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1. Allah Is Known Through Reason 2. Allah's Miracles In The Qur'an
3. An Index To The Qur'an 4. Answers From The Qur'an
5. Basic Tenets Of Islam 6. Beauties For Life In The Qur’an
7. Before You Regret 8. Character-Types Of The Unbelievers
9. Commonly Disregarded Quranic Rulings 10. Communication And Argument In The Qur'an
11. Crude Understanding Of Disbelief 12. Death, Resurrection, Hell
13. Deep Thinking 14. Devoted To Allah
15. Ever Thought About The Truth? 16. Existence Of Allah
17. Faith: The Way To Happiness 18. Fear Of Allah
19. General Knowledge From The Qur’an 20. Hopefulness In The Qur’an
21. How Do The Unwise Interpret The Qur’an 22. In The Name Of Allah, The All-Merciful And Most Merciful
23. Islam: The Religion Of Ease 24. Justice And Tolerance In The Qur'an
25. Learning From The Quran 26. Love Of Allah
27. Loyalty Described In The Qur'an 28. Miracles Of The Qur’an
29. Names Of Allah 30. Never Forget
31. Never Plead Ignorance 32. Our Messengers Say
33. Paradise The Believers' Real Home 34. Passivity In Religion
35. Prayer In The Qur’an 36. Quick Grasp Of Faith - 1 -
37. Romanticism:A Weapon Of Satan 38. Satan's Sly Game The False Religion Of People-Worship
39. Satan: The Sworn Enemy Of Mankind 40. Seeing Good In All
41. Self-Sacrifice In The Quran's Moral Teachings 42. Signs From The Qur'an
43. Sincerity Described In The Qur’an 44. Some Secrets Of The Qur’an
45. Taking The Qur’an As A Guide 46. The Alliance Of The Good
47. The Arrogance Of Satan 48. The Basic Concepts In The Qur’an
49. The Courage Of The Faithful 50. The Debased Culture Of Superficiality
51. The Evil Called Mockery 52. The Hypocrite According To The Qur’an
53. The Importance Of Conscience In The Qur’an 54. The Importance Of Following The Good Word
55. The Importance Of Patience In The Qur’an 56. The Importance Of The Ahl Al-Sunnah
57. The Mercy Of Believers 58. The Moral Values Of The Qur’an
59. The Muslim Way Of Speaking 60. The Nightmare Of Disbelief
61. The Pains Of The False World 62. The Religion Of The Ignorant
63. The Secret Behind Our Trials 64. The Secrets Of The Hypocrite
65. The Signs Leading To Faith 66.  THE SILENT LANGUAGE OF EVIL
67. The Solution To Secret Sorrows 68. The Struggle Against ’The Religion Of Irreligion’
69. The Struggle Of The Messengers 70. The Truth Of The Life Of This World
71. The Worst Slander: Idolatry 72. Those Who Do Not Heed The Qur’an
73. Those Who Exhaust All Their Pleasures In This Life 74. True Wisdom Described In The Qur’an
75. Unawareness: A Sly Threat 76. What The Quran Says About Liars And Their Methods
77. Why Do You Deceive Yourself? 78. Zeal And Enthusiasm Described In The Qur’an
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1. Adnan Oktar tells: Paradise (3) 2. Allah is known through reason
3. Answers from the Qur’an 1 4. Answers from the Qur’an 2
5. Answers from the Qur’an 3 6. Arrogance: The character of Satan
7. Deep thinking 8. Love of Allah
9. Miracles of the Qur'an 10. Miracles of the Qur'an - 02
11. Miracles of the Qur'an - 03 12. Miracles of the Qur'an - 04
13. Never forget 14. Seeing the clear proofs of Allah's existence
15. The excellent moral values of believers-2 16. The excellent moral values of believers-3
17. The names of Allah 18. The secret of the test
19. The truth of the life of this world  
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 Audio Books
1. Basic Concepts in the Qur’an 2. Before You Regret
3. Death, Resurrection, Hell 4. Deep Thinking
5. Ever Thought About the Truth? 6. How Do the Unwise Interpret Qur’an?
7. Importance of Conscience in the Qur’an 8. Miracles Of The Qur’an
9. Never Plead Ignorance 10. Secrets of the Qur’an
11. The Nightmare of Disbelief  
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 Web Sites
1. Allah Exists 2. Death Resurrection Hell
3. Devoted to Allah 4. Economics in Islam
5. Evidences of Creation 6. Hereafter Exists
7. Honorable Quran 8. Love of Allah
9. Miracles of the Quran 10. Nightmare of Disbelief
11. Paradise in the Quran 12. Quran Index
13. Reality of Death 14. Romanticism: a Weapon of Satan
15. Signs of Creation 16. The False World
17. Truth of This World  
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1. Aerodynamic forces and the flight programmed in birds 2. Allah is everywhere
3. Basic questions of our lives 4. Before you regret
5. Being considerate 6. Believers’ love for one another
7. Conscience: God's inspiration to every man 8. Conscience-worldly passions
9. Darwinists who fail to grasp the wisdom behind the creation of imperfections by Allah, al-Badi 10. Death & The eternal regret for disbelievers
11. Deep thinking 12. Determination
13. Emotionalism has no place in religion 14. Evaluating everything according to the Qur’an
15. Forgiveness according to the morals of Islam and its benefits on health 16. Fossilization and iron content
17. Giving in the way of Allah (infaq) is a defining characteristic of Muslims 18. God increases his blessings on those who are grateful
19. Goodness in all 20. Health benefits of movement, washing and drinking water
21. Hearts find peace in the remembrance of Allah 22. Hell-made ready for the unbelievers
23. How prayer accelerates the treatment of the sick 24. How purposelessness affects the society
25. Humbling one's self in prayer 26. Importance of following the Sunnah
27. In every age there existed an ignorant society 28. In the wake of the Pakistan earthquake
29. Islamic moral values enshrine freedom of belief 30. Loyalty and obedience to God
31. Male-female relations in today's society, the concept of marriage. Part I 32. Male-female relations in today's society, the concept of marriage. Part II
33. Miraculous mixture: Mother’s milk 34. Mockery is forbidden in the Qur’an
35. Moral degeneration 36. Moroseness and pessimism have no place in the Qur’anic moral values
37. Muslims have a responsibility to wait until the time ordained by Allah comes to achieve success 38. Never plead ignorance that Qur’an is the just book
39. No dispute among the believers 40. One of the teachings of Satan: Demagogy
41. One of the worst punishments visited on deniers is humiliation and disgrace in this world and the hereafter 42. Our on-going test
43. Oxidation in the blood 44. Photos of Adnan Oktar and the representatives of the Iranian Mahdi institute
45. Pondering on the Qur’an 46. Prayers of Muslims in the Qur’an
47. Praying for forgiveness and repentance 48. Protection of orphans and the poor in the Qur’an
49. Purity of heart: an invalid excuse made from worldly desires 50. Radio receivers on mountains
51. Rain by design 52. Righteous deeds
53. Romantic Nationalism (1) 54. Romantic Nationalism (2)
55. Satan's technique of reverse logic 56. Scientists confirm the sign of God
57. Secrets intended for believers alone are hidden in the Qur’an 58. Signs to disobedience and rebellion in Qur’an
59. Sincerity means wholehearted belief in Allah(God) and devotion to him 60. Some findings of Mr. Adnan Oktar on the economic crisis
61. Some miracles of the Qur’an relating the universe 62. Some people do not wish to acknowledge the fact that Allah is everywhere. How can we explain this reality to such people?
63. Stress and depression: The results of not abiding by the religion 64. Superiority comes from character, not blood
65. The call of Prophet Hud (as) 66. The depressions of the faithless society
67. The disasters of an irreligious social system 68. The error of the 'Muslim model that is weak in faith and distracted by the life of this world' in the words of Mr. Adnan Oktar
69. The final caliph of the age of happiness: the blessed Ali (as) 70. The great error that prevents abundance: the urge to accumulate possessions
71. The impact of disbelief on economy 72. The importance of salat (prayer) in the life of a Muslim
73. The importance of the honored Sunnah to the faithful 74. The lessons from death
75. The life of this world 76. The longing of the society of the ignorant: wanting to live in this world forever
77. The miracle of fire and wood that cannot be obtained artificially 78. The mother's womb with its secure protection
79. The obvious existence of God 80. The pacifism of Islam
81. The Qur’an with vowel points has not changed until our day 82. The real danger: Unorganized irreligiousness
83. There is a great secret in the difficult tests undergone by the Prophets 84. There is every kind of information in the Qur’an
85. The secret behind the creation of good and evil 86. The solution to the economic crisis
87. The sun's hydrogen and helium content 88. The true Islamic morals
89. The veil of heedlessness 90. The way that unbelievers strive to struggle against Allah is a miracle created by him
91. The weaknesses of man 92. The wisdom behind the prohibition of blood in the Qur’an
93. The word ''Haman'' 94. The world and the hereafter
95. Things that need to be thought about 96. True reflections lift the curtain of familiarity
97. Two paths, two aims, but what kind of friend? 98. Verses in the Qur’an about justice
99. Verses of the Qur’an about forgiveness 100. What form should love of Allah take?
101. Why an authoritarian rule is against Islam 102. Why is France so afraid of religion?
103. Why some people resist their conscience  
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1. Deep thinking 2. Miracles of the Quran
3. Never forget 4. The truth of the life of this world
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 Harun Yahya's Influences
1. Just like Adnan Oktar stated previously, the world's leading economists now say the crisis will not end before 2014  
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 Short Films
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 Daily Comments
1. Abandoning arrogance 2. A considerate and mature character makes a believer's moral virtues even more valuable
3. Adherence to the values of religion erases all sorts of worldly fears 4. A few seconds or a few hours?
5. A good example from the Qur'an: the character of Maryam (as) 6. Allah accepts supplications
7. Allah bestows understanding on those who fear Him 8. Allah commands in the Qur'an that he be feared
9. Allah commands in the Qur'an that He be feared 10. Allah created all people from nothing and gave them life
11. Allah demeans the unbelievers in this life 12. Allah is all-powerful
13. Allah is the creator of all 14. Allah punishes the unbelievers, both in this world and the next
15. Allah's beautiful promises to believers necessitate that they remain hopeful 16. Allah's compassion for humans: Disease
17. Allah's inspiration to every man: Conscience 18. Allah's mercy toward women
19. Allah's promise 20. Allah, the all merciful and most merciful does not give a person a load too heavy for him to carry
21. Allah warns humanity with the Qur'an 22. Allah will expose and punish the hypocrites
23. Allah will expose the hypocrites and inflict torment upon them 24. Allah wills ease for people
25. A Muslim acts in compliance with the morality of the Qur'an and not the morals of the majority 26. An easy reckoning
27. An everlasting life in the garden 28. An important secret of the test: Allah only tests people with such difficulties as they can bear
29. Apathy, sloth and indifference are vices originating in Satan that believers must avoid 30. A society that lives by Islamic moral values is built on the foundations of love and compassion
31. Assuming death to be coincidence or bad fortune 32. Being humble toward believers and firm toward unbelievers
33. Being resolute in attaining profound sincerity 34. Being resolute in worship
35. Belief in Allah must be strengthened if the killings are to come to an end 36. Believers are destined to be morally virtuous
37. Believers are determined in their worship of Allah 38. Believers are happy in this world and the next
39. Believers are happy in this world and the next 40. Believers are joyful and at peace under all circumstances
41. Believers are judged in an easy way, unbelievers in a hard way 42. Believers are modest from the heart
43. Believers' compassion 44. Believers' constantly growing fervor of faith
45. Believers' endeavors 46. Believers lead peaceful lives out of reach of stress and its harmful consequences
47. Believers' love for one another 48. Believers' love towards animals
49. Believers must be cautious not to be deceived by hopelessness that satan wants to instill 50. Beware: One can also harm oneself
51. Calling others to Allah's path with wise and good methods 52. Chance is not a deity: It is Allah who is the creator of all that exists
53. Cleansing of the evil of the lower-self 54. Courage according to the Qur'an
55. Death is a beginning, not an end 56. Death: the moment when worldly pleasures end
57. Determination 58. Deviant beliefs of ignorant people about religion
59. Difficulties are auspicious and sources of great joy for Muslims 60. Divine wisdom behind diseases
61. Donating what one loves 62. Due striving for Allah' s approval
63. Emotionality: A danger that can lead to idolatry 64. Escaping unawareness - 1
65. Escaping unawareness - 2 66. Escaping unawareness – 3
67. Every person will be held accountable for himself 68. ''Every self will taste death...''
69. Everything has been created for a good purpose 70. Examples of self-sacrifice in the life of the Ashab Al-Qiram (the prophet's (saas) companions)
71. Faith in the Hereafter 72. Fear of Allah and Hell is an important sign of a believer
73. Fear, respect, and love of Allah must be together 74. Feeling Allah's existence while praying
75. Fifteen years without 'consciousness' 76. Forbearance and determination in trusting Allah
77. For believers, there is good in all things 78. Fossilization and iron content
79. God answers everyone's prayers 80. God certainly helps those who help His religion
81. God commands us to be just 82. God increases his blessings on those who are grateful
83. God is the giver of honour 84. Good and evil according to the Qur'an
85. Good manners 86. Heedlessness
87. Hell 88. Helping one another in goodness and piety
89. How can sincere person escape superficiality? 90. How can we deal with familiarity? II
91. How do people who know they bear the spirit of Allah live? 92. How is it that Allah encompasses everything and he is closer to us than our jugular vein?
93. How is mercy defined in the Qur'an? 94. How to prevent familiarity?
95. How to see the good in things that happen (I) 96. How to see the good in things that happen (II)
97. Human beings were created to serve Allah 98. Humbling one's self in prayer
99. Hypocrites have never vanquished the prophets 100. Hypocrites will also suffer torment in this world
101. Ignorant understanding of prayer 102. In order not to feel regret in the hereafter
103. In patience, the faithful know no limits and compete with one another 104. Insensitivity, apathy and indifference are scourges from Satan and to be avoided by Muslims
105. Interpreting Muslims' every attitude favorably will result in good outcomes by the will of Allah 106. In the morality of the Qur'an, there is no room for despair or distrust
107. In the morality of the Qur'an, there is no room for despair or distrust 108. Islam encourages freedom of thought and denounces oppression and compulsion
109. It is God who places love in people's hearts 110. It is incompatible with the religion for a believer to say ''I am not strong enough'' on any matter
111. Just a single grain of salt is enough for us to see the existence of Almighty Allah 112. Justice
113. Knowing one's soul 114. Knowing that there may be bad in events that seem to be good and good in events that seem to be bad
115. Legitimate and illegitimate love 116. Life in the society of ignorance
117. Life of this world is temporary 118. Living by the Qur'an's values is easy
119. Look at your lives realistically 120. Love
121. Love: A blessing bestowed by Allah for believers 122. Love and happiness stem from faith
123. Love is a great blessing for believers, while lovelessness is a torment for non-believers 124. Loving for Allah's sake
125. Lying demonstrates devotion to Satan 126. Making a mistake does not mean one will be any less loved
127. Man is being tested 128. Man's inner self commands evil acts
129. Man's true abode: Hereafter 130. Man will also account for his thoughts and intentions
131. Marriage 132. Mercy shown towards believers
133. Morality of a believer 134. Moroseness and pessimism have no place in the Qur'anic moral values
135. Mutual influence 136. Never forget that death may come upon you at any moment
137. Never forget that every moment you experience is part of your destiny 138. Never forget that only the true believers will enter paradise, the place of rewards
139. Never forget that the only guide is the Qur'an 140. Never forget to be sincere and honest with Allah
141. Never forget to repent and ask for forgiveness for your wrongdoings 142. Nobody can be happy without living by the moral values of Islam
143. Not all acts might have the same value in the sight of Allah 144. Not following the majority is a sign of faith and reason
145. Not forgetting one's own conduct when warning others 146. Obeying the majority misleads man from the right path
147. One can think at anytime and anywhere 148. Only Allah judges
149. Only true Muslims can see the secret of the test 150. Only unbelievers despair of Allah's mercy
151. Our prophet's (saas) sole guide was the Qur'an 152. Paradise: Real home of the believers
153. Paradise, the place of endless happiness 154. Passion and desire are obstacles to happiness
155. Patience 156. Patience for illness
157. People grow arrogant despite their helplessness 158. Pondering on the Qur'an
159. Prayer is within the course of destiny 160. Prayers are offered to Allah alone
161. Prayers of Muslims in the Qur'an 162. Quarrelling causes loss of strength
163. Refraining from idolatry 164. Religion as described in the Qur'an and the religion of our fathers
165. Reminding people about the Hereafter 166. Returning a greeting
167. Righteousness 168. Righteous person turns to Allah with repentance and is sincere in deed and intention to him
169. Satan desires to infect people with hopelessness 170. Satan has no coercive power; a person is individually responsible in the afterlife for the wickedness he has committed
171. Satan hinders gratitude 172. Satan's command: 'Don't think!'
173. Satan's distraction: Squandering time 174. Satan's power is weak
175. Satan's pride has led him to denial until doomsday 176. Satan strives to hinder man from recognizing the good
177. Satan's weak trick 178. Satan wants to instill hopelessness in people
179. Secrets of finding the straight path 180. Seeing good in all that happens
181. Seeking only Allah's consent 182. Seeking the most of the good pleasure of Allah
183. Selfishness brings nothing but loss 184. Sending a warner manifests Allah's name all-merciful
185. Sensing insincerity: The sixth sense 186. Showing gratitude to Allah
187. Societies distant to the moral values of the Qur'an grow away from genuine love 188. Societies that turn their backs on religious moral values also turn away from true love
189. Society is demonizing children 190. Some people are unhappy, though they say they believe
191. Speaking through trust in Allah 192. Speaking with awareness that the life of the world is transitory
193. Stress and depression: the results of not abiding by the religion 194. Telling lies
195. The abundant wealth of the garden 196. The approaching moment of death
197. The Arts in an Environment Permeated by Qur'anic Morality 198. The beauties in societies that live by the Qur'an's morality
199. The beauties of this world are imperfect and flawed 200. The believers are the guardians of one another
201. The believers do not follow in Satan's footsteps 202. The continuity of the seasons
203. The course of the economy 204. The criterion of appraisal in the society of 'ignorance'
205. The cunning of Satan is weak 206. 'The day after tomorrow'
207. The design in bird feathers 208. The devilish system in the society of the ignorant
209. The easiness of Islam is a blessing from Allah 210. The eminence Islam attaches to women
211. The enthusiasm of believers 212. The error of deferring acts of worship until old age
213. The error of 'following the crowd' 214. The exemplary attitudes of believers in times of difficulty
215. The 'facts of life' idea 216. The fact that Islamic moral values have not yet prevailed on earth must arouse all Muslims' feelings of public duty
217. The faithful invite also those around them to be sincere 218. The false conception of respect in the religion of the ignorant
219. The foolishness of hypocrites - I 220. The foolishness of hypocrites – II
221. The foolishness of hypocrites - III 222. The good word is calling to Allah
223. The greatest reward: Allah's eternal satisfaction with them 224. The happiness that comes from knowing that everything is created for the best can be seen on believers’ faces at every moment
225. The hidden insincerity of those caught up in despair and distrust 226. The highest blessing: Allah's good pleasure
227. The Honeybees' Superior Architectural Abilities 228. The ideal of some superficial people is simply to live
229. The idea of a woman's duty 230. The importance of sincerity in service
231. The infinite love to be enjoyed by the will of Allah 232. The key to faithfulness: Love and fear of Allah
233. The leaders of the false world who call others to the fire 234. The life of the world is in fact very brief
235. The mercy of Allah embraces everything 236. The messengers' struggle
237. The miracle of antioxidant 238. The miracle of rain
239. The miracle of seed 240. The miracle of the sun
241. The modesty of believers 242. The moral values believers display in the face of advice and reminders
243. The moral values of ignorance -1 244. The moral values of ignorance -2
245. The moral values of ignorance -3 246. The most beautiful names of our lord - I
247. The most important favour of Allah: His good pleasure 248. The only solution to lack of enthusiasm: Fear of Allah
249. The outlook of believers on the life of this world 250. The outlook of people of faith on death
251. The passive among the Muslims 252. The passive among the Muslims
253. The perfect equilibrium in the universe 254. The phobias of the people of the ignorant
255. The Prophet (saas) relieved Muslims of difficulties 256. The purpose of a believer's life: the approval of Allah
257. The Qur'an: a manifestation of Allah's mercy 258. The reality of the worldly life
259. The regret felt in hell - 1 260. The regret felt in hell - 2
261. The regret that man feels in the world 262. There is light in believers' faces, but disgrace in those of disbelievers
263. There is no compulsion or force in Islam; religion of Islam is observed with absolute sincerity 264. There is surely ease with every difficulty
265. The role of computers and the internet in the dissemination of the moral values commanded by Allah and the sinister aspects of the 'computer buff' character in the religion of ignorance that belongs to a culture far removed from the religion 266. The satanically-inspired idea of ''taking pleasure in sorrow''
267. The secret behind the creation of good and evil 268. The secret insincerity of those caught up in despair
269. The secret of modesty 270. The secrets of patience
271. The signs in the heavens and on the earth 272. The society of the ignorant imagines that the expectation of gain is really love
273. The source of mockery: Arrogance 274. The spiritual strengths arising from mutual love and solidarity among believers
275. The state of being pleased with Allah 276. The state of being pleased with Allah
277. The strength of believers is derived from their sincerity 278. The strength of believers is derived from their sincerity
279. The Superior Details in Bacteria 280. The true friend is Allah who wants all goodness for his servants
281. The ultimate goal of a Muslim should be developing the Islamic world -1 282. The ultimate goal of a Muslim should be developing the Islamic world-2
283. The understanding of religion in the society of ignorance 284. The uniqueness of the fingerprint
285. The ways of educating the desires of the lower self - 1 286. The ways of educating the desires of the lower self-2-
287. The wisdom behind mistakes 288. The wisdom behind the prohibition of blood in the Qur'an
289. The world can only be a livable place as long as there is submission to Allah's protection 290. Those who have true patience
291. Those who practice evil in secret, pretending to be naive and innocent 292. Time and place for prayer
293. To be forgiving of mistakes 294. Turning towards Allah
295. Unbelievers have submitted to Allah in the face of their helplessness 296. Unhappy people have false beliefs
297. Vulgarity: A snare of satan 298. Waking up from sleep is by Allah's blessing
299. Warning: People can harm themselves 300. What happens if people do not live by the Qur'anic understanding of mercy?
301. What happens when a society turns to idolatry? 302. What is earned from sincerity?
303. What Muslims must bear in mind every minute and every hour 304. Why do you deceive yourself?
305. Why people avoid the Qur'an - 1 306. Why people avoid the Qur'an - 2
307. Why people avoid the Qur'an - 3 308. Worldly greed
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 Selected parts from Adnan Oktar's interviews
1. Adnan Oktar comments on legal contract between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt 2. Adnan Oktar's explanations of verses from Surat at-Tawba
3. Adnan Oktar tells: Direct causes will be done away with in paradise 4. Adnan Oktar tells: Instinct
5. Adnan Oktar tells: Marine life forms 6. Adnan Oktar tells: Signs leading to faith
7. Adnan Oktar tells: Splash tetra fish 8. Adnan Oktar tells: The ant
9. Adnan Oktar tells: The humming birg 10. Adnan Oktar tells: The miracle in the snowflake
11. Adnan Oktar Tells: The Miracle of talking birds 12. Adnan Oktar tells: The spider
13. Adnan Oktar tells: ''Whatever is needed to treat a sick person must be done'' 14. Allah has created human beings with weaknesses in this world
15. Allah has rendered sorrow unlawful for believers 16. Allah is unfettered by time and space
17. Allah is unfettered by time and space; time and space have been specially created for human beings. 18. Allah may sometimes take people's souls before they die
19. All the people who have ever lived will see doomsday 20. A Muslim would be most forbearing in his cause. A strong faith would evince itself when faced with hardship and in conflict with one's interests
21. Anyone honestly recognizing Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will abandon his futile activities and assist this movement 22. Are there different paradises?
23. Being a 'right-on' person in the religion of ignorance 24. Belief in and love of Allah will very soon rule the world
25. Believers in the oneness of Allah must form an alliance and wage an intellectual struggle against the deniers 26. Believers will be even more delighted when they look at hell from paradise
27. Believers will constantly remember Allah in paradise 28. Can believers know their degrees in paradise?
29. Children must be brought up with the fear and love of Allah 30. Comparison is an art of Allah
31. Cunning and opportunism: a behavioral defect among people in the religion of ignorance 32. Despite being so helpless, it is astonishing how people can forget Allah and oppose religion
33. Devout men for devout women 34. Difficulties are essential to train people and develop their characters
35. Disease of talking about fake dreams 36. Disputations among the people of hell
37. Education, work, marriage, the whole life is meant to be for the Approval of Allah. The success and gains of the life of this world should not be desired for the feeling of supremacy. 38. Egoism; another behavioral defect in the religion of ignorance
39. Empty talk; another behavioral defect in the religion of ignorance 40. Everyone in paradise will receive delight according to his faith, moral virtue and how much we guard from evil
41. Every person with good morality has enemies, the value of virtue is appreciated in such environments. 42. Everything is conscious in paradise, even objects
43. Explanations from Surah Al-Muminun: If there is no joy and excitement, there is a sickness in faith. 44. Explanations of Adnan Oktar regarding Surat Al-Ahqaf
45. Faith and cleanliness go hand in hand. One is as clean as one has faith 46. Fear of Allah should not be mistaken: The purpose of fear of Allah is love, there is no pain and misery in fear of Allah.
47. Female psychology in the religion of ignorance 48. Ferocious character often seen in society wears people down.
49. Fortitude for the sake of Allah is most excellent. The test cannot be conducted, nor moral virtue recognized, in haste. 50. Hell consists of various layers
51. Helping the religion is possible with love and heart 52. How can reverence be reached in prayers? What should be done if one gets distracted while performing his prayers?
53. How does fear of Allah increase? 54. How should love of Allah be?
55. How should the word of Islam be preached? Those who will understand the word, and those who will not. 56. How will the passage from this world to the hereafter be?
57. Human beauty in paradise 58. Human creation has been created in compliance with paradise
59. Humiliation in hell 60. Hypocrites and unbelievers incite love and fervor in Muslims.
61. Hypocrites in the end times 62. If one says ''I did something,'' that is polytheism, what he should say is ''Allah did it by means of me''
63. Impotencies in the life of this world increases a person’s love and fear of Allah 64. It is fear of Allah, intelligence and faith that make a woman beautiful
65. It is haram to fear anything else apart from Allah 66. It is important that enlightened people become Muslims with an open mind.
67. It is important to use true, striking and vital information when preaching religion 68. It is impossible for people who have no fear of Allah to enjoy themselves in this climate of insecurity
69. It is Muslims who regard the interests of Islam as unimportant; who are cowardly, think only of their own interests and refuse to suffer difficulties, who are responsible for Islam's not ruling the world 70. It is wrong to label people; we should strive for the good
71. Joy and bliss is almsgiving. Muslims should refrain from the kind of attitudes that will break their inner strength 72. Lack of love is one of the main problems in the world
73. Let us clean up our web sites 74. Love of Allah is based on a deep fear of him
75. Love of Allah is essential in order to maintain the bonds of love between people 76. Maintaining love is a profound art form; people must be patient in order to be able to keep it alive
77. Making life difficult for Muslims brings with it failure, while helping them brings prosperity 78. Male-female relations in today's society
79. Markets and cities in paradise 80. Marriage decision cannot be given according to the signs of the zodiac
81. Marriage in paradise 82. Marriage must be solely for the purpose of attaining Allah's approval
83. Materialists and Darwinists will encounter the environment they maintain exists in this world when they go to hell 84. Miracles in the human body; Cells
85. Miracles in the human body; The coccyx and the appendix 86. Miracles in the human body; The sense of smell
87. Mr. Adnan Oktar's comments on the Haiti earthquake 88. Mr. Adnan Oktar's comments on the valentines' day
89. Mr. Adnan Oktar's explanations of verses from Surah Al 'Imran 90. Mr. Adnan Oktar's explanations of verses from Surah Luqman
91. Mr. Adnan Oktar's explanations of verses from Surat Al-Ahzab 92. Mr. Adnan Oktar's remarks on destiny, preordination and the fact that Allah is everywhere
93. Mr. Adnan Oktar's views about the death of actress Brittany Murphy 94. Music in paradise
95. Muslim has neither inferiority nor superiority complex with his faith 96. Muslims may possess wealth if they sincerely pray to Allah
97. Muslims must support one another, and those who attach credence to lies will bear the responsibility for that in the hereafter 98. Muslims should start communicating the message of Islam first from those close to them
99. Muslim's sixth sense is passion 100. Muslims' sole AIM is to earn the approval of Allah, and Allah will grant us paradise if he so chooses
101. Muslims turn away from worthless things. 102. Muslims use all their strength and possessions for Allah's approval
103. Neither summer sloth nor anything else must ever stop Muslims remembering Allah 104. Nobody can know whether anyone will go to paradise or hell
105. One cannot ease one's conscience by building mosques. Serving Islam is very important 106. One may only weep for love of Allah alone
107. One of people's worst errors is to leave the struggle to one particular group 108. Only those with knowledge fear Allah as he ought to be feared
109. Our Prophet's (saas) view of women 110. People adopt an aggressive rather than a sincere state of mind because they are influenced by one another
111. People can only find peace with love of Allah 112. People have to go through the test in this world in order to be happy in paradise
113. People must realize that they are given intellect and abilities in order to serve the religion in the end times 114.  People's infinite desires will be met in paradise
115. People who attempt to use Islam in order to satisfy their own egos and live by their argumentative souls 116. People will be able to alter their appearance instantaneously in paradise
117. Pretending not to see is a characteristic of people who help the system of the antichrist 118. Reflection on Allah's blessings
119. Religious scientists and artists 120. Satan imparts weariness and fatigue. People can at once be joyful through faith and lively through their own will
121. Satan represents snobbery and a psychopathic soul 122. Satan's fear of Allah
123. Sectarian differences must be put a stop to 124. Shadow; one example of Allah's artistry of detail
125. Sight is very sharp in paradise 126. Sincerity is to heed the voice of the conscience right to the very end
127. Someone who looks at everything with the love of Allah will also love hell 128. Some people regard the slaughter of Muslims as normal but raise the roof if cats and dogs are slaughtered
129. Some people who seem to be religious, can be faithless and against religion in their private lives. 130. Spoiled behavior; one of the defective traits of the religion of ignorance
131. Subconscious love and respect versus the love and respect that are displayed 132. Subconsciously, everyone believes in Allah
133. The answer to the problems faced by Lindsay Lohan, who lives in a world where there is no true love, is fear and love of Allah 134. The Atom
135. The beauty of the places in paradise 136. The characteristics of the animals of paradise
137. The climate in paradise 138. The climate of security in paradise
139. The climate of torment in hell 140. The conception of love in the moral values of the Qur’an
141. The creation of the universe 142. The custodians of hell
143. The deniers will not be sincerely repentant even in the Hereafter 144. The difficulties experienced by believers in the life of this world are a means of expressing their love of Allah
145. The food and animals in hell 146. The Golden Ratio
147. The hatred and fragmentation caused by sectarian divisions must come to an end if the moral values of Islam are to rule the world 148. The honey bee
149. The ideal female character as revealed in the Qur'an 150. The idea of love and marriage in present-day society
151. The idea of romantic love in today's society 152. The importance of signs leading to faith
153. The lies told in male-female relations in today's society 154. The life of this world must not prevent Muslims from serving Islam
155. The lofty faith of pharaoh's wife 156. The miracles in animals' eye
157. The miracles in the human eye 158. The moment of death and the entering to the hell of the people of hell
159. The mutual love of the people of paradise 160. The prayer (salat) must be performed punctiliously. The first thing the dwellers in hell say is ''We were not of those who performed prayer.''
161. The Prophet Jonah's (as) test and the fear of Allah 162. The psychology of courtship in the religion of ignorance
163. The psychology of marriage in the religion of the ignorance 164. The Qur'an holds the solution to whispering. But the human soul harbors feelings of hatred, vengeance and jealousy
165. The Qur'an opens people's hearts, brings with it ease and heals hearts and bodies 166. There are inconceivable secrets in prayer. Connecting with Allah is a most important matter.
167. There are those in the Islamic world who -Allah is beyond that- ascribe a particular location to Allah. Allah is everywhere, and nowhere is without him 168. The reasons for divorce in present-day society
169. There can be no test without pain. All the Prophets encountered difficulties. 170. There is no compulsion in religion. Every individual must live by his own beliefs
171. There is no sleep in paradise 172. There is no space in the sight of Allah. This matter must not be misunderstood.
173. There will be eternal youth in paradise 174. There will be no negative features such as sorrow or sadness in paradise
175. There will be no night in paradise 176. The showy harridan mentality in the religion on ignorance
177. The situation of people created for hell 178. The spiritual torment in hell
179. The Sufi belief that 'Allah created to be known' is wrong. 180. The system based on losing people does great harm.
181. The traits the fear of Allah bring about in Muslims 182. The true source of peace and happiness is the fear and love of Allah
183. The unhappy lives of the inhabitants of hell in this world 184. The wisdom behind diseases
185. The women of paradise 186. They are pacifying Muslims by saying Islam consists of just five obligations. But the world dominion of Islam is a sixth religious obligation.
187. Thinking about death increases the fear of Allah 188. Those who strive on Allah's path and those who do not are not equal
189. To apply pressure on people having dire straits during the economical crisis does not comply with good conscience 190. True believers will say ''I am satisfied if Allah sends me to paradise or to hell''
191. True love is that for Allah's approval 192. Unhappiness is the starting point for scourges of all kinds, and is unlawful
193. Was our Prophet (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) shown paradise in this world? 194. We will strive for the happiness and peace of the whole world with all our might to the end.
195. What form should Islamic marriage take? 196. What is adultery?
197. What kind of wine will be offered to us in paradise? 198. What should the fear of Allah be like?
199. Who are the hypocrites? 200. Why do Muslims fear Allah?
201. Will Christians or Jews be able to enter paradise? 202. Will everyone speak the same language in paradise?
203. Will people be able to leave hell once they have entered it? 204. Will people be bored in paradise?
205. Will the djinn and angels be visible to people in paradise?  
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1. AD-DAFI` - The Remover of Tribulations 2. AD-DA‘I - The Caller
3. AD-DARR - The Afflictor 4. AHKAM AL-HAKIMEEN - The Most Just Judge
5. AL- ‘ADHEEM - The All-Glorious 6. AL- ‘ADL - The Just, The Equitable
7. AL- ‘AFUW - The Pardoner 8. AL-AKHIR - The Last; The One Who Exists After Everything Else Perishes
9. AL- ‘ALEEM - The All-Knowing 10. AL- ‘ALEE - The Most High
11. AL- ‘ASIM - The Protector 12. AL-AWWAL - The First
13. AL- ‘AZEEZ - The Almighty 14. AL- BADEE‘ - The Originator; the Innovative Creator
15. AL-BA‘ITH - The Resurrector 16. AL-BAQI - The Everlasting
17. AL-BARI' - The Maker 18. AL-BARR - The Beneficent; The All-Good
19. AL-BASEER - The All-Seeing 20. AL- BASIT - The Expander
21. AL-BATIN - The Inward; The Hidden 22. AL-FALIQ - The Opener, The Splitter
23. AL-FASIL - He Who Distinguishes (in the best way) 24. AL-FATIR - The Creator; The Originator
25. AL- FATTAH - The Opener 26. AL-GHAFFAR - The Forgiving
27. AL-GHANI - The Self-Sufficient, The Rich Beyond Need 28. AL-HADI - The Guide
29. AL-HAFEEDH - The Guardian; The Preserver 30. AL- HAKEEM - The All-Wise
31. AL- HAKIM - The Judge 32. AL-HALEEM - The All-Clement, The Lenient
33. AL-HAMEED - The Praiseworthy 34. AL-HAQQ - The Truth, The Real
35. AL-HASEEB - The Reckoner 36. AL-HAYY - The Living
37. AL-JABBAR - The Irresistible; The Compeller 38. AL-JAMI‘ - The Gatherer
39. AL-KABEER - The Great 40. AL-KAFI - The Sufficient One
41. AL-KAREEM - The Generous 42. AL-KHABEER - The All-Aware
43. AL-KHAFIDH - The Abaser 44. AL-KHALIQ - The Creator
45. AL-LATEEF - The Gentle, The Subtle 46. AL-MAJEED - The Most Glorious One
47. AL-MAKIR - The Planner 48. AL-MALIK - The Sovereign; The King
49. AL-MALJA - The Refuge 50. AL-MATEEN - The Firm; The Possessor of Strength
51. AL-MAWLA - The Protector, The Master 52. AL-MU`ADHDHIB - The Punisher
53. AL-MU'AKHKHIR / AL-MUQADDEEM - The Deferrer, The Keeper Behind / The Advancer 54. AL-MUBASHSHIR - The Giver Of Good News
55. AL-MUBAYYIN - The One Who Makes His Signs Clear 56. AL-MUDABBIR - The Ruler, the Director, Who governs all of creation with order and balance
57. AL-MUDHHEEK / AL-MUBKI - He Who Brings about both Laughter and Tears 58. AL-MUDHHILL - The Humiliator
59. AL-MUGHNEE - The Enricher 60. AL-MUHAYMIN - The Safeguarder, The Protector
61. AL-MUHEET - All-Pervading; The All-Encompassing 62. AL-MUHEE - The Giver of Life
63. AL-MUHSEE - The Reckoner 64. AL-MUHSIN - The Giver
65. AL-MUJEEB - The Answerer 66. AL-MUKMIL - He Who Perfects
67. AL-MU'MIN - The Trustworthy, He Who Gives Tranquillity 68. AL-MUNTAQIM - The Retaliator
69. AL-MUQALLIB - The Turner of People's Hearts 70. AL-MUQTADIR - The Powerful
71. AL-MUSAWWA - The Shaper; The Proportioner 72. AL-MUSAWWIR- The Shaper; The Giver of Form
73. AL-MUSTI`AN - One Who Is Called upon for Help 74. AL-MUTA‘ALEE - The All-Exalted
75. AL-MUTAHHIR - The Cleanser; He Who Cleanses from Idolatry and Spiritual Evil 76. AL-MUTAKABBIR - He Who Reveals His Greatness in All
77. AL-MUWAFFEE - He Who Keeps His Word, He Who Pays in Full 78. AL-MUYASSIR - He Who Makes His Servant's Path Easier in Goodness and Wickedness; He Who Places No Unbearable Burden on Anyone
79. AL-MUZAKKEE - He Who Purifies His Servants (of all faults, shame, and spiritual impurity) 80. AL-MUZAYYIN - The Adorner
81. AL-QABIDH - The Seizer, The Restricter 82. AL-QABIL - The Acceptor of Repentance
83. AL- QADEEM - The Giver of Advance Warning 84. AL-QADEER - The Powerful
85. AL- QADEE - The Ruler; He Who Completes His Task 86. AL-QAHHAR - The Crusher; The Subduer; The Dominator; The All-Conquering
87. AL-QA'IM - The Self-Sustaining 88. AL-QAREEB - The Nigh; The One Who Is Near
89. AL-QASIM - He Who Shares; Who Allocates Blessings, Justice, and Wisdom 90. AL-QAWEE - The All-Strong
91. AL-QUDDUS - The Holy; The All-Pure 92. AL-WADUD - The Loving
93. AL-WAHHAB - The All-Giving 94. AL-WAHID - The One
95. AL-WAKEEL - The Guardian 96. AL-WALEE - The Protector
97. AL-WARITH - The Inheritor 98. AL-WASI‘ - The All-Embracing; The Boundless
99. AN-NASIR - The Helper; The Supporter 100. AN-NUR - The Light
101. AR-RAFI‘ - The Exalter; The Raiser 102. AR-RAHMAN AR-RAHEEM - The Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
103. AR-RAHMAN AR-RAHEEM - The Most Gracious, the Most Merciful 104. AR-RAQEEB - The Watchful
105. AR-RA‘UF - The Gentle 106. AR-RAZZAQ - The All-Provider
107. ASH-SHAFEE - The Affectionate; The Healer 108. ASH-SHAFI‘ - The Intercessor
109. ASH-SHAHEED - The Witness 110. ASH-SHAKUR - The Appreciative; He Who Is Responsive to Gratitude
111. ASH-SHARIH - The Opener 112. AS-SADIQ - The True; The Keeper of His Word
113. AS-SA'IQ - The Driver; He Who Drives to Hell 114. AS-SALAM - The All-Peace
115. AS-SAMAD - The Everlasting Refuge and Sustainer 116. AS-SAMEE‘ - The All-Hearing
117. AS-SANI‘ - The Artificer; The Maker 118. AT-TAWWAB - The Acceptor of Repentance
119. AZ-ZAHIR - The Evident; The Outward 120. DHU AL-JALAL WA AL-IKRAM - Master of Majesty and Generosity
121. MALIK AL-MULK - The Master of the Kingdom 122. MALIK YAWM AD-DEEN - The King of the Day of Judgment
123. RABB AL- `ALIMEEN - Lord of All the Worlds  
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 What he said, What happened
1. Agriculture must not be ignored 2. Another 1.1 billion TL for agriculture
3. Applause for interest rates being lowered 4. Despite the recovery there is a risk of second crisis
5. Iran calls on turkey for a common market 6. Lower vat and reinvigorate the markets
7. 'No bailiffs for household goods' proposal 8. President Gül: Non-believers must also be able to live freely
9. Single-digit interest rates for the first time ever 10. The banks must lower interest rates
11. The crisis is capitalist greed 12. The way out of economic crisis is to establish the Turkish-Islamic Union
13. Turkey should turn to mining and agriculture 14. Turkey will emerge even stronger from the economic crisis
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 New Information
1. Garden in the verses of the Qur'an 2. Knowledge of the unseen (ghaib)
3. Pairs in Surat al-Kahf 4. Prayers of Muslims in the Qur'an
5. The Qur'an says that the messengers always acted with someone at their side 6. The wisdom behind Muslims not moving around alone but together with other believers
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 Beautiful deeds from you
1. Hearts find peace in the remembrance of Allah 2. Never forget
3. The identity in the fingerprint  
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 Short documentaries
1. Avoiding arguments and disputes 2. Avoiding envy
3. Being compassionate 4. Being considerate and altruistic
5. Being tested by the loss of wealth 6. Being tolerant
7. Can a man spend his entire life for God? 8. Death
9. Do believers feel anger? 10. Everything in destiny is the best and the most auspicious
11. Historical miracles of the Qur'an 12. Hospitality
13. How are people who warn others? 14. How can one turn away from worthless and useless things?
15. How is extravagance referred to in the Qur'an 16. How is jealously referred to in the Qur'an
17. How is suspicion defined in the Qur'an 18. How is the care of orphans described in the Qur'an?
19. How is the concept of cleanliness expressed in the Qur'an? 20. How should a muslim spend his time?
21. How should one behave towards an arrogant person? 22. How should one behave towards one's parents according to the Qur'an?
23. How to see what is auspicious 24. Is it proper to complain about a disease disability poverty or physical defect?
25. Is there any limit to good morals? 26. It is stated in the Qur'an that God does not like those who are boastful?
27. Love devotion and compassion 28. Miracles of the human body
29. Mutual support 30. Natural disasters
31. Old age 32. Signs in nature
33. Signs in social life 34. The basic of proper moral values faith
35. The brain 36. The design of the eagle eye
37. The destruction of Pompeii 38. The earths directions of rotation
39. The exemplary submission of the prophets and devout believers 40. The five senses
41. The fur of polar bears 42. The hands
43. The heart 44. The helplessness of man
45. The hidden wisdom behind illness 46. The human capacity for thought
47. The lesson of the Titanic 48. The location of the earth in the universe
49. The miracles of the Qur'an: Contraction with increasing height 50. The miracles of the Qur'an: Darkness in the seas and internal waves
51. The miracles of the Qur'an: Haman and ancient Egypt monuments 52. The miracles of the Qur'an: How the process of photosynthesis begins in the morning
53. The miracles of the Qur'an: Matter transmission 54. The miracles of the Qur'an: Scientific miracles
55. The miracles of the Qur'an: The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah 56. The miracles of the Qur'an: The city of Iram
57. The miracles of the Qur'an: The conquest of Makkah 58. The miracles of the Qur'an: The earths geoid shape
59. The miracles of the Qur'an: The exploration of space 60. The miracles of the Qur'an: The formation of milk
61. The miracles of the Qur'an: The people of Saba and the Arim Flood 62. The miracles of the Qur'an: The preservation of Pharaoh's body
63. The miracles of the Qur'an: The Qur'an is the word of God 64. The miracles of the Qur'an: The star Sirius
65. The miracles of the Qur'an: The tribe of Israel will become haughty 66. The miracles of the Qur'an: The troubles which afflicted Pharaoh and those around him
67. The Muslim manner of conversing 68. The names of Allah: Al-'Adheem (The All-Glorious)
69. The names of Allah: Al-'Adl (The Just, The Equitable) 70. The names of Allah: Al-'Afuw (The Pardoner)
71. The names of Allah: Al-'Aleem (The All-Knowing) 72. The names of Allah: Al-Awwal (The First)
73. The names of Allah: Al-Bari' (The Maker) 74. The names of Allah: Al-Haqq (The Truth, The Real)
75. The names of Allah: Al-Jabbar (The Irresistible; The Compeller) 76. The names of Allah: Al-Qahhar (The Crusher; The Subduer; The Dominator; The All-Conquering)
77. The names of Allah: Al-Quddus (The Holy; The All-Pure) 78. The names of Allah: Al-Walee (The Protector)
79. The names of Allah: Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem (The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful) 80. The names of Allah: Ar-Razzaq (The All-Provider)
81. The names of Allah: Ash-Shafee (The Affectionate; The Healer) 82. The names of Allah: At-Tawwab (The Acceptor of Repentance)
83. The skeleton 84. Trust in God and faith in destiny
85. Variety in living creatures 86. What are the benefits which observance of the morals of the Qur'an brings to the family?
87. What do believers shows patience in? 88. What does modesty signify in believers?
89. What does moral cleanliness mean? 90. What does the Qur'an say about mockery?
91. What food makes us consider 92. What is the concept of justice in the Qur'an that believers are commanded to have?
93. What is the place of gossip in the Qur'an? 94. What the human body makes us consider
95. What the Quran says 96. Where does calling others by offensive nicknames stand in the Qur'an?
97. Why do concepts such as impatience and despair have any place in the lives of believers? 98. Why should not man deem himself self-sufficient?