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1. The Perfect and Astonishing Details in the Human Eye 2.  Talented Liver Cells
3. The Honeybees' Superior Architectural Abilities 4.  The Brain's Superior Nerve Cells
5. The Size of the Earth 6.  A Fly's Incredible Compound Eyes
7. The Superior Details in Bacteria 8.  The New Horizon Broadened by the Structure in Atom: Conductive Plastics
9. Did you know that rubber is made from plant? Rubber Plant: GUAYULE 10.  Plants Continue to Amaze
11. Fear of Allah and Hell is an important sign of a believer 12.  Our life spans are simply a perception
13. The miracle of windpipe 14.  The Prophet Noah (pbuh)
15. Important similarity between dream world and the life of this world 16.  Satan's power is weak
17. How to prevent familiarity? 18.  Unprecedented Abundance in the Golden Age
19. The Golden Age's Paradise-like Environment 20.  The Arts in an Environment Permeated by Qur'anic Morality
21. Great Advances in Science in the Golden Age 22.  The easiness of Islam is a blessing from Allah
23. Great Advances in Technology in the Golden Age 24.  Justice in the Golden Age
25. The Good Life in the Age of the Mahdi: The Golden Age 26.  Sending a warner manifests Allah's name all-merciful
27. The miracle in the dolphins 28.  How, exactly, do turtles navigate?
29. The miracle in the creation of plants 30.  The realism in dreams
31. Religion will be restored to its original state in the End Times 32.  The holy city of Jerusalem
33. The miracle of seed 34.  Being Inspired by the Surrounding Beauties
35. The beauties in societies that live by the Qur'an's morality 36.  Swine flu is one of the reasons why Allah has made eating pork unlawful
37. Interpreting Muslims' every attitude favorably will result in good outcomes by the will of Allah 38.  Islam encourages freedom of thought and denounces oppression and compulsion
39. Allah meticulously cares for human beings – 1 40.  Allah meticulously cares for human beings – 2
41. Being resolute in attaining profound sincerity 42.  Adherence to the values of religion erases all sorts of worldly fears
43. The importance of sincerity in service 44.  The Islamic union of Saladin Al-Ayyubi
45. Tolerance, justice and compassion in Islamic morality 46.  Uniting with respect for differences -2
47. Uniting with respect for differences -1 48.  People grow arrogant despite their helplessness
49. The miracle of the sun 50.  Muslims will be strong when united
51. Fostering a sense of unity - 2 52.  Fostering a sense of unity - 1
53. The ultimate goal of a Muslim should be developing the Islamic world-2 54.  The ultimate goal of a Muslim should be developing the Islamic world -1
55. Muslims and scientific thought 56.  Astronauts have faith in Allah
57. Love: A blessing bestowed by Allah for believers 58.  Morality of a believer
59. Abandoning arrogance 60.  Image transmission
61. Stress and depression: the results of not abiding by the religion 62.  The eminence Islam attaches to women
63. The Prophet (saas) was a bearer of glad tidings 64.  The Prophet (saas) relieved Muslims of difficulties
65. He who obeys the prophet (saas) also obeys Allah 66.  Death: the moment when worldly pleasures end
67. There is surely ease with every difficulty 68.  The foolishness of hypocrites - III
69. The foolishness of hypocrites – II 70.  The foolishness of hypocrites - I
71. A Muslim acts in compliance with the morality of the Qur'an and not the morals of the majority 72.  The ways of educating the desires of the lower self-2-
73. How can we deal with familiarity? II 74.  Everyone wants to live forever; life in the hereafter is eternal
75. The outlook of people of faith on death 76.  Patience for illness
77. How is mercy defined in the Qur'an? 78.  The exemplary attitudes of believers in times of difficulty
79. How to see the good in things that happen (II) 80.  How to see the good in things that happen (I)
81. The outlook of believers on the life of this world 82.  The constant DNA renewal and replication
83. Islam: The true religion 84.  Man is being tested
85. How can we deal with familiarity? 86.  The ways of educating the desires of the lower self - 1
87. Seeking only Allah's consent 88.  The Prophet Yusuf (as)
89. Turning towards Allah 90.  DNA: A wonderful library
91. Believers are modest from the heart 92.  The most beautiful names of our lord - I
93. Believers' love towards animals 94.  Evolutionists cannot explain the altruism in spermaceti whales
95. Actual truths behind the famine in the world 96.  Nothing can affect a Muslim's trust in Allah
97. Forbearance and determination in trusting Allah 98.  The miracle of antioxidant
99. Moroseness and pessimism have no place in the Qur'anic moral values 100.  Every person will be held accountable for himself
101. Creatures and colors 102.  Everything is recorded in destiny
103. Allah's compassion for humans: Disease 104.  The world can only be a livable place as long as there is submission to Allah's protection
105. Having an outlook that observes the art of Allah 106.  The true friend is Allah who wants all goodness for his servants
107. Trust in Allah is a whole that can not be separated as minor or major issues 108.  Societies distant to the moral values of the Qur'an grow away from genuine love
109. The Qur'an: a manifestation of Allah's mercy 110.  Heart massage
111. True natures of all believers are morally perfect 112.  The mercy of Allah embraces everything
113. The retina: the layer of the eye 114.  Allah is the creator of all
115. Allah's art of detail manifested in honeybees 116.  Everything has been created for a good purpose
117. Believers' love for one another 118.  Communication within the cell
119. Allah's mercy toward women 120.  How do butterflies find their way?
121. Living things in competition with chemical engineers 122.  Splendor in the seas
123. Nobody can be happy without living by the moral values of Islam 124.  Evaluating everything according to the Qur'an
125. Can atoms think? 126.  Elegant swans
127. The messenger of Allah: Muhammad (saas) 128.  Believers must be cautious not to be deceived by hopelessness that satan wants to instill
129. The miracle of rain 130.  Allah, the all merciful and most merciful does not give a person a load too heavy for him to carry
131. The miracle of design in the cell 132.  The secret beyond matter is not Wahdatul Wujood
133. The submission of people of perfected faith to destiny 134.  Putting trust in Allah
135. Seeing good in all that happens 136.  The moral values of ignorance -3
137. The moral values of ignorance -2 138.  The moral values of ignorance -1
139. In the morality of the Qur'an, there is no room for despair or distrust 140.  Those who practice evil in secret, pretending to be naive and innocent
141. Reminding people about the Hereafter 142.  Hypocrites will also suffer torment in this world
143. Why people avoid the Qur'an - 3 144.  Why people avoid the Qur'an - 2
145. Why people avoid the Qur'an - 1 146.  Believers are determined in their worship of Allah
147. Only unbelievers despair of Allah's mercy 148.  The conscience of the people of perfected faith
149. The hidden insincerity of those caught up in despair and distrust 150.  The secret of modesty
151. The 'facts of life' idea 152.  There is no compulsion or force in Islam; religion of Islam is observed with absolute sincerity
153. Returning a greeting 154.  Being resolute in worship
155. Calling others to Allah's path with wise and good methods 156.  The reality of the worldly life
157. Believers are happy in this world and the next 158.  The phobias of the people of the ignorant
159. How can sincere person escape superficiality? 160.  The design in bird feathers
161. Believers are happy in this world and the next 162.  Distrusting Allah
163. Worldly greed 164.  Righteousness
165. Righteous person turns to Allah with repentance and is sincere in deed and intention to him 166.  The unique artistry of fruits and vegetables
167. Trust in Allah (tawakkul) is a single whole and cannot be broken down into small and great matters 168.  Unbelievers cannot be happy because they do not look for solutions in the Qur'an
169. Allah punishes the unbelievers, both in this world and the next 170.  Satan has no coercive power; a person is individually responsible in the afterlife for the wickedness he has committed
171. In order not to feel regret in the hereafter 172.  Knowing one's soul
173. The perfect social system of ants 174.  What is earned from sincerity?
175. The believers are the guardians of one another 176.  The believers do not follow in Satan's footsteps
177. Allah is all-powerful 178.  The peerless planet: Earth
179. Belief is the only way to enjoy blessings 180.  The moral perfection conferred by perfected faith
181. The parrot fish's sleeping bags 182.  The role of computers and the internet in the dissemination of the moral values commanded by Allah and the sinister aspects of the 'computer buff' character in the religion of ignorance that belongs to a culture far removed from the religion
183. Waking up from sleep is by Allah's blessing 184.  An easy reckoning
185. Colors of the undersea 186.  Dabbat al-ardh described in the Qur'an and the hadith denote to computer and internet technology (Allah knows the truth)
187. Water lilies 188.  Satan hinders gratitude
189. An everlasting life in the garden 190.  Feeling Allah's existence while praying
191. Plants: Professors of mathematics 192.  Birds that deactivate poison: Macaws
193. Believers are judged in an easy way, unbelievers in a hard way 194.  In the morality of the Qur'an, there is no room for despair or distrust
195. An example of irreducible complexity: The eye of the lobster 196.  The only solution to lack of enthusiasm: Fear of Allah
197. The most famous camouflaging reptile: The chameleon 198.  Allah commands in the Qur'an that He be feared
199. The greatest reward: Allah's eternal satisfaction with them 200.  The animal with the longest neck: The giraffe
201. Failure to consider the perfection of destiny and that there is goodness in everything 202.  Humbling one's self in prayer
203. Pondering on the Qur'an 204.  Cleansing of the evil of the lower-self
205. Flight engines: Dragonflies 206.  Satan's command: 'Don't think!'
207. Donating what one loves 208.  The way ahead for technology: imitating nature
209. From caterpillar to butterfly 210.  Always keep in mind that Allah is the creator of everything
211. The state of being pleased with Allah 212.  The penguin: An animal created for polar climate
213. Speaking through trust in Allah 214.  Design of color in plants
215. The state of being pleased with Allah 216.  Concept of science based on the Qur'an
217. The hero of an unusual birth story: the kangaroo 218.  Assuming death to be coincidence or bad fortune
219. Some people are unhappy, though they say they believe 220.  The perfect measure in the atmosphere
221. The octopus 222.  The journey of the monarch butterfly
223. Helping one another in goodness and piety 224.  Marriage
225. Creation from hot smoke 226.  Comprehending that every being, living or non-living, is created in compliance with a certain destiny...
227. Honey bees and the architectural wonders of honeycombs 228.  Being aware that it is Allah who pre-ordains everything in its every detail...
229. Darwinists' 'common ancestor' deception 230.  Allah wills ease for people
231. Chance is not a deity: It is Allah who is the creator of all that exists 232.  The desing of the eagle-eye
233. The exemplary life of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) 234.  The eider duck and its insulation system
235. Why is it mistaken to think that Allah could have created living things by evolution? 236.  The idea that 'mutations cause evolution' is a falsehood
237. Shelter under the sea: Coral reefs 238.  Prayers of Muslims in the Qur'an
239. The fur of polar bears 240.  To be forgiving of mistakes
241. The 'discovery of the transitional form' is a fraud 242.  The claim that 'natural selection causes evolution' is a fraudulent one
243. The source of mockery: Arrogance 244.  Determination
245. Fear, respect, and love of Allah must be together 246.  Not all acts might have the same value in the sight of Allah
247. The Prophet Ibrahim (as) 248.  God's gentle artistry
249. The golden frog that manufactures poison from ants 250.  Speaking with awareness that the life of the world is transitory
251. Why do you deceive yourself? 252.  Mercy shown towards believers
253. Our prophet's (saas) sole guide was the Qur'an 254.  What kind of belief in Allah should a believer with immaculate faith possess?
255. Allah breathed of his spirit into man; what we call the soul is therefore also an entity belonging to Allah 256.  Believers are destined to be morally virtuous
257. Satan wants to instill hopelessness in people 258.  It is incompatible with the religion for a believer to say ''I am not strong enough'' on any matter
259. Friendship 260.  The leaders of the false world who call others to the fire
261. The happiness that comes from knowing that everything is created for the best can be seen on believers’ faces at every moment 262.  An important secret of the test: Allah only tests people with such difficulties as they can bear
263. Societies that turn their backs on religious moral values also turn away from true love 264.  Love and happiness stem from faith
265. The fact that some members will leave the community of Hazrat Mahdi (as) is a great blessing for them 266.  Patience
267. Unhappy people have false beliefs 268.  Justice
269. The beauties of this world are imperfect and flawed 270.  Passion and desire are obstacles to happiness
271. The enthusiasm of believers 272.  Allah's inspiration to every man: Conscience
273. The secrets of patience 274.  Paradise: Real home of the believers
275. Faith in the Hereafter 276.  Good manners
277. Quarrelling causes loss of strength 278.  Allah's promise
279. Fifteen years without 'consciousness' 280.  The strength of believers is derived from their sincerity
281. Allah bestows understanding on those who fear Him 282.  The female honey bee
283. God is the giver of honour 284.  Obeying the majority misleads man from the right path
285. Man will also account for his thoughts and intentions 286.  There is light in believers' faces, but disgrace in those of disbelievers
287. God answers everyone's prayers 288.  For believers, there is good in all things
289. Allah's art of detail 290.  Satan desires to infect people with hopelessness
291. Believers lead peaceful lives out of reach of stress and its harmful consequences 292.  Waste will be prevented in the end times, and hunger and poverty will be eliminated from the face of the earth
293. The miracle of the honeybee 294.  A society that lives by Islamic moral values is built on the foundations of love and compassion
295. Believers' constantly growing fervor of faith 296.  The life of the world is in fact very brief
297. Secrets of finding the straight path 298.  The highest blessing: Allah's good pleasure
299. Comprehending the secret behind the life of this world 300.  In patience, the faithful know no limits and compete with one another
301. The passive among the Muslims 302.  Love
303. Allah warns humanity with the Qur'an 304.  Living by the Qur'an's values is easy
305. Allah commands in the Qur'an that he be feared 306.  God commands us to be just
307. Deviant beliefs of ignorant people about religion 308.  The modesty of believers
309. Never forget that death may come upon you at any moment 310.  The day of Judgment is approaching
311. Examples of self-sacrifice in the life of the Ashab Al-Qiram (the prophet's (saas) companions) 312.  The messengers' struggle
313. Knowing that there may be bad in events that seem to be good and good in events that seem to be bad 314.  The regret that man feels in the world
315. Sensing insincerity: The sixth sense 316.  The faithful invite also those around them to be sincere
317. Religion as described in the Qur'an and the religion of our fathers 318.  Allah will expose and punish the hypocrites
319. The miracle Allah has created in his causative artistry 320.  Not following the majority is a sign of faith and reason
321. Never forget that every moment you experience is part of your destiny 322.  Only Allah judges
323. Courage according to the Qur'an 324.  Lying demonstrates devotion to Satan
325. The ideal of some superficial people is simply to live 326.  Allah created all people from nothing and gave them life
327. Allah accepts supplications 328.  The understanding of religion in the society of ignorance
329. The comb: A marvel of engineering 330.  The miracle of honey
331. Being humble toward believers and firm toward unbelievers 332.  Not forgetting one's own conduct when warning others
333. The passive among the Muslims 334.  The perfect equilibrium in the universe
335. The false conception of respect in the religion of the ignorant 336.  Love is a great blessing for believers, while lovelessness is a torment for non-believers
337. The spiritual strengths arising from mutual love and solidarity among believers 338.  Good and evil according to the Qur'an
339. The secret insincerity of those caught up in despair 340.  Death is a beginning, not an end
341. ''The mother of the book'' 342.  Legitimate and illegitimate love
343. Allah demeans the unbelievers in this life 344.  Showing gratitude to Allah
345. The strength of believers is derived from their sincerity 346.  The regret felt in hell - 2
347. The regret felt in hell - 1 348.  Paradise, the place of endless happiness
349. How do people who know they bear the spirit of Allah live? 350.  The course of the economy
351. Satan strives to hinder man from recognizing the good 352.  ''Every self will taste death...''
353. Divine wisdom behind diseases 354.  Allah's beautiful promises to believers necessitate that they remain hopeful
355. The good word is calling to Allah 356.  The key to faithfulness: Love and fear of Allah
357. Escaping unawareness – 3 358.  Escaping unawareness - 2
359. Escaping unawareness - 1 360.  What happens if people do not live by the Qur'anic understanding of mercy?
361. Never forget to repent and ask for forgiveness for your wrongdoings 362.  Man's inner self commands evil acts
363. Hypocrites have never vanquished the prophets 364.  The error of deferring acts of worship until old age
365. Never forget that only the true believers will enter paradise, the place of rewards 366.  Life on earth is temporary, and death is a certain reality
367. God certainly helps those who help His religion 368.  It is God who places love in people's hearts
369. The cunning of Satan is weak 370.  The moral values believers display in the face of advice and reminders
371. Time and place for prayer 372.  Prayers are offered to Allah alone
373. Ignorant understanding of prayer 374.  Doubt is a serious obstacle in the way of pure reason
375. Satan's weak trick 376.  A good example from the Qur'an: the character of Maryam (as)
377. Human beings were created to serve Allah 378.  What happens when a society turns to idolatry?
379. The wisdom behind the prohibition of blood in the Qur'an 380.  The builders of Stonehenge used wood, metal and stone at the same time with a flawless technique
381. Fossilization and iron content 382.  A few seconds or a few hours?
383. Never forget to be sincere and honest with Allah 384.  The most important favour of Allah: His good pleasure
385. Hell 386.  Man's true abode: Hereafter
387. Emotionality: A danger that can lead to idolatry 388.  Never forget that the only guide is the Qur'an
389. Pondering on the sign of God 390.  The abundant wealth of the garden
391. The perfect equilibrium in the universe 392.  Allah will expose the hypocrites and inflict torment upon them
393. How is it that Allah encompasses everything and he is closer to us than our jugular vein? 394.  The uniqueness of the fingerprint
395. It is also Allah who created the technical equipment 396.  A prayer for the people of Palestine spoken by Adnan Oktar during a live interview for channel Malatya TV on 7 January 2009
397. Telling lies 398.  Muslims apply their own beliefs to live in friendship with the people of the book
399. Selfishness brings nothing but loss 400.  Those who ascribe equals to Allah will encounter the horror in their minds in the hereafter
401. The inhabitants of ancient cities lived just like us 402.  Believers are joyful and at peace under all circumstances
403. Look at your lives realistically 404.  Mutual influence
405. A considerate and mature character makes a believer's moral virtues even more valuable 406.  The satanically-inspired idea of ''taking pleasure in sorrow''
407. The idea of a woman's duty 408.  Warning: People can harm themselves
409. Just a single grain of salt is enough for us to see the existence of Almighty Allah 410.  Belief in Allah must be strengthened if the killings are to come to an end
411. The wisdom behind mistakes 412.  Believers' compassion
413. The constant beating of the heart 414.  Darwinists' insoluble dilemma
415. The devilish system in the society of the ignorant 416.  The error of 'following the crowd'
417. Unbelievers have submitted to Allah in the face of their helplessness 418.  Satan's distraction: Squandering time
419. Muslims are closely concerned with the rise of Islamic moral values 420.  Thinking seriously about faith...
421. Vulgarity: A snare of satan 422.  Difficulties are auspicious and sources of great joy for Muslims
423. Have you ever thought of this? 424.  Darwinists have deceived the world with fraud
425. Due striving for Allah' s approval 426.  Life in the society of ignorance
427. Refraining from idolatry 428.  The purpose of a believer's life: the approval of Allah
429. The claim that 'the first cell formed in muddy water' is fraudulent 430.  Allah breathed his spirit into man
431. The society of the ignorant imagines that the expectation of gain is really love 432.  Music: A blessing from Allah
433. Making a mistake does not mean one will be any less loved 434.  Believers' endeavors
435. The images visualized and dreams 436.  Life of this world is temporary
437. The prophet Yusuf (as) 438.  Darwinism: the worst so-called scientific deception – 2
439. Darwinism: the worst so-called scientific deception –1 440.  Everything we perceive with our five senses is the interpretation of electric signals in our brains
441. Society is demonizing children 442.  The infinite love to be enjoyed by the will of Allah
443. The signs in the heavens and on the earth 444.  The Darwinist techniques of clamor and demagoguery
445. The Prophet Muhammad (saas) 446.  The bans that cannot be breached in universities
447. Darwinism is a false belief destined to be destroyed in the end times 448.  Loving for Allah's sake
449. Allah's art of natural causes 450.  Insensitivity, apathy and indifference are scourges from Satan and to be avoided by Muslims
451. Those who have true patience 452.  Indoctrination we imagine to be the truth
453. Seeking the most of the good pleasure of Allah 454.  The criterion of appraisal in the society of 'ignorance'
455. Why is Iceland now the 'sunken land'? 456.  One can think at anytime and anywhere
457. The angels were not created through evolution 458.  The Christian error of the trinity
459. Prayer is within the course of destiny 460.  What Muslims must bear in mind every minute and every hour
461. Looking at events from the future 462.  Resignation to destiny
463. The approaching moment of death 464.  The constant renewal and copying of DNA
465. The fact that Islamic moral values have not yet prevailed on earth must arouse all Muslims' feelings of public duty 466.  The importance of living with full attention and awareness
467. Looking at events from the future 468.  Allah's art of portraying matter as if it really existed
469. Heedlessness 470.  Beware: One can also harm oneself
471. Apathy, sloth and indifference are vices originating in Satan that believers must avoid 472.  Francis Collins, the scientist who decoded DNA, has announced that he now believes in God / daily Vatan / 08.04.2008
473. Terror cannot be eradicated by condemnation; there must be an end to Darwinist education in order to eliminate terror 474.  The month of Ramadan, when we will know the happiness imparted by the moral values of the Qur’an
475. Cleansing one's lower self in the month of Ramadan 476.  Let us give thanks for and not squander the blessings bestowed on us by our lord in the holy month of Ramadan
477. The joy of Ramadan in ottoman times 478.  The dajjal’s plotting has come to an end - 1
479. The dajjal's plotting has come to an end - 2 480.  Destiny
481. The French have been bowled over - 09.05.2007 France/20 minutes 482.  The Darwinist dictatorship is collapsing!
483. Only true Muslims can see the secret of the test 484.  'The day after tomorrow'
485. Satan's pride has led him to denial until doomsday 486.  The continuity of the seasons
487. Believers are responsible for the state of oppressed Muslims all over the world 488.  The Darwinist dictatorship - 29.09.2008 United Kingdom/The Independent
489. The secret behind the creation of good and evil 490.  God increases his blessings on those who are grateful
491. The original of the matter created in the brain: You must first read this to see the artistry of Allah! 492.  Allah creates our world as images in the brain