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1. Communist China is spreading terror 2.  China must end its genocide of muslim Uyghur Turks and declare the whereabouts of the Uyghur Turks who have been forcbly taken away
3. The genocide of the Muslim Turkish Nation in East Tukestan must be stopped 4.  The Turkish-Islamic Union is a must for the cruelty, repression, and violence to come to an end
5. Only the Turkish-Islamic Union Can Halt the Bloodshed 6.  The Turkish-Islamic Union Is the Solution to the Problems of Crimean Turks
7. The Solution to the Kirkuk Problem is the Turkish-Islamic Union 8.  The Communist Threat Must Not Be Underestimated!
9. The Palestinian problem has a single solution: Turkish Islamic Union 10.  The Turkish-Islamic Union, now and without delay, through a courageous, determined, honest, compassionate and loving approach
11. Turkey Will Be a Super-State in 10 to 20 Years 12.  A Statement to Darwinists
13. The Turkish-Islamic Union is the Solution to the 'East Turkestan Question' 14.  The Global Darwinist Dictatorship Must Apologize to the Entire World!
15. The Turkish-Islamic Union under Turkish Leadership and Supported by the Turkic Union 16.  Darwinism has been annihilated across the world
17. Only Turkey Can Rescue the European Union (EU) from the Swamp of Materialism 18.  Why the Turkish-Islamic Union Is Necessary
19. Turkey and Azerbaijan Must Unite as Two States, One Nation