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1. Islam And Buddhism 2. Islam And Karma
3. Islam Denounces Terrorism 4. The Holy Quran
5. The Light Of The Qur’an Has Destroyed Satanism 6. The Rise Of Islam
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1. A superstitious religion in modern times: The new age 2. Islam denounces terrorism
3. Islam: The light illuminating the world 4. Religions condemn terrorism
5. Satanism: Satan's bloody teaching 6. The error of Buddhism
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 Audio Books
1. Islam Denounces Terrorism  
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 Web Sites
1. Discover Islam 2. Islam and Buddhism
3. Islam and Karma 4. Islam Denounces Terrorism
5. Noble Quran 6. Returning to Faith
7. Rise of Islam  
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1. Atalay Girgin is mistaken: Darwinism is dead and there is a mass turning to belief in Allah 2. Britain's 'September 11'
3. Britons want creation to be taught in schools 4. Creationism emerges in the Islamic World (USA- The New York Times - 3 November 2009)
5. During the end times the statesmen's turning to God and religion accelerated 6. How did the Islam born in Mecca spread across the world?
7. Idolatry in our age 8. Islamic peace throughout history
9. Islam is not the source of terrorism, but its solution 10. Islam: The most rapidly expanding religion in Europe
11. Spilling blood is unlawful, using atom bomb is unlawful, and iran will not attack anyone (from Çay TV interview, October 1st 2009) 12. The blessed Uthman (ra): The caliph of Islam possessed of superior moral values
13. The great impression Islam has made on foreigners 14. The Islamic origins of modern science
15. The mindset that seeks to ascribe terrorism to Islam is the Darwinist mindset that represents the true source of terrorism 16. The scientific world is turning to God
17. Those who seek to depict Muslims as shedders of blood are mistaken; Islam is a religion of affection, compassion and love  
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1. Islam denounces terrorism 2. Islam: The noble path
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 Set of Conferences
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 Harun Yahya's Influences
1. Francis Collins, the director of the human genome project, declared his belief in god 2. Nicolas Sarkozy backs creationism
3. Statements by Tony Blair encouraging religious faith after becoming a Catholic 4. The impact of the atlas of creation continues: Tony Blair has begun teaching religion at university
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 Daily Comments
1. Astronauts have faith in Allah 2. Francis Collins, the scientist who decoded DNA, has announced that he now believes in God / daily Vatan / 08.04.2008
3. Islam: The true religion 4. Muslims are closely concerned with the rise of Islamic moral values
5. Religion will be restored to its original state in the End Times  
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 Selected parts from Adnan Oktar's interviews
1. Adnan Oktar comments on Snoop Dogg converting to Islam and Britney Spears's faith in Allah 2. Adnan Oktar's comments on faith of Whitney Houston
3. Adnan Oktar's comments on president Obama's statement of "religion being above governments' power" 4. Adnan Oktar's opinion about the ban on minarets in Switzerland
5. Busta Rhymes: ''Realizing the existence of Allah grounds my feet'' 6. Hazrat Mahdi (as) will be obliged to assume the leadership
7.  Islam and terror are not compatible -2- 8. It is a grave depravity to make jokes about religion
9. Like her brother, Michael, Janet Jackson is a devout believer. Michael Jackson's children are also devout believers 10. Mr. Adnan Oktar's comments about talks on Michael Jackson's becoming Muslim before he died
11. Our Jewish brothers should not personalize the critics and take offense 12. Psychopathic affectations lie at the root of Satanism
13. Putin encourages Islam in Russia 14. Reincarnation is impossible, according to the Qur'an
15. Ringo Starr, The Beatles member, explains that religion is the most important issue of his life 16. Statements by Said Nursi to the effects he was not Hazrat Mahdi (as)
17. There is full democracy in Islam 18. There was only war of self-defense in the time of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)
19. The wars in the time of our Prophet (saas) were defensive ones 20. The world leaders are turning to religion
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 What he said, What happened
1. As Muslims we need common grounds 2. Barrack Obama says that the USA's attitude to Muslims must change in a positive direction
3. CHP: The seventh arrow religious devotion 4. Minister responsible for religious affairs: atheists must also live in peace
5. Obama to give a speech in Istanbul addressing the Islamic world  
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 Short documentaries
1. Buddhism: An oppressive and enslaving religion 2. Could Buddhism be a true religion thats become distorted
3. Huxley's discovery of Buddhism 4. The birth of Buddhism
5. The errors of Reincarnation and Karma 6. The superstitious rituals of Buddhism
7. Why is Buddhism supported in the west?