How Fossils Overturned Evolution: Millions of Proofs that Refute Darwinism - Harun Yahya

How Fossils Overturned Evolution:
Millions of Proofs that Refute Darwinism

Were We exhausted by the first creation? Yet they are dubious about the new creation.
We created man and We know what his own self whispers to him. We are nearer to him than his jugular vein.
(Qur'an, 50:15-16)


fossil is the remains or traces of a plant or animal that have been preserved in the Earth's crust down to the present day. Fossils collected from all over the world are our most important source of information about the species that have existed on Earth since life began.

Below left: a Caddis fly in amber, between 50 and 45 million years old.

To its right: a tropical stingless bee in 24-million-year-old Dominican amber.

At top right:  termites trapped in an amber, 25 million years old.

The skeletons of living things whose contact with the air was suddenly interrupted have come down, often perfectly preserved, to the present day. Research into these fossils permits us to learn increasingly detailed information about extinct animals or plants. Most basically, this information also tells us about which living things existed during which period.

For evolutionists, fossil specimens, often hundreds of millions of years old, are all tools they can use in line with their own theories. Evolutionists take a fossil, link it arbitrarily to some present-day species, and then claim that the fossil is the ancestor of the living organism in question. Upon this premise, they then construct dramatic and detailed scenarios. If the fossil in question is a fish, for example, they claim on the basis of a few bones that it possesses primitive features, newly developing organs and limbs in the process of undergoing a transition to a "higher" life form. They write books about the creature, hold conferences, and exhibit it as the intermediate form or "missing link" they have been seeking for so long.

That is, until they find themselves looking at a living specimen of this supposedly extinct creature!

When a living thing emerges in the same form it was known to have existed in millions of years ago, it of course demolishes all the evolutionist fables told about it. Its simple presence demonstrates that a living organism that—according to Darwinists' claims—should have undergone considerable evolution after the course of millions of years, somehow remained immune to the process. Moreover, it proves that at a time when, again according to evolution, only primitive forms of life were in existence, fully developed life forms with complex features and their own unique structures were already thriving. The creature that evolutionists imagine to be "primitive" is in fact nothing of the sort. In other words, the deceptive nature of invalid claims regarding "transition from a single-celled organism," "an intermediate form" and "a primitive life-form" is soon realized. Eventually, important evidence proves that the "process of gradual evolution" is nothing but a myth.

All these specimens manifest one single truth: Living things did not come into being through the fictitious processes of the theory of evolution, but were created in a single moment. Today's living things, with all their perfect features as manifestations of God's superior artistry, possess exactly the same splendor and perfection as their counterparts that existed millions of years ago. Once all evolutionist speculation and claims are eliminated, the fact of creation is revealed for all to see—albeit in a manner totally unexpected by evolutionists.

"Living fossils" are proofs that all the living things on Earth, past and present, were created from nothing; and that each one, possessing complex and superior attributes, is a miracle of God. This means that in fact, the supposed developmental process that evolutionists claim took place over millions of years never happened at all. Fictitious intermediate forms disappear along with fictitious scenarios.