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1. Articles -I- 2. Articles -II-
3. Communism In Ambush 4. Communist China’s Policy Of Oppression In East Turkestan
5. Fascism: The Bloody Ideology Of Darwinism 6. Only Love Can Defeat Terrorism
7. Palestine 8. Solution: The Values Of The Qur’an
9. The Dark Clan 10. The Disasters Darwinism Brought To Humanity
11. The Holocaust Violence 12. The Social Weapon: Darwinism
13. The Winter Of Islam And The Spring To Come  
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1. Behind the scenes of the world wars 2. Evidence for the true faith in historical sources
3. Only love can defeat terrorism 4. Solution: the values of the Qur'an
5. The bloody history of communism 1 6. The bloody history of communism-2
7. The bloody history of communism -3 8. The bloody history of fascism - 1
9. The bloody history of fascism - 2 10. The disasters Darwinism brought to humanity
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 Web Sites
1. Darwinism's Social Weapon 2. Darwinist Corruption in the Arab World
3. Darwinist Dictators 4. Darwinist Dictatorship
5. East Turkestan 6. East Turkestan
7. Fascism and Communism 8. Holocaust Violence
9. Milli Değerleri Koruma Vakfı (MDKV) 10. Palestinian Tragedy
11. Science Research Foundation 12. Science Research Foundation
13. Science Research Foundation 14. World Wars Unveiled
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1. A cruel ideology in the economy: Capitalism and fight for survival 2. A Muslim call to the Israelis
3. Antichrist's insidious game 4. Antisemitism is racism totally contrary to Islam
5. Darwinism is the main source of racism 6. Darwinism is the reason for the Egyptian government's attitude toward Gaza
7. Darwinist corruption in Arab countries 8. Everyone must join forces against terror
9. Harun Yahya's accounts of the dangers of social Darwinism have led to a major world-wide awakening 10. How to avoid a war?
11. How will the awaited ottoman model come? 12. Only Qur’anic morality can put right the chaos caused by postmodernism
13. Scourges stemming from Darwinism: communism, fascism, Satanism and terror I 14. Scourges stemming from Darwinism: communism, fascism, Satanism and terror II
15. Solution: The morals of the Qur'an 16. Terror cannot be eradicated by condemnation; there must be an end to Darwinist education in order to eliminate terror
17. Terrorism, Darwinism & Materialism ''people of the book'' & the Muslims 18. The corruption caused by Darwinist education
19. The real cause of the civil conflict and slaughter in Africa: Darwinism 20. The truth about the holocaust
21. Uyghur's and Chinese can live together in peace in east Turkestan 22. Why is Iceland now the ''sunken land''?
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1. The disasters Darwinism brought to humanity  
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 Harun Yahya's Influences
1. The Caucasian alliance: a significant step towards the Turkish-Islamic Union 2. The historic developments between Azerbaijan and Armenia are continuing full-steam ahead
3. The impact of Adnan Oktar's messages of friendship and brotherhood: relations with Armenia are improving 4. The light of the Turkish-Islamic union will illuminate east Turkestan
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 Short Films
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1. China must end its genocide of muslim Uyghur Turks and declare the whereabouts of the Uyghur Turks who have been forcbly taken away 2. Communist China is spreading terror
3. The genocide of the Muslim Turkish Nation in East Tukestan must be stopped 4. The Turkish-Islamic Union is a must for the cruelty, repression, and violence to come to an end
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 Daily Comments
1. Actual truths behind the famine in the world 2. A prayer for the people of Palestine spoken by Adnan Oktar during a live interview for channel Malatya TV on 7 January 2009
3. Believers are responsible for the state of oppressed Muslims all over the world 4. Distrusting Allah
5. Evaluating everything according to the Qur'an 6. Terror cannot be eradicated by condemnation; there must be an end to Darwinist education in order to eliminate terror
7. Unbelievers cannot be happy because they do not look for solutions in the Qur'an 8. Why is Iceland now the 'sunken land'?
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 Selected parts from Adnan Oktar's interviews
1. Capitalism was founded on Darwinism, the official ideology of many countries 2. It is the Darwinists, communists and masons in Iran who are responsible for the disorder there. We must admit their existence and strive against them
3. It was Lenin who came up with the philosophy of unsolved killings 4. Marxism maintains that progress is only possible through permanent conflict
5. Marxist thinking maintains that all spiritual values are determined by economics 6. Mr. Adnan Oktar's comments about the Gaza convoy
7. Reasons for the Economy of Greece to Collapse 8. The old man described in the hadith is Darwin
9. The origins of terror 10. The threat of Darwinism in the Muslim world
11. Unless children are given religious instruction they cannot understand death and there will be an empty space in their souls. Religion is the balm of the soul.  
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 What he said, What happened
1. A Caucasian alliance in 24 hours 2. Apartment flat for women subjected to violence
3. A platform for peace and security in the Caucasus essential 4. Armenians willing to withdraw
5. Backing for the Caucasian alliance 6. Caucasian alliance on the way
7. EDIM charity market, first in project 8. Erdoğan: ''We want stability and co-operation in the Caucasus''
9. First step to the Caucasian alliance 10. Let us unify the Palestinians
11. 'Stop'to oppression in East Turkestan 12. The 'compassion shop' makes poor families happy
13. The devout will establish peace in Palestine 14. The future of the Caucasus depends on Turkey
15. The president Gül: there is a very powerful country behind you 16. The repression in east Turkestan has begun being increasingly raised
17. The Tbilisi stability pact 18. Turkey gets its way
19. Turkey in action in the Caucasus 20. Turkey works to wake ottoman glory
21. ''We want peace and stability in the Caucasus''  
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 Short documentaries
1. An ill mind who praised violence: Nietzsche 2. Benito Mussolini
3. Darwin and Galton 4. Darwinism's voyage to China
5. Famine caused by Lenin 6. Footsteps of darkness
7. Machines of death 8. Nazi violence
9. Occupation and war 10. Reign of terror
11. Soviet occupations 12. Stalin's murder machine
13. The 68 generation 14. The Aryan perversion
15. The Bolshevik terror 16. The cultural revolution murders
17. The foundations of communist ideology 18. The great leap forward catastrophe
19. The ideology of war 20. The killing fields of Cambodia
21. The Nazi party society 22. The Nazi's racist theoretician: Haeckel
23. The neo-Nazis and racist parties 24. The philosophy of violence
25. The savagery of war 26. The second world war
27. The secret symbol 28. The seeds of a new war
29. The Thule society 30. Third world fascists
31. Why? 32. World war 1