Islamic union 6.  As Adnan Oktar has said, turkey is playing the role of older brother to the whole Islamic world
7. As Adnan Oktar has stated, the Turkish-Islamic Union is the only possible salvation for Palestine and Israel 8.  France has still not recovered from the shock of Atlas of Creation 1
9. France has still not recovered from the shock of Atlas of Creation 2 10.  France has still not recovered from the shock of Atlas of Creation 3
11. France has still not recovered from the shock of Atlas of Creation 5 12.  France has still not recovered from the shock of Atlas of Creation 6
13. Francis Collins, the director of the human genome project, declared his belief in god 14.  Global responses to Harun Yahya's 'call for unity'
15. Harun Yahya's accounts of the dangers of social Darwinism have led to a major world-wide awakening 16.  Just like Adnan Oktar stated previously, the world's leading economists now say the crisis will not end before 2014
17. Muslim countries' support for one another is on the increase 18.  Nicolas Sarkozy backs creationism
19. Recent heightened economic co-operation in the Turkish-Islamic world 20.  Responses in the Islamic world to Adnan Oktar's calls for brotherhood and union
21. Signs of the peace that Turkish-Islamic union will bring to the Middle East have begun appearing 22.  Statements by Tony Blair encouraging religious faith after becoming a Catholic
23. The bonds between Turkic and Muslim countries are growing stronger 24.  The Caucasian alliance: a significant step towards the Turkish-Islamic Union
25. The enormous response to fossils demonstrating the fact of creation 26.  The historic developments between Azerbaijan and Armenia are continuing full-steam ahead
27. The impact of Adnan Oktar's messages of friendship and brotherhood: relations with Armenia are improving 28.  The impact of Adnan Oktar's statements encouraging the ideological struggle against Darwinism
29. The impact of Harun Yahya's works now reflected in NAS publications from the bastion of Darwinism 30.  The impact of the announcements headed 'Azerbaijan and Turkey must unite as two states, one nation,' based on the works of Adnan Oktar
31. The impact of the atlas of creation continues: Tony Blair has begun teaching religion at university 32.  The importance of Turkey to the European Union
33. The light of the Turkish-Islamic union will illuminate east Turkestan 34.  The Turkish-Islamic union is becoming a reality
35. The Turkish-Islamic world has begun developing a better understanding of the importance of co-operation 36.  Turkey's influence is growing by the day
37. Turkey's leadership role is being confirmed