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Darwinism Refuted (For Experts)
This book is the most comprehensive scientific challenge from Harun Yahya to Darwinism. As the book explains in detail, findings from the last two decades in particular openly contradict the basic assumptions of this the evolutionary theory. Many branches of science, such as paleontology, biochemistry, population genetics, comparative anatomy and biophysics, indicate that natural processes and coincidental effects cannot explain life, as the theory of evolution proposes.
360 pages with 200 pictures in color, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE.
The Evolution Deceit (Intermediate)
Recent developments in science completely disprove the theory of evolution. The only reason Darwinism is still foisted on people by means of a worldwide propaganda campaign lies in the ideological aspects of the theory.
This book clarifies the scientific collapse of the theory of evolution for the lay man. It reveals the frauds and distortions committed by evolutionists to "prove" evolution. Anyone who wants to learn about the origin of living things, including mankind, needs to read this book.
238 pages with 166 pictures in colour, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE
Tell Me About The Creation (For Beginners)
Darwin's theory of evolution maintained that all living beings emerged as a result of chance and thus denied Creation. Yet the forthcoming evidence was proved to be otherwise. Different branches of science like biochemistry, genetics, and palaeontology have demonstrated that the claims that life originated as a result of "coincidences" is deceptive. This is a book you will read with pleasure... It has brief explanations about the scientific collapse of Darwinism with a rich visual touch.
192 pages with 211 pictures in colour, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE
New Research Demolishes Evolution New Research Demolishes Evolution

The purpose of this book is to reveal the scientific facts that refute the theory of evolution in all fields and to inform people about the ulterior, underlying, and real purpose of this so-called "science", which is in fact a fraud. It should be pointed out that evolutionists have no answer to give to the book you are now reading. And they will not even attempt to answer it for they are aware that such an act will simply help everyone to a better understanding that evolution is simply a lie.

The Religion of Darwinism The Religion of Darwinism

The fact that Darwinism is founded upon the denial of God (Allah) and that it is actually a pagan religion is something that a lot of people - even its followers - have only recently begun to state openly in articles, books and other writings; hence, you might find what you read in this book surprising. When you realize how intricate and widespread this religion is, you will ask yourself why you did not recognize this obvious fact long ago. Darwinism is a false religion; yet, it is one of the largest and most widespread religions in the world. It has forcefully influenced people through its various methods of propaganda and of falsification and obfuscation. Over generations the number of its adherents has been growing. Unconsciously, people have become affected by this false religion and, with time, can become serious Darwinists.

360 pages with 200 pictures in color, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE. If you wish the physical copy, BUY NOW
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The Dark Spell of Darwinism The Dark Spell of Darwinism
The purpose of this book is to rescue people from Darwinism's influence by revealing the exact ways in which it effects its persuasions and by uncovering the efforts that Darwinists make to prevent this illusion from losing its power. At the same time, we'll help you employ your own conscience and intelligence to consider-and understand-the self-evident fact of Creation.
360 pages with 200 pictures in color, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE. If you wish the physical copy, BUY NOW
Also available in : Turkish
The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution in 20 Questions
The Theory of Evolution has been around for 150 years, and has had a great influence on the way people look at the world. This book considers the invalidity of the theory of evolution at a lay level. Evolutionists' claims on certain matters are responded to with questions that are frequently asked, the meanings of which are not often understood. The answers provided in this book can be found in more scientific detail in other Harun Yahya books such as The Evolution Deceit, and Darwinism Refuted.
The Errors of The American National Academy of Science (NAS)
In 1999, the American National Academy of Sciences published a booklet titled Science and Creationism: A View from the National Academy of Sciences. In this booklet, the classical evolutionist mantra, whose claims have been disproved many times by scientific discoveries, was superficially presented yet again without any supporting evidence. This book reveals how the members of the National Academy of Sciences, one of the foremost evolutionist institutions, became blind to even the most clearly visible facts because of their refusal to even consider abandoning Darwinism and materialism, how they misconstrued evidence, and how they knowingly and publicly defended a lie.
281 full colored pages FULL TEXT AVAILABLE
A Definitive Reply to Evolutionist Propaganda
In this book, you will find the evolutionists' attempt to create the impression of "the evolution theory being solid and scientific enough to explain everything" by means of various tall tales, as well as wholly illusionary scenarios and assumptions. You will see that science itself invalidates evolutionary psychology, and that evolutionist propaganda damages the core of society's moral values. The answers to these and many of their other flawed concepts, which contradict science, reason, and common sense, are discussed.
Articles - I
A man examining the universe with wisdom and conscience sees that everything is created and therefore is a sign of the existence of Allah. What matters is to be able to look at the universe from this conscientious viewpoint. In this book, comprising some of the articles by Harun Yahya published in recent years in various newspapers and periodicals, you will read the most important responsibility of man is to glorify his Creator, Who created him fromnon-existence and granted him whatever he possesses and also see how the theory of evolution is invalidated by scientific findings and experiments with a concise and simple language.
The Design in Nature
Darwin said: "If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down." When you read this book, you will see that Darwin's theory has absolutely broken down, just as he feared it would.
208 pages with 302 pictures in color, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE
Why Darwinism is Incompatible With the Qur'an
This book replies from a very different perspective to the errors of those believers who still support the theory of evolution. Muslims who believe in the theory of evolution must consider this book carefully. Some may support the theory because they are unaware of its underlying philosophy, that it is supported solely for the sake of atheism. This book displays what they fail to see. Moreover, the book explains that a "theistic evolution" is not also acceptable, because the creation account in the Holy Qur'an is not compatible with any evolutionary model.
The Perfect Design in the Universe is Not by Chance
Some people try to deny the obvious existence of Allah, the Creator of the universe. They therefore attempt to justify all kinds of illogicality. In this book we together witness the twisted logic resorted to by such people, who deny the wonders of design and proofs of creation all around them by resorting to the blind alley of pure chance.
The Secrets of DNA
The progress of science makes it clear that living beings have an extremely complex structure and an order too perfect to have come into being by coincidence. This is evidence to the fact that living beings are created by an All-Powerful Creator with superior knowledge. Recently, for instance, the Human Genome Project unraveled the evidence for intelligent design in the human genes. In this book, the evidence for the creation has once more been disclosed for all to see.
64 pages with 48 pictures in colour,
The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution
This book deals with how the theory of evolution is invalidated by scientific findings and experiments in a concise and simple language.
Fascism: The Bloody Ideology of Darwinism
Fascism is an ideology that has brought great disasters to humanity. Not only has it caused millions of people to be killed and tortured simply because of their race, but it has also attempted to abolish all human values. The main purpose of the book is to present various fascist tendencies which appear under different methods and guises, and expose their real origins and objectives. The book also attempts to tear down the mask of fascism, and reveal that fascism is definitely an anti-religionist system..
The Collapse of Evolution
Various branches of science developed since the formulation of Darwinism have demonstrated that this theory is nothing but an imaginary scenario. This documentary examines this scientific collapse of Darwinism in three chapters:
1) The Origin of Life
2) Imaginary Mechanisms of Evolution
3) The Fossil Record
Duration: 62 minutes
The Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity
This documentary presents an aspect of the theory of evolution that has so far remained hidden.
It unveils the ideological links between Darwinism and the totalitarian ideologies like fascism and communism. You will see the fruits of Darwinism in the killing fields of Hitler, Stalin or Mao.
Duration: 58 minutes
The Miracle in the Cell

In the one and a half centuries that have passed since Darwin’s day, giant steps have been taken in science and technology. Scientists discovered the structure of the cell. They saw with surprise that the cell has a system so complex as to have been unimaginable in Darwin’s time. This great documentary reveals this design in the cell with sophisticated computer graphics.
Duration: 45 minutes

The Fact of Creation
When we examine the world of living beings, we encounter very amazing examples of “technology”. On the body of a tiny insect or on the surface of a plant are mind-boggling systems designed with great precision. All of these show that there is a perfect “design” in living beings. It is impossible for this design to be the product of “chance” as Darwin’s theory of evolution maintains. It is evident that these living beings are brought into being by a Creator Who has power over the entire nature.
Duration: 60 minutes
The Splendour in the Seas

Fish concealing themselves with wonderful methods of camouflage…
False eyes on fishes' fins which astound their enemies…
Intelligent prawns which use their fists against their enemies…
Or electric fish which offer serious difficulty for Darwin's theory…
This film opens to you the door of the underwater world.
Once again, you will be amazed at God's art of creation.
Duration: 45 minutes

The Creation of Man

This film is about your story. How you came to be from a single drop of liquid? How you were carefully designed, built, fed, and raised in your mother's womb?
When you see the marvelous design, plan and intricacy in each tiny step that leads to your existence, you will recall that this is not the work of the blind forces of nature, but the work of an all-Wise and all-Powerful Creator.

The Collapse of Atheism
We are at a turning point in the history of mankind. Atheism, that has so influenced the world of science and thought since the 18th century, is now undergoing an inevitable collapse.
In this film you will see how the most basic assumptions of atheism collapsed with scientific, political and sociological developments in the past decades. From the theories of Charles Darwin or Sigmund Freud, to the fall of communism or the hippie dream, see how the atheist dogma falls at the dawn of the 21st century.
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A Whale Fantasy from National Geographic
Scientific American's 15 Errors
The Myth of Bird Evolution
Darwinists Misrepresentations About the Human Genome Project
Yet Another Blow to the Myth of Vestigial Organs
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The Fossil Record Refutes Evolution
The Evolution Deceit
The Information Beyond Matter & Lawh-i Mahfuz
Darwinism's Contradiction With Religion
Common Material, Design and Designer
Misconceptions About the Human Genome Project
Scientists Confirm the Signs of God
Self-Sacrifice in Animals
The Scientific Collapse of Materialism
The Real Ideological Root of Terrorism: Darwinism & Materialism
The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution
The Miracle In The Cell
The Miracle In The Eye
The Miracle Of Creation In DNA
Evolution Deceit
Evolution Documentary
Darwinism refuted


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